33 Best Friendship Necklaces You Can Buy

Best friendship necklaces are a great choice when it comes to celebrating the affection you share with your BFF. They make it possible to hold these dear ones close to your heart at all times and look great at the same time.

Whether you are looking for customized friendship necklaces to celebrate a friendship anniversary or long distance friendship necklaces to make the separation bearable, we have what you need.

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There are stunning charms for geeks and eco-friendly choices for nature lovers. We also have symbolic charms that hold deep meaning for your relationship and whimsical designs to always keep you smiling.

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Best Friend Necklaces BFF’s

We have covered best friend bracelets now we have created the ultimate collection of unique best friendship necklaces to help you celebrate that special person in your life. Have fun going through our list and make the best choice to signify your undying gratitude for a special BFF.

#1 Customizable Initial Disc Best friend Charm Necklaces 

Customizable Initial Disc Best friend Charm Necklaces - best friendship necklaces

A best friend is someone you can always count on to be there for you. For this reason, they deserve the very best. This pair of best friendship necklaces surpasses every expectation. The pendant is most captivating and memorable.

The broken heart pieces and their complementary concept are ingenious. Add to that the heart stamped and initials discs, and you have yourself the perfect necklaces for long-distance friendships.

#2 Sun and Moon Friendship Necklaces 

Sun and Moon Friendship Necklaces - best friendship necklaces

The celestial aspect of these pieces makes them ideal for best friends who share a connection with Mother Nature. Few things spell the perfect symbiotic relationship as well as the sun and moon.

These minimalist pieces show great attention to detail. The sun necklace comes in brilliant gold while the moon is a shimmery silver, the perfect representation. This pair will suit those besties who don’t fancy cheesy designs. So, they can wear it even on formal occasions.

#3 Avocado BFF Friendship Necklace Set 

Avocado BFF Friendship Necklace Set - best friendship necklaces

Finding a best friend is like getting the missing link to complete your life. The avocado necklace set portrays this thought most creatively. The charms each hold one-half of an avocado.

There’s a heart-shaped seed on one side to fit perfectly into the heart-shaped hole on the other. If you have a friend who completes you, this is a great way to let them know how much you value them. It also makes a perfect sense for that vegan friend who always tries to encourage you to follow her journey.

#4 Best Friend State Necklaces 

Best Friend State Necklaces

When you have to move away leaving everything including your BFF behind, nothing can stop the pain. But these best friend necklaces can help you feel better.

They are customizable pieces that represent your different states of residence. So, choose one that suits you and your besties’ locations. The logic behind the concept is that you get to keep your BFF close at heart in spite of the miles between you.

#5 Best Babes Necklace Set 

Best Babes Necklace Set

Take your friendship to the next level with this stylish pair of best babe necklaces. Each piece is a dainty gold chain with a rectangular pendant that makes a statement. They offer a welcome spin to the traditional friendship necklace design.

The result is a timeless look that you and your best friend will get to rock for life. And it makes the kind of gift that a friend will always cherish. You both can wear this pair to hang out or even go to prom and showcase this piece to everyone. Wear a v-neck dress or the tube design with revealing cleavage for the best appeal.

#6 Best Friendship Crossed Arrows Necklace 

Best Friendship Crossed Arrows Necklace - best friendship necklaces

Crossed arrows are not simply a stylish choice for best friends; they are also full of meaning. In Native American culture, the symbol represented putting an end to hostility.

The arrows would seal friendships and safeguard the connection. If you have had a fallout with your best friend in the recent past, then here is a great way to mend fences and keep it that way. Since it comes in three colors, we recommend the copper one that will easily melt in any skin tone.

#7 To The Moon and Back Gift Sets 

To The Moon and Back Gift Sets

We all have that special pal for whom we would do anything. These best friendship necklaces express that affection better than any other. They are simple silver chains with three delicate charms.

There is an initial charm that customizes the gift for that special friend to add sentimental value. The moon charm conveys the message that you love them to the moon and back. Gift this one for their birthdays or when you guys are about to live apart.

#8 3-Person Bff Gift Sets 

3-Person Bff Gift Sets

Compass necklace charms are another great choice to symbolize true friendship. They are an emblem of harmony, infinity, and everlasting affection.

