24 Birthday Gifts For Your Lovely Pregnant Wife

If your pregnant wife has a birthday before your little one celebrates their first, finding an extra special present is more important than ever! She deserves to be spoiled as she celebrates another trip around the sun and we’ve no doubt you’ll want to make sure that happens.

Luckily, we’ve scoured the net to bring you the best presents online for expectant mom’s. Maybe they’ve just found out they’re growing a tiny human or perhaps their due date is pretty much here. Either way, we have the ideal gifts for you to present them with before they blow out their candles!

The Best Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife

Here are 10 best birthday gifts for your pregnant wife that you can choose.

1. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

After a few months, getting into a comfy position at nighttime is all but impossible for expectant moms. With that in mind, this giant U-shaped pregnancy pillow will be the best gift she’s received all year. It’s specially designed to support the whole body, plus a growing bump. Why not pop it onto the bed with a giant bow and present her with the gift of a peaceful birthday nap this year?

2. Love at First Sight Sonogram Picture Frame

Love at First Sight Sonogram Picture Frame

Displaying your babies sonogram picture on the fridge might be tradition, but you can do better than that for your wife’s birthday! Enter, this adorable ‘Love At First Sight’ photo frame. It’s the ideal place to showcase the first glimpse of your new bundle of joy. Plus, your wife will be overjoyed to receive this truly thoughtful present on her special day.

3. Zmart Labor and Delivery Socks

Zmart Labor and Delivery Socks

The next time your wife needs a moment to put her feet up, make sure she has these super-cozy (not to mention hilarious) socks to wear! Even if her bump hasn’t yet started to show, nobody will question her need for a time out. They’ll also make for great photographs. Snap a pic and the next time you’re invited out somewhere, send it on to friends and family to announce your news/ tell them you’re staying home!

4. Letters to My Baby

Letters to My Baby

If you and your wife are already making lists of things to tell your baby when they’re older, this gift couldn’t be more perfect. A hardback book filled with special stickers and twelve envelopes. Each one prompts you to write a certain type of letter about your baby’s first years and your wishes for their future. Write them now, then seal them up and gift them to your child for a milestone birthday. 

5. New Mom Care Package

New Mom Care Package

Sleepless nights, aching joints, and two very tired feet. If anyone needs a pamper session it’s a mom-to-be! Luckily, this luxury gift box comes complete with everything she’ll need for a few relaxing nights in. Not to mention, we just adore the ‘Badass Mama – coming soon’ branding and are certain she will too! It contains bath salts, body butter, lip balm, a scented candle, and more. You can even draw your wife a bath to make sure she has the most chilled-out birthday of all time.

6. Only The Best Fur Mama’s Mug

gifts for pregnant wife

If you and your wife are already dog/cat parents, this adorable mug is the perfect gift for your pregnant wife’s birthday! Gift it to her from you, or write out a little card and pretend it’s from your pet. She’ll love it no matter who it comes from, especially when it’s filled with her favorite hot drink!

7. Organic Baby Bump Bath Melts

gifts for pregnant wife

Unwinding in the tub is a great way to celebrate your birthday when you’re expecting! Make sure your wife has the most relaxing evening possible and gift her these unscented bump-friendly bath melts for her soak. They’re made with Himalayan sea salt, organic vitamin E oil, Organic cocoa butter, and more to keep her skin stays soft and super-moisturized.

8. Mama Sweatshirt Hoodie

Mama Sweatshirt Hoodie

Finding clothes to fit into can be a struggle once your little one is well on the way. With that in mind, your wife will be thrilled to unwrap this adorable ‘Mama’ hoodie on her birthday this year. It’s perfect for her pregnancy but can of course be worn once your little one arrives too. The hoodie comes in six different colors so you can pick your wifes’ favorite shade or maybe even the color that matches your baby’s nursery.

9. Personalized Baby Arrival Countdown Plaque

gifts for pregnant wife

Your wife may be looking forward to her birthday but we’ll bet she’s more excited to countdown the days until the baby arrives! Make sure you both keep track of your little one’s due date with this amazing wooden plaque. It has a chalkboard so you can write on how many days to go every morning, plus it can be personalized with your baby’s last name.

10. Surprise, Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Surprise, Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

If your wife hasn’t shared her pregnancy joy with friends and family yet, this t-shirt will make an ideal birthday gift for her to do so when she’s ready. She can keep it concealed under her coat or a sweater, then show it off when the time comes to surprise everyone with the news! And yes, the shirt is made from cotton so it’ll be super comfortable for her to wear all birthday long.

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11. Personalized Name Necklace

gifts for pregnant wife

If you and your wife have already chosen a name for your little one, this personalized name necklace might just be the most special present she’s ever received. Have it made in either gold, rose gold, or silver with your new baby’s name. That way she can hold them close to her heart from now until they’re born, and beyond!

