25 Best Smart Mirrors To Improve Your Home Decoration

Advances in digital technology have had a huge impact on every aspect of life, including items that are often used daily. The mirror that used to function as a light reflector has now been transformed into a very useful electronic item. A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with electronic features. The main advantage of the smart mirror is the ability to display useful information via the connection mechanism to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Are you looking for a smart mirror for various purposes such as for makeup purposes? Or are you looking for a smart glass with a camera? Here we present a list of the 25 best smart mirrors you can buy.

Best Smart Mirrors for Your Smart Home

A smart mirror is very feasible for you to apply in the interior of your home. You can install this product in various rooms, from the living room, family room, bedroom, to the bathroom. You will get a new experience in mirroring with these smart mirrors.

1. Glass Smart Mirror

Glass Smart Mirror for Photo Booths, and DIY Projects

Maybe some of you are wondering, what can smart mirror do? Well, we can assure you that this modern technology is so cool that it can display daily reminders, weather, social media updates, schedules, and so much more! This glass smart mirror is perfect to be displayed in your bathroom above your sink vanity unit, or perhaps in your living room to display all the information you need before going out. So, start your day with something informative and fun!

2. LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Stylish Smart Memory LED Bathroom Mirror

This smart mirror with LED light is an elegant piece of home decoration. Grab this item and you’ll have a mirror that features a minimalist and modern design, suitable for home use, hotel bathrooms, salon supplies, or even gym bathrooms. This cool item consists 190 6500K LED bulbs with a brightness level of CRI>90. In addition, another key feature of this item is the IP54 certification, which confirms that it is super safe for bathrooms and other wet environments.

3. Circular Wall LED Mirror Smart Hallway


This one is clearly recommended for earthy-styled homes. If you consider you home ‘earthy’ then this smart mirror is definitely yours. This best smart mirror will decorate your home perfectly, especially if you use it as a hallway decoration. You can adjust the brightness of the LED lights by simply pressing the dimmer button, as well as using the remote control that comes with the purchase package.

4. 24 Inch Bathroom Lighting Mirror


The experience of controlling smart glass has never been so flawless. This Latitude Run Smart Voice Control Mirror brings a pleasant relaxation sensation. You can control all the features of this smart mirror using your voice. For instance, when “Hey, Latitude Run, turn on the lights. Voila! the LED lights will turn on automatically. Moreover, this item also features the amazing Anti-fogging capability, which means it will automatically wipe moisture on its surface in an instant.

5. LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror


Give your home a classy touch by welcoming this LED illuminated bathroom smart mirror. We can assure you that you’ll love to spend more time relaxing in the bathroom with this item inside. As the perfect mirror that perfectly creates a neat look in your bathroom, this item gives you the freedom to control the ring of bright LED lights using voice command. Moreover, you can simply touch this smart glass to get the bright lights from 38 SMD LED lights.

6. LAIYA Wall-Mounted LED Mirror

LAIYA Wall-Mounted LED Mirror Intelligent Human Body Induction

Who says smart mirrors can’t look this sophisticated? LAIYA Wall-Mounted LED Mirror Intelligent Human Body Induction offers a mirror sensing point, and that’ as sophisticated as it can get. The light on this smart mirror will turn on when you stand 35.41 inches away from it, and dim when you leave. There are 3 brightness levels equipped with the memory system, namely 10, 50, and 100%. This item will also record your brightness level for future preferences.

7. Smart Home Bluetooth Mirror

Smart Home Mirror Includes Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Are you looking for a reliable digital assistant at home? Then this one needs to be added to your cart ASAP. This best smart mirror will help show time, date, local weather, Google calendar, latest news, notifications, and also reminders. In addition, you will also get a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with the purchase package. In terms of strength and durability, the 5mm thick high-quality glass makes this smart glass not easy to crack and break.

8. KEONJINN LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror

KEONJINN 28x36 Inch LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Do you need a smart glass that can be mounted vertically inside your bedroom? Sit tight, because we have just the perfect item for you. This ultimate smart mirror is the perfect solution to capture your reflection from head to toe. As a hi-tech device, you can connect this cool item with the WISEMIRROR app so you can get real-time weather forecasts. The weather forecast displays 11 different icons including sunny, cloudy, cloudy, light rain, heavy rain, thunderstorm, light snow, heavy snow, hail, and fog.

