25 Cool Round Mirrors for Housewarming Party

When a housewarming invitation comes, it’s natural to think of bringing a gift over. It can be anything housewarming party hosts need, from functional to decorative items. Since they are busy unpacking their things into their new home, they don’t really think about what they need to add to the space. You can help them choose one or two items, and we absolutely can help you with that.

A mirror will be the perfect item that has functional and decorative functions. The house owner can place the mirror in any room, starting from the entrance until their bedroom and bathroom. A cool round mirror will be a wonderful gift. And what if we’re the ones who send the housewarming invitation? The round mirror will be the one-of-a-kind decorative that awes everyone. Here are 25 cool round mirrors choices for housewarming party decoration or gifts.

What Are Round Mirrors Called?

Round mirrors often associate and are called curved mirrors. It’s usually used as a security and safety item instead of interior design. However, there are many round mirrors for decorative items in the house that are part of plane mirrors. You will have more options to décor your home and not be limited to convex and concave mirrors only.

Are Round Mirrors Fashionable?

It’s a big yes to this question. We believe you can find many fashionable round mirrors to hang on based on our curated list. The luxurious gold round mirror can be an example of how trendy a round mirror you can find online.

Best and Cool Round Mirrors for Every Room Design

1. Decorative Rattan Mirror

Decorative Rattan Mirror

The beautiful flower rattan mirror is a great ornament to hang in your living room or by the house entrance. Amaze your guests when they come to your home by the first step inside. It has a removable function for easier cleaning or changing the mirror with any circular thing.

2. Moroccan Decorative Mirror

Moroccan Decorative Mirror

Get three pieces of round mirrors by purchasing this Moroccan Decorative Mirror. You can arrange the three mirrors as a lovely individual round mirror. But you can also set them into one beautiful mirror family to make it distinctive. Be the only cool neighbor around.

3. Luxurious Round Mirror

Luxurious Round Mirror

To have this grand round mirror in your home is a blessing. The luxurious round mirror will level up the whole room where you hang the ornament. You can add another gold item as decoration next to the enormous gold mirror to make a fantastic combination.

4. Round Vanity Mirror

Round Vanity Mirror

The round vanity mirror with a floral design is a fantastic gift. With three different color and size options, you can choose the most suitable choice for your friend’s new house. The details on the floral design will captivate any housewarming guest.

5. Macrame Mirror

Macrame Mirror

This white Macrame Mirror goes well with any theme and tone of the living room. You can be worry-free when you bring this complicated handmade mirror as an incredible gift. It provides a wide range of sizes to choose from so it can match your needs. You can twin the beaded mirror to hang one in your house and another in your best friend’s new house as friendship items.

6. Jute Mirror

Jute Mirror

The Jute Mirror focuses on their Bohemian look with the natural color jute that circles the mirror. It has five different size options to reach your requirement. This natural jute mirror will look good in your living room, your bedroom, or even hang in your office room.

7. Eye See You Mirror

Eye See You Mirror

The Eye See You Mirror is a gold metal round mirror with the shape of an eye. The long straight bars form eyelashes and make the mirror look like a natural eye. The familiar yet bizarre design allows the living room’s wall to be aesthetic. The ‘eye see you’ tagline also reminds your friend that you will always have your eyes on them, so they will never be alone.

8. Rabbit Wooden Mirror

Rabbit Wooden Mirror

The cute rabbit wooden mirror is an excellent housewarming gift to a new house with children. The round mirror with two long ears looks lovely in the children’s room. They can start to learn about the animals with the housewarming gift you prepare for them. You can be the only one who brings a cool and unique gift.

9. Sunburst Walnut Mirror

Sunburst Walnut Mirror

This sunburst round mirror delivers your wish for bright and happy energy to the new house. The mirror uses walnut wood as its material. The unique round mirror will surely warm the housewarming party with its sunburst design.

10. Round Metal Lace Mirror

Round Metal Lace Mirror

Don’t you want to hang this adorable round mirror on your wall? It makes a delicate and detailed lace design that surrounds the round mirror. Turquoise color is hardly seen on metal, but this unique round mirror has it beautifully. You can also choose other color options for your liking. Your guest won’t leave it alone without admiring it.

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11. Round Silver Jeweled Mirror

Round Silver Jeweled Mirror

Do you need a statement piece to décor your wall before your housewarming party? You should look at this crystal clear beads round mirror for that. The mirror with beads will reflect the light and brighten your living room. It gives you the elegant and stylish look that you need.

