20 Best Ideas on How to Celebrate Birthday While Pregnant with Family

Finding the best ways to celebrate your birthday while you are pregnant can be a bit tricky. After all, what does it mean for a pregnancy to be “due” on a certain day? It’s hard to plan anything around it when you may not even know how far along you are at the time. Just keep in mind that as your pregnancy progresses, some activities may become uncomfortable. Therefore, you should be careful on how to choose an activity or menu that keeps you and baby safe but still happy.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to it though! Pregnant women want to feel beautiful, loved and happy on their birthday, too. So, you should find the best way to celebrate your upcoming birthday. Below are some of the best birthday ideas while pregnant you should try to throw with your family and friends. Let’s check them out!

1. Pregnancy Announcement at Your Birthday Party

This is a great way to celebrate your birthday when you’re newly pregnant. Especially if you haven’t shared the good news yet, your birthday is the ideal justification for bringing everyone together secretly in one location. Applebee’s is one of the best pregnant women friendly restaurants for your party. Declare that you’ll be celebrating for two people this year when everyone is eating a birthday cake. Everyone in your family will definitely remember this birthday celebration.

2. Get Some Fresh Air at the Park

Sometimes you don’t need a big party to celebrate your birthday while pregnant. A simple walk at the park can also be a great way to relax and give you a little getaway in case you aren’t allowed to go for a long trip. Take your husband to walk together and get some fresh air, and you can also bring homemade food from home and have a relaxing picnic at the park.

3. Decorate Your Baby Room

Instead of buying birthday party decorations, why don’t you spend your special day by decorating your baby’s room? Especially if you love crafting, there are so many cute nursery decor ideas and recommendations that you should try. So, go and celebrate your birthday during your pregnancy by knitting hanging teddy bears or making a fluffy pom pom rug for your baby. For more recommendations, you can go and check awesomestuff365.com on baby room decoration ideas.

4. Food Hopping

Usually pregnant women are craving for some food. For that reason, restaurants and bakeries will be the best places to celebrate birthdays while pregnant. Make a list of the city’s top cafes like Panera Bread. It offers tasty and nutritious soup and salad, which are good for pregnant women. Just drive and stop at each bakery to grab a pastry. Find the top taco trucks in your community, or decide which restaurant serves the finest mac and cheese!

5. Book Nail Care Appointment

During your pregnancy, you’ve been doing so much to take care of the family and baby in your tummy. So, let someone else take care of you on your special day. Your nails are the last thing on your mind as you prepare for the baby. Spend some time getting groomed at the nail salon. It will make you feel fantastic as well as look terrific.

6. Go Out for Romantic Dinner

Celebrating a birthday during pregnancy in a fancy restaurant is definitely worth trying. You can book a Michelin starred restaurant and have a romantic dinner with your husband. If you love French cuisine, Daniel Restaurant in New York is a recommended restaurant to choose, especially because it is included in The 100 Romantic Restaurants by OpenTable in 2020. It serves the best dining experience in the state. Its artistic atmosphere and lovely chefs and staff will definitely comfort its customers, including pregnant ladies.

7. Gender Reveal Birthday Party

Having a gender reveal party is an exciting event that you can do during your pregnancy. If you are confused in choosing the date, why don’t you reveal your baby gender on your birthday? Consider this enjoyable choice if your birthday and gender ultrasound are within a month of each other. This is a great way to make your birthday celebration feels more special.

8. Take a Cooking Class

If you are looking for fun things to do on your birthday while you are pregnant, then taking a cooking class can be a great option. Ask your husband to attend the cooking class with you as well. Moreover, it’s a wonderfully enjoyable date idea for expectant mothers and fathers. Try home cook recipes at The Brooklyn Kitchen. Come to their date night class to learn how to make a simple fruit torte, work with puff pastry, and flawlessly sear a steak. Enjoy the meal, the company, and a little bit of romance while it lasts since it won’t be around for very long.

9. Baby Shower Birthday Party

In case you don’t enjoy throwing parties, you can just combine the important days and throw a sizable celebration all at one. Combine the excitement of a birthday party with the necessity to buy lots of presents for the baby. You can spend extravagantly on decorations, food, and entertainment, since your friends will appreciate only having one date on their calendars.

10. Staycation at a Fancy Hotel

Need a 40th birthday celebration idea while you’re pregnant? At your new age, go plan a weekend getaway by staycation at a luxurious hotel with your husband! You can book Mandarin Oriental New York to enjoy its stunning floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River, Central Park and Manhattan’s glittering skyline. Moreover, the hotel’s lavish spa is also one of the best on the island of Manhattan, so make sure you include spa on your list of things-to-do while you are there.