12. Baby Name Vest – Personalized Bodysuit

gifts for pregnant wife

Your baby’s name is probably being kept a secret from the world right now. That’s why having it printed on a tiny baby grow to gift to your wife for her birthday will make it all the more special! Buy it in a newborn size, that way, you can dress your baby in it when they’re born to let everyone know their name. Just think of how cute the pictures will be!

13. Pregnant Body Torso Candle

Pregnant Body Torso Candle

Celebrate your wife’s birthday and her beautiful pregnant form with this stunning pregnancy candle. It’s perfect for a relaxing night in but will also look amazing displayed (unlit) in your home. The candle is also made from 100% natural soy wax and contains cedar wood and earth essential oil!

14. Mommy Gift Necklace

gifts for pregnant wife

When it comes to your pregnant wife’s birthday, a gift from you is lovely but a present from your little one is better! She’ll adore this sweet necklace complete with two intertwined hearts in gold and silver. Our favorite part? The gift box has a special message inside from your growing baby. It’s even signed off with ‘love, kisses & kicks’, adorable!

15. Pregosaurus T-shirt

gifts for pregnant wife

Whether your wife loves dinosaurs or you just know she’ll find this shirt particularly hilarious, we fully support you wrapping up this fun Pregosaurus t-shirt for her birthday. It comes in Black, dark gray, or navy, and will be the perfect attire for her growing bump!

16. New Mom & Babe Gift Set

gifts for pregnant wife

Celebrate your wife becoming a mother and gift her this incredibly special mom and baby bath set for her birthday. She’ll adore the Blooming Belly Butter, Calm Mom essential oil, and rose petal and lavender Bath Tea whilst she’s still pregnant and after the baby arrives. Meanwhile, the basket also includes products for your new bundle of joy. Like the Lavender Lullaby Bath Wash and Calming Baby Balm.

17. Mother’s Protection Necklace

gifts for pregnant wife

This stunning, handmade ceramic pendant is specially designed to symbolize the love and protection a mother gives their baby before and after they’re born. It’s the perfect sentimental gift for your pregnant wife on her birthday, plus, if she’s not sharing her news just yet, you can keep the meaning of this beautiful necklace a secret until she’s ready to tell the world!

18. The Doula Deck for Expecting & New Moms

gifts for pregnant wife

In the form of these beautifully illustrated cards, Lori Bregman, a Doula with over 20 years of experience, is sharing her wisdom and insights for a calm and peaceful pregnancy. The deck contains thoughtful meditations, affirmations, and exercises designed to promote self-care and reassurance throughout your wife’s pregnancy. The perfect birthday gift for expectant moms.

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19. Micro Brew Babysuit

gifts for pregnant wife

If you and your wife just love to share a craft beer or two (when she’s not pregnant of course!) we highly recommend you order this adorable micro-brew baby grow for her birthday. She’ll love the funny tongue-in-cheek message and will adore just how tiny this sweet blue onesie is.

20. Maternity Best Gift Ever T-Shirt

gifts for pregnant wife

If your wife’s birthday happens to fall around the holidays, this Best Gift Ever shirt couldn’t be more perfect! Its red and green font is amazingly festive, plus, it’d be a great way to announce to friends and family that you and your wife are expecting. A holiday season to remember for sure!

21. Mama Bear Coffee Mug

gifts for pregnant wife

Your wife may be off of caffeine for a while but that doesn’t mean she can’t still enjoy hot beverages in this super-cute coffee mug. After all, your bundle of joy may not be here yet but she’s already a mama! Instead of wrapping it up, why not make her breakfast in bed and pop this onto the tray with her favorite hot drink. An unforgettable birthday morning surprise!

22. Oh! Mamma Women’s Maternity Scoop Neck T-shirt

Oh! Mamma Women’s Maternity Scoop Neck T-shirt

Finding clothes to fit can be a struggle with a cute new bump to accommodate! Make sure your wife has something stylish yet comfortable to wear on her special day and gift her this stylish top available in eight different colors. Choose a couple in her favorite shades so she has options and she’ll love how much you’ve thought about her feeling good today!

23. Beautimate Facial Jade Roller & Gua Sha Tool Set 

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Tool Set 

If your wife prefers to avoid massages whilst pregnant, this facial roller is great for a little pamper session that’s entirely safe, but also totally relaxing! The set is designed to brighten the skin, depuff tired tired eyes, and create a cool and calming sensation on the skin. Ideal for a night of birthday pampering combined with one of the bath gifts on our list!

24. Alpine Swiss Cable Knit Memory Foam House Shoes

gifts for pregnant wife

Since pregnancy and tired feet go hand in hand, make sure your wife feels pampered and taken care of on her birthday with these luxurious cable knit memory foam slippers. They’re easy to get on and off is she’s heavily pregnant and will keep her feet so warm and cozy whilst she’s relaxing at home for the day.

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How can I surprise my Pregnant Wife?

Your wife may be expecting a gift from you but a present from her bump will be a great surprise! Choose the Mommy gift necklace or something similar then let her know it’s from her baby for her birthday.

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