25 Fun, Unique and Cool Boat Accessories for Every Boater

Fishing, sailing, or enjoying trips on waterways (such as rivers and lakes) are fun activities. These activities can be well accommodated by a boat. For those who like adventure, boat trips are totally perfect to be done when the weather is sunny. You can go on an adventure with relatives, colleagues, or friends by boat. To perfect your boat trip adventure, we have compiled a wide-ranging list of amazingly astonishing and cool boat accessories.

From safety items to personal gear, these cool boat accessories will surprise you because you might never think to find such items for your boat.

How Can You Make Your Boat More Fun?

Hmmm, the funniest item is Power Dolphin Wizard Water Drone because you can see everything underwater effortlessly and flawlessly! Explore the underwater area by observing fish, marine plants, and the beauty of coral reefs just by controlling the drone using a remote control. Monocular Telescope is also very fun because you can see objects that are far from your boat easily.

Cool Boat Accessories for Safety Use

Safety is everything! You can enjoy a safe boat trip if you have the following cool boat accessories:

1. Boat Safety Kit

cool boat accessories

Safety first! A slogan that you must pay attention to in traveling and water recreation using boats. This one safety kit can increase the sense of security while you are riding your boat. This cool boat accessory comes with a life vest, flashlight, whistle, and 50-inches long strap.

2. IP67 Waterproof LED Navigation Lights

cool boat accessories

Lighting is crucial when traveling by boat so as not to hit rocks, trees, or coral reefs. IP67 Waterproof LED navigation lights are made of 316 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant. This cool boat accessory can produce super bright light for better sailing visibility.

3. Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box

cool boat accessories

Do you have a boat with a motor propulsion engine? If so, don’t let your boat’s motor run out in the middle of the road. The smart battery box power station is the right answer to protect your boat’s engine battery. This cool boat accessory is equipped with a USB power outlet with an electric power of 12 Volt which is compatible with small boats.

4. Fish Finder Transducer

cool boat accessories

Enhance your fishing experience with fish finder transducers. It features an automatic sonar waveform and a user-friendly interface that will speed up your boat finding areas with a lot of fish. This transducer will provide 2D sonar which is ideal for small boats. This cool boat accessory can also be used to avoid threats from dangerous fish such as sharks.

5. Waterproof First Aid Medical Kit

Waterproof First Aid Medical Kit

Wherever you go by boat, make sure you bring a first aid kit with you. This kit includes bandages, medical alcohol, antiseptic wipes, gauze, ice packs, gloves, whistles, cotton swabs, blankets, masks, and other medical supplies. You don’t have to worry if this first aid kit falls into the water because this kit is waterproof.

6. Inflatable Boat Pressure Gauge

cool boat accessories

Excessive pressure on the boat can threaten your safety. Boat pressure gauges can be used to measure and monitor air pressure at the right level. This tool is easy to use and will keep you safer on the boat. This item is one of the cool boat accessories that can give you a sense of security.

7. Air Valve Adaptor for Inflatable Boat

cool boat accessories

To maintain proper compression pressure, a pump adapter is required to be attached to the air compressor. This cool boat accessory is made of high-quality rubber and copper material, sturdy and durable.

8. Powersports 1-Way Security System

cool boat accessories

Security is not only important for you as the owner but your boat must also be guaranteed its safety. Protect your boat with an alarm system from the Powersports 1-Way Security System that uses a shock sensor.

Cool Boat Accessories for Ornamental Use

Aesthetics is an aspect that is no less important than functional aspects. These cool boat accessories will enhance the appearance of your boat.

9. Wooden Ship Steering Wheel

cool boat accessories

Was being a ship captain one of your childhood dreams? Feel the atmosphere of being a ship captain by adding this beautifully crafted premium quality wooden wheel to your boat. Make every ornament on your boat fun and representative.

10. Shoe Horn Brass Wood

cool boat accessories

Maybe for some people, rowing is just a tiring and exhausting activity. However, for people who have small boats or canoes, rowing is an activity that can be enjoyed. Rowing activities will be more special and unforgettable if you use these brass wooden horn shoes. The superior quality that comes with beautiful ornaments and perfect grip makes this item very worth having. This cool boat accessory is one of the cool boat accessories that you must have.

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11. Neon Marine Lighting Kit

cool boat accessories

Does the night make you uncomfortable when traveling by boat? Try installing a neon lighting kit as a cool accessory for your boat. Besides being waterproof because they are IP65 certified, these lights are also very easy to operate and control wirelessly via remote control.

