20 Unique Ways on How to Celebrate Last Day of Work with Colleagues

It’s the last day of your job! How are you going to celebrate it? When the last day of work arrives, it is the time to take your colleagues out with a bang. There are plenty of ways to say goodbye and make them feel loved and also to leave a good impression. The best part about celebrating a farewell is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, since you can make the day with various fun and thoughtful activities.

To make sure that the day goes smoothly and that your coworkers have a chance to say goodbye, take a moment before anyone arrives to gather your belongings and tidy up your workspace. Pack up some treats for everyone to enjoy when you get home, and have something special planned for after dinner. In case you’re having a hard time deciding what to do with yourself during your final hour, we’ve got some options for you.

1. Write a Thoughtful Farewell Email

On your last day at work, send an email to the office saying “goodbye and thanks!” Inform them that while you are leaving the company, you value your time working there. Give them your personal contact information in case you ever need to assist them. In addition to being sensible, doing so will also leave a good impression. Don’t forget to thank your wonderful colleagues by ending on a happy, upbeat note.

2. Throwback Your First Day Memories

After several years, the first day at work will be the most memorable thing. On your last day, wear your first outfit at work and do the similar activities you did on the first day. You may also recreate old photos with your colleagues at the office. You will be amazed to see how much you and the office have changed after years. 

3. Say Goodbyes to Your Coworkers Personally

Having an excellent working relationship with your coworkers should make your last day celebration unforgettable. Even if your relationships don’t continue outside the office, giving a heartfelt farewell to everyone you’ve worked with will ensure that they do. Better still, tell everyone how pleasant an experience it was to work with them. This is still, and will always be, one of the best ideas on how to celebrate last day of work with colleagues.

4. Make Desserts for Your Team

For those who love cooking and baking, giving homemade desserts for your team on your last day will be a great choice. Farewell cupcakes or panna cottas are just some easy desserts you can make to celebrate your last day at work with your office mates. Furthermore, it will be a great idea if you are going to retire. Sweet desserts symbolize the happy last day of work retirement!

5. Appreciate the Boss

Having a final one-on-one with your supervisor and expressing your gratitude is a great idea on your last working day. If HR didn’t ask for a farewell meeting, it doesn’t hurt to say goodbye to your employer one last time before leaving on your last day. Give your boss a flower bouquet or plant for their office that’ll remind them of you. After all, you never know how it might be profitable in the future.

6. Make Last Day at Work Vlog

In case you are afraid to miss the fun and exciting office vibes, use your last day to make a farewell vlog. Your friends may throw a mini farewell party for you. Recording them will be a great farewell party idea. Ask them to share their first impression and wishes for you, and film your favorite spot at the office that you’ll miss. This video will be a great memory to treasure for years, making it a great idea on how to celebrate last day of work with colleagues.

7. Help New Colleagues on Project Handover

Even at the last minute, maintain your professionalism. Try not to let projects hang in the air and help your colleagues during the project handover. No matter how unmotivated you may feel, you should spend the first few hours of the morning wrapping up any loose ends, even though in an ideal world you would have completed all of your job projects before your last day of employment.

8. Take Selfies with Office Mates

No matter how you will celebrate last day at work with colleague, make sure you don’t skip this one. Keep those great memories at the office by taking pictures with your amazing team. Capture great moments on your last day of work with your cell phone camera. Don’t forget to post those pictures on social media and tag their ID accounts. Let them know that they are precious and you are grateful to know them by writing a thoughtful caption on your post.

9. Plan a Farewell Meal with Your Favorite Coworkers

Why not take your close coworkers out for an extended lunch because it’s your last day at work? Celebrating your last day by having lunch with them is always a great idea. If you are in charge of the team, they will value your goodwill and your optimism for the future after your departure. Who knows, you will stay in touch outside of work after this farewell meal.

10. Create a Personal Letter to Your Boss and Coworkers

Just like writing a letter to your ex-boyfriend, try to do the same for your special team at work. Write your personal thoughts and impressions about each person on a paper, put them on the envelopes. Instead of writing a farewell email, this conventional method is far more romantic and exciting. Your supervisor and coworkers will definitely appreciate your effort.

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11. Write Final Notes for The Next Team

It’s highly professional to leave behind a few notes or documents to ease the transition for others who will be handling your assignments in the future. Wishing them success on this project and encouraging them with inspiring remarks are great options. It will be a nice gesture on how to celebrate your last of work with colleagues. Plus, it demonstrates your thoughtfulness and concern for the incoming team. Your notes will undoubtedly motivate them.