The symbol implies that you will always find your way back to each other no matter where life takes you, making it a perfect gift for those long-distance besties. These charming necklaces come in a set of three, white gold, gold and rose gold.

#9 Gold Puzzle Friendship Necklaces 

Gold Puzzle Friendship Necklaces

Puzzle pieces portray the essence of friendship in a creative and inspiring manner. If you and your BFF share a unique connection and a love for puzzles, these necklaces are ideal.

They show how much you care and that you complete each other. You could add to their sentimental value by getting initials on each piece. And the beauty of it is that you can get as many as the number of BFFs you have.

#10 Wolf Paw White Quartz and Black Agate Friendship Pendant Necklaces

Wolf Paw White Quartz and Black Agate Friendship Pendant Necklaces

Celebrate a special friendship with this elegant and highly symbolic set of necklaces. Wolves hold a special place in our hearts, being the ancestors of man’s best friend.

The wolf paw is therefore the perfect choice to depict your best friendship. Quartz and Agate are also popular talismans for friendship. This combination of charms makes this one of the most perfect friendship necklaces ever. The casual design makes it a perfect one as a daily accessory.

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#11 Custom Initial Pizza Slice Friendship Necklaces 

Custom Initial Pizza Slice Friendship Necklaces

Pizza slice necklaces are a great way to show a friend how special they are. It is a constant reminder that you complete each other, despite the flaws you have.

They are also awesome statement pieces as they draw attention from a mile away. The necklaces also hold initial charms for customization purposes and heart-shaped best friend charms to offer a sentimental statement. The antique silver chain guarantees a timeless appeal.

#12 Inspirational Best Friend Necklaces

Inspirational Best Friend Necklaces

Meaningful best friend necklaces go beyond the obvious in defining your friendship. These pieces draw inspiration from Native American culture. They depict love, friendship, protection, and power.

These are great choices when it comes to safeguarding a friendship. The charms also look great with a unique bohemian appeal to them, making it easy to mix and match with your outfits, be it casual or formal one.

#13 Set of 4 Best Glow in the Dark Heart Lockets 

Set of 4 Best Glow in the Dark Heart Lockets

These minimalist pieces have an antique appeal to them that makes them a great choice to celebrate true friendship. They are simple yet elegant. Their personalization aspect goes to show thoughtfulness and makes them truly memorable.

And the glowing charm inside the locket makes them an instant favorite for nightlife enthusiasts. To make the stunning appeal, you better charge them all day long and amaze everyone when the sun goes down.

#14 Best Bitches Gold Crystal Friendship Necklaces 

Looking for inspired best friendship necklaces to celebrate a special connection? These classy necklaces are precisely what you need. They are golden chains, each holding one half of a heart-shaped charm and a gemstone of choice.

In this case, we recommend adding a birthstone to add a personal feel to the jewelry. The inappropriate charm makes them all the more captivating. Choose a meaningful message to add value to this amazing concept.

#15 Reversible Sterling Silver Friendship Pendants 

Reversible Sterling Silver Friendship Pendants

Go all the way to your friendship celebration with these reversible pieces. They tell a story with the pair of chummy birds on one side and wise words on the other. They will serve as a constant reminder of the bond you share in the sweetest possible way.

And their high visual appeal makes them the ideal statement pieces to showcase the special connection you share. You can give one to that close friend that shares bonds like a sister on her birthday.

#16 Permanent Date Mark Bestie EST. Necklaces 

Permanent Date Mark Bestie EST. Necklaces - best friendship necklaces

If you are looking for a unique best friend necklace, then this is the one for you! It bears the simplest yet most charming thought, celebrating the date when you first met.

This necklace is perfect for celebrating a friendship anniversary and its sentimental appeal will increase as the years advance. Choose the glass pearl bead that corresponds to the month you met and make it truly memorable.

#17 Personalized BFF Bar Necklaces

Personalized BFF Bar Necklaces - best friendship necklaces

Bar necklaces have a special adorability to them, especially so when they commemorate a special friendship. These personalized friendship necklaces come in silver, gold, or rose gold colors to suit each one of your friend’s preferences.

Pick out as many as the number of friends as you happen to have. Then make good use of the personalization option to add value to them. You can pick nicknames or initials and the date of when the friendship started.

