20 Ways on How to Celebrate Birthday in San Francisco with Style 

As a small city with tons of attractions, San Francisco will never run out birthday celebration ideas for you. Because of its small area with water on three sides, the city is very walkable. You can take a walk and find various ethnic neighborhoods like Chinatown and Japantown that will amaze you. In addition, San Francisco also has its natural beauty, including the sloping, dramatic hills, the two charming bridges, San Francisco Bay, the Pacific Ocean, as well as the breathtaking vistas from numerous locations. Because it’s given charms, there’s no doubt that you will be able to celebrate birthday in San Francisco.

 If you are planning to have a fantastic birthday celebration in San Francisco and looking for some insightful ideas, we’ve got you the perfect solutions! In this article, we have compiled San Francisco birthday ideas for adults that you should try. From the best restaurants to celebrate birthdays in San Francisco to free exciting things to do on your special day, we have no doubt that you will be inspired by at least one of them. So let’s jump to the list!

1. Try San Francisco Style Pizza

Pizza is the perfect food for a birthday celebration. But, have you tried San Francisco style pizza? If the answer is not yet, then you must use your birthday as a moment to taste the authentic pizza in San Francisco. You can go to the Cheese Board Collective or the Arizmendi Bakery to enjoy the authentic thin crust and local produce. However, we should remind you to anticipate seeing a pizza with root vegetables on top in the fall and luscious, ripe tomatoes among other things in the summer.

2. Fun Birthday Party at Mission Bowling Club

Thinking of a unique way to celebrate birthdays in San Francisco? Mission Bowling Club is the answer, because it is the perfect place for your birthday party. Of course, bowling is a lot of fun, but this has a lot more than that because they also serve delicious food and beverages. We recommend you to try the burger because it’s fantastic! A substantial organic beef patty with Monterey jack, caramelized onions, and caper aioli is available for $12 on an Acme bun.

3. Take The Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Trip

Create an impressive birthday experience by cruising with the Blue and Gold Fleet. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, this relaxing San Francisco Bay Cruise trip features full narration that describes significant landmarks as you sail past them. It will take you sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, around the enigmatic Alcatraz Island, and also down San Francisco’s historic waterfront.

4. Drink and Play Ping Pong in SPIN

When drinks meet ping pong, your birthday celebration will be double fun! SPIN San Francisco, located in the heart of the Soma District, offers pretty amazing food and drinks, plus you can rent a few ping pong tables and play away. Ask your family and friends to play ping pong and have some delicious drinks in this place.

5. Watch San Francisco Giants Game

In San Francisco, there are several possibilities for birthday group entertainment. One of which is watching the Giants game since it is one of the better options available for a big gathering. Oracle Park, which is one of the best ballparks in the country, is where the Giants play their game. If you and your friends love the Giants, you can celebrate your birthday with the whole supporters there.

6. Go Roller Skating in Church of 8 Wheels

One of the most unique places to celebrate birthdays in San Francisco is Church of 8 Wheels. This San Francisco’s old place of worship is now a popular area for skaters of all ages, making it a crown jewel in the city. In this place, you can be the prayer and roller skater at the same time. Don’t forget to make a wish while skating in the church.

7. Romantic Dinner at Harborview Restaurant and Bar

Are you planning to celebrate your birthday with your significant others? Then there is no better place than San Francisco to be the ideal location for a birthday celebration with a touch of romance. Located in Embarcadero Center, you can bring your significant other to Harborview Restaurant & Bar, where a traditional American cocktail has been given a touch of imperial romance. Once you’re there, don’t forget to try pairing their well-known Lychee Martini, garnished with an orchid flower, paired with characteristic Chinese meals.

8. Book a Trolley Tour

If you are looking for fun birthday activities for adults in the bay area in San Francisco, then you can rent a trolley or cable car for your birthday group. Whether you’re going on a sightseeing tour or hitting up several bars, you can design your own itinerary and have your trolley drop you off at various locations. In addition, you can also have karaoke in the trolley! Super fun, isn’t it?

9. Take a Brewery Tour

San Francisco is justly renowned for its amazing beer scene and unique styles. If you love beers and liquors, you can start your birthday brewery tour in Potrero Hill with Anchor Brewing Company as one of the brewery’s trademark Anchor Steam pints. To enjoy fantastic brews from all around California, you can also visit craft beer establishments like Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen.

