25 Amazing Bedroom Decor Ideas That Won’t Broke Your Wallet

We can definitely say that the bedroom is the most important room in the house. It is the room where you will spend most of your time in. So, it is natural for you to want some amazing bedroom decor ideas that give off a certain feeling.

Some say that your bedroom is the reflection of you. It shows your personality, your interest, and your habits. This is why bedroom decorating could get really exciting.

Besides being an exciting personal project to some, some people would find decorating overwhelming too. However, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list. We have put together 20 different bedroom decor ideas just for you! You can find the best bedroom decor ideas to suit your personality and preferences.

1. Brick Wall Aesthetics

Brick Wall Aesthetics

Let’s start this list of amazing bedroom decor ideas with a not-so-popular trend: the brick wall aesthetics. While people tend to go for a clean, single solid color wall for their bedroom, the brick wall bedroom has its own charm. 

If you are looking for an old-school vibe for your bedroom, you can consider this brick wall style. The red-orange color will give your bedroom a warm feel to it. Getting a real brick wall might cost you so much. So, you can start with some brick wallpaper to get this look for your bedroom. 

2. “Something Blue” Bedroom

Something Blue” Bedroom

Apparently, people start to get something blue not only for their wedding but also for their bedroom. Blue is definitely a charming yet calming color that attracts so many people to it.

You can either get yourself a blue wall, blue bedding, blue bedroom decoration, some blue-colored furniture, or any other blue item to put in your bedroom. The blue color will help those people who find it hard to relax even when they are tired. 

3. Art Museum Style 

Art Museum Style

This is an amazing bedroom decor idea that every art enthusiast needs to try! If you are an artist yourself or if you appreciate different art pieces, you can start curating some art items to be placed in your room. 

You can create a little art gallery corner in your room where it will display all your favorite art pieces, like drawings or statues. Placing them in the corner will also make your room look more organized despite having so many art pieces hanging on your wall.  

4. Bohemian Style 

Bohemian Style

A bohemian-style bedroom never goes out of style! If you are an island gal or guy, you will love this style. You can go for a warm orange, brown, and yellow color palette to solidify the whole look.

For the furniture, you can go for rattan furniture. As for the bedroom decoration, you can get yourself a hanging rattan chair, some plants, some dream catchers, and various other boho-style knick-knacks. This kind of style will let you get transported to a dreamy summer island on any day. 

5. Scandinavian Bedroom Style 

Scandinavian Bedroom Style

A personal favorite on this list of bedroom decor ideas is the Scandinavian bedroom style. It gives you that artistic feel to your bedroom without being too much. It will be a great bedroom style to practice the art of slow living.

If you are into minimalist style, you should consider this bedroom style. The easiest way to achieve this bedroom is to keep your color palette simple. You can go with white, gray, or a slight brown color if you prefer warmer colors. 

6. Relaxing Light 

Relaxing Light

One of the most amazing bedroom decor ideas is the relaxing light trend. It is always the right choice to invest in a good bedroom lamp. In fact, your bedroom lamp will affect the overall feel of your room. People are moving away from ceiling lights these days to improve their quality of rest. You can also do the same by getting yourself the proper relaxing bedroom lighting.

7. Clean And Bright 

Clean And Bright - pinteres @Kulturë
Source: Pinterest (@Kulturë)

The next amazing bedroom decor idea incorporates clean and bright designs. Sometimes, people find it burdensome to have too many things in sight, which is why this style is super popular.

This style includes bedroom decor items that are simple and clean. All-white decor like this one could never go wrong. You can go with something like a fluffy, all-white rug to place near your bed. The fluff will give you some extra comfort and warmth. Moreover, the white color will keep the carpet from causing the room to look messy and cramped. 

8. Indoor Nature

Indoor Nature - pinterest @Bed Threads
Source: Pinterest (@Bed Threads)

They say getting close to nature will bring you some good energy. This is why people get some plants inside their bedrooms. The plants will also help with the air circulation by providing fresh air for you.

When you are spending most of your time in your bedroom, you need to have some fresh air. Start with finding the right plant or flowers to bring into your room. Then, you need to find suitable vases as well to hold them. These vases will also work as amazing bedroom decor. Thus you need to get ones that match your room design!

