25 Unique Table Centerpieces for Home Decoration

Which centerpiece works best for a round table, a square table, or a rectangular table? Is it a tall candelabra, lush and colorful flower arrangement, or intricate table details? Perhaps, those are uncommon for regular households to fuss. Maybe they make it as a job for event planners to concern about instead.

However, unique table centerpieces are undeniably the highlight and the knot that ties a room decor together. They are essential for special occasions like valentine’s day dinner, thanksgiving, birthday, or bridal shower. However, why restrict yourself by having them only once in a while if you can make every day extra special with these selections of 25 unique table centerpieces.

Does A Dining Room Table Need A Table Centerpiece?

Absolutely! A dining room table needs a centerpiece. It provides your guests with a focus point. The beautiful designs will also enhance the dining experiences. A table without a centerpiece will look plain and cluttered. In addition, the centerpiece also provides you with practical value. It is not always just for decorative purposes. For example, a unique candle holder can become a great centerpiece while providing mellow light ambiances.

BEST And Unique Table Centerpieces

1. Rustic Boho Table Runner

Rustic Boho Table Runner

Intricately woven, this gorgeous centerpiece is perfect for your dining table. These beautiful cotton-based macrame knots are the courtesy of Livalaya artisans from North India. Ethically sourced and eco-friendly, there is nothing more boho than this table runner. Grab this tapestry today! It is selling super fast!

2. Macrame Mason Jars

Macrame Mason Jars

This unique table centerpiece is a beautiful macrame style worthy to complete the rustic boho theme in your house. After all, Macrame offers a nice texture switch, from your hard-edged furniture to a mellow centerpiece. You can direct the attention of your guests on these 3 mason jars that you can use, either as candle holders or even vases.

3. Wood Wildflower Bar

Wood Wildflower Bar

Your centerpiece would be incomplete without a little height play. Now this is where this simplistic wood wildflower bar comes into play. Therefore, add seasonal flowers and make them stand to create a nice contrasting vibes. Made of easy-to-shape alder wood, this handmade wildflower bar will definitely be a nice addition to your table arrangement.

4. Wooden Wavy Tray

Wooden Wavy Tray

To set out a unique table centerpiece, you need to draw a hidden attractive point of any ordinary item. Place this wooden tray as a platform for the other pieces. Surprisingly, its wavy design will add a pleasant motive for the theme we got going on the dining table. Let’s snatch this pretty little stuff today, only on Etsy!

5. Hurricane-Bohemian Candle Holders

Hurricane-Bohemian Candle Holders

This hurricane candle holder design is very attractive, thanks to its interlinked bars of gold metal. The design reminds us of a woven wooden basket. They come in large and medium sizes. Undoubtedly, this piece will accentuate the bohemian style in your dining room!

6. Decorative Orb and Tray Set

Decorative Orb and Tray Set

Dublin’s Decor orb, and tray set can perfectly sit in your dining table, coffee table, or even on the top of your fireplace. They are meticulously designed to be durable, beautiful, and also stable. The stunning balls will not roll anywhere. This unique table centerpiece comes together with a great deal on Amazon!

7. Graceful Candle Holder Pillars

Graceful Candle Holder Pillars

This candle holder set looks so sturdy and is also imbued with elegance from the contouring motive. Schonwerk Pillar Candle Holder set comes with a hard-to-pass deal if you buy it along with the orb tray set. Grab them fast now as a present for special people in your life!

8. Scents Schonwerk Candle Holder

Durable Decorative Vase Set

Created by the ingenious Creative Scents’ product, this vase set is beautifully long-lasting. With high-quality resin, the vase set is undeniably rust-free. Not to mention, the elaborate texture adds another level of beauty to this unique table centerpiece. Get a special discount if you choose the bundling option!

9. Elegance in the Detail

Elegance in the Detail

Enhancing and reinforcing the style means paying extra attention to the smallest detail. That means you need to put extra effort into your napkin choices. You can fold them regularly, but why stop there? Complete the look with Creative Scents Dublin Napkin Ring set here!

10. Magnolia Table Bouquet Table Centerpriece

Magnolia Table Bouquet

There is no better statement than a flower arrangement that shows perseverance, dignity, and nobility. Complete the elegant table centerpiece set with this faux flower arrangement from Primrue. Their artificial flowers look natural and refreshing.  This magnolia Table Bouquet is also durable and easy to care for. Don’t hesitate and order today!

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11. Charming Flowers Metal Frame

Charming Flowers Metal Frame

This versatile frame will blend well with a romantic flower arrangement. It comes in two color selections of gold and clean white. The combination of a geometric look and colorful seasonal flowers creates a chic contrast. Although it works well for weddings, but there is nothing wrong with placing it on your dining table.

12. Bird Cage Candle Holder

Bird Cage Candle Holder

This unique candle holder will surely capture anyone’s eyes. It comes in 2 choices of color, bright and dark. The birdcage design with the perching bird miniature enhances the romantic aspect. Since it comes in 2 different sizes, a height play is definitely on the table with this unique centerpiece.

