20 Ways How to Celebrate Birthday in Michigan with Fun

If you are lucky to be Michiganders, you’ll definitely know how to celebrate your birthday in Michigan with fun. Michigan is indeed a great place to live and create unforgettable memories, like your next birthday celebration. Spend your special day in this state for its beautiful beaches, apples and cherries orchards, and vibrant vibes. Visit some parks and landmarks to find fun ways to celebrate birthdays in the city. Whether you are a tourist or just a Michigander who needs more fun things to do for your birthday in this state, Michigan has many locations and excitements that will never disappoint you.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful places to celebrate birthdays in Michigan in our top lists below. We have compiled fascinating and fun things to do for birthdays in Michigan in case you don’t know where to go for your birthday this year. From outdoor to indoor birthday ideas in Michigan, we are sure you’ll make a perfect birthday celebration in this beautiful state!

1. Spend a Colorful Night at Deluxx Fluxx

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This a a place where arts meet cocktails. Deluxx Fluxx will be a perfect bar to spend your birthday in Michigan. This place features adorable neon lights and glowing neon-colored decorations that are perfect for Instagram photos. In our opinion, you will definitely have a colorful night while enjoying your birthday drinks here, especially because it also offers excellent music and a tiny arcade.

2. Sail Abroad Experience with SS Badger

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Celebrating a birthday in the land may be too mainstream. But, have you tried to celebrate your birthday by crossing Lake Michigan? Well you should, especially if you haven’t done so. This is one of the best ideas on how to celebrate a birthday in Michigan. It is perfect for Michiganders who love traveling on the special day. Book your sail abroad trip to Manitowoc, Winsconsin with SS Badger. As you travel between Ludington and Manitowoc, you can relax on the deck, compete for prizes at Badger Bingo, and even catch a movie in the teeny on-board theater.

3. Birthday Games at the Tailgate Garage

Are you looking for fun games to do during your birthday celebration in Michigan? If so, the Tailgate Garage is very recommended! This place can accommodate a large birthday group, offering various games to play with your friends. Book your birthday party reservation there, invite your friends, and have fun with arcade games as well as team building activities!

4. Try Kayak Trip to Turnip Rock

If you love outdoor activities, visiting one of Michigan’s best natural wonders should be on your birthday bucket list. Take a kayak trip to Turnip Rock in Port Austin and see how it can be a nice way to celebrate your birthday in Michigan. Using the Point aux Barques trail, the trek is a 7-mile out-and-back journey. Turnip Rock’s surrounding waters are shallow, so you may get out and explore the area as well as take a few pictures while you’re there.

5. Learn Music History at the Motown Museum

If you visit Detroit on your birthday, don’t forget to get some groove in the Motown Museum. Especially for those who are music fans, visiting this place is the perfect way on how to celebrate a birthday in Michigan, specifically to know more about the famous Motown Records and music history. In Studio A, where many legends began their careers, you can even stand and sing!

6. Watch Air Show and Parades during National Cherry Festival

Feel the festive and cultural vibes in Transverse City, Michigan, during the National Cherry Festival. Especially if you are born in the first week of July, you can attend the festival and celebrate your birthday there. Watch the wonderful air show, parades, and don’t forget to participate in pie eating contests.

7. Birthday Vacation in Mackinac Island

Feel Michigan’s culture and tradition by having a birthday trip to Mackinac Island. You can attend cultural events in any season since this island has numerous festivals every year. Since there are no cars on the island, you can stroll and ride a bike around the island, visiting the famous landmarks such as Fort Mackinac, Mackinac State Park, and Butterfly House.

8. Watch Sunrise and Sunset at Lake Huron

Michigan is famous for its Sunrise Side, from Port Austin to east part Lake Huron. The blue water shoreline of Lake Huron is home to several picturesque and unusual locations where the sun always rises. Watch the beautiful sunrise with your loved ones to start the birthday celebration. Rent bikes to explore around the wonderful lake. In addition, you can watch the sunset in the west part of Lake Huron.

9. Play Golf in Arcadia

If you are looking for a fun birthday activity in Michigan, then playing golf should be on your list. There are more than 650 public golf courses in Michigan, making it the golfing capital of the world. Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club has amazing golf courses to try. The picturesque course’s windswept native fescues and rolling topography make it resemble a beach links course. On the spectacular layout, you can find breathtaking views of Lake Michigan from every angle. What a nice way to celebrate a birthday in Michigan, isn’t it?

10. Support Michigan Wolverines Football Match

Celebrate your birthday together with the many football fans in Michigan. Check the Michigan Wolverines play schedule around your birthday. Go to Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor and cheer for Michigan’s pride there. Don’t forget to bring your college friends, too. Without a doubt, you will be making a fantastic 21st birthday celebration in Michigan.

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11. Try Oberon, the Most Iconic Beers in Michigan

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Instead of making your birthday drink this year, why don’t you visit the Eccentric Cafe of Bell’s Brewery and sip some Oberon? You may enjoy premium craft beer, delectable cuisine, live music, and brewery facilities tours. You can also buy a self-birthday gift or keepsake at the general store.