9. Pair of Smart Portal Mirrors

Pair of Smart Portal Mirrors

What an interesting disco display! Shout out to all disco lovers out there! This pair of smart portal mirrors for you. This item creates the illusion of a portal when hung on the wall in parallel with each other. This best smart mirror is equipped with LED smart lights, creating an energetic atmosphere in your room. Wonder why? It has more than 16 million of color combinations. Can you believe that? Moreover, you can easily control this smart glass using Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa. What are you waiting for? Hurry get this cool item before it’s too late!

10. Energy-Saving Smart Mirror

Energy-Saving Dimmable Square Smart Mirror Lighted

So gave you made your decision yet? No so fast, because we still have a long list to go! Here we have the perfect smart glass for women! This best smart mirror comes with an anti-fogging feature, which is crucial for women. All you have to do is just wait for 5-10 minutes until the smoke completely gone away. So if you’re looking for the best smart mirror for a special woman in your life, this item is for grab.

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11. Smart Round Wood Mirror

best smart mirror

This handcrafted smart mirror is made of selected natural materials. Several durable materials like walnut, oak, and ash were perfectly combined into this elegant piece of mirror. Installing this smart glass comes with all the pleasant consequences, and it’s pleasure to have! Carrying a calm interior with light classic accents makes this cool item super worthy of your possession.

12. Magic Mirror Photo Video

best smart mirror

Are you looking for a unique and high-tech birthday gift for your tech-savvy friend or relative? This Magic Mirror Photo Video Booth Touch Screen is worth considering. You can also start your business with this amazing Mirror Touch Screen Selfie Photobooth, too! A sophisticated set of equipment includes an Intel i5 microcomputer with 8Gb RAM + 256Gb SSD, equipped with a CANON 1500D camera, as well as a HITI 525L share printer.

Best Smart Mirrors for Beauty Enthusiasts

Makeup requires a mirror that is rich in beauty features for beauty enthusiasts. An LED light for adequate illumination and a skin analyzer is indispensable to enhance your make-up experience. Here are the best smart mirrors you can choose for this purpose.

13. Mickey Mouse Smart Vanity Makeup Mirror

Mickey Mouse Design Smart Vanity Makeup Mirror

A Disney touch with a charming Mickey mouse shape is here to light up your room. Through the Impressions of Glow application, you can adjust the brightness of this item’s brightly colored LED lights. This ultimate piece features alternative lighting functions in green, red, and blue. Definitely the perfect smart mirror for any girl’s makeup needs!

14. RINKO Large Vanity Makeup Mirror

best smart mirror

A beautiful item that can be controlled using an Intelligent remote control, with incredible range! You can adjust the brightness of the 12-watt LED on this mirror from a distance, up to 4 meters away! This item is perfect for a makeup artist who need to travel around carrying a reliable mirror. Not to mention, you can also install this smart mirror in your beauty salon and grab the attention of your customers.

15. FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror

FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror Hollywood

Match the type of LED light on this smart mirror to your makeup style. You can choose from three types of light colors, namely cool light for an elegant style, natural light for a minimalist style, and warm light for a bright blush style. The 360-degree rotation feature gives you abundant viewing angles. This item is also equipped with 10X magnification, which helps you to see every detail clearly in your makeup.

16. 120°Adjustable Daylight Vanity Mirror

best smart mirror

Moving on to the next item, we definitely believe that portability is clearly the main advantage of this item. Detachable, this smart mirror can accompany you anywhere you go. Moreover, an artist who needs a high-quality make up companion will also love to own this item. This item is powered by a long-lasting lithium battery. Last but not least, the 120-degree rotation and 10x magnification feature are perfect for detailed and flawless make-up.

17. ABIELEC Foldable 22 LED Lights Mirror

best smart mirror

Who would have thought that you can have a pretty foldable mirror like this? This best smart mirror can be folded into 3 parts, which provides the much-needed perspectives from all angles. Simply hold your finger on the button below to brighten or dim the 22 LED lights of this ultimate piece of mirror.

18. ZADRO Next Generation LED Lighted Mirror

best smart mirror

A perfectly round smart mirror is one of the best choices for your high mobility makeup needs. Equipped with a compact charger, this cool item is ready to be put inside your bag and taken anywhere you go. The glass features a wide diameter of 10 inches, which is perfectly proportional to accomodate for your everyday makeup needs.

