Meet the Electraply Wooden Bike: This Electric Motorcycle Has Zero Emission

Have you ever seen a bike made out of wood? Meet the environmentally friendly Electraply Wooden E-bike! If you love equipment with natural designs, you will also adore this innovative vehicle. The frame of this bike is made out of sustainable woods. In addition, the engine does not emit pollution.

The incredible Electraply is powered by a zero-emission electric engine and manual pedal. With a rechargeable battery, you can power the electric motor without relying on destructive fossil fuel.

If you run out of power, all you need to do is use the pedal to move Electraply like a regular bicycle. Thanks to its wooden frame, you do not have to be concerned with the weight. It is supposedly lighter than metal. 

The genius minds of a woodworkers team from Evie Bee intentionally choose wood as the primary material due to its sustainability factor. For vital parts, the frame also uses strong stainless-steel to reinforce it.

Electraply Wooden Bike Eco-Friendly Bike

Evie Bee brings back the aesthetic look of a classic scrambler motorcycle in Electraply. You get to have an e-bike with the fierce look of an off-road vehicle.  

On top of that, Electraply uses a combination of durable Poplar Ply and Birch as its dominant material. If you are a woodworker, you would understand that poplar trees have a high resistance to rot and insect damage.

Meanwhile, Birchwoods are known for their refined grain and beautiful colors. The two kinds of wood complement each other and create a long-lasting combination.

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Electraply Wooden Bike Eco-Friendly Bike

The experienced Evie Bee cleverly put together the two kinds of wood to form a sophisticated interwoven pattern. The one-of-a-kind Electraply’s wooden frame is a result of masterful handcraft. Nevertheless, this electronic bike does not shy away from utilizing modern technology for more precise design.

Evie Bee uses 3D computer rendering for an accurate blueprint. On top of that, the designers examined the measurement to optimize the design for optimal beauty and structural integrity. 

Electraply Wooden Bike Eco-Friendly Bike

After the computer has finalized the design, a CNC machine will mill the wood to shape the frame with accurate precision.  In addition, the stainless steel parts of the Electraply are cut using plasma technology for cleaner after effect.

The ingenious Electraply Wooden E-Bike is meant to have zero carbon emissions. To power it, the electric vehicle comes with a 26 inches smart pie front-wheel motor. It also uses a 36v 12.5ah battery to store the electricity. As a result, this bike can reach speeds of up to 28mph.

Electraply Wooden Bike Eco-Friendly Bike

Moreover, the Elctraply also features a set of wide tires that can traverse on a dirt road. With the comfortable vintage seat, the driver will have a lot of pleasure from riding this wooden e-bike.

This bike may not be the fastest. However, it has a massive advantage when it comes to its ability to save the precious planet earth. For green-minded people, Electraply can be an excellent alternative for a transportation platform of the future.

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