12. Take a Tour in Tunnel of Trees

Consider yourself lucky if you were born in the autumn, since Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees is the ideal location for a Michigan fall color tour. Especially for those who love driving, you can take a scenic drive in the Tunnel of Trees on your birthday. It runs between Cross Village and Harbor Springs and will transport you to the fall foliage tunnels that form over the road. Breathe in some fresh air along the way and admire the beautiful view.

13. Skydive in Charlevoix

Is skydiving something you want to cross off your birthday bucket list? If it is, then you should contact Skydive Charlevoix to schedule a tandem jump. They are experts in first jumpers and ensure that everyone is comfortable while making memorable experiences. You might view Beaver Island, Mackinac Island, the Mackinac Bridge, and Lake Charlevoix as you soar over Charlevoix.

14. Take a Snowshoe Making Class in Ludington State Park

Take A Snowshoe Making Class In Ludington State Park

If you think you can’t try winter activities in Michigan, let us prove them wrong. For those who are born in winter, the Ludington State Park is the best place to visit on your birthday. Therefore, it’s a great idea for a special birthday celebration! You can create your own snowshoes and then test them out on paths and beaches that are covered with snow. What a fun birthday activity in winter!

15. Attend Ann Arbor Art Fair

Attend Ann Arbor Art Fair

This is definitely a perfect birthday plan for art lovers! Especially if you are born in July, the Ann Arbor Art Fair is definitely worth a visit. This is the biggest juried art fair in the country, spans 30 city blocks in downtown Ann Arbor and contains almost 1,000 artists. You can buy local arts, watch world class performing arts, and try delicious food!

16. Try Bread Rolls and Root Beers at the Hilltop Restaurant

Try Bread Rolls and Root Beers at The Hilltop Restaurant

In case you are looking for homestyle restaurants to celebrate your birthday, then The Hilltop Restaurant in L’Anse is the best choice. This place serves home-style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with enormous cinnamon pastries. Since it’s your birthday, you should order the best seller dish there such as giant cinnamon rolls and root beers.

17. Visit the Henry Ford & Greenfield Village

Visit The Henry Ford & Greenfield Village

For those who love peace and don’t like parties, plan a museum visit to celebrate your birthday in Michigan. Make your special day insightful by visiting the world’s largest indoor-outdoor history museum. At the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, you’ll witness a lot of spectacular and eye-opening historical artifacts that Henry Ford’s introduction of the assembly line changed the automobile business.

18. Watch Fireworks Over the Bay in Saint Ignace

Watch Fireworks Over The Bay In Saint Ignace

Create a romantic and memorable birthday celebration with your loved ones in Saint Ignace. Watch gorgeous fireworks over the sky of Moran Bay. You can also take in the show from the Huron Boardwalk, local hotels and restaurants, or even just wandering around through the commercial area. What’s more, you can enjoy those beautiful fireworks for free!

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19. Get Panoramic View from Sugarloaf Mountain

Get Panoramic View From Sugarloaf Mountain

Get ready to be surprised by the amazing view from Sugarloaf Mountain. Take the hiking road, and spend some time among the century-old trees and rock outcropping. This is definitely a fun birthday idea in Michigan for adults who love adventure. Don’t forget to shoot panoramic pictures that show the nearby lake.

20. Take a Wineries Bike Tour

Take A Wineries Bike Tour

If you visit one of Michigan’s numerous wineries or vineyards, you’ll immediately come to understand why some people refer to wine as more than just a beverage. Use your special day to understand deeper about Michigan wine. You can cycle up to 10 wineries from the front door of Suttons Bay on a flat, secure woodland trail if you rent a bike with Grand Traverse Bike Tours.

Final Thought

Now that you have seen a list of exciting ideas on how to celebrate your birthday in Michigan, you probably feel a bit confuse on choosing the best one for your upcoming birthday. Well, our advice for you, don’t go for one activity only. Spend your time a little longer in this wonderful city and arrange your schedule to visit or do two or three ideas or places while you’re there. Make the best out of your birthday there. After all, you only celebrate your birthday once a year, right?

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What is a unique way to celebrate your birthday in Michigan?

Instead of throwing a birthday party, try to do fun birthday activities you’ve never tried before. For example, challenge yourself to try skydiving in Charlevoix where you can see Beaver Island and Mackinac Island from above.  For more birthday activities, you can check in the article above.

Where is the best place to celebrate birthdays in Michigan?

Well, it depends on people’s preference. For those who love parties, you can throw a birthday party in the Tailgate Garage or Deluxx Fluxx. Meanwhile, those who prefer outdoor activities can explore Michigan’s natural wonders in Turnip Rock or Sugarloaf Mountain.

How do you celebrate a low budget birthday in Michigan?

Michigan has many locations where you can celebrate birthdays at an affordable price or even for free. Watch fireworks in Saint Ignace to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones for free. Or, you can drive to the Tunnel Trees, eat some convenient store food along the way while enjoying the fantastic view from your car.

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