#18 Forever and Always Lock and Key Necklace Set

Forever and Always Lock and Key Necklace Set

In life, there is always one special person who makes us realize how incomplete we were without them. The forever & always pair of necklaces perfectly define how we feel about them.

They comprise a cute lock and key concept with heart-shaped charms holding meaningful words. Moreover, they are ornate and elegant, summing up your affection in the best possible way. Give this one as Christmas or birthday gift to show her how meaningful she is in your life.

#19 Pinky Promise BFF Necklaces 

Pinky Promise BFF Necklaces

When was the last time you made a pinky promise to be best friends forever? Well, maybe it’s time you did! These best friendship necklaces execute a binding contract in style.

They are a reminder that BFFs stick together no matter what. The whimsical childhood concept behind them will always warm your heart and spread the glow to your face. You can surprise her with this gift at a farewell high school party to always remember her of the promise you guys make.

#20 Peas in a Pod Growin’ Friendship Necklace

Peas in a Pod Growin' Friendship Necklace

Bring the metaphor to life with the peas in a pod friendship necklaces. It is an expressive accessory choice that combines the power of text and graphics for the ultimate appeal.

The pendant has two gold-fill peas in a silver pod. And it comes with a friendship poem to make it all the more memorable. And thanks to its simple yet meaningful design, you can wear it every day without being awkward about the flashy pendant.

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#21 6-Slice Pizza Friendship Necklaces 

6-Slice Pizza Friendship Necklaces

Choosing a memorable gift for a friendship group is a piece of pie, or rather a slice of pizza, with these innovative necklaces.

There are six slices in all, that combine to make one delicious pizza that celebrates your friendship that lasts for a long time. It highlights that each individual in the group makes the friendship complete and this will make everyone feel special. Buy these necklaces and give one each to your girls when high school time comes to an end.

#22 Infinity Best Friendship Necklaces 

Infinity Best Friendship Necklaces - best friendship necklaces

Nothing conveys the essence of true friendship better than the infinity symbol. This set of best friend necklaces has simplicity at its core. Yet it sums up your friendship in an alluring way. Choose between a smooth finish and a lightly hammered texture to create visual interest. The infinity symbol is an appropriate reminder that friendship is forever.

#23 3 Best Friend Wolf Necklaces 

3 Best Friend Wolf Necklaces

Interlocking pieces offer the ideal representation of friendship. This set comprises three howling wolves that when joined together would make a silver coin.

This is a masterpiece that offers wearable art, especially to lovers of nature. It also makes great use of the symbolic appeal of the wolf to define your friendship. What a way to make your friends feel special!

#24 Sterling Silver Starry Friends Necklaces 

Sterling Silver Starry Friends Necklaces

A true friend is always there for you no matter the distance between you. This starry necklace is a beautiful representation of that fact. No wonder it will make one of the long-distance best friendship necklaces you could wish for.

It comprises a blend of starry shapes as well as meaningful text to capture the essence of friendship. Its appeal lies in the hidden message behind the flap and is a reminder to be thankful for such friends.

#25 Yin and Yang Necklace Set 

Yin and Yang Necklace Set

The Yin and Yang symbols make the perfect combo for customized friendship necklaces. The symbol stands for the perfect balance that keeps the two of you in sync.

These necklaces each hold one-half of the complete symbol and an image of the whole. The depiction conveys remarkable craftsmanship as the Yin Yang concept permeates every angle of it. Moreover, this pair will make a perfect fit for your guys or girls’ besties as the design is genderless.

#26 Batman BFF Necklaces 

Batman BFF Necklaces

For everyone who has a geeky best friend, this is the best way to solidify your bonds of affection. These friendship necklaces for adults get inspiration from Batman and Robin, a pair that goes way back.

The execution of the concept is remarkable and allows for customization you can add following your taste. The combination of silver and copper ensures durability making it perfect for a lasting friendship.

#27 Infinity Heart Eternal Love 

Infinity Heart Eternal Love Best Friend Necklaces

These pieces bring out the beauty of meaningful symbols in full force. They intertwine the love heart and infinity symbol to create a matchless visual appeal.

The additional touch of a small blue bead shows great attention to detail and highlights the thought of “something blue”. The result is a charming masterpiece that will keep your friendship flame alive for the rest of time. If your besties don’t fancy flashy jewelry, you’d better choose silver or rose gold ones.

