Glass Sphere Bathtub

This glass sphere bathtub by Alexander Zhukovsky will revolutionize your soak in the tub and give a whole new meaning to luxury.

It brings a futuristic appeal to your contemporary bathroom space and offers a spectacular visual feast for resident and guest alike.

Its suspension from the ceiling adds to the allure as it gives a sense of weightlessness as if floating on air.

The all-glass walls afford a magnificent view of everything around you and transform your bath session into a sensual adventure. 

Glass Sphere Bathtub

The concept behind this amazing bathtub is the space in space model. It is an extreme contravention of the interior design norm that bathtub confinement to a private space. It is in fact smack in the middle of the living room, making it all the more exciting!

Glass Sphere Bathtub

The glass sphere comes complete with environment regulation features allowing you to simulate any context.

You can alter the humidity and temperature, smells, sounds and even light. You could even make it rain if that tickles your fancy.

This is the ultimate addition to any luxury home with a private yard or even a contemporary penthouse. 

Glass Sphere Bathtub

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