Solar Powered Light-Up Bricks

Light your way from your car to your house (or from your house to your pool) with these fun and functional Solar Powered Light-Up Bricks.

These bricks fit comfortably in between your regular pathway bricks, without disrupting the flow of your yard.

During the day, they look like simple clear accents to your ordinary walkway, as they soak up UV rays from the sunlight.

By night, however, they glow with a warm light that is sure to make it much easier for you to get around your yard, even on the darkest of nights.

Most of the time these are sold in sets of two bricks, and they are also available in other colours.

Install them around your home to enjoy all the benefits of a well-lit walkway!

Solar Powered Light-Up Bricks
Solar Powered Light-Up Bricks

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