Tuxy Onesie Suit

Some might think that onesies are ridiculous but there’s no denying that they are comfortable. Onesies are spacious, comfortable, and don’t let in any drafts.

Now, with this Tuxy Onesie Suit, you will be able to not only wear a onesie outside but look awesome at the same time.

This onesie has been designed to look as less as a onesie as possible. Instead, it looks like a pair comfortable sweatpants and a hoodie. Except that you’ll be able to slip into this ensemble as fast as possible.

Tuxy has a fly, multiple deep pockets, and a high neck design coupled with a hood. What’s more, one of the pockets has a special section for your phone. 

Tuxy Onesie Suit

If you don’t leave the house without the music in your earphones, the onesie has a special opening in one of the pockets to let you keep them underneath your clothes.

Tuxy Onesie Suit

Slip Tuxy on and go to the gym, on your morning run, grocery shopping, or just hang around the house in it. There are plenty of places you can wear it to and you’ll feel comfortable in all of them. 

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