47 Coolest Gifts for Guys Under $30

Simply because you do not have boatloads of cash to spend on gifts this year does not mean that you cannot get the guys in your life some cool gifts!

Regardless of what their tastes or preferences are, there is a wide array of cool gift ideas for guys that won’t have you scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Whether that special guy is your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, boss or BFF, we have rounded up lots of cool, fun, functional and most importantly, economical stuff just for him.

Turns out you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a cool gift for the man in your life. In fact, since the entire collection consists of gifts for guys under $30, you could get a few as stocking stuffers.

The $30 And Under Gift Guide For Men

No matter what you have in mind, with these men’s gift ideas that cost $30 or less, you can be sure to find the perfect present for your favourite guys without breaking the bank.

Read on and discover some of the most amazing gifts that will leave him speechless.

#1 Morse Code Secret Message Bar Necklace

Morse Code Secret Message Bar Necklace

Express your undying devotion to that special guy in a way only he can understand and appreciate. With this unique necklace bearing a special message for him in Morse code, you get the bonus of keeping your flame burning in the most creative and fun way.

#2 Personalized Front Pocket Wallet

Personalized Slim Wallet

Offer the guy in your life the perfect blend of style and function with this slim, front pocket wallet. A personalization option will take the gift a notch higher and make him feel special. Thanks to the high quality leather, he will have it for a long time to come.

#3 Personalized Game of Thrones Glass Decanter

Game of Thrones Whiskey Decanter Set

For every Game of Thrones enthusiast who enjoys a nightcap occasionally, nothing could beat this decanter set. Choose his favorite characters and get six personalized glasses and a decanter in a custom wooden box. What an awesome blend of utility and elegance!

#4 Antiqued Nautical Mens Ring

HZMAN Men's Vintage Nautical Ship Wheel Stainless Steel Anchor Nautical Compass Ring

Does he harbor an attraction for all things nautical? An antique nautical men’s ring is one gift he will never see coming. It is full of timeless appeal and will add lots of visual interest to his look. As a bonus, he will have reason to smile every time he sees it.

#5 Urban Map Glass

Urban Map Glass

Has distance come between you and the guy you love? Give him the opportunity to take a mental stroll through his home town every time he has a drink. With this piece, he will keep the precious memories of home alive always.

#6 Gunmetal Finished Pocket Watch

Gunmetal Finished Pocket Watch

An elegant pocket watch makes a unique gift for any man. This piece is full of classic appeal and functionality. It comes in a beautiful Victorian style that will be sure to draw attention. To make it super special, add a personalized message on the back.

#7 Personalized Wooden Docking Station

Personalized Wooden Docking Station

If he happens to be a neat freak, then he will certainly appreciate this wooden dock. Featuring a spot for all his important stuff, it will keep his desktop organized. More importantly, he will never get late again trying to locate his phone.

#8 Engraved Men’s Pocket Knife

Engraved Mens Pocket Knife

Every adventure-loving man needs one of these handy pocket knives. Sporting an elegant wooden handle and folding blade, it is as stylish as it is practical. It has a clip on the back that easily attaches to a pocket or belt, adding convenience to the mix.

#9 Custom Personalised Wooden Pick with Guitar Shaped Box

Custom Personalised Wooden Pick with Guitar Shaped Box

The music lover in your life will relish this creative gift idea for men. It’s a wooden guitar pick made using American walnut, bearing a personalized message. A guitar-shaped pine holder box adds a captivating allure to the piece.

#10 Brass Heritage Lensatic Compass

Brass Heritage Lensatic Compass

Cool gifts for guys under $30 do not come any better than this vintage compass. Especially if your favorite guy has an insatiable wanderlust, it will have tons of functional appeal. With a shock-resistant case, it can handle almost anything life throws its way!

#11 Rare Chilli of the World Collection 

Rare Chilli of the World Collection

Celebrate his passion for all things culinary with this mouth-watering set. It consists of samples of 12 rare chilli powder varieties from around the globe. They are some of the most exotic flavors, and would make an amazing gift for a chef.

#12 Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Is there a man in your life who simply cannot have enough S’mores? Surprise him with a tabletop glass fireplace to spruce up his décor. If he loves to entertain guests, this would make a great conversation piece as they dance in tune with the flames.

Custom Made Map Cufflinks

Capture his favorite city terrain or landmark on this fun and creative cufflink set. Enclosing a vintage map behind a glass lens, the cufflinks are great statement pieces. Brass settings harmonize with the vintage appeal and make them timelessly trendy.

#14 Golf Club Bottle Opener

Golf Club Bottle Opener

Is there a golfer in your life who seems to have everything? Well, you can bet your last dime he does not have this bottle opener. It is actually an up-cycled golf club with an opener on one end. Picture how cool it would look on his home bar top!

#15 Drink More Water Bottle

Drink More Water Bottle

One of the coolest gifts for guys is an opportunity to improve their health. How about getting your favorite dude to drink more water with one of these innovative bottles? Motivational messages on every level will remind him to keep going till he gets enough.