13. Classy Classic Candle Holder

unique table centerpieces

Of course, we can never go wrong with the classic candelabra. This vintage pair of brass candelabra can hold 5 candles all together and 2 individual candles. Perhaps there is nothing more romantic than having a candlelight dinner with the love of your life. So what are we waiting for?

14. P.S I Love You Table Bouquet

unique table centerpieces

This cute table bouquet includes faux flowers that can pass as lifelike. Peony symbolizes love and hydrangea for gratitude and beauty, which is why flower language is the best way to express your feelings. Your partner will definitely appreciate the gesture because it has never gone out of style. Perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

15. Beautiful Flower Balls

unique table centerpieces

Forzero’s Flower Foam Ball Romantic Roses are too hard to pass on. The hanging pieces are a bundle of high-quality silk, pearl, iron, and not to mention cloth. Hang one, two, or even three of them to get that dreamy romantic look on your table. Play with the length of the hanging rope to add more dimension to the centerpieces.

16. Coastal Table Runner

unique table centerpieces

Seahorses, seashells, starfishes, and all your underwater friends are gathered here in this beautiful beaded table runner. Symmetrically pleasing, this Coastal Collection Table Runner has the size of 13″x36″.  It is perfect for dining table because of the intricate patterns and colors.

17. Beach-themed Apothecary Jars

Beach-themed Apothecary Jars

A set of beach-themed apothecary jars will also be a unique table centerpiece. Instead of flower arrangements, fill these jars with sands and seashells to bring an extra coastal vibe. This set consists of 3 varying jar heights that you can arrange in your table.

18. Oceanic Bowl Table Centerpiece

unique table centerpieces

Awaken the wave inside you by placing this ornamental bowl in the middle of your rectangular table. The artist specially processed the glass fragments for this elegant piece. Moreover, each glass fragment contributes a distinctive texture and shape that creates a playful appearance of waves.

19. Under the Sea Candle Holder

unique table centerpieces

The vibrant color is sure to grab every eye in the room. This beauty is 100% ceramic with lots of space in its tubular candle holder. This item will  enhance your ocean-themed house. Make the Atlantic bowl as the platform and A&B Home Open Coral Candle Holder as the focal point of the table. Bring the ocean to your table today!

20. Special Sea Scent Table Centerpiece

unique table centerpieces

Bring home the sea scent with these fragrant candles! There is nothing better to evoke a strong beach vibe than by pampering your olfactory system. The vase candle from Greeneglass has a distinct burning system that ensures a lasting aroma. They also come with uniquely-made clear satin glass vases.

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21. Geometric Terrarium Table Centerpiece

unique table centerpieces

This simplistic-looking terrarium will look perfect on a round table. The round coffee table is a suitable home for this single eye-catching centerpiece. Not only to showcase greenery, but we can also put any distinct collection in it. Moreover, the material is light and sturdy enough, allowing more mobility for redecorating when necessary.

22. Multi-candelabra 

unique table centerpieces

Kozy Life Pedestal Candle Holders allows a play on height as well as sufficient spaces for enough ambiance candles. The neutrality of the base itself makes it a versatile platfrom for arrainging a unique table centerpieces.

23. Coffee Meets Cocktail

unique table centerpieces

Spice up your simplistic table with a cocktail and a boost of booze. A clear acrylic plate meets a wooden tray, creating an elegant union of the two materials. And you know what? It’s just as surprising as a coffee meets cocktail! So make this happen by grabbing this Custom Coffee and Cocktail Tray.

24. Simplistic Stackable Glass Vase

unique table centerpieces

You can use the single piece for a cute low candle holder. You can also shift them into a unique stackable glass vase, and the choice is completely in your hand. Simplistic yet elegant, its versatility is a great point to hold every guest’s attention. Play with different hues, mix and match them to create your own personalized combination.

25. Hanging Space Saver Jars

unique table centerpieces

Who says that a unique table centerpiece needs to sit nicely on the table? Hang them and escalate your centerpiece game with Jean Cumming’s Hanging Bottle Vase. These pretty translucent amphora jars will not only take up space from your precious dining table. That means a check-and-check on decoration and space-saving!

Final Thoughts

A table centerpiece is an important aspect of home decorations that might come in small-sized items. But little we know that a table centerpiece actually plays an important role in making our table looks more attractive. It can even be the focal point of the room, especially if you have a unique table centerpiece that will take your table decoration to another level.

There are plenty options of table centerpieces to choose from, and we have collected the best of them into a list of the most unique and most recommended items for you to pick. From modern and minimalist table centerpieces to those with a more sophisticated design, we have all right here on our list. So make sure you check our list and be prepared to find the table centerpiece that you have been looking for.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best table centerpieces?

The best table centerpieces are the ones that blend together with your interior. They should have an ideal height that will not obstruct your guests’ views. Furthermore, a good table centerpiece should have a proportional size. It should not be too big or too small. The model that features intricate shape and colors are very ideal for a fancy present.

What are the best modern dining table centerpieces?

The best modern dining tables usually come in simplistic design. The Multi- candelabra and geometric terrarium will look nice sitting on any type of table. Additionally, for people who want to bring oceanic vibes, the oceanic bowl with crushed glass pieces is an excellent decoration. They look like modern art that will grace your table with class.

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