Artificial Plant Forest Terrariums

Make your interior a little bit more magical with these Artificial Plant Forest Terrariums. These things look like they came out straight out of a Disney fairytale.

If another remake of “Beauty and the Beast” were to ever take place, these terrariums could find their place in there for sure.

You’d be surprised to know that all the plants used in these terrariums are artificial. Hard to tell, isn’t it. That’s the magic of high-quality materials and amazing craftsmanship. 

Each artificial forest set comes in a glass dome that measures 11,5 cm in width and 20 cm in height. Due to the fact that it’s a terrarium with artificial plants they require no maintenance whatsoever. 

Artificial Plant Forest Terrariums

 Instead of managing soil and watering the plants, you only need to dust the dome once in a while.

Artificial Plant Forest Terrariums

We’ve already established that it’s a great addition to any interior. It would look amazing both in a living room and a home office. You can even put it into a children’s room to let their imagination roam free. 

Artificial Plant Forest Terrariums

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