Neutrally Buoyant Watermelon Water Ball

Playing ball in the swimming pool has never been this much fun. This Neutrally Buoyant Watermelon Water Ball is a fascinating addition to the world of toys.

Fill it up with water and just a hint of air and enjoy doing everything with it like you do with a regular ball above ground. You can play every conceivable game with it both underwater and on solid ground. 

The inspiration behind this toy is the fact that actual watermelons have for ages been used as underwater balls.  Their natural buoyancy results from the 92% water composition but unlike regular balls, they break in case of serious impact and turn your pool into a bloody body of mush.  

Their toy counterparts, on the other hand, are crafted out of tough rubber and spare you the mess and waste of the actual fruit while at the same time presenting a world of opportunities in outdoor entertainment options. 

Get one for your kids and kids at heart and they might never leave the pool. 

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