32 Unique Wall Décor Inspiration to Freshen Your Room

Having plain walls is good, because plain walls will make the room looks clean and simple. However, it’s also normal to feel bored of staring at those plain walls, which is why adding some unique wall décor items can be the perfect solution. To give a new look to your walls, you might want to consider having unique wall decors to put a soul to your walls, whether its you living room, kitchen, or even you bedroom walls. Now that you’re here, we are excited to share some inspirations on some unique wall decors that you will love to have at home.

Now,  it’s good to know which room that you’ll be focusing on, in regards to add some new décor for the walls. In this article, we have three room categories of unique wall decors, which include kitchen, bedroom, and also living room.

Let’s start scrolling and be ready to be inspired!

Unique Wall Decor for Kitchen

Choosing the perfect wall décor for different rooms can be tricky. But, afraid not, because you are on the right page. If you are looking for some unique wall décor items to be mounted on your kitchen wall, we can assure you that you can’t go wrong with these unique wall art decorations.

These are the perfect items for all kitchens with any designs and themes.

1. Rustic Wall Sconces 

Rustic Wall Sconces

A nice touch in your kitchen room can make your cooking experience more pleasant. In order to do that, we think this rustic wall sconces is going to be the perfect pick. It is made of mason jar with an LED feature and artificial white peony plus eucalyptus leaves.

In terms of design, we think the warm starry light can fully capture your attention as well as making the kitchen room looks more homey and lovely. Moreover, you can also set up the LED light from afar using a wireless remote.

2. Handmade Boho Wall Decor

Handmade Boho Wall Decor

Adding more colors to your blank kitchen walls? Yes, please! For that particular reason, we have no doubt that this handmade boho wall décor will not disappoint you.

Originally made in Vietnam, this unique woven basket wall décor uses pure natural seaweed, making it a must-have item to be placed in your kitchen. Each seagrass decorated by this boho wall décor has been ultimately treated to avoid thorns.

3. Unique Cutting Board Eat Sign

Unique Cutting Board Eat Sign

A unique wall décor this one is. In our opinion, this wall décor from Jetec Store can definitely add more playfulness in your kitchen. Moreover, it can also be a fun welcoming message when your family or relatives are walking into the kitchen.

They will love the item and we believe will be a wonderful focal point that adds a touch of warmth into the room. Made from wood, and it has a pre-installed hanging hook on the back, so you can hang it individually.

4. Herbs and Spices Canvas Print Wall Art

unique wall decor

This modern, unique wall décor is from Modern Canvas Wall Art. Known as one of the specialists of modern wall décor makers, we believe that this item will not disappoint you. This is made from natural cotton canvas, pine frame, and pigment ink.

Moreover, it also comes in a safe box, which we believe will become one of the most recommended gifts for your loved ones. Its has a height of 57 inches, and a width of 86 inches. In all, this item is perfect to spice up the blank kitchen wall.

5. Metal Letters Wall Décor

unique wall decor

If you love cooking so much, then we believe that this unique and cool metal letters wall décor can make you love cooking even more! Thanks to the encouragement element of this item, we think this is one of the most unique wall décor items to boost your cooking spirit every time you look at it.

Furthermore, the black color is using electrostatic powder coating, ready to hang with no assembly required. We have no doubt, there is no need to damage your wall paint because it can be hung with hook and loop tape behind.

6. Bread Loaves Pasta Peppers Photo

unique wall decor

Keen to add an Italian look in your kitchen? You can stop your search now, because this unique photo wall décor is definitely become the perfect answer for your plan.

The picture is printed on a high-quality, and medium cover weight lift photograph paper. Plus, the color is so vivid and therefore we can assure you, whoever looks at it will get their appetite increasing in no time. Shop this unique wall décor from Art Print Designs now. 

7. 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art of Lemon and Mint Leaves

unique wall decor

This unique lemon and mint leaves wall art uses a high quality canvas, which was designed specially for canvas printing.