#28 I’ll Be There Friendship Necklaces 

I’ll Be There Friendship Necklaces

Not many words hold as much meaning as “I’ll be there” with regard to friendship. But as life would have it, we cannot always be by our friends’ side.

This is where these inspired best friendship necklaces come in handy. They are a reminder that our friends are never too far when we have them in our hearts. The pair of trees on the flap exemplify this fact in a memorable graphic representation.

#29 Best Friend Sister Pendant Necklaces 

Best Friend Sister Pendant Necklaces

When you have the rare privilege of having your sister as your best friend, then you need a special token to celebrate. These pieces hold special appeal for nature lovers using miniature terrariums.

This eco-friendly choice holds heath in a transparent enclosure creating a unique focal point. The stunning pieces are a living reminder that you share a timeless bond.

#30 Partners in Crime Broken Heart Handcuffs Necklaces 

Partners in Crime Broken Heart Handcuffs Necklaces - best friendship necklaces

Do you have a special friend who draws out the mischief in you? These necklaces immortalize that bond in the perfect way. It features a bright golden color that will smoothly blend in with any skin tone.

Furthermore, each piece contains half of the text “partners in crime”, a pair of handcuffs, and an initial charm that makes this piece even more personal and sentimental as a gift. They are a great way to commemorate all those times you got into trouble and the friendship that came to be as a result.

#31 Spongebob & Patrick Best Friend Necklace

Spongebob & Patrick Best Friend Necklace

Who doesn’t know the best friendship of these legendary characters? Spongebob and Patrick define true friends who accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, this friendship necklace perfectly showcases your strong bond with your sister from another mother.

Featuring two main characters from this funny Spongebob cartoon series, your best friend will enjoy wearing them as a symbol of your friendship. These necklaces also have a puzzle-like design that will form Spongebob & Patrick hugging each other when combined. What meaningful necklaces they are!

#32 Matching Gamers Best Friendship Necklace

Matching Gamers Best Friendship Necklace

Besties gamers will absolutely love this kind of necklace! They have pendants figure a video game split into two pieces of this jewelry that looks broken but unique at the same time. 

Furthermore, their neutral silver color makes these necklaces genderless, an excellent choice for either your boy or girl best friend. Playing games with your besties can deepen your connection and make it even more fun to wear a matching necklace.

#33 Cuddling Cats Pendant Necklace

Cuddling Cats Pendant Necklace

Strengthen your friendship with these adorable necklaces! Designed to feature two cats snuggling up and hugging each other to make anyone wearing this necklace feel like they have a deep connection to each other with you.

Moreover, the charm indicates that you are two people who need each other, which is shown by sharing the silver and gold colors of the pendant. When they are combined, a heart shape is formed, which gives the impression of intimacy between two loving best friends.

Final Thought

Giving gifts in the form of best friendship necklaces for friends with whom you share your happy and sad together is something worth considering. Not only does it show how much you love them, but also depicts your care and affection. Knowing there are tons of designs out there, you’d better be wise in choosing one for your bestie.

Get to know their taste or they will refuse to wear it! If your bestie loves to throw jokes, grab them the Spongebob one. And in case they are sentimental people, you must find ones that represent their personalities, like love-shaped pendants with birthstone charms for example.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best gift to buy for your best friend?

A best friend necklace can be the best option for a gift. It can depict how strong your bond with your besties is by wearing the same chain with matching pendants. Especially if the charms have a puzzle design that completes each other. We have such items that you can choose on our list above, for instance, Spongebob & Patrick, Cuddling Cats Pendant, Partner in Crimes, and the 6-Slices Pizza necklaces

What are some popular designs for friendship necklaces?

Popular designs for friendship necklaces include broken heart pendants that fit together, two halves of a heart that fit together, and necklaces with complementary charms or symbols.

How should you care for your friendship necklace?

It is recommended to store your friendship necklace in a jewelry box or pouch to protect it from scratches and to clean it with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best.

True friendship comes once in a lifetime and is therefore worth celebrating. Getting a unique best friend necklace to show that special friend how much you care is a great place to start. So make that move and enjoy the opportunity to always have them with you, no matter how far apart you are.

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