27 Unique Motorcycle Accessories That You Can Buy

Looking for gifts suitable for motorcycle enthusiasts? Then you have visited the right website! There are various unique motorcycle accessories that you can buy for excellent presents. You can choose all kinds of items related to motorcycles that may convey your heartfelt support toward your loved ones.

A motorcycle is a versatile transportation unit that will benefit from more accessories. Therefore, your friends or family that own this type of vehicle will receive your present with so much joy! And so, we have provided you with a recommendation list of 27 unique motorcycle accessories that you can give to special people!

Unique Motorcycle Accessories Keep Special People Safe

Suppose you are concerned with the safety of your friends and family. In that case, these accessories for motorcyclists will put your mind at ease. These items are excellent gifts that will keep your special people safe on the road!

1. Jacket with Integrated Airbag for Motorcyclists

unique motorcycle accessories

It is better to always be prepared for the worst. This jacket comes with integrated airbags that will deploy in an accident. The intelligent jacket uses technology from MotoGP. It is a perfect gift that can protect your loved one from potential harm.

2. Riding Safely In Style with Luxurious Helmet 

Riding Safely in Style With Luxurious Helmet

The importance of the head protector accessory to a rider can not be underestimated. However, you also need to consider the design. This way, your present will be able to keep your friend and family from harm and let them keep up with the latest fashion.

3. Off-road Helmet for People Who Love the Outdoors

unique motorcycle accessories

Does your special friend love to go off-road? Choosing a suitable helmet for people you adore should consider the safety factor. For people who love riding on treacherous risky dirt roads, the Moto-10 Spherical will keep them safe and comfortable.

4. A Pair Of Biker Gloves Compatible with Touch Screen

unique motorcycle accessories

Do not let your friends ride with exposed hands! If they fall down, they can get hurt badly on rough asphalt. And so, these comfortable leather gloves are one of the most essential and unique motorcycle accessories you can buy as a special present! It uses material that is compatible with touchscreen. They won’t have to take the gloves off to operate their phones.

5. Steampunk Motorcycle Goggle

unique motorcycle accessories

Riding without eye protection is not the wisest thing to do. You should get your friend this pair of steampunk goggles! It will protect their vision while driving and provide a stylish look. Maneuvering the busy highway while wearing this google will boost your friend’s confidence. This google is undoubtedly among the most affordable and unique motorcycle accessories you can purchase.

6. Motorcycle Lock To Chase Thieves Away

unique motorcycle accessories

A robust lock is an essential item for motorcyclists. If your special friends do not have this device yet, you should buy it for them as a gift. Choose the trusty OnGuard 8023 Rottweiler Armored Cable Lock! It will keep your friends’ motorcycles safe from the most common threats.

7. Snug Motorcycle Cover 

unique motorcycle accessories

Keeping a motorcycle in mint condition is an essential part of riding. A dirty motorbike may malfunction or break down easier. This is why you should buy this motorcycle cover! It will protect your friend’s two-wheeled vehicle from sun, snow, or dust, using soft material.

8. Dash Cam for Motorcycle

unique motorcycle accessories

Nowadays, many scammers target motorcyclists. Therefore, a motorcycle dash cam will be an excellent present for your friends. They will be able to record an accident or incident and use the video as proof in the courtroom! Get the reliable Rexing Dash Cam! It comes with Handlebar Mount, a microSD card, and a camera to capture clear video.

9. Motorcycle Wheel Chock

unique motorcycle accessories

Does your motorcyclist friend have children? If so, you should consider buying them a wheel chock to securely store the vehicle. Curious toddlers may come near an unstable parked motorcycle. The wheel chock will put extra security so that this transportation unit will not get toppled easily.

10. Fashionable Motorcycle Boot for Girlfriends

unique motorcycle accessories

Is your girlfriend a motorcyclist? Then she will appreciate this Rhea Weather Resistant Bootie! A good boot is an essential item for safe riding. It offers protection from cold weather, so her leg will stay dry even when it is rainy outside. She can quickly put on this fashionable item because it features two simple yet strong straps. Her legs will remain comfortable throughout the riding session.

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11. Key Finder Keychain for Forgetful Dads

unique motorcycle accessories

Does your father often forget his motorcycle ignition key? Buy him this ultra-useful Chipolo One Ocean key finder! This little gadget can be attached as a keychain. If your father misplaces his key, he can dial the device, and it will emit an alarm sound. Your forgetful father will have an easier time finding his key now!

12. Handy Multi Tools for Emergency

unique motorcycle accessories

Riders often have to face unexpected situations on the road. And so, it will be nice if you can equip your dad with mini portable multi-tools to handle tricky encounters. The Leatherman multitools offer various tools in one compact package. From a pliers to screwdrivers, this item has it all! Your father can store this item in his motorcycle trunk to help him solve problems.