This wall art is sold by Wall26, and we think it will be wise decision to get one of these to decorate your kitchen. The inks used are from the latest HP Latex, so the picture is fade resistant for up to 100 years! Wow, what a durable wall décor this one is, right?

8. Grow-light Frame Shelf

unique wall decor

A modern kitchen with a modern steel shelf is meant to be together. If you are interested to pick this item as a new piece of kitchen décor, you can add more greenness in your kitchen with this grow-light frame shelf.

Produced by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr, this advanced and unique wall décor is a local brand, made of a powder-coated steel, full spectrum, and includes the white LED grow light that is tucked inside the top.

9. Family Forest Art

unique wall decor

This unique family forest wall décor is a true reflection of everlasting connections among your family. Imagine, enjoying brunch with this beautiful wall décor hanging on your kitchen wall, the ambience would be so cozy and warm.

Aside from being an item that can be a wonderful focal point in the room, you can also customize the number of trees based on the total of your family members in the house. 

10. Color Vibrant Inspiring Print

unique wall decor

Made from acid free matboard, archival paper, bonanza wood, and acid free ink, this next item will also make a wonderful choice of unique wall décor items to be added to your kitchen.

This color vibrant coffee wall décor is adding more texture and color to your plain wall, there’s no doubt about it. Moreover, this Spring Hofeldt’s art is carefully made to be eye-catching, chuckle-inducing to your kitchen wall.

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Unique Wall Décor for Living Room

A living room might as well be the most crowded room. Because all the family members might spend a lot of their time there. Watching TV, having a fun talk, or even welcoming outsiders. So, a unique wall décor is great to make the room less boring, and playful.

11. Large Modern Hyacinth Painting Wall Décor

Large Modern Hyacinth Painting Wall Decor

Being one of the most favorite rooms in the house, your living room needs to be cozy and comfortable for everyone to be in. Therefore, we believe that adding more decorations to make it even more cozy and stunning at the same time is highly recommended. You know what? we think that this modern Hyacinth wall décor can make that happen.

The frame is made from canvas and wood, and it comes as a set that includes all tree paintings. One advice, you can hang each of the wall decor on every side of your living room wall. 

12. A Grand Tree of Life Wall Décor

unique wall decor

How about adding a sophisticated wall décor to your luxury living room? It’s definitely a yes for us!

For that particular purpose, we think this tree of life wall décor from Corten Store is a great choice. In our opinion, the detail is excellent, the design is a true definition of art, and the color itself fits any wall color, be it bright or dark. What a perfect wall décor for your living room, don’t you think?

13. Unique Geometric Iron Metal Wall Décor

unique wall decor

Do you know that redecorating your living room doesn’t need much energy? Well, it really doesn’t, as long as you know how to do it properly.

All you need to do is hang a unique wall décor, just like this 3D geometric sculpture wall decoration from 2beauty. Being one of the most unique wall décor items for living rooms, it can be hung horizontally or vertically. Also, the color options also vary from gold, black, silver, and gold silver. 

14. Abstract Marble Tapestry

Abstract Marble Tapestry

Here we have another wall décor item that you can consider to spice up your space. This is a unique tapestry with abstract marble texture, which we think will be an excellent choice to complete the look of your most comfortable space.

In our opinion, the gold gouache unique ink is truly the element that makes this tapestry worth buying. It’s making the room much more elegant and homey, as well, and you can get this from the Homewelle Store.

15. Asymmetrical Mirror Wall Décor

unique wall decor

This one is undoubtedly a functional item that is unique , which can also enhance the whole appearance of your living room. This is an asymmetrical mirror from Mirror Home Décor Art, and it is made of a 4 mm floral glass mirror.

Being a product that highlights the beauty of nature, this item is produced from nature-friendly and harmless materials. In addition, you can also choose which mirror size you’d prefer, a small or large one. 

16. Hanging Shelves for Wall Décor

unique wall decor

Next recommendation on the list, we have a simple wall décor that can still look cute and functional as well.

In our opinion, these hanging shelves from Home Buddy can be a great companion to your living room wall, and you can put some greens on it. Or, to save up some space, we also suggest that you place your scented candles on this wood shelf as well. This set contains 2 bamboo shelves that are ready to hang. 

