25 Cool Terrariums to Add a Touch of Nature Indoors

A cool terrarium is the perfect aesthetic piece to add a touch of nature to your interior decoration. It won’t take much space because it is small enough to sit at a table. So, it is perfect for the living room at home or office. Terrarium mimics a dry habitat, and you can use pebbles, soil, and other natural elements to make it look genuine. Aside from having some cool terrariums indoor, you should also add plants for decoration and create a mini-environment.

Terrariums grow in popularity because of their fuss-free maintenance, natural beauty, and minimal space requirements. They are perfect people who love gardening but lack outdoor space. Here we have 25 curated and cool terrariums collections just for you! Let’s check them out and choose the best one for your home!

1. Geometric Terrarium by TerraLiving

Geometric Terrarium by TerraLiving

These cool terrariums are created with sophisticated skills by the experienced TerraLiving. It is 100% handmade, so every terrarium comes with a personalized touch. The terrarium also features unique moss species like preserved feather moss transplanted onto the moss wall. 

2. Enclosed Sustainable Environment in a Jar

Enclosed Sustainable Terrarium

Add this cool terrarium to your living space as a unique decoration! It will bring a distinct touch of nature to your house. After all, these living terrariums are low maintenance and long-lasting. You just need to put it somewhere with indirect sunlight. You also need just a little bit of water spray to maintain it.

3. Handmade Egg Terrarium

Handmade Egg Terrarium With 2 Light Options

This terrarium utilizes a glass lantern to create a unique egg-shaped design! It also uses all-natural materials inside, including white sand and dried plants. Furthermore, it also includes a LED street light with 2 different colors, mini figurines, and colorful balloons. In any case, this cool terrarium will make an excellent decoration!

4. Succulent Cacti Mini-garden

Succulent Cacti Terrarium Garden Gift

Looking for an unusual gift for a plant lover? Try this super realistic cactus candle faux terrarium! After all, it looks really unique, the ultimate present for plant lovers in your life. This terrarium includes a gorgeous Baja cactus candle that permeates juicy citrus and fresh floral scents. It may not be a natural terrarium, but it is just as beautiful!

5. Live Moss in a Self-sustaining Jar Ecosystem

Jar Terrarium with Live Moss and Shelf Sustain Ecosystem

Add a little greenery to your interior with this super cool terrarium! You can use indirect sunlight or a lamp to maintain the mini moss ecosystem! Furthermore, you just need to add a little bit of water mist every few weeks to ensure survival. Your moss in a jar will grow over time, so the miniature scenery surrounding the figurine inside will beautifully change

6. Miniature Ecosystem in mini-bottle

Miniature Terrariums

Bring the outdoor vibes inside your beautiful home with these cool terrariums! You get to feel the positive vibes emanating from the bottled mini ecosystem! The dried flowers, natural moss, crystal fragments, and gold leaf are arranged beautifully inside the small glass bottle. Furthermore, it is low maintenance, so there is no need to change the soil for fertilizing.

7. Handmade Mini Glass Ball Planet

Handmade Mini Planet Terrarium

Here is a unique mini planet that will take you to a completely different universe! This terrarium uses a glass lantern to create a beautiful ecosystem sphere. Inside, it features gravel, dry lavenders, succulent, colorful moss, and various ornaments! In any case, you should get one now and use it as a display for your home or office!

8. Preserved Moss Spehere by TerraLiving

Preserved Moss Terrarium Collection by TerraLiving

If you do not have much space in your house, this palm-sized terrarium is the perfect choice for you! It is a physical recreation of the artist’s imaginary moss island. There are various moss species inside the glass tube. They will be random, so you may get a little surprise. Furthermore, the enclosure uses a hand-painted smooth and premium wooden base.

9. Moss Enclosure With 3D Printed Obsidian

The Obsidian 3D Printed Preserved Moss Terrarium

The 3D-printed obsidian stone at the center of the terrarium symbolizes an oasis of peace! In addition, you will get an extra calming vibe with the lush green moss carpet. Excite your eyes with its simple shapes, from the plain geometry sculptures to the greenery around the space.

10. Stabilized Plant Terrarium

Landscape Under Bell, Stabilized Plant Terrarium

This bubble of greenery incorporates moss and stabilized plants to create a masterpiece. It does not require maintenance or even watering because of the unique technique! All you need to do is give it a little bit of indirect sunlight or an artificial lamp.  

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11. Geometric Greenhouse Terrarium

Deco Glass Geometric Greenhouse Terrarium

Looking for a cool terrarium as a fantastic holiday or birthday gift? If so, this deco glass geometric terrarium with succulents and air plants is the perfect pick for your family or friend who loves nature! It features a flower, fern, and moss centerpiece inside the castle-shaped mini greenhouse!

12. Micro Habitat Terrariums with Locking Latch Terrestrial

Micro Habitat Terrariums with Locking Latch Terrestrial

If you would love to house reptiles or amphibians as pets, you should consider buying this micro terrarium habitat. After all, you can provide a natural enclosure for the pet with this terrarium. This set includes bard bedding for frogs, floating turtle platforms, and other features! 

13. Glass Terrarium with Succulent and Air Plant 

Glass Terrarium with Succulent and Air Plant

If you want to decorate your home with lively greenery, this glass terrarium will be perfect. You can fill it with micro-greens and succulents. In any case, this cool terrarium is an ideal place for growing various plants. In addition, it includes a black brass accent and ventilation. It also comes with a hinged top so you can open or close it easily.

14. Venus Fly Trap Plant Terrarium

Venus Fly Trap Plant Terrarium

Would you like to keep a venus fly trap? You should try this unique terrarium! It features the B52 Mericlone variant, which is very famous. After all, it has longer teeth and grows larger than other varieties. Moreover, you won’t need that much maintenance because of the terrarium design. Once it matures, you will get a plant that will become the center of attention!

