30 Best Arc Floor Lamps For a Stylish Modern Living Room

Though they have been around for decades, arc floor lamps hold great potential to transform interior spaces. They can add much-needed illumination to a dark corner or act as enchanting accent pieces to cheer up your interior. An arc floor lamp could be all you need to introduce an invigorating modern pop to your living room and make it feel vibrant.

We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the most captivating arc floor lamps to make your living room fit for a magazine. Whether you are looking for the perfect piece to create an illusion of space in your small living room, or a creative design to complete your artsy décor, we have a cool lamp for you.

Best Arc Floor Lamp Designs You Can Buy:

Take a look at this charming list and make your pick of the ultimate piece to add pizazz to your interior.

#1 Arquer Arched Floor Lamp 

Arquer Arched Floor Lamp

Whether you need extra lighting for your space or a stylish accent to add visual interest, this arc floor lamp brings the best of both worlds. Having versatility and convenience at its core, it allows you to direct light precisely where you want it.

Iron construction with a silver shade makes it a beauty to behold. Transform your space with this appealing and highly functional piece to add warmth and elegance in equal measure.

#2 Tagus Nickel Arc Floor Lamp by Uttermost – 82

With one of these contemporary arc floor lamps, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve. Designed to make a lasting impression, it features an outsize base in chunky brass.

A polished nickel cuff with a massive swooping design adds volumes to the appeal. And to cap it all up the shade is stretched silk with brass trim. Comparable to a portable chandelier, the piece will make a great focal point.

#3 Starns Arched Floor Lamp

Starns Arched Floor Lamp

If you are looking to add a modernistic edge to your living room, this piece was made just for you! A streamlined and slender construction will make it a graceful feature in your space.

Comprising a round base, tall metallic frame and linen shade to diffuse brightness, it is indeed the ultimate contemporary piece. it would look just as delightful next to the sofa as it would in a reading corner.

#4 Flos Arco Arched Floor Lamp 

Flos Arco Arched Floor Lamp

Add an exciting angle to your modern living room with one of these marble-base lamps. The lightly veined base makes it a stately statement piece for any contemporary space. A height-adjustable and swivelling reflector makes it versatile, easily adaptable to your lighting needs.

Zapon-varnished aluminum with a polished and pressed finish adds to its sleek allure. All that is missing is a bit of darkness and the opportunity to show off its remarkable beauty.

#5 Ore International Floor Lamp 

Ore International Floor Lamp

Transform your living room from plain to awesome with this multi-head arc floor lamp. A great way to introduce a dramatic visual effect, this five-head lamp is the epitome of fun and creativity.

Understated arms give the lamp a delicate edge, making it seem sophisticated and classy. A round marble base harmoniously completes this effect and turns the lamp into more of an art piece and less of furniture.

#6 Gladiola 56″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Gladiola 56" Arched Floor Lamp

Showcase your unique sense of style with one of the most outstanding arched floor lamp designs. If you have been searching for a piece to add character to your small living room without being too overarching, you just found it!

A narrow yet delicately ornate curve makes it an instant attention catcher. Its warm glow and artistic design are a great way to cheer up any dull space, lighting up your seating ensemble or reading space.

#7 Hagans 81″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Hagans 81" Arched Floor Lamp

Drum shades are among the most timeless classics when it comes to arc floor lamps. Drawing inspiration from the mid-century, this particular piece features a dramatic arc that will add tons of aesthetic value to any space.

And the best part about the design is that it seamlessly blends with any décor theme. As a result, it has the potential to evolve with you as your style changes over time.

#8 Raku 65″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Raku 65" Arched Floor Lamp

Striking straight lines and a contemporary touch make this modern arc floor lamp outstanding. Simplicity defines the look yet the piece offers a welcome break from conventional design.

If your living room is characterized by clean and simple lines, this could be the missing piece to complete the harmonious effect. And thanks to durable metallic construction, you can be sure to enjoy it for a while to come. Illuminate your space and add tons of personality with one of these unique pieces.

#9 Sawicki 60” Arched Floor Lamp 

Sawicki 60” Arched Floor Lamp

Inspired by nature’s best, this lamp has a soft, delicate curve that makes it both stylish and practical. The thick base gradually thins out with the curve to create an outstanding showpiece that will transform your living room into a sophisticated space.

Brushed nickel and black gloss offer the perfect contrast against the off-white shade, drawing the eye to its elegant profile. Linen makes a great material choice for the shade, diffusing light to create a cozy atmosphere.

#10 Channell 93″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Channell 93" Arched Floor Lamp

Bring in a retro touch to your modern living room with one of these floor lamps. An elegantly arched body is set on a black marble base and an antique brushed nickel stem. A curvy metal shade introduces amazing visual appeal, while also creating an interesting and fun lighting effect.

