ARC Portable Posture Support

Instead of telling me that “life is like a box of chocolates”, my mom always told me not to slouch. I even tried doing that, until I didn’t and got what was coming.

Now, sitting in front of the computer, both for work and leisure, it seems like back and neck pain is just another extremely pleasurable part of adult life.

Indeed, incorrect posture, back, and neck pain is something that millions of people live with every day. Only now, you can fix that with ARC portable posture support.

This handy device not only allows you to correct your posture through daily 10-15 minutes sessions. It also helps you eliminate the pain that comes from being constantly bent over the desk. 

ARC Portable Posture Support

With the help of strategically placed rubber pressure points, ARC portable posture support will provide your cervical system with soothing pressure.

This will help alleviate the pain in your neck, back, and head giving your muscles the break they deserve.

ARC Portable Posture Support

There are two ways you can use this device. One is best saved for the end of the day when you can allow yourself to simply lie down and relax. By lying on your back on the floor and positioning the device under your neck, you will feel it working and the pain fading away.

The other way to use this device is using it throughout the day. Whether you’re at work, home, restaurant or movies, position ARC between your spine and the back of the chair. This will help you keep your posture in check. 

ARC Portable Posture Support

Although ARC portable posture support is not a substitution for pain medication or professional treatment, it can make the fight against back and neck pain a bit easier.

If you can’t even count how many times you have rubbed your sore neck or stretched your back to get rid of the pain, maybe it is time to take care of the root of the problem – bad posture and slouching. ARC can be your faithful companion in that.

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