13. Wrench Organizer for Motorcyclist Dad

unique motorcycle accessories

Your father may often need to repair his motorcycle. You can help him be more productive by providing this elegant wrench organizer. This item is made out of high-quality classy leather that will last for an extended period. It will help your dad efficiently store his equipment in an orderly manner inside his motorcycle’s storage compartment!

14. Personalized Keychain To Remind Your Father To Drive Safely

unique motorcycle accessories

Looking for an item that can prevent your dad from driving recklessly? One of these unique motorcycle accessories comes in the shape of a customizable keychain. You can order a custom engraving with a special message and your initials on it! Get this item for your father’s motorcycle key as a good luck charm gift!

15. Custom Bolt Skull for License Plate

License plate,custom bolts

If your dad is a serious biker, he may want to customize his license plate bolts to look more badass. These skull-shaped bolts for license plates will put a smile on your cool dad.

16. Artsy License Plate Frame

Artsy License Plate Frame

Would you like to get these non-intrusive yet unique motorcycle accessories for your dad? Try this BV La Belle Vie 3D Viper Snake license plate frame! This item will go with a giant Harley Davidson type of motorcycle. You may get the previously mentioned custom skull bolt to complement the design.

17. Motorcycle Bell To Chase Away Evil Spirit

Bell to Chase Away Evil Spirit

It is customary for a biker to hang a bell on his motorcycle. There is a strong belief that the sound of the beautiful bell will chase away road gremlins that may cause engine trouble or flat tires. You can get this adorable item as a good luck charm for your dad!

18. Fidget Spinner Multitool

Fidget Spinner Multitool

Would you like to put a smile on your dad with this funny little gift? He will definitely appreciate this adorable multitool shaped like a fidget spinner as a motorcyclist. It comes with various screwdriver heads that will be handy for quick repair. Get this limited item now before it runs out!

19. Cup Holder Attachment for Motorcycle

Cup Holder Attachment for Motorcycle

Driving a motorcycle requires both hands. It is almost impossible for your dad to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while riding. Luckily, you can get him this cup holder for his motorcycle! It is designed so that the liquid will not spill. Now he can enjoy a little sip of caffeine boost or refreshing juice in a cup while waiting for the traffic to move!

20. Phone Attachment for Navigation

Phone Attachment for Navigation

Using a phone to navigate while riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous! Fortunately, you can buy your dad a phone mount for his motorbike. He can attach this device to the handlebar to put his phone there. This way, navigation will be much safer. It is designed to hold various smartphone models tightly and securely.

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21. Tail Box for Extra Space

Tail Box for Extra Space

Carrying a lot of items can be a challenging task for motorcyclists. Now your loved ones can attach the Yescom Motorcycle Tour Tail Box to the back of their motorcycle. This gift will provide them with extra 30 liters of storage space!

22. Attachable Stylish Bag Collection

Attachable Stylish Bag Collection

The Oaks& Phoenix has developed a stylish solution to provide motorcyclists with extra storage. The company produced fashionable bag collections mounted on the tank using a specialized magnetic strap. It can also be attached to the side of the motorcycle using their unique kit!

23. Stylish Motorcycle Rear Bag

Stylish Rear Bag

This waxed motorcycle rear bag provides an elegant storage solution. It is an excellent gift for your friends who love to ride out in the countryside. Rainy days will not become a significant problem because this bag is waterproofed! It will sit nicely on the back part of a motorcycle.

24. Tiny Handlebar Bag for Extra Space

Tiny Handlebar Bag for Extra Space

It is always prudent to bring multitools while your friends are out riding on a wild highway. You can provide them with extra space for their smaller items with this elegant Motorcycle Handlebar Bag! It is water-resistant, so the stuff inside will stay dry even when your friends are riding on a rainy day. Your friend can attach this bag effortlessly using the strong strap.

25. Classic Leather Saddlebag

Classic Leather Saddlebag

Saddlebags are definitely one of the most unique motorcycle accessories that you can buy as a present! This leather Saddlebag will improve your friend’s style and provide them with multiple extra compartments. It provides spaces for items at the rear sides of a motorcycle.

26. Seat Bag To Store Helmets and Belongings

Seat Bag to Store Helmets and Belongings

Are your friends looking for a way to safely store their helmets? Get them this dual Motorcycle Seat Tail Bag Backpack! It features a durable strap for easy attachment and waterproof material to keep the inner part dry.

27. Waterproof Side Bag for Extra Space Upgrade

Waterproof Side Bag for Extra Space Upgrade

The ROCKBROS Motorcycle Saddle Bag offers the ultimate space upgrade for people who love long-distance travel using motorcycles. You should definitely get this item as a gift for your special friend who enjoys touring. It provides 60 Liter extra space that can be used to hold various luggage. The bags are compact and waterproof, optimized for weather protection. Get these side bags now at the best price before it sells out!

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Final Thought

We should always wish people that we love a safe ride, so they come back home to us in one piece. Hopefully, this list will provide you with inspiration to buy unique motorcycle accessories. A present that can keep your loved ones safe and fashionable is available in stores. Go shopping now!

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