9. Bold Colors 

Bold Colors - pinterest @Paper and Stitch
Source: Pinterest (@Paper and Stitch)

If you are one of those adventurous souls out there, you need to get yourself some bedroom decorations with bold colors. A pop of color in your bedroom will bring some pop of color to your life too.

You can go for your favorite color or any color that makes you feel happy to boost your confidence. Starting with a bold color reading light or bedside lamps, you can work your way from there to incorporate more bold-colored items into your bedroom. 

10. Bedroom Library

Bedroom Library

This is the bedroom decor idea for all the bookworms out there. The bedroom library will make you not want to leave your room. To get this bedroom style, you need to start with installing storage space for your book collection. Then, you can dedicate one corner of your room as a seating area for you to read. It will be your favorite spot in your bedroom.  

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11. Luxurious Pieces 

Luxurious Pieces - pinterest @Delightfull
Source: Pinterest (@Delightfull)

If you have some extra money to splurge, you can think about getting some luxurious pieces. You can go for a designer piece of your choice. Some classic bedroom decor items would also be a great choice too. You can go with a classy and luxurious bedroom chandelier or other lighting pieces. It will definitely elevate your bedroom overall. 

12. Mix & Match 

Mix & Match

Some of us might think that bedroom decorating is not our forte, thus this amazing bedroom decor idea will be good news for you. You can simply just mix and match your bedroom decoration. You don’t have to worry whether your green lamp will match your floral wallpaper. This style will suit both kids and adults. It’s very playful.

13. Dark & Moody 

Dark & Moody - pinterest @eksahome
Source: Pinterest (@eksahome)

While a bright or all-white bedroom is very welcoming, some people prefer dark and moody colors. Starting from dark-colored walls, dark bed frames, dark bedding, and many more, it will transform your bedroom with a mysterious yet relaxing feel to it. Some people find the dark color relaxing and it will help them to have better rest.   

14. Neutral Color 

Neutral Color - pinterest @Leah Bisch Studio
Source: Pinterest (@Leah Bisch Studio)

On the other end of the spectrum, some people will prefer having neutral colors for their bedroom. In general, neutral colors are always more inviting. It will make your space look more spacious, bright, and clean. If you get sensory overload easily, you need to consider going neutral.

It will help you focus and rest better. You can basically make every item in your bedroom a neutral color, from bedding, and rugs, to bedside tables. 

15. Korean Aesthetics 

Korean Aesthetics - pinterest @imaan
Source: Pinterest (@imaan)

This bedroom idea has been floating around social media. It has been one of the most popular trends lately. This trend is closely associated with pastel color palettes and cute decoration items.

There is a reason this Korean-inspired design is popular: it looks effortlessly great from any angle which is perfect for the gram. If you are interested in this Korean-inspired bedroom style, you can start with getting yourself a pastel plaid duvet for your bed. 

16. Minimalistic Themed Bedroom 

Minimalistic Themed Bedroom

It is always a great idea to create a thematic bedroom for your kids. While an over-the-top themed kids’ room will make your kids super happy, it won’t make your wallet happy. Kids grow up so fast. Thus they may also change their preference relatively quickly.

To minimize your spending, you can go with a minimalistic themed bedroom. You can still go for a particular theme, like the sky, forest, space, and other fun themes, but tone it down. Instead of going all out with thematic furniture and thematic everything, you can focus on one part of the room to be thematic. You can go for the wall colors and wall decorations instead. 

17. Blackboard Bedroom  

Blackboard Bedroom

If you are looking for some amazing ideas to do for your kid’s bedroom decor, you need to consider this blackboard bedroom idea. The blackboard wall is an ingenious way to keep you from the stress of seeing your kids drawing on the wall.

You can just purposefully dedicate one part of their bedroom wall for it so they can get creative with it. It is also very cheap because all you need to do is just pick up a black wall paint that is easy to clean. Just make sure you provide the kids with some colorful chalks.

