OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System

What can make every minute of your life more enjoyable? Your favorite music playing in the background to lift your mood and make the moment memorable.

But even though you can easily put on Spotify at home, outdoors it’s not so easy. Your smartphone gets hot in the sun, the music is hard to hear for everyone. Plus, was it to land in water…Well, there won’t be a happy ending to that scenario.

This is why we’re introducing OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System, a speaker filled with awesome features that will make your outdoors experience unforgettable.

First and foremost, OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System is a speaker capable of producing 50 hours of playtime of your favorite music pieces. But that is definitely not all it has to show. 

OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System

OZEPOD is waterproof which means you can take to the beach, lake, pool, or yacht without worrying about a drop of water ruining your groove. Second, it has a solar-assisted charging system with 2 USB ports.

This means you can charge your own or your guest’s smartphone even if you are spending your day on the water.

This cool speaker also has a shaded area where you can put your cold beer and protect it from the sun. Nobody likes drinking warm beer on a sunny day, that’s enough to ruin the otherwise perfect day. Same goes for your charging phone – no UV lights would touch your digital baby, be sure of that.

OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System

The speaker system also sports cool LED lights to add some taste to the party or serve as a handy lantern if you take it on a camping trip.

Additionally, it features a rotating platform that means that you can instantly have access to your phone and drinks from any angle. 

OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker capable of so much more than just playing music, this is it. If you’re looking for a speaker that has been specifically designed for the outdoors, this is it.

The point is, you need the OZEPOD Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System.

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