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#16 Good Vibes Only Apparel

Good Vibes Only Apparel

Spread positive vibes to the world around you, one guy at a time. A ‘good vibes only’ t-shirt offers a timely reminder that the energy he puts out is what he gets back. It comes in a variety of colors with bold and vibrant lettering. How cool!

#17 Engraved Personalized Hammer with Wood Box

Engraved Personalized Hammer with Wood Box

DIY guys can never have too many tools in their collection. Add a touch of sentimentality to his toolbox with a personalized hammer. It has lots of room for a meaningful message on the wooden handle. And it comes with a personalized wooden box to boot!

#18 Industrial Edison Lamp

Industrial Edison Lamp

Does the special man in your life have a soft spot for rustic décor? Give him a rustic steampunk lamp that will light up his life and heart for many years to come. It is elegant and practical, one that will find an instant spot on his list of favorites.

#19 Funny Scented Candles – Funny Gifts for Guys Under $30

Funny Scented Candles - Funny Gifts for Guys Under $30

Looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend who lives miles away? These scented candles will ensure he never forgets you! They come in glass jars with funny messages that will keep him smiling. Choose from a variety of scents to give him pleasant memories.

#20 YOSAR Guide Arcade Belt

YOSAR Guide Arcade Belt

His adventure collection is not complete until you add one of these cool gifts for guys. If he is involved in search and rescue operations, this belt will come in handy. It could also get him out of sticky situations during his outdoor expeditions.

#21 Personalized Leather Suede Gardening or Construction Worker Gloves

Personalized Leather Suede Gardening or Construction Worker Gloves

Green thumbs and construction men alike need gloves more than anything else. Their gloves keep getting lost or developing holes and they can never have too many pairs. With this rugged pair, it might be a while before they need a replacement.

#22 3D Illusion LED Light

3D Illusion LED Light

Create the perfect focal point for his home décor with this creative illusion light. Whether he uses it as a night lamp or décor item, this is one of the most unique gifts for guys. Changeable designs will allow him to choose the light that best suits the mood.

#23 Deadpool Vinyl Wall Clock

Deadpool, Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Clocks are no longer limited to simply telling the time! For the Deadpool fan in your life, nothing could beat this accent piece. It holds massive steampunk appeal and will create a great focal point for his space.

#24 US State Quarter Ring

US State Quarter Ring

No matter the occasion, the special man in your life would treasure this antique state ring. In addition to being a unique gift for any occasion, it also makes a noteworthy statement piece. Choose any state in order to add meaning to the gesture.

#25 Game of Phones

Game of Phones

This has got to be the coolest gift for guys who cannot stay off their cellphones. Consisting of fun prompt cards, the Game of Phones card deck will create an amazing entertainment opportunity. No one will ever want to miss his parties.

#26 The Adventure Paracord Bracelet

The Adventure Paracord Bracelet

Grant him an opportunity to showcase his love for adventure with a paracord bracelet. Complete with a fixed eye shackle, this piece mimics parachute releases of old. Whether he is out camping or in the office, it will keep things fun and entertaining.

#27 Knitted Sock Slippers

Knitted Sock Slippers

Keep things fun and practical as the cold season sets in with a pair of sock slippers. After a long day up and about, the last thing a guy wants is to have his feet confined. These warm and comfortable slippers will keep his feet toasty and cozy.

#28 Personalised Cartoon Portrait

Personalised Cartoon Portrait - Gifts for Guys Under $30

Looking for an easy way to keep him in the best frame of mind always? With one of these creative gifts for guys under $30, you can do that and so much more. A custom caricature from his portrait will make a great centerpiece for his space.

#29 Beard Oil & Natural Soap Grooming Kit

Beard Oil & Natural Soap Grooming Kit

As any man would tell you, nothing is quite as challenging as handling an unruly beard. He will never have to worry about that ever again with this grooming kit. It consists of beard oil and soap and the fragrance is incredible!

#30 Micra Keychain Pocket Tool

Micra Keychain Pocket Tool

Multi-tools are not just for the DIY enthusiasts in the house. Every man worth his salt needs one and this set is to die for. It is the ideal size for a keychain, making it convenient enough to keep within reach at all times.

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#31 Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag - Gifts for Guys Under $30

Guys who spend most of their lives on the road would greatly appreciate this personalized toiletry bag. A large zipper on the top gives easy access to his essentials while the handle makes it portable. Choose one in his favorite color and have his monogram engraved to make it special.

#32 Coffee Chemistry Mug

Coffee Chemistry Mug

Embrace his obsession with chemistry by getting him one of these mugs. Featuring an illustration of the molecular structure of coffee, it is a sure winner for all nerds. The only problem will be trying to get him away from his coffee.

#33 Tech Gift Men’s Business Card Holder

Tech Gift Men's Business Card Holder

Your techie guy will have a blast with this innovative card holder. Its design mimics the looks of a circuit board and will fascinate him. Furthermore, he will have lots of fun showing it off to his fellow tech enthusiasts.

#34 Miniature Guitar – Very Cool Gift for Guys Under $30

Miniature Guitar - Gifts for Guys Under $30

Whether he is an aspiring musician or a pro, this guitar has what it takes to drive him wild. In its miniature dimensions, it shows great attention to detail. A creative gift for men such as this one will end up on his collectibles treasure trove.