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11. Classic Birthday Brunch

Brunch is a simple yet elegant birthday celebration without drinks for a pregnant woman. Additionally, brunch is delicious, and forgoing alcoholic beverages during the day won’t seem so horrible. Enjoy delicious and high protein and vitamin food like yogurt, omelet with cheese, and smoothie. To light up the special day, you can host mini-games and greet guests with gifts and souvenirs.

12. One Day Getaway

When it comes to celebrating birthdays for pregnant ladies, taking them to a one day tour will be a perfect plan. Just take a day excursion to the closest big city or a nearby beach if the idea of spending the night away from home makes you queasy. Pick up a souvenir for the birthday gift and try new restaurants. You can also take a nap on the way home and will be quite happy you made a different choice.

13. Barbecue Party at the Backyard

If you love outdoor parties but don’t really like water, go with a barbecue party then! It will be a fantastic idea since you can assign your husband to the grilling while you relax in the wonderful evening. However, do make sure you eat perfectly grilled meat. To create the right mood, hang fairy lights from the trees and build a fire pit. Moreover, you can also play some mellow music while acting astonished when your guests present you with gifts. Find the best birthday gifts for pregnant women in awesomestuff365.com.

14. Babymoon on a Tropical Island

Babymoon On Tropical Island

Combining your birthday with a babymoon? Why not? Make your birthday celebration feels special by traveling to a tropical island. Kauai and Maui Islands in Hawaii should be on your bucket list. Enjoy the breathtaking beach view and perfect weather everyday on the tropical island with your loved one.

15. Host a Pool Party

Host A Pool Party

You can consider hosting a pool party, especially if you are born in summer and love parties. You can float around and do nothing while wearing your pregnancy swimsuit and a stylish sun hat. In addition, pool parties are also ideal for couples because your husband may invite his friends and everyone can enjoy the water.

16. Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Shopping for Maternity Clothes

You virtually always need to purchase new clothing while expecting the baby. Why not treat yourself to some adorable pregnancy clothing that actually fits for your birthday? This will be a wonderfully enjoyable way to spend your birthday, especially if you enjoy shopping so much. Ask your friends to be your shopping company and do some fitting room fashion shows!

17. Sleepover with Your Friends

Sleepover with Your Friends

If you have best friends, why not celebrate your birthday with a sleepover while we’re reliving vicariously your youth? Invite your closest pals, and spend the entire night out. Have some movies, popcorn, girl conversation, and birthday cake. Treat yourself by having one of the girls paint your toes that are hidden by your bump. It will be a fantastic idea if you are looking for fun things to do while you are pregnant.

18. Buy Comfy Pillows and Cushions

Buy Comfy Pillows and Cushions

Pregnancy requires enough sacrifices. So, it is certainly OK to treat yourself to comfort goods on your birthday. Spend a little extra on some of the comfortable pregnancy essentials you’ve been putting off. The top item on the list is a fantastic maternity pillow and seat cushion. If you don’t already have one, you either already have a burning desire for one or soon will.

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19. Have a Wonderful Spa Day

Have A Wonderful Spa Day

On your birthday, you can typically get excellent discounts for treatments at the best spas. Request natural remedies and schedule prenatal massages as most spas provide this kind of treatment. The majority of spas welcome pregnant patrons. Find a location that focuses more on relaxing than on cosmetic procedures. This is a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday while pregnant.

20. Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon Tea Party

What about throwing a sophisticated afternoon tea for the girls if you prefer to celebrate your birthday with “drinks”? Everyone is welcome to attend with stylish hats and partake in finger snacks and pregnancy-safe teas. You can use the adorable teapot and show off your entertaining abilities. In addition, you can also order some macaroons or make some delectable desserts to offer.

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What birthday activities can you do while pregnant?

Pamper yourself to enjoy some treatments like massages or mani/pedi. If you often crave for food, then during your pregnancy you can use your special day to eat your favorite food and try the best food in town. For more fun ways on how to celebrate birthday while pregnant, go check in the article above.

How can you have a fun birthday party while pregnant?

Invite your family and friends to come to your the birthday party. Greet your guests and have some conversations with them. You can also host some fun games at your party. Instead of serving birthday drinks, you can have pregnancy safe teas for your guests.

How can you make your pregnancy memorable when you have a birthday party?

Combine your birthday with another pregnancy event such as a baby shower or gender reveal. If you are newly pregnant, then use this occasion to officially announce your pregnancy. Later, go on a babymoon during your birthday to create wonderful memories with your husband before the baby comes.

What should not be done to celebrate a birthday party while you are pregnant?

During your pregnancy, you shouldn’t drink and eat raw food. So, consider serving alcohol-free beverages and well done steak at your birthday party. Moreover, limit your party duration since you shouldn’t be too tired. Choose the medium to low activity if you are planning to host birthday games.

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