If you are looking to give your interior a serene and minimalist appeal, this piece will get that done. Break up the rigidity and hard lines in your space with its soft and delicate silhouette.

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#11 Mildura Arched Floor Lamp 

Mildura Arched Floor Lamp

A brass arc floor lamp is your best bet if you would like to inject loads of character into your modern living room. Breaking away from the traditional design, this piece is so much more than a lighting fixture.

Its elegant and eye-catching design makes it a work of art that will make a statement no matter where you place it. Everything about it from the intricate base design, to the positioning of the shade, spells creativity and fun.

#12 Versanora – Arquer Arc Floor Lamp with Rose Gold Finished Shade and Black Marble Base 

Versanora - Arquer Arc Floor Lamp with Rose Gold Finished Shade and Black Marble Base

For the minimalists in the house, this modern arc lamp offers the ideal blend of simplicity and style. The most captivating part of the design is the chic rose gold shade. In order to draw attention to its amazing allure, the rest of the lamp is laidback.

It is virtually impossible to fail to notice it no matter where you happen to place it. Coordinate it beautifully with an equally intriguing interior to delight your artistic sense.

#13 Jessup 76″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Jessup 76" Arched Floor Lamp

Oversized floor lamps such as this one are a remarkable choice for spacious open plan living rooms. Here is your chance to showcase your impeccable style and cast a warm glow over your furniture. A simple circular base supports an extended tubular metal frame for a defining effect.

Thanks to the brushed nickel finish, the piece sports a chic look that will always stay ahead of the trend. And the solid colored drum shade diffuses light for the perfect ambience.

#14 Adesso Rivington Arched Floor Lamp 

Adesso Rivington Arched Floor Lamp

Combining a play of concepts and shapes, this lightweight and delicate lamp has a lot to offer in any given space. Built on a marble base, the thin stainless steel frame supports a dark fabric shade. Tuck it into a corner of the room and give your space an instant makeover.

And especially in living rooms where floor space is a luxury, the transformative effect will be remarkable. If your aim is to create a romantic mood then this arc floor lamp is the way to go.

#15 Cortez Arched Floor Lamp 

Cortez Arched Floor Lamp

For a continually fresh and exciting look, this modern arc lamp is your best option. Featuring a slender arch frame, it has what it takes to bring light and style to virtually any space.

Holding the potential to add a touch of modernity to a plain interior, this stylish piece will look great in any position. And the best part of the design is that the drum is available in multiple colors. Get the best match for your space and start the transformation.

#16 Adesso Gala Arc Lamp 

Adesso Gala Arc Lamp

Show off your personal flair with one of the most striking arc floor lamps. Its main visual highlight is the graduated shade design. Not only does it make the lamp irresistibly alluring.

But it also holds creates a fascinating light effect when day gives way into the night. Combined with the stunning interlocking pattern on the top shade, the tiered design gives the lamp a most distinctive edge.

#17 Goulart Lady Arched Floor Lamp 

Goulart Lady Arched Floor Lamp

Integrate a novel eye-catching concept into your modern living room with one of these minimalist lamps. A gentle arc characterizes the piece which sits on a classy black marble base.

At the end of the arm, there is a trendy black fabric shade to sieve out unwanted light. All you need now is to pick the perfect spot to show off this beauty and bathe in its glorious light.

#18 Savannah Arched Floor Lamp 

Savannah Arched Floor Lamp

Break up the monotony in any room and create some intrigue with the Savannah arched floor lamp. Its narrow curve and minimalistic design make it especially suitable for rooms where space is limited.

Exuding a modernistic flair, the piece will add an instant pop of flair to your space. And the best part about its sophisticated design is that it will blend effortlessly with virtually any type of décor.

#19 Orbiter 58″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Orbiter 58" Arched Floor Lamp

Picking out the best arc floor lamps is not simply about ambience lighting. It is also a great opportunity to showcase your personal sense of style and infuse visual appeal into the space.

This piece is the ultimate taste of both worlds. In terms of unique appeal, few lamps come close. Versatility and flexibility are woven into every aspect of the design. And as it comes in multiple finishes, you get to choose the best match for your décor.

#20 Lafever 73” Arched Floor Lamp 

Upgrade the look of your living room with the most unique arc lamps design yet. A brass metal arm runs through the base to suspend a black shade on one end and support a tray table on the other.

This is a welcome twist to the conventional design, adding lots of utility as well as appeal to the piece. A rotary switch together with the faux silk shade makes it easy to control the amount of light as well as the ambience of the space.

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#21 Grandview Vintage Arched Lamp 

Grandview Vintage Arched Lamp

Are you looking for a simple way to execute a makeover in your living room? How about one of these vintage floor lamps? Featuring a metallic construction, the piece sports a crystal accent on its base to add to its visual appeal.

Not only will this piece illuminate your home, it also holds the potential to reinvigorate your life and add some much-needed cheer to dull days.