10. Mini Golf at Urban Putt

Celebrate your birthday in style by playing mini golf at Urban Putt, which is located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. Being one of the most specialized bars in San Francisco, Urban Putt is the only miniature golf field in the city. In this place, you can play your best game with family and friends while food and beverages will keep you putting-putting all night long.

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11. Watch Classical Music of San Francisco Symphony 

San Francisco’s thriving music scene offers a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. If you love calming and deep music performance, then watching the San Francisco Symphony will be an amazing choice for you. In this place, you will witness the San Francisco Symphony delivers classical music at Davies Symphony Hall. Before you go, make sure you wear your best outfit to enjoy the symphony!

12. Food Tour in Chinatown

San Francisco Chinatown is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, which is also the oldest Chinatown in North America. A full menu of Chinese dishes, including tourists favorites like crisp-bottomed sheng jian bao and Peking duck sesame pockets, can easily be found downstairs at George Chen’s enormous, multi-venue complex. It would be so much fun to go out for a day of eating and sightseeing to celebrate your birthday with friends!

13. Birthday Night Cafe Hopping 

If you love the idea of cafe hopping, then San Francisco is the perfect city to do it because it has many places to explore. You can celebrate into the early hours at San Francisco’s top pubs and clubs, and you can drink cocktails at buzzing establishments like Nob Hill’s The Tonga Room and SoMa’s The Lark. Finish your birthday night at Pandora Karaoke & Bar in Union Square, and belt out your favorite tunes there.

14. Host Skee Ball Tournament at Joey the Cat

Host Skee Ball Tournament at Joey the Cat

Games will always work well to light up your birthday party. For that reason, you can book Joey the Cat and host the skee ball competition for your guests. Joey the Cat has the world skee ball games in San Francisco, as well as air hockey, pinball, basketball, and more, in a private warehouse that you can rent out for a private party. Plus, you are alsowelcome to bring your own refreshments, food, and catering.

15. Hiking in the Presidio

Hiking In The Presidio

For those who love outdoor activities to mark their birthday celebration, hiking will definitely be a good option. There are many hiking routes in and around San Francisco, including the Presidio’s art paths, where you may see a large number of coastal Redwood trees. Moreover, you will also find beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands on your way.

16. Wine Tour and Tasting

Wine Tour and Tasting

For a wonderful birthday in wine country, travel north! Enjoy unlimited great culinary selections and wine tasting during the holiday. On a small-group tasting excursion to boutique wineries from San Francisco, you can discover Sonoma Valley wine. Also, don’t forget to stop along the road for sightseeing.

17. Watch Drag Show

Watch Drag Show

This one is another unique birthday celebration idea, which requires you to bring out your freak soul with this fun performance. Asia SF is a nice place to attend since they have really skilled dancers! Alternatively, you can also attend the Sunday’s a Drag Brunch Show at the Starlight Room, which is located on the 21st floor of Union Square’s Sir Francis Drake Hotel for a ridiculous but entertaining setting with fantastic city views and spectacular costumes.

18. Have a Picnic at the Golden Gate Park

Have A Picnic at The Golden Gate Park

In case you are looking for free things to do to celebrate your birthday in San Francisco, you can always go to Golden Gate Park. Here you can have a little picnic and enjoy the nature view here. Moreover, you can also explore the park on wheels and visit some attractions and gardens as well. In addition, you can enter the botanical garden for free on the 2nd of Tuesday every month. 

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19. Enjoy the Best Oysters in Hog Island

Enjoy The Best Oysters In Hog Island

Spending the day at Hog Island Oyster Co. in Marshall is unquestionably among the top things to do in the bay area in San Francisco. You may bring your own food and drink and reserve a table for their shuck your own picnic, which includes a grill. You can then purchase their fresh oysters by the dozen, which were just plucked from the water, and shuck and consume them there.

20. Throw a Pool Party at Phoenix Hotel

Throw A Pool Party at Phoenix Hotel

Consider you are lucky to be born in summer since you can throw a fantastic pool party in San Francisco! This is indeed a perfect idea if you are bored of birthday dinner. The Phoenix Hotel offers the pool party package with an ice-cold bucket of beers and bags of chips. With approximately $300, you can book a hotel room, enjoy the pool. and have fun with family and friends.

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What are some fun things to do on your birthday with a large number of reviews in San Francisco?

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What are some highly rated fun things to do on your birthday in San Francisco?

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