30 Gift Ideas for Your Biker Boyfriend

Based on public stereotypes, bikers are often characterized as intelligent, brave and a bit cynical. Some said that they are upfront, always consider themselves as an outsider. But deep down, they know they have some kind of enchanting persona. As a biker’s girlfriend, are these assumptions even true? We are so curious!

We also heard that bikers often find themselves surfing the internet, looking for vintage, or peculiar items. Like, some kind of accessories that they can show when they are out for a ride. So, based on this research (and a bit of eavesdropping, oops!), we gathered these 30 items for biker boyfriend on his special occasion.

1. Imperial Biker Scout Trooper Helmet

gifts for biker

A biker plus a die-hard star wars fan can be totally left in awe if someone gives them this custom V4 helmet. Here goes a few of the materials: PLA, speaker mesh, FMA foam cushion to make it easier to remove and wash. It’s time to let your boyfriend enjoy being on the road more with so much happiness, don’t you think?

2. A Classic, Vintage Bikers Collection

gifts for biker

A vintage and rare to find item? Sounds like a tempting collectible for bikers. If your boyfriend hasn’t had this one on his collectible deck, we suggest you get this as his special gift. This can be his great investment, just wait until the price slowly goes up. Meanwhile, enjoy every special moment you celebrate together! 

3. A Motorbike Pop Up Card

gifts for biker

Adorable gift? Definitely. Different from last year’s gift? Much likely. This cool 3D motorbike card comes with an envelope and its protective cellophane sleeve. Seems like this pop up card is meant to be kept forever by your boyfriend. Don’t forget to add your heartwarming wishes for him. 

4. Antique Maya Belt Buckle

gifts for biker

Metal accessories? Sounds like a real biker. We have never seen a maya style for a belt buckle. So, your boyfriend probably would be listed as the very few people who have this accessory. Made out of alloy with 4.1 hole diameter, and 9 x 6 centimetre big. 

5. A Unique Digital Hand Drawn Portrait 

gifts for biker

Typical couple gift, but this one is way cuter because you both are riding a motorbike, which is his favorite. Oh, and what makes this gift even better is that this is a hand-drawn digital portrait. You only need to wait for approximately 7 days for digital drawing done. Let’s get this one, shall we?

6. A Handsome Leather Cuff Strap 

gifts for biker

Just like the sub-headline, this strap is totally handsome. Pair your biker boyfriend’s Apple Watch with this leather cuff strap, and his level of handsomeness will automatically increase. What do you think? Would your biker lover love this?

7. A Biker’s Good Luck Bracelet

gifts for biker

Ah, this sweet bracelet. Express your love and for your biker man through the engraved prayer. Whenever your man goes, this bracelet will always remind him of you and your heartfelt wishes for them. He would wear this timeless bracelet as their lucky charm.

8. The Latest Sleepbuds

gifts for biker

Does your boyfriend sometimes have a hard time sleeping? This Bose sleepbuds II might help. It produces soothing sounds designed for a better sleep. It implemented noise-masking technology as well. Equipped with a Bose Sleep app that allows the owner to have full control of the sound library. Such a thoughtful gift from a loved one.

9. A Sterling SIlver Dragon Head

gifts for biker

A biker could never resist this dope dragon head ring. How could they, when it’s a 925k sterling silver, and has a retro design. Manufactured in Turkey, you can get this as a gift for your boyfriend for only 79 USD. 

10. An LED Belt for A Safe Ride

gifts for biker

Why a safe ride when it’s clearly only a belt? Well, the LED light might help people on the road be aware that there’s a motorbike in front of them. Especially when the night comes in. This unique LED belt comes with one light up LED belt, integrated battery pack, and one set of batteries. 

11. A Packable Poncho

gifts for biker

You know that sometimes the weather forecast app miscalculates. A perfect bright morning can turn into a drizzle at noon. It’s better to keep your biker boyfriend prepared with this pack-able poncho. It’s one-size, made from poly nanofiber, and very quick to dry. 

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12. All in One Bracelet

gifts for biker

A utility bracelet. Pretty sure your boyfriend never thought of this item that might be very useful when they are on the road, and their motorbike needs quick maintenance. In just one-click, a multi-functional knife with a flat head screwdriver pops up on its tip. Crafted with great precision, stainless-steel, and rust-resistant. 

13. Astonishing Pressed Wildflower Mugs

gifts for biker

What comes to your mind when seeing these beautiful mugs? For us, these gave us a woodland feel. The Honey Bees color might be a suitable gift for bikers. It’s handcrafted from a stoneware, with real flowers, natural cream glaze, and a custom dragonfly (awesome!). 

14. A Mustache Drink Guard

gifts for biker

A mustache drink guard to prevent beer foam stays in the stache. Consider giving your boyfriend this if, of course, they had facial hair, or trying to have it. This whisker dam is made out of 100% copper with a patina finish. Not only suitable for whiskey glasses, but also coffee mugs, beer glass, or any glass that has a frothy top layer. 

