15 Amazing Facts About Goblin Sharks That Will Surprise You

A deep blue sea is a mysterious place occupied by unique unknown creatures. Sharks are one of the scariest fishes that live in those twilight zone. However, have you ever heard of the Goblin Shark? This is an old and rare species of deep-sea shark. In fact, Goblin sharks are often referred to as living fossils because they have lived hundreds of years ago.

This shark has an unusual shape and is not like sharks in general. The Goblin Shark has an oddly shaped snout and chin. Moreover, you can find this unique animal only at specific ocean depths. If you are a marine life lover and are curious about this unique shark, you should definitely read ahead! We have gathered 15 amazing facts about Goblin sharks that will surprise you!

1. Have a Skin Color That Looks Pink

Have a Skin Color That Looks Pink

In general, sharks have dark skin color or a combination of black on the top and white on the underside. However, did you know that the Goblin Shark has a skin color that looks pink? Yes, you read it right! This shark looks pink because the blood vessels are visible through its translucent skin. The red blood in the veins will produce a pink effect on the Goblin Shark’s skin. 

At first, Goblin Sharks are born with white skin and then darken with age. They have low-density meat and bones. When viewed directly, the Goblin Shark will display pinkish-gray skin. It is this unique skin color that makes the Goblin Shark stand out from other types of sharks. 

2. Can Grow Up To 18 Feet! It’s Huge!

Can Grow Up To 18 Feet! It's Huge!

The deep sea has always kept a mystery that was never expected before. Various marine animals of gigantic sizes are often found in the deep sea. Did you know that Goblin Sharks can grow up to 18 feet? Yes, this is a very large size when compared to the size of a typical shark which is 5 to 7 feet long.

An archaeologist from Georgia managed to find a Goblin Shark of a very large size. According to him, the Goblin Shark is an ancient animal with a large size due to its ancient bloodline. So, it’s no wonder the Goblin Shark has an unusual size.

3. Have Special Sensing Organs

Have Special Sensing Organs

Sharks are the most feared carnivores in the sea. The shape of the snout of a scary Shark is equipped with sharp teeth. The Goblin Shark has an unconventional and sinister snout. They have a long, protruding snout that is sinister. 

The snout is covered with special sensory organs known as the ampullae of Lorenzini. This special organ functions to sense electric fields in dark water. This is essential because, in the deep sea, there is no light at all. This sensing organ will help the Goblin Shark move, swim, and find prey.

4. Goblin Sharks Can Live Up To 60 Years

Goblin Sharks Can Live Up To 60 Years v

Lifespan is one of the most eagerly awaited facts. Each animal has its own lifespan. This depends on the genetics and environment of the animal. In general, sharks can live between 20 and 30 years at sea. This is a fairly long number for a marine animal. 

Did you know that Goblin Sharks can live up to 60 years! What an old age for sharks! The long lifespan that Goblin Sharks possess is based on their ancient lineage and genetics. Ancient animals had very long lifespans. This aspect causes the Goblin Shark to have a much longer lifespan (2 to 3 times) than other types of sharks.

5. Poor Swimmer with Bad Eyesight

Poor Swimmer with Bad Eyesight b

Sharks are synonymous with fast and aggressive movements. This is done to hunt prey. The fast movement of sharks makes them the most feared predators. If you’re just a little careless, you can become food for the sharks. The sharp body shape with strong fins makes sharks have extraordinary swimming abilities. 

However, this is not the case with the Goblin Shark. They move slowly and are not aggressive. Goblin sharks are poor swimmers with poor eyesight. Therefore, Goblin Sharks need special sensing organs to move and hunt prey in the deep sea. They live in very deep waters and do not approach the surface. This is why the Goblin Shark poses no danger to humans.

6. Face of a Demon

Face of a Demon

The most shocking fact about the Goblin Shark is its demon-like face. These sharks are widely distributed in the seas around Japan. The Goblin Shark is nicknamed in the Japanese language. The fisherman who first encountered the Goblin Shark called it “Tengu Zame,” which means Demon Shark

The Goblin Shark’s face is very scary, like a Demon. The Goblin Shark has a dagger-shaped snout and claw-like fangs protruding from its extendable jaws. Do you want to see the spooky face of the Goblin Shark? Visit the deep sea around Japan, and you will see the scary face of the Goblin Shark!

