30 Memorable Going Away Gifts That They Will Love

Goodbyes are not easy to cope with for many of us. You just can’t help but feel sad when a loved one is going away to a new place. Most of the time the person leaving is also sad to leave us behind. This is why it is only right to send your loved ones away with a gift that will ease the sadness away and remind them of home.

There are 30 items on this going away gifts list. The list is divided into three big categories: Going away gifts for boyfriend, friend, and coworker. It will help you find the best going away gift for them. 

Going Away Gifts For Boyfriend

The first category that this going away gifts list would cover is going away gifts for boyfriend. Long distance relationship is not an easy thing and hopefully the perfect going away gift would make things better. 

1. Love Knows No Distance Print 

Love Knows No Distance Print

To start this list of going away gifts, we are going to introduce you to the Love Knows No Distance Print. You can customize the map print to match your own place and his new place. A simple yet sentimental choice. 

2. Magnetic Couple Bracelet

Magnetic Couple Bracelet

The Magnetic Couple Bracelet takes an ordinary couple bracelet to a whole new level. It has a magnetic feature that will click the bracelet together when the two of you are close. The magnetic feature resembles the bond that you have between you and your boyfriend.

3. Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

A great item that will act as a reminder for your boyfriend about your love for him. The Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture is made of pewter in a silver metallic color with the design of hands making a heart shape. It will be the perfect table decoration that will bring some positive reminder for him on how much he is loved.

4. Our Custom Story Mail Art

Our Custom Story Mail Art

This Our Custom Story Mail Art will let you send a series of letters to your boyfriend. Not just any letter, these letters come in a customizable illustration of your photos together. The letters will be sent at three different weeks so you can help him not feel so lonely for the first three weeks. You just need to send three of your favorite photos and the artists will do their magic

5. Personalized Socks

Personalized Socks

Your boyfriend would appreciate a practical and useful gift. These Personalized Socks are comfortable cotton socks that you can customize with his initials on the ankle and his full name across the toes. You can also use it to express how much he means to you. Comes in a black or gray color, it will easily be their go-to socks. 

6. Love Talk Conversation Game

Love Talk Conversation Game

Long distance relationships won’t be an easy season. It is important to keep good communication between you and your boyfriend. This Love Talk Conversation Game is a game that you can play over a video call with your boyfriend as your long distance date activity. It will help build conversation revolving around love and relationships. 

7. D-Day Countdown Calendar

D-Day Countdown Calendar

The most essential item on this list of going away gifts for you and your boyfriend to survive the long distance relationship. The D-Day Countdown Calendar will help him do the countdown for your next meet-up date. 

8. Long Distance Relationship Keychain

Long Distance Relationship Keychain

The Long Distance Relationship Keychain is a simple gift option from this going away gifts list. It is made from stainless steel and aluminum and could be customizable with your respective states. A great way to remember about each other even when you are far apart. 

9. Long Distance Pillow Cases

Long Distance Pillow Cases

A unique couple item on this going away gifts list is the Long Distance Pillow Cases. It is made from cotton polyester with a cute illustration that shows how your love is connected even when you are apart. You can keep one and let him have one so you will remember each other before you sleep each night.  

10. Couple T-Shirt

Couple T-Shirt

The last item from this going away gifts list you can consider getting for your boyfriend is the Couple T-Shirt. The simplest way to remember each other even when you are not together. You can choose the design that best suits the both of you. 

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Funny Going Away Gifts For Friends

Other than lovers, saying goodbye to a friend is one of the hardest. The next part of the going away gifts list would give you some great ideas on what to give your friends. 

11. Long Distance Friendship Necklace

Long Distance Friendship Necklace

The first item on this going away gifts list you can consider giving to your friend is the Long Distance Friendship Necklace. You can customize the state map design to fit yours and your friend’s state. It has three different finishes and is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel. A sentimental choice you can choose from this going away gifts list. 

12. Friendship Knot Bracelet

Friendship Knot Bracelet

The Friendship Knot Bracelet is a handmade bracelet that comes in a knot design that cannot be untied. This bracelet means that no distance will break your friendship. A sentimental and meaningful piece indeed. 

13. Say Yes To New Adventure Journal 

Say Yes To New Adventure Journal

The Say Yes To New Adventure Journal is a simple journal that they can use to write about their days in the new place. While moving to a new place and being away from their loved ones could be scary, you can show them your support through this gift. 

14. Portable Mini Photo Album

Portable Mini Photo Album

It is always a great idea to send a piece of home with them. You can fill in this Portable Mini Photo Album with pictures of your favorite moments together. Then, you can send this photo album with your friend so that every time they miss home (or you), they can open up the photo album and ease the feeling a little. 

15. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Thanks to technology, this Long Distance Friendship Lamp could exist. The two lamps would be connected through wi-fi connection despite the physical distance. This connection will allow one lamp to light up the other with just a single touch. A unique and fun way to tell them that you are thinking about them and will always be there to support them. 

16. Handwritten Message Money Clip 

Handwritten Message Money Clip

The Handwritten Message Money Clip will be a useful item to help keep their dollar notes together. You can insert an encouraging message to the money clip which they can read everytime they are trying to take some money out. It is made from sterling silver that would keep their coin and cash safe while also keeping their heart warm with your message. 