17. A Recycled Aluminium Dancing Mosaic

unique wall decor

This next item is a true definition of unique wall décor. Created by Hannah and Nemo, we believe without a doubt that this recycled aluminum dancing mosaic can be your go-to wall décor for the living room.

Each disc moves freely, so a speaker vibration or a stirring of the air will create a whimsical flicker. One dancing mosaic is different from another because it is handmade and recycled. What a unique wall décor to own!

18. A Love Swing Sculpture 

A Love Swing Sculpture 

Another unique wall décor is detected, and it comes in the form of this unique and lovely items. This Catherine Murphy’s copper sculpture is a kind of tribute to a genuine love. Interestingly, the swing can really move!

Plus, you can also select how many family members you want to be included in that swing. With a family theme, we believe without a doubt, this wall decor and complete your living room nuance. 

19. Chinese Lotus Flower Wall Stickers

Chinese Lotus Flower Wall Stickers

Not a fan of hanging something on the wall? Perhaps you can consider having these Chinese lotus flower wall stickers instead.

In our opinion, this is a perfect wall decoration for you who wants to have an Asian vibe radiates from your wall décor. In terms of measurement, this item is 90 cm long and 60 cm wide. Plus, the sticker is made from PVC.

20. A Wall Sticker for Nature Lovers

A Wall Sticker for Nature Lovers

Next up we have a self-adhesive sticker that is removable. You can bring nature hassle-free to your living room with this lotus, leaves, and birds unique wall sticker.

As a nature lover, we think that this wall décor can give a peaceful ambiance. Not to mention that it can also make your living room surrounded by calming nature colors, too.

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Unique Wall Décor for Bedroom

A personalized bedroom is a must. Your room is your territory, so make sure everything that is in your room is what you like. Avoid boring bedroom walls, you can shop unique wall décor that is so you, and reflect your personality.

Let’s get inspired from the wall décor below.

21. A Wave Shaped Mirror Wall Stickers

unique wall decor

Decorate your bedroom with this unique wall décor of wave shaped mirror. Good news for those who loves the environment, this item is made of from an environmentally friendly material.

Sine these are stickers, you can personalize the mirror in a very affordable way. Because mirror wall stickers are much more budget friendly than the real mirror, you don’t have to spend too much on these adorable items. Plus, we think that the wave shape will make your bedroom wall more elegant. 

22. 6 Piece Sunburst Metal Sculpture

unique wall decor

Based on what we see in this next pic, we can assure you that a sunburst wall décor like these can be your next option for decorating your bedroom.

The set includes 6 pieces of metal sculpture ready to hang. Plus, there are two color options to choose from, one is gold and the other is mirror. In addition, we need to tell you that the premium metal finish will also make this unique wall décor from Everly Quinn look very realistic. 

23. A Closeup of Lotus Flower Canvas Print

A Closeup of Lotus Flower Canvas Print

If you are a fan of realistic paintings, then we believe without a doubt you are gonna love this closeup lotus flower canvas print. What makes it unique and different is definitely the glowing effect that makes it really blooms.

Made from high definition giclée modern canvas printing artwork, we can assure you that this unique wall décor is ready to magnify your bedroom.

24. Rectangular Metal Leaf Wall Art Silver

Rectangular Metal Leaf Wall Art Silver

Designed by Olivia and May, and inspired from a farmhouse theme, we are presenting you with this unique metal leaf wall décor.

In our opinion, this item is aesthetic enough to decorate your bedroom wall. The leaves are crafted with a solid iron material, and the framed leaves highlight a grayish and galvanized finish that gives off a glossy look.

25. Natural Pulleys Wall Décor

Natural Pulleys Wall Decor

A natural touch in the bedroom can never go wrong, that is a fact that will never goes out of style.

In fact, it will make your bedroom wall looks less boring and can add an artsy nuance into the whole room. Being a unique wall décor item that offers high quality, this natural pulley wall décor is made of metal and natural fibers, ready to hand, and original from Style Craft.