7. Structural Adaptation to Harsh Environment

Structural Adaptation to Harsh Environment

Living in the deep sea is not easy. Various adaptation abilities are needed to survive. Goblin sharks have the ability to structurally adapt to harsh environments. They will lengthen and flatten their nose to survive and prey.

The prey will be ambushed by the very protruding jaws of the Goblin Shark. The muzzle is also equipped with sensing sensors that will help them to swim in the deep sea. It is such great adaptability that the Goblin Shark can survive in the deep sea for a very long time!

8. Goblin Sharks Shrink as They Get Older

Goblin Sharks Shrink as They Get Older

Another surprising fact about the Goblin Shark is that its body shape and contour will shrink with age. Is this possible? Yes, this phenomenon occurs in Goblin Sharks. The long snout of the Goblin Shark will decrease with age. Proportionally, this occurs due to a decrease in the body’s capabilities of the Goblin Shark. Have you ever heard of a shark’s body shrinking with age before?.

9. Unusual Hunting Method

Unusual Hunting Method

Living in the deep sea causes the Goblin Shark to not have many prey options. This shark is a predator of teleost fish such as dragonfish and rattails. Squid and pelagic crustaceans are also food for Goblin Sharks. Goblin sharks are equipped with a sensitive pulpit used to identify prey.

They will crane their jaws to catch what they find. Goblin sharks will identify prey under their sensitive pulpits and stick out their jaws to prey on and catch their food.

10. Goblin Shark Has an Unusual Habitat

Goblin Shark Has an Unusual Habitat

In general, sharks are fish that live in deep seas, coasts, or oceans. Sharks are found in almost all parts of the world. Several species of sharks live in the open ocean. However, did you know that the Goblin Shark has an unusual habitat? They are demersal sharks that live near the ocean floor or the outermost continental shelf and extreme slopes.

Goblin sharks can only be found at depths between 40 and 1200 meters under the sea. They are mostly found off the coast of Honshu, Japan, which has a depth of almost 300 meters.

11. Why Is the Goblin Shark Endangered?

Why Is the Goblin Shark Endangered

The Goblin Shark is a species that falls into the “Least Concern” category. This is a red list of endangered species. Indeed, Goblin Sharks are rarely caught by fishermen. This is because the Goblin Shark lives in the deep sea.

However, Goblin Sharks can still be caught by ghost fishing gear. As many as hundreds of Goblin Sharks were caught by this tool in 2003. Therefore, this shark species is already in the protected category. We hope that it won’t become extinct!

12. The Teeth are Very Long and Slender

The Teeth are Very Long and Slender

Sharks are identical with sharp teeth that can tear anything to shreds. These teeth are used by sharks for prey. Goblin sharks have peg-like teeth. The Goblin Shark’s teeth are very long and slender. The teeth of this shark consist of lingual, labial, and side types. Each tooth has its own function. For instance, the lingual-assist teeth during chewing and the labial teeth are used for shearing or cutting food during chewing.

13. What Is the Predator of The Goblin Shark?

What Is the Predator of The Goblin Shark

Every animal has its natural predators. Given the fact that Goblin Sharks live in the deep sea, what are the predators of Goblin Sharks? Several responses and theories emerged. Predators that can eat Goblin Sharks must be of greater size and strength. Killer Whales or Blue Sharks are the top potential predators of adult Goblin sharks. What do you think? Give your feedback in the comment column!

14. The Goblin Shark is a Solitary Creature

The Goblin Shark is a Solitary Creature

Based on the unique aspects of the Goblin Shark, many scientists have observed the behavior of this rare shark species. Several studies have shown that Goblin Sharks are solitary creatures that prefer to be alone rather than in groups.

This behavior is different from the behavior of other shark species, which prefer to be in groups. The habitat of living in the deep sea allows Goblin Sharks to live solitary because they only need to extend their unique jaws to prey.

15. No danger to humans

No danger to humans

Sharks are usually fierce predators and very dangerous to humans. However, did you know that Goblin Sharks are harmless to humans? This shark that has lived for centuries ago has a distinctively shaped snout and a row of long pointed teeth different from other sharks.

However, you still have to be careful if you find Goblin sharks in the deep sea. They are often found in deep water and pose no threat to humans. Are you ready to interact with them in the deep sea?

Those are amazing facts about Goblin Sharks that surely will impress animal lovers. Which fact is the most terrifying? Give your answer in the comment column!

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