12. Mia Round Mirror

Mia Round Mirror

The metal frame with gold finish beholds enchanting sight for a classic round mirror. You can place this Mia Round Mirror at the entrance of your house for your guests to see. Later on, you can simply move to any room you want in your new place because it offers a simple installation. It also blends naturally into your interior design.

13. Round Bristol Mirror

Round Bristol Mirror

Add a sophisticated and futuristic look in your new dining room with the Round Bristol Mirror. This cool round mirror can change the mealtime vibe into fine dining with a piece of ornament on your wall. You can give this shining round mirror as a housewarming gift. 

14. Staggered Nail Head Mirror

Staggered Nail Head Mirror

Hundreds of round nail heads on the edge of the round mirror are the creative way to distinguish a decorative item. This round mirror can be an addition to your rustic style house. This unique mirror can be a cool gift for a housewarming party. 

15. Traditional Round Scrollwork Mirror

Traditional Round Scrollwork Mirror

You wouldn’t want to miss this Traditional Round Scrollwork Mirror. It makes your housewarming party into an art exhibition event. It gives your guests something to look at and talk about during the party. The iron embossed scrollwork brings your round mirror out from the usual basic round mirror.

16. Scalloped Round Mirror

Scalloped Round Mirror

The scalloped edge on this round mirror gives the typical round mirror a new face. In addition, the beads over the scalloped lines make it more unique and beautiful. This round mirror is definitely the right choice for a housewarming gift. The elegance of the scalloped edge will welcome any guest to the house.

17. Crest Bronze and Gold Mirror

Crest Bronze and Gold frame

If you want to match the minimalist style of your new house with all the interior design, this Crest Bronze and Gold Mirror can be your priority choice. The combination of inner gold and outer bronze finish offers you classic and antique styles. You don’t need to worry about the installation because it comes with a D-ring hanger.

18. Modern Round Beveled Window Mirror

Modern frame Beveled Window

This sophisticated round mirror ensures your housewarming gift as a long-lasting item for the new house. The grid-shaped metal frame may trick people into thinking that they’re looking at a window and not a mirror. The modern style black mirror matches any color or vibe.

19. Farmhouse Wood Carved Frame Mirror

Farmhouse Wood Carved Frame

The huge wood-carved mirror perfectly displays the farmhouse style. The medallion pattern on the top of the mirror gives a satisfying artistic look.  If you know the party host like shabby-chic style, this will be their favorite décor piece. It comes with a D-ring bracket hanger so that everyone can hang this magnificent round mirror easily, even without help. 

20. Yitro Round Mirror

Yitro Round Mirror

The Yitro Round Mirror uses a durable metal frame that emits a rustic industrial vibe. This mirror is well-suited to house with vintage interior design and modern theme design. This cool round mirror has a beautiful accent with a screw on the top of the mirror. It also has a keyhole hanger on the back for easy installation.

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21. Bathroom Vanity LED Mirror

Bathroom Vanity LED Mirr

A big vanity mirror with a LED function will be an excellent decoration in your bathroom. Surprise friends that come to your house and let them stand in front of the mirror for a long time. It has a dimmable backlit function to make it look cooler. You can adjust the lights to your needs.

22. Nautical Rope Mirror

Nautical Rope Mirror

We know a marine family will love this nautical theme round mirror. The edge has a beautiful design with a rope accent. It uses the natural hemp rope that forms the vintage nautical design. The strong string connects to each other all the way to the top to hang the mirror on the wall. 

23. Wooden Mirror with Shelf

Wooden frame with Shelf

The large wooden round mirror completes its look with an internal wooden shelf. This multifunctional round mirror will be a cool gift for a housewarming party. The rack can store small ornaments to enhance your living room. It can also hold skincare or make-up when mounted in the bedroom or bathroom.

24. Hanging Round Mirror

Hanging frame

People say the black color represents coolness. And this black hanging round mirror is the proof. The black metal frame radiates a cool vibe with the simple and classical round-shaped mirror. It comes with a black chain that gives off an industrial look. It is also well-suited to a monochrome theme room or house.

25. Silver Round Frame Mirror

Silver Round Frame

The swivel-style round mirror reminds you of the whirlpool play during your childhood days. All the silver lining mirrors show your reflection to the edge of the mirror. It’s a unique and beautifully designed mirror that will prettily sit on the top of your display shelf. You can also hang the mirror in any room because it blends nicely with any background.

26. Rainbow Fringe Mirror

Rainbow Fringe

The unique and unexpected mirror is a half-round-shaped mirror with a colorful fringe. A pleasant surprise is offered to people who accidentally catch their reflection by looking at this cheerful mirror. Your cool mirror may become the center of the attention of the party. Expect many photos of the rainbow mirror uploaded on your friends’ social media.

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