Avocado Heart BFF Necklaces

Show your best friend how much you care for them with the avocado heart BFF necklaces.

Each one features one half of an avocado as the pendant. But the best part about this particular avocado is that its heart-shape stone. How adorable!

The cute pendants are suspended from a stylish silver plated chain link necklace. Polymer clay is the material of choice for the avocado, with glossy varnish to complete the look.

Whether you are together or apart, there will be no doubt who your heart beats for. And if you and your bestie happen to love avocadoes, this will be a match made in heaven!

Avocado Heart BFF Necklaces

If distance separates you and your best friend, this set would make a thoughtful gift. Wear them close to your hearts and it will feel as if they were right there with you!

Avocado Heart BFF Necklaces

Carry a piece of your best friend at all times and proclaim your connection to the world around you in the tastiest possible way.

Avocado Heart BFF Necklaces

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