#35 Kabob Grilling Baskets – Set of 4

Kabob Grilling Baskets – Set of 4

Everyone loves the smell of kabobs sizzling on the grill. But grilling them is not for the faint of heart. Give your man a chance to up his game with this set of baskets. With these in hand he can meet everyone’s preferences.

#36 Personalized Tool Belt Pouch

Personalized Tool Belt Pouch - Gifts for Guys Under $30

Knock his socks off with a personalized tool belt pouch. It holds functional and aesthetic appeal in equal measure, with a dash of sentiment. As a bonus, you won’t need to stand beneath his ladder handing him one nail at a time.

#37 Game of Thrones Hoodie

Winter Is Coming Unisex Hooded

In celebration of his love for Game of Thrones, why not get him a show-inspired hoodie? Winter is actually coming, and there is no better way to prepare for the biting cold. With this GOT hoodie on, he will keep things toasty and stay ahead of the trend.

#38 Custom Coordinates Leather Bracelet

Custom Coordinates Leather Bracelet

Want that special guy in your life to always find his way back into your arms? Don’t leave it to chance! With a custom coordinates bracelet, you can eternalize your favorite spot in the world and get inspiration to spend time there together.

#39 Custom Printed Socks

Custom Printed Socks

Does he have a big meeting or interview coming up? You might want to help ease the tension with a pair of happy socks. It does not get any happier than having his face printed all over his socks!

#40 Personalised Scarf

Personalised Scarf

Scarves hold the potential to add a dash of glamor to any outfit. When it comes to unique gifts for husband, few can match up to this idea. Choose between lambs-wool or luxurious cashmere to keep him looking stylish and feeling warm.

#41 Custom Portrait

Custom Portrait - Gifts for Guys Under $30

Turn his most cherished photo into a portrait and watch his face light up. Nothing can beat the opportunity of having his precious memories captured in an artistic masterpiece. Add a custom message to take it a few notches higher.

#42 Men’s Seven Chakras Bracelet

Lava Stone Beads Seven Chakras Bracelet

A seven chakras bracelet makes an awesome men’s spiritual gift idea. Not only does this piece offer matchless aesthetic appeal. But it also holds lots of significance and practical value as well. Get him the elusive gift of spiritual balance with one of these unique men’s beaded bracelets.

Personalized Men's Gift Set, Money Clip Tie Pin Cufflinks Set

Men who have everything are especially hard to shop for. But this is one piece every man would value. It consists of a money clip, a pair of cufflinks and a tie pin, each one personalized with his initials. And the set comes in an elegant wooden box with his name on top. How cool!

#44 Beard Kit for Men Grooming

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo,2 Packs Beard Growth Oil,Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner,Beard Comb,Beard Brush,Beard Scissor 100% Pure & Organic Beard Growth Kit

Have you ever wondered what kind of gift you bring for your beard-lover guy friend? Let us help you find the best one for him. This set of men’s grooming kits will bring joy for someone who makes his beard part of their attractive appeal. From shampoo to scissors, this kit will help them keep the greatest treasure they have.

#45 Bluetooth Multifunctional Headlamp 

Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Light, Unisex USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Cap with Headphones

Are you someone who appreciates both handy and unique gifts? Then, we can safely say that you are now at the right place. We bring you a winter hat that maybe you never thought that it existed. This most astounding gift piece has 3-in-1 features with a flashlight and earphones embedded in a hat all at once! Winter hat is not just for keeping the body warm, but your guy friend can also wear it at night jogging!

#46 Men’s Stocking Stuffers

HANPURE Tool Gifts for Men Stocking Stuffers - Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws

Your guy friend who is passionate about mechanic stuff will surely appreciate this gift. A men’s stocking stuffer can make it easier when repairing or working on something related to the world of workshops. The magnets attached to the stuffer will stick any metal-based component, such as screwdrivers, nails, drill bits, and many more. It will definitely help him save his time and energy during work. What a super-handy item to have!

#47 Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Gifts for Men Dad, Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Anything simple yet valuable will be an attractive gift to give to loved ones, including your guy friend. Gifting this wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener makes it easier for your party-person guy friend to open the bottle cap before the party starts. Equipped with a magnet, the bottle cap will immediately stick to the opener after being opened. So, they are not scattered on the floor, and your friends are easier to clean up after the party.

What is the best gift for your guy friends?

Here are the top 10 of the best gifts for guys from our extensive list. Hopefully, you will get inspired by them. Check it out!

1. Coffee Chemistry Mug

2. Men’s Stocking Stuffers

3. Beard Kit for Men Grooming

4. Bluetooth Multifunctional Headlamp 

5. Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

6. Personalized Front Pocket Wallet

7. Good Vibes Only Apparel

8. Men’s Seven Chakras Bracelet

9. Tech Gift Men’s Business Card Holder

10. Morse Code Secret Message Bar Necklace

Looks like getting a cheap gift for your man need not be daunting. With any of these unique gifts for guys under $30, you can bet he will not forget about the gesture any time soon. Just be sure to tailor your choice to his personality and likes and you will be good to go!

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