19. HIMIRROR Smart Makeup Mirror

HIMIRROR Smart Makeup Mirror with Skin Detector

Don’t know the profile of your yet? And wanting to know about it? You can with HIMIRROR Smart Makeup Mirror, as it equipped with a skin detector that analyzes the condition of your skin. When we say conditions, it means that wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, red spots, dark spots, and pores can be recognized very well. by this mirror. As a digital device, it also comes with your favorite entertainment apps like Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Google Duo, and YouTube. So, you can dress up while enjoying online entertainment.

20. Mini Premium X 64GB Smart Beauty Mirror

best smart mirror

Are you currently studying about makeup? Why not practice hands-on while watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Because you can do both activities at the same time using this Mini Premium X 64GB Smart Beauty Mirror. The 64 Gb storage space expandable with microSD that can support up to 4 user accounts. What a high-tech device!

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21. VIVITAR 180 Degree Makeup Mirror

best smart mirror

How wonderful it is to be able to connect this mirror to your smartphone easily. Manufactured with 2 built-in Bluetooth speakers, this smart mirror is ideal for YouTube streamers when doing makeup for contents. The good thing about this item is that you don’t have to worry about running out of power anymore, because this cool item comes with a built-in wireless Qi charging pad.

22. Kakao Friends Smart Wireless Mirror

best smart mirror

The cute and charming yellow cat details add an aesthetic value to this item. In terms of tech value, this cool mirror has a touch screen feature and you can adjust the brightness of the LED light with just one light touch. Available in two color options, namely pure white and matte pink, this item is super charming and extraordinary. Grab this cool item is perfect for girls right away!

23. Himirror Mini Premium X64 GB Smart Mirror

best smart mirror

Take a photo of your face and let this mirror analyze your skin condition. Ample 64GB of storage space allows you to take pictures every day and see the progress of your facial treatment. Just like a computer, this smart mirror is equipped with an 8-core CPU and a 1 x 8 MP CMOS camera that can process photos of your face well.

24. DECLUTTR Rechargeable Wall Mounted Mirror

Smart Touch Control 3 Colors Dimmable LED Magnifying Mirror

Now there’s no reason you can’t look perfect in front of the camera. This best smart mirror offers the ideal size that allows you to see the entire face at once. This item adopts Stepless Dimming Technology to adapt to different lighting conditions in different environments. What a smart mirror suitable for female artists!

25. Riki Skinny Smart Vanity Mirror

Riki Skinny Smart Vanity Mirror with HD LEDs

Being last on the list, we clearly save the best for last. As you can see, the price of this item is commensurate with all the amazing features of it. This mirror offers complete features that you can possibly think of. To name a few, it features video recording, ZOOM calls, and also Youtube video streaming. Moreover, you can also take selfies by connecting this item to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Quite amazing, right?

Final Thoughts

We all live in the digital era that requires things to always be connected to the Internet all the time. Today, our mobile phones and TVs are not the only things that connect to the Internet. Your mirror also needs to be online all the time, especially those of you with occupations that require a lot of work in front of a mirror, like makeup artists or beauty influencers.

On our list you will find smart mirrors with modern digital features to meet your requirements. We have a smart mirror that has high-quality LED for maximum lighting, a mirror that can play YouTube videos just like a digital screen, and also a mirror that can measure your skin complexion, too! So, make sure you check out our list from top to bottom to make sure you find the best smart mirror that you have been looking for.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which smart mirror is best?

Choose a smart mirror that has full features. For that reason, you can choose Magic Mirror Photo Video Booth Touch Screen or Mini Premium X 64GB Smart Beauty Mirror. By having these items, you will experience the high-tech item with the best accompanying entertainment features.

What are the best smart makeup mirrors?    

HIMIRROR Smart Makeup Mirror with Skin Detector and VIVITAR Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification 180 Degrees are claimed to be the best smart makeup mirrors. Equipped with a skin detector and streaming platform, you can personalize your makeup while interacting with your followers.

What are the best smart mirrors with cameras?  

Are you looking for the best smart mirrors with cameras? Himirror Mini Premium X 64 GB Smart Mirror, VIVITAR Makeup Mirror 10x Magnification 180 Degree, and Riki Skinny Smart Vanity Mirror with HD LEDs are the best answers. Equipped with a quality camera and processor, you will definitely get reliable skin profile analysis results.

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