18. Cute Bedroom

Cute Bedroom

The cuter bedroom style is perfect for a kid’s bedroom. This is the style that suits kids best. However, getting some adorable furniture and decorations could get quite expensive. Thus, you can go with cute wallpaper or pastel and bright color walls. You can go safe with white color or light wooden ones for the furniture so it won’t be too much of a hassle. 

19. All Wood Scandinavian Style

All Wood Scandinavian Style

The last kid’s bedroom idea we will cover on this list of amazing bedroom decor ideas is the all-wood Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style is generally a very classic and timeless style. An all-wood interior is also very timeless, making this a budget-friendly bedroom style.

You can keep it for a very long time, even when your kids get older. All you need to change is the necessary furniture such as bed, chairs, and other wooden items. You can always repurpose them when your kids outgrow them.

20. Rustic Style 

Rustic Style

Last but not least on this list of bedroom decor ideas is the rustic bedroom style. If your house is located in the woods or mountains, you can consider doing this rustic bedroom style. It will give off a cozy and warm feel. You can get yourself some extra pillows, a weighted blanket, fairy lights, and other comfy accessories to complete the whole look.    

21. Naruto-themed Bedroom

Naruto-themed Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Who does not recognize Naruto? Our beloved ninja from the legendary Japanese series has conquered the hearts of billions of fans worldwide. Now, if you are one of those fanatic followers, it is a no-brainer that you should incorporate the Naruto aesthetic in your bedroom.

You can start by having Naruto’s silhouette plastered on the wall. You can use a monochromatic color palette to make it classy and adult-like. Do not forget to hang some posters and add some Hidden Leaves logo here and there. Some ninja scrolls and kunai will also make good decor for the bedroom’s wall. A shelf full of Naruto comics by the bed is also a must!

22. Traditional Japanese Decor

Traditional Japanese Decor
Source: Pinterest (@hubpages.com)

If you dislike anime but love traditional Japanese culture, this bedroom decor idea might suit your style more. Incorporating Japanese elements in your bedroom is a clever idea because this design emphasizes a zen atmosphere. That is perfect since you want to rest inside a calming room.

A Japanese bedroom should have a tatami mat floor instead of a carpet. You should also add the iconic paper sliding door, which does not have to be functional if you only want it for decoration. Paint the room using the natural color palette. If possible, you should use a futon for the bed, but standard bedding with low legs will also do. Finally, some Hakusai paintings or cherry blossom decorations would be perfect for filling the wall!

23. All-black Bedroom Decor Ideas

All-black Bedroom Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Black is one of the best colors to use when you decorate your bedroom. Even more so if you are a fan of the gothic style, it is not always depressing if you do it right. If you know what you are doing, having a darker bedroom might even help you sleep better. 

You can start with the wallpaper. You can use matter dark gray or other black palettes. Use all-black furniture and furnishing as well. Now it is vital to have good lighting inside an all-black bedroom. You want to make it look classy, not grim cave-like. That is why this bedroom decor is perfect if you have a large window by the bed.

24. Natural Bedroom Decor with Semi-outdoor Vibe

Natural Bedroom Decor with Semi-outdoor Vibe
Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

For those looking for naturalistic bedroom decor ideas, this design might just be the one you can experiment with! Introducing live plants inside a bedroom is quite tricky because they need sunlight. The solution is simple. Use giant glass walls behind the bedroom!

This way, the live plant decoration can stay outside and have a healthy amount of sunlight. Meanwhile, you can enjoy them from the bedroom freely thanks to the wide transparent glass. Of course, you can still bring some decorative indoor houseplants inside to make your room greener. Use a wooden accent for the flooring and the wallpaper to completely go natural!

25. Decoration Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Decoration Ideas for a Small Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@atinydreamer.com)

Having a small bedroom should not stop you from decorating. If anything, you can make it cozier by choosing appropriate decorations. For a single bedroom inside a limited space, you can use wall mounted shelf to neatly store your trinket and books. You can also integrate it behind your headboard.

Use some fluffy rugs and frilly blankets to make the room more lively. Choose bright wallpaper and ensure the room gets adequate light to create a spacious illusion. Some sparkly LEDs above the bed wall would also be a good idea. You can stick some printed photos of your cherished memory by the LEDs for a minimalist yet sweet decoration.

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