#22 Wade Logan Lubbock Arched Floor Lamp 

Wade Logan Lubbock Arched Floor Lamp

Your search for a graceful conversation starter for your modern living room ends right here.  From the brightly colored marble base to the polished chrome stand, everything about it spells sophistication.

The extended arc makes it a perfect light source for task lighting, reading and everything in between. With the ability to blend effortlessly with all types of décor, this versatile piece makes a great choice.

#23 Reed 82″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Reed 82" Arched Floor Lamp

A beautiful work of contrasts turns this bronze arc floor lamp into a remarkable centerpiece for any modern family room.

The shades come in a wide array of colors to create the ultimate visual effect and blend with the surroundings. Choose between brushed nickel and bronze for the stand and enjoy the amazing results. Thanks to its metallic construction, the piece will light up your life for an eternity to come.

#24 Palumbo 84” LED Arched Floor Lamp 

Palumbo 84” LED Arched Floor Lamp

A statuesque arc floor lamp with multiple heads offers a remarkable opportunity to accent your contemporary décor in style. This particular piece is inspired by nature and will effortlessly blend with any environment.

A circular base and thick stem give way to three delicate branches. Each of these culminates in a shade, and the beauty of it is they are placed on different levels. As a result, this piece has what it takes to effectively illuminate your room from all angles.

#25 Black Arc Floor Lamp Portable Light

Usher in dynamic energy to your living room with one of these contemporary arc floor lamps. Deviating from the traditional standard, this lamp features two elegantly curved stems. They rise from a single base and end in a single fabric shade.

Offering lots of illumination and unbeatable visual appeal, the piece is an instant charmer in any space. With a stunning blend of white, gloss black and chrome, you can be sure it will make an impressive focal point.

#26 Turley 84″ Arched Floor Lamp

Designed to perfectly accommodate your specific needs, this lamp can double up as a regular free standing piece or as an arc lamp. A delicate combination of modern flair and sleek style makes it a great statement piece.

From the rectangular marble base, an adjustable arm rises, allowing you to direct light in any direction. The soft ark on the stem as well as the cylindrical linen shade ensures that no light will stray to unwanted areas. What a cool choice for both decorative and functional purposes.

#27 Delcambre 81″ Arched Floor Lamp 

Delcambre 81" Arched Floor Lamp

Arc floor lamps don’t come any better than the Delcambre. Showcasing modern art at its finest, the piece oozes creativity in every respect. A perfect curve holds a cylindrical fabric shade at the end allowing you to direct light exactly where you need it.

The sleek modernistic design blends with every type of interior. Whether you wish to brighten up a dull corner or just add a contemporary feel to your space, this piece has you covered.

#28 Antique Bronze Lamp

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

Experiencing nature vibes in your home with the addition of this antique bronze arc floor lamp. This urban-inspired lamp is designed with three-barrel lanterns made of bamboo which inside is covered in white rice paper-like fabric, sparking a warm-bright light. 

Its tall size is suitable to be placed at the bedside, in the living room, or anywhere in your house. It is an ideal lamp floor for every homeowner who wants to decorate the interior design of their home.

#29 Industrial Floor Lamp with Hanging Glass

Industrial Floor Lamp with Hanging Glass Shade Black

This is undoubtedly one of the coolest minimalist lamps you can buy in 2021. Highlighting a simple design, this industrial floor lamp can surely give a vintage shade to your home décor. 

As a result of a high-transparent glass, the light emitted from the lamp looks brighter. A luxurious appeal is flawlessly portrayed by the black color of the stand in combination with the glass. Interested in this industrial floor lamp?

#30 Aaron Arc Floor Lamp

Versanora TH-L00001B Aaron Arc Floor Lamps

Choosing the best floor lamp for your home is not an easy task. You should consider whether this lamp matches your home decoration or not. This Aaron arc floor lamp can be your ultimate option. It emphasizes both minimalist and modern appearance, thus it can perfectly fit any home design. 

Moreover, the neutral black color makes this lamp ideal for your bedroom, office, or near the couch in your living room. The durability of this lamp is supported by its strong metal construction. Don’t miss the opportunity to find such a classic lamp for your home.

latest post:

Where should Arc Floor Lamp be placed?

You can place your arc floor lamp anywhere in your home. It could be in the living room beside your couch, at your bedside, or in your office. They will definitely add an artistic touch to either your home or office decor.

How do you choose an Arc Floor Lamp?

You can choose the arc floor lamp based on your eye level. Make sure that the base of the lamp is not too close to you when you are sitting. It is better to have a tall design as it can give you a larger sparking area of the lamp.

Every modern living room needs the special touch that only an arc floor lamp can provide. Add charm to your interior space by choosing the most appropriate one to suit your décor, functional requirements and personal preferences.

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