17. Personal Mini Photo Tiles & Keepsake Box

Personal Mini Photo Tiles _ Keepsake Box

We can’t get enough personalized and customizable items on this going away gifts list. The Personal Mini Photo Tiles & Keepsake Box are your favorite pictures printed on plywood which could be used to make a mini keepsake box. A useful item with a super personal touch to it

18. New Home Air Diffuser

New Home Air Diffuser a

The New Home Air Diffuser will fill their new home with a fresh scent resembling the start of something new. As your friend moves into a new place or a new home, the scent from this diffuser will get them excited about what is coming next. 

19. Kitchen Essential Set

Kitchen Essential Set

Another item on this list of going away gifts perfect to fill in your friend’s new home. Since food is essential, this Kitchen Essential Set will be a useful set for them. It has all the pans, cooking tools, and storage bowls that they need to have a great home cooked meal. 

20. Funny Miss You Card

Funny Miss You Card

The last item on this going away gifts list that is perfect for your friends is the Funny Miss You Card. Farewell cards are a simple yet meaningful gift you can get. Other than your very own message, this card has “Kinda Rude You’re Leaving But Ok” on a bright blue color background which adds a playful touch to it. 

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Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

The last category on this going away gifts list is the going away gifts for coworkers. A great coworker is essential to have a good time at work, thus giving the, the best farewell gift is necessary. 

21. Going Away Mug

Going Away Mug

Starting this section of the going away gifts list with a simple and fun item for your coworkers: the Going Away Mug. It is a simple monochromatic mug with fun quotes added to it that says: “I Used To Work With Legends”.

22. Coworker Goodbye Print

Coworker Goodbye Print

This Coworker Goodbye Print is a fully customizable illustration of your whole team. You can customize the number of people included, the clothes that each person wears, and the accessories too in order to make it look as similar as possible. You can also add a simple goodbye message too. 

23. K-Mini Single Serve CoffeeMaker 

K-Mini Single Serve CoffeeMaker

Sending a coworker away with what they need to survive their day without you: coffee. This K-Mini Single Serve CoffeeMaker has a very sleek design and won’t take too much space. It also comes in fun colors that will light up their day. 

24. Coffee K-Cup Pods

Coffee K-Cup Pods

If you consider getting the coffee maker, you need to get them these Coffee K-Cup Pods. There are many flavors and drink varieties you can choose from: both coffee and non-coffee beverages. 

25. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball 

Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

Many times trying to adapt to a new workplace would be super stressful. Thus, the Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball would make a great going away gift option for your coworker. It is a modern version of the stress ball which will help them get less anxious. The app that comes with it will also help take note of their grip strength, exercise needs, and also games they can play with their peers. 

26. Work From Home Survival Kit

Work From Home Survival Kit

While working from home is the norm these days, this Work From Home Survival Kit will surely help them keep up with their new work environment. The kit consisted of useful items such as earplugs and webcam cover, fun items like the decision coin, and also rest items such as the fidget cube and desk yoga guide. The perfect item to help your coworker set a work-life balance. 

27. Self-Care Gift Set

Self-Care Gift Set

The Self-Care Gift Set will be the perfect going away gift for the best coworker you ever had. Before they take on a new role, it is the perfect time to squeeze in some self-care activities. This kit includes shower steamer, lavender therapy dough, peace hand soap, and a deck of affirmation cards. The best way to wind down and get ready for the next big season in life.

28. Farewell Wine & Wine Bag

Farewell Wine & Wine Bag

You can go for the simple yet classy item for your coworker: Farewell Wine. You can come with their favorite wine and don’t forget to give them a special personalized bag with it. The Farewell Wine Bag has “pairs well with new job” written on it which is a way for you to show some support and care for your coworker. 

29. Goodbye Pen

Goodbye Pen

The Goodbye Pen is a simple and useful item from this going away gifts list that you can consider getting for your coworker. When they work, they will need their pen. This pen is customizable with their name on it and a classy wooden case. 

30. Farewell Gift Card

Farewell Gift Card

Ending this list of going away gifts with the safest choice of all: a Farewell Gift Card. You can get a gift card from their favorite shop or amazon so they can choose the item that they actually want themselves. 

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What is a good goodbye gift for coworker?

From this going away gifts list, the Coworker Goodbye Print will be a good choice. It is a personal gift that will allow them to remember their good times being part of the same team with you at work. 

Do you give gifts for going away parties?

Even Though bringing a gift is not actually expected, you can always bring one. Especially if you are particularly close to the person, you can consider bringing them a going away gift. 

What are the best farewell gifts for female colleague?

From this going away gifts list, the Self-Care Gift Set will be the best for female colleagues. They will love getting some products to help them relax at home before starting on a new job. 

What should I get my best friend for goodbye?

The Long Distance Friendship Lamp is the most unique item on this going away gift list. It is also a great gift to give to your friend. Everytime the lamp lights up, they will know that you are rooting for them and still care about them despite the distance. 

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