12. Row Boat Serving Bowl

cool boat accessories

The atmosphere of adventure using a boat will be more pronounced if you eat using a boat-shaped bowl. This polished aluminum bowl is equipped with a wooden spoon in the shape of a boat paddle that can comfortably hold your food. You can serve salad, fruit, cereal, or other comfort food.

13. Lake Art Cribbage Board

cool boat accessories

Have you ever wanted to play the role of a pirate, like Captain Jack Sparrow who navigates a sea or a river? This cribbage board can make a stunning map drawing if mounted on your boat.

14. Map Clock

cool boat accessories

In addition to the compass as a guide, the clock as a timepiece is also very essential for those of you who travel by boat. This watch which is equipped with a metal holder is perfect for placing in your boat cabin.

15. Beer Preserver

Beer Preserver

Bad weather like strong winds, rain, and cold temperatures are common when you travel by boat. Beer is a drink that is very suitable to warm the body. This cool boat accessory in the form of a life vest can not only maintain freshness but also prevent beer cans from sinking

16. Monocular Telescope

Monocular Telescope

Object visibility is crucial for those of you who drive a boat. Therefore, the monocular telescope can be used to view objects with 8X magnification and 42mm objective diameter wide lens and 1000 yards of a large field of view. 

17. Captains Hat, Sailor Cap, and Scarf Set Navy Sailor

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Small details can be perfect. Captain’s Hat, Sailor Hat, and Navy Sailor Scarf can keep you entertained while sailing and feel like a real sailor. This cool boat accessory can also be used as a gift for your lover or relative who likes and owns boats.

18. Boat Side Mount Carry Handle

Side Mount Carry Handle

Every movement made on the boat should be comfortable and safe. When rowing, this Mount Carry Handle will provide a more ergonomic handle and prevent the oar from slipping out of your hand. This item is part of a simple but useful cool boat accessory.

19. Marine Radio Cover for Most Boats

Marine Radio Cover

The radio on your boat can not only be used to listen to broadcasts or music but can also be used to communicate with the control center controller. This radio cover can keep your boat radio safe from water damage.

20. Stick Wallpaper Roll

Stick Wallpaper Roll

Maximize the feel inside your boat by pasting stunning wallpaper. This sailboat peel and stick wallpaper are perfect for flawlessly beautifying your boat interior design. This wallpaper also can be used for a long time and is resistant to dirt. Come on, immediately beautify the interior of your boat!

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21. Power Dolphin Wizard Water Drone

Power Dolphin Wizard Water Drone

Want to see the beautiful depths of the sea such as fish, coral reefs, and other marine objects without having to get off the boat? You can use this dolphin-shaped drone. It is equipped with a 4K UHD camera that can stunningly record objects and can quickly switch between above and below water modes. This item is one of the most fun cool boat accessories to buy.

Cool Boat Accessories for Personalized Use

It is very important to give gifts that can be customized. These cool boat accessories will provide an extraordinary personal experience.

22. Personalized Nautical Compass Clock

Personalized Nautical Compass Clock

Do you have any plans to give a unique personalized gift to the lover who owns a boat? Then this beautiful nautical compass clock is a very good choice. In a rich mahogany finish, this perfect gift is composed of a gorgeous quartz clock on the top and an accurate green yellowish compass on the base. Not only useful as decoration on your boat, but this item is also very useful as a signpost. Furthermore, you can customize the name on it so that this gift will feel more personal.

23. Personalized Boat Metal Bluetooth Speaker

Personalized Metal Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoying a boat trip will be more enjoyable if you can listen to your favorite music. This metal Bluetooth speaker produces crystal clear sound and is also equipped with a smart wireless charging pad so that this item can be carried everywhere flawlessly. In addition, you can customize the name of this speaker with the name or brand of your boat.

24. Customized Paddle Wine Rack

Customized Paddle Wine Rack

Are you confused about which items are not only pleasing to the eye but also functional? Paddle Wine Rack will be able to impress you. This rack has three copper helical spirals to hold three bottles of wine. With wine that is well accommodated, then you are ready to sail with your beloved boat!

25. Custom Boat Mats and Fender Covers

Custom Boat Mats and Fender Covers

Did you ever think that boat safety accessories can also be personalized? A fender is an essential accessory for your boat that functions as a protector from contact with docks, pilings, and other boats. This cool boat accessory is customized so that in addition to being functional, it also makes the appearance of the fenders more attractive.

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