15. Hangable Geometric Terrarium with Faux Succulent

Black Hangable Geometric Terrarium with Faux Succulent

If you do not have time to maintain plants, you should consider getting this terrarium with faux succulents! The terrarium comes in a unique geometric design that allows you to hang it. The combination between the plants and the white stone base provides a minimalistic yet fresh aesthetic! 

16. Exo Terra Glass Terrarium

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium

Did you know that a terrarium that houses tree frogs is also called a paludarium? If you want to bring a natural vibe to your home, you should consider getting the Exo Terra glass terrarium! This one can accommodate small critters that mimic its native ecosystem.

17. Glass Terrarium with Double Hinge Door

Reptile Knock Down Glass Terrarium with Double Hinge Door

People who study frogs and other amphibians (herpetologists) will appreciate this very well-designed terrarium. It is perfect for recreating a damp and humid environment. Furthermore, this terrarium is also easy to clean because of the door. It uses special glass to maintain the correct temperature so the animals can live in it comfortably.

18. Air Plant Orb Terrarium

Air Plant Orb Glass Terrarium

Looking for a cool terrarium that is perfect for first-time plant owners? This air plant orb glass terrarium is ideal because it includes a simple care instruction guide. It is a delightful display in the bedroom, bathroom, windowsill, living room, patio, office desk, or anywhere you want!

19. Excello Hanging Teal Glass Terrarium

Excello Hanging Teal Glass Terrarium

Looking for a cool terrarium that provides a modern design to your home or garden? This hanging glass terrarium is a superb choice for your home! This hanging glass terrarium features a geometric vessel with a simple and elegant design that adds a contemporary decoration to any indoor space.

20. Glass Sphere Terrarium with Feet

Clear Glass Sphere Terrarium with Feet

Enhance your tabletop or bookshelf with a lovely mini garden inside this glass sphere terrarium! This model also has four feet, so the terrarium will not roll off the table. You can create the perfect growing conditions to showcase some plants and herbs. It also provides plenty of room for succulents and planting media.

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21. Clear Glass Terrarium Set

4 Pieces Clear Glass Terrariums

The new glass terrariums will help you create a unique look for your room. The set is also a perfect table centerpiece that will create a magical atmosphere. Make them your own with favorite flowers or succulents. A touch of green is just what you need to bring the relaxing outdoor inside your life.

22. Terrarium with Live Air Plant

Terrarium with Live Air Plant

Are you looking for a fun and educational project for your kids? Or perhaps a bonding weekend activity for the whole family? Or maybe you have stumbled upon here looking for that one special succulent to take care of. Whichever it may be, this cool terrarium has something special for you!

23. Globe Glass Hanging Terrarium

Globe Candle Holder Succulent Clear Glass Terrarium

Terrariums are perfect accessories to create an entirely unique and eye-catching decoration. This glass globe terrarium can be hanged will provide any room with a striking focal point! These admirable arrangements of succulents, including cactus, are excellent to bring the refreshing nature inside your home!

24. Live Orchid in Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

Live Orchid in Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

This orchid terrarium is self-sustaining! It means that the enclosed mini-environment does not require maintenance. You should get one now to create a relaxing ambiance at home! The luscious plants will automatically liven up any room. It is perfect for decorating your working desk so you can alleviate your stress.

25. Terrarium for Adults with Live Succulent Plant

Terrarium for Adults with Live Succulent Plant

All of this cool terrarium is created by hand, especially for you. It is handpicked with the freshest succulents sourced from local South Florida farms to ensure the highest quality! Each arrangement is put together after an order has been placed, ensuring you receive the freshest plants possible!

Final Thoughts

Having a cool terrarium indoors can add a touch of nature to your indoor space. It can improve the air quality and at the same time, it will also create a different ambience that will make your space feels more welcoming. Moreover, a unique terrarium can also make a wonderful addition to the room’s decoration, especially if you add a unique and nice indoor plants inside it.

So, if you are planning to add a touch of nature that can also boost the whole appearance of the room, then having a cool terrarium is the answer. However, do make sure you pick the perfect terrarium to match the whole room decoration. To help you pick the most perfect terrarium, we have selected some of the coolest ones on the list above. So make sure you pick the best one!

Latest Post:

How do you make a cool terrarium? 

Add a cool touch to your little terrarium with tiny figurines. In a jar or container, put a layer of rocks first, then add the charcoal, dirt, grass, and your miniature toys. Try to create a fun scene by gluing tiny figurines on a faux rock. Add a few more plants and moss, and you are done.

What can I put in a terrarium besides plants?

The most essential part of a terrarium is plants, soil, and filler layers. However, most terrarium creators also want to put other beautiful objects. You can set a specific theme and make it stand out with crystals and minerals, shells, wooden logs, or twigs. You can also add preserved flowers, slate pieces, lichen, rocks, stones, pebbles, moss, figurines, and toys.

How do you make a fancy terrarium?

Choose a glass container that can be cleaned like reused pickle jar or a vintage vase. And then, put a handful of polished rocks or marbles in the bottom of the container. Place the slightly damp moss onto the rocks, and don’t forget to pat it down. Fill the container with several inches of soil. Place the plants in a shallow layer of soil and add soil around them. Finally, give the plants some water and indirect light or a small lamp.

What animal can you put in a terrarium?

Insects, spiders, scorpions, amphibians, reptilians like lizards, snakes, and turtles are the animal groups most commonly kept in terrariums. But, maintaining frogs, turtles, or salamanders alive in a terrarium requires a larger space than a plants-only terrarium, such as an aquarium. So, research the needs of the animal before you introduce it.

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