12. Drinking with Your Close Friends

You may have close friends at the office where you feel safe to share your stories. Why don’t you ask them to celebrate your last day of work together at the bar? Go to the bar near your office and buy your favorite drinks. Make a memorable farewell as you open some bottles and have a deep conversation with them. Use this chance to seek their opinion on your future and dreams as you’ll start a new journey.

13. Wear Your Best Outfit

If you are looking for exciting things to do on your last day of work, then wear your best outfit! Since you might want to make a statement on this day of days, choose your outfit carefully. Naturally, maintain a nice appearance, but unleash your inner “rebel with a cause.” A white blouse with jeans will give a casual look, more relaxed, showing that you are excited about leaving a job.

14. Karaoke Night with Your Office Mates

Karaoke Night With Your Office Mates

It’s time to go crazy after office hour! Celebrate your last day with fun and exciting activities with your office mates. How about 3 hours of karaoke? You don’t have to be a good singer to celebrate your last day. Start dancing and singing from your heart as the music starts. Make it an unforgettable night as you have fun with your best colleagues after work.

15. Enjoy Your Last Morning Coffee at Office

Enjoy Your Last Morning Coffee At Office

Having your morning coffee should be one of the best activities all employees do on the last day. Please remember your last morning coffee before starting to work. The warmth and nice aroma from coffee will bring back the wonderful memories you’ve spent at the office. If you still have no clue on what simple and meaningful things to do on your last morning at the office, this would be a good idea, especially if you love to romanticize your last day at the office.

16. Treat Your Colleagues Afternoon Coffee

Treat Your Colleagues Afternoon Coffee

Coffee is the best option to recharge your energy in the afternoon. On your last day, go to the nearest coffee shop after lunch and buy some cups for your colleagues. Give them a cup of coffee and have a small farewell conversation. Tell your coworkers that this is your last day and last coffee you can give. Your coworkers will definitely appreciate this small treat.

17. Give Farewell Gift to the Office Room

Give Farewell Gift To The Office Room

Simple but thoughtful gifts like stationeries, new printer inks, or just a new diffuser for the office room will leave a great impression on your last working day. Especially for your department room, your colleagues will be grateful for those useful keepsakes. It can be a thoughtful way to say goodbye in case you can’t say it personally to everyone.

18. Eat Your Favorite Food from the Office Canteen

Eat Your Favorite Food From The Office Canteen

Consider you’re lucky to have delicious food at your office canteen. You may miss those favorite dishes at the canteen after the last day at work. So, before leaving your office, use your last day to enjoy those tasty meals there. Don’t forget to take a picture of your last meal there. In our opinion, this is definitely one of the best ideas on how to celebrate last day at work with colleagues, because you can look at the photos whenever you miss them at your new office.

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19. Prepare Your Last Speech

Prepare Your Last Speech

If you are at the manager level, preparing your last day of work message will make your farewell meaningful. Schedule a departmental meeting, and say your final words at the end of the meeting. You can have an online meeting in case your team is outside the office. This is a wonderful way to say goodbye even though it will never be easy for your team.

20. Play Your Walkout Music

Play Your Walkout Music

After the office hour, you can play a mini farewell drama with your coworkers. Play dramatic music for your walkout session such as “We Are the Champions” by Queen or “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith. Give your coworkers a high-five as you walk out the office building with those dramatic songs. This is definitely a hilarious but unforgettable way to say goodbye to your colleagues.

Final Thoughts

We know that it’s never easy to say goodbye, including to bid farewell to your office mates that have been your family for the last couple of years. Before you leave the office, make sure you leave a good impression by doing things that makes people appreciate your tenure there. The best ways on how to celebrate your last day of work with colleagues that are included in our article above are to help you achieve just that. So make sure you leave the office happy and ready to welcome new challenges that are being thrown at you.

Latest Post:

How do you say goodbye when leaving a job?

You can say goodbye to your colleagues politely through email or personal conversation. Show how grateful you are to have them as your amazing team. Don’t forget to leave your contact in case they still need to contact you after your leave.

Should you give your boss a gift when leaving?

If you have the budget, you can give your boss a farewell gift. Buy your boss a flower bouquet or a plant that they may place on their desk as a token of appreciation. However, you can simply write a letter to say goodbye and thank you for the cheaper but thoughtful options.

How do you say thank you to your colleagues on the last working day?

For all office colleagues, you can broadcast a farewell email to let them know on your last day of work. Treat your favorite coworkers coffee or lunch to express your gratitude for all they’ve done to help you. In addition, spend the after office time to have fun at karaoke or bar with them.

How do you say goodbye in a fancy way?

Spend some cash to treat your favorite coworkers to an amazing farewell party. Book a restaurant and host a farewell dinner together. Move to the bar in case you want to have more time with drinks and your coworkers. Finally, speak yourself out during karaoke night with them.

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