15. A Shower Beer Holder

gifts for biker

After a long ride with a motorbike, a shower is needed. But sometimes, drinking a beer is also tempting. Ask your boyfriend, if this scenario often occurs in his life, well maybe this shower beer holder can solve their life problem! Designed from silicone that sticks to any glossy tile or surface. 

16. A Vintage T-shirt

gifts for biker

Still can’t decide which to buy? A classic t-shirt gift can’t ever go wrong . Especially when it has a motorcycle print on. Plus, this tee is authentic from Half It Exclusive Branded Product. 100% cotton, eco-friendly water based ink, and double-needle stitched sleeves. 

17. A Glove and A Flashlight

gifts for biker

A smart multi-purpose glove ever invented. The flashlight inside is very, very useful indeed. Bikers never know the time when they need to look at something in the dark road and it turns out they need a flashlight. There is LED light, on and off button, and it is powered by two batteries. 

18. A Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie

A biker with a beanie sounds very much like Jughead Jones in Riverdale. Cool, charming, and such a most-wanted dork on the block. This bluetooth beanie will take your boyfriend to another level of charming and up to date. It has a hidden mic, stereo speaker inside, and built-in control panel! A cool gift you can’t miss. 

19. More and More Classic Collection

gifts for biker

It’s not weird to know that a biker is also an antique stuff collector. If your biker boyfriend is one of the club members, then we strongly suggest getting him this mechanical pocket watch. With a very detailed and astounding dragon totem, this classic baby is meant to be in your boyfriend’s collectible cabinet. 

20. A Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Ooo, very old-fashioned this one is. A cigar whiskey glass, with a top mounted cigar holder. Classy and sexy in one package. This is handcrafted and 100% lead-free. Get your boyfriend this as a gift, and we are very sure he will be the most classy guy that rides a motorbike and drinks with a class. 

21. A Leather Middle Hoodie 

gifts for biker

There’s something missing if there are bikers without anything retro on their appearance. So, adding your biker boyfriend retro outfit collection with this leather hoodie isn’t a bad idea. This is a combination of leather jacket detailed with quilting and studded accents, with a half hoodie in the front. 

22. Spring Skull Shower Curtain

Spring Skull Shower Curtain

Revamping your boyfriend’s shower room with this Ali Gulec spring skull design shower curtain is a bright gift idea! A biker who loves a skull? Very normal. It’s water repellent, fade resistant, include hooks, and exclusive from East Urban Home.

23. A Biker Dragon Figurine 

gifts for biker

Whoa! Don’t you think this biker dragon on a skeleton chopper figurine is spectacularly attractive?  I bet your boyfriend will love you even more when they know that you give him this figurine as a gift. With hand-painted resin, and grey finished, this toscano dragon biker is ready to spin around your boyfriend’s place. 

24. Sunset Photograph Set

Sunset Photograph Set

Another gift option if you’re planning  to decorate your boyfriend’s house. This vintage biker at sunset photograph will add more identity to your biker lover’s house. Not to mention the serene vibes it vibrates. Placed on a canvas, makit it easy to hang in the living room or working space. 

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25. Rims Racing Game on PS 5

25. Rims Racing Game on PS 5

Let’s surprise your biker with this PS 5 Rim Racing Game. The first motorbike simulation game that combined with a realistic racing challenge. This game allows your man to ride the world’s 8 most powerful European and Japanese motorcycles. Enjoy the fun game night together! 

26. An Awesome Mug for Awesome Man

An Awesome Mug for Awesome Man

We know that your biker is such a charming and awesome person. No wonder you’re in love with him. How about expressing your love implicitly through this stoneware mug, which dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and microwave safe? 

27. Hugo 3 in 1 Air Purifier and Insect Catcher

Hugo 3 in 1 Air Purifier and Insect Catcher

An air purifier? Basic. But this air purifier from Hugo is different. This can also catch annoying insects that are hidden in your biker’s home. As you might already know, this can sanitize the air and make it more clean and healthy. Just what everyone needs in this pandemic era. The design is compact, lightweight and easily portable. 

28. A Miniature Mood Lamp with A Real Salt Brick

A Miniature Mood Lamp with A Real Salt Brick

More items to enhance the tranquility of your biker’s house. This battery powered lantern features a solid brick of salt that formed from a Pakistan mountain. Sounds expensive, huh? But, don’t worry, you can get this for only 14 dollars! Packed this mini himalayan salt lamp with a heartening message for your special biker. 

29. A Drink Holder on The Sofa Arm

A Drink Holder on The Sofa Arm

Do you plan to give your biker boyfriend the PS 5 motorbike game? If yes, you can add this drink holder as a complement to your main gift. This is portable, one size but fits most couches, flexible materials made from BPA-free silicone, ABS plastic, and iron.

30. Biker – Jerry Langton Paperback Book

Jerry Langton Paperback Book

A  bookworm or not, your biker man undoubtedly will enjoy Jerry Langton’s book so much. This book follows Ned “Crash” Aiken’s adventure as an outlaw biker gang. The story is kind of dark, played out in real life within biker gangs. Give him this, and hear the life lessons your biker got after finishing this.

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