26. Modern Metal Abstract Wall Décor

Modern Metal Abstract Wall Decor

A unique modern touch in your bedroom is coming! You can get this wall décor from Olivia and May for less than 120 dollars.

Although it’s not actually expensive, we can assure you that it will be a worth-buying decoration to make your bedroom more elegant and distinct. In addition, this is an item made of solid resin accented metal squares in varied sizes.

27. Florals Metal Wall Accent

Florals Metal Wall Accent

Here we have a mixed medium metal floral wall décor, which is very unique in terms of design, and has two contrasting layers of metal detailing.

This wall décor from Fetco Home Décor is such a great and brilliant addition to your bedroom, we have no doubt. Surrounded by two layers of large black wire-lined petals, we also think that the white flower stands out more extravagantly.

28. Angel Wings Metal Wall Décor

Angel Wings Metal Wall Decor

Bring out the angelic side of you by having this angel wings metal wall décor as a new addition to your bedroom decoration.

Place it on the wall above your bed and see how your bedroom will look different instantly. In terms of design, this unique item comes with 3D shadow effect, which will show a cool three-dimensional feel that you will absolutely adore.

29. Macramé Headboard Wall Décor

Macrame Headboard Wall Decor

This is definitely one of the best bedroom wall décor items for boho design lovers out there.

Simply hang this adorable macramé above your bed, and you can see how it transforms into a beautiful headboard in an instant. So, what are waiting for? Make this adorable item yours now and transform your bedroom into a bohemian-styled room.

30. Lets Stay in Bed Bedroom Wall Décor

Lets Stay in Bed Bedroom Wall Decor

Who can resist to ignore this kind of request, right? This bedroom wall décor will make it hard for you to say no, especially when the weekend is finally here!

We recommend you to add a fun touch to your bedroom by having this cute wall décor as a new addition to the room wall. Handmade using high-quality wood materials, you can also request for custom size based on the available space in your bedroom.

31. Over the Moon Bedroom Wall Décor

Over the Moon Bedroom Wall Decor

Place this adorable bedroom wall décor over the bed, and you will see how it will make the whole bedroom look even more adorable.

In our opinion, this is one of the most recommended wall décor items for kids rooms, which comes in various colors that you can choose based on the color theme of your kids’ room. So, wait no more and add this item to your shopping list, because this décor will be a nice surprise for your little one!

32. Metal Mandala Wall Art

Metal Mandala Wall Art

This metal mandala wall décor will be the perfect piece to add to a bedroom with natural style. Plus, it will also be a great piece of gift for a special person who is into Yoga.

Thanks to the adorable Mandala design, any yogi will be thrilled to have this as their new bedroom wall décor item. Without a doubt, this item will turn her bedroom into the most comfortable place for a relaxation after a hectic day at work.

Final Thoughts

Our home is one of the most comfortable and private places we know. That’s why we must make sure that our home has everything we need to keep us save and sound every night, to rest and refresh our mind and soul to face the new day. A nice decoration is one of the most important elements for a comfy space at home, and a nice wall decor is definitely crucial, too!

In choosing the best wall decor for your home, it is best to find the best that is simple, heart warming, and has the relaxing factor whenever you see it. Since we have a list of the most recommended wall decors, we believe that you can find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I decorate my room walls?

If you need to repaint it, then do it. After repainting it, you can consider adding a wall decor or two to avoid a boring blank wall. If you want to add more green and nature into your bedroom wall, a nature wall sticker that we have shown you earlier can be your options. 

Should I hang pictures above my bed?

Yes, you should. Maybe you can hang a wave shaped mirror wall sticker, a dancing mosaic, or natural pulleys that we have stated in the article above. Those three are also suitable to be placed above your bed.

How much is too much wall hanging?

We would say, when you are mixing a lot of wall decorations that are not relevant with your room style. Or, if you are hanging two until three different wall decorations in one wall. So, you can consider buying wall decor depending on what room you are planning to decorate. 

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