25 Most Adorable Gifts From San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities in the United States and famous for its historical landmarks such as the amazing Golden Gate Bridge, the unique Cable Car, and the Cliff Houses of course. Moreover, the city by the bay also has delicious foods and tasty wines to enjoy. 

If you are currently in the process of picking the perfect gifts from San Francisco for your friends, family, or colleagues back home, and still have no clue on what can actually be the best gifts to buy, you can stop worrying because we are here to the rescue! Check out these 25 gifts from San Francisco to help you decide.

Best Gifts from San Francisco

1. San Francisco Wine Bottle Opener

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Bay Pier 39 Wine Bottle Opener

San Francisco is famous for its restaurants with all the delicious food and drinks, including tasty wine. Therefore, this cute San Francisco wine bottle stopper is going to be the perfect gift from San Francisco for your friends and family back home. Not to mention the lovely and colorful graphic on top of it.

2. Golden Gate Stainless Steel Hip Drink

gifts from san francisco

Choosing the perfect San Francisco gift for a friend who loves to take his favorite beverage anywhere he goes has never been easier because you can pick this classic rectangle flask with a beautiful image of the Golden Gate as a gift. Made of stainless steel, this flask can hold up to 5 ounces of any beverage.

3. 49’ers Vinegar & Olive Oil

gifts from san francisco

Who doesn’t know about the famous San Francisco 49ers? Being one of the biggest football teams in America, 49ers surely has huge popularity in its hometown. If you have a chance to visit San Francisco and plan on buying gifts for your family back home, then you can buy 4ers souvenirs like this set of San Francisco 49ers Vinegar & Olive Oil Gift Set.

4. Francisco OneCUP Variety Single Coffee

San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCUP Variety Pack 80 Ct Compostable Coffee Pods

San Francisco is also famous for its coffee and visitors usually love to visit one of the famous coffee shops in town to sip one of the city’s favorite coffee blends. You are not going to enjoy San Francisco coffee all by yourself, right? Let your family enjoy it too by having this pack of San Francisco Bay Coffee that will surely be one of the best gifts from San Francisco.

5. San Francisco Bay Gourmet Arabica

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San Francisco Bay is the expert of coffee blends from fine coffee beans, including this French Roast Coffee. This product offers you a coffee with an intense, smoky flavor, clearly not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for gifts from San Francisco for a coffee lover, then this is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

6. Musical San Francisco Wooden Replica

City-Souvenirs Musical San Francisco Cable Car Wooden Replica

There will be no San Francisco without its iconic and historical cable car, so why not make a cute piece of it as a gift for your loved ones back home, after your visit to the city? This cable car wooden replica comes not just as a decoration, but as a music box that plays the beautiful “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” 

7. San Francisco Brass Ornament

San Francisco California Brass Ornament

Bring a touch of San Francisco to your home by having this San Francisco Landmarks Ornamen. It includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Car, Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39, Alamo Square, and lots of other landmarks in this round golden ornament. 

8. San Francisco City Magnet

San Francisco Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Add a little touch of the beautiful city of San Francisco to any dining room by having this adorable San Francisco Fridge Magnet. This surely marks as one of the sweetest gifts from San Francisco you can buy. The amazing view of the unique San Francisco street plus the iconic cable car will make you feel like coming back soon to the city by the bay of San Francisco.  

9. San Francisco Coasters

San Francisco Coasters

Coasters might be one of the most favorite souvenirs to bring home after visiting new places. For instance, these vintage San Francisco coasters. They are one of the most useful gifts because almost everyone has them in their kitchen or dining room. Made of glass, these coasters feature a unique design with an adorable image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

10. 1927 Vintage Map of San Francisco

1927 Vintage Map of San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco has never been more exciting since you can have this adorable and cute Vintage Map of San Francisco as one of the best gifts to bring home. This map is going to be a nice addition to any room. Just frame it and hang it on an empty wall, and undoubtedly it will be one of the best spots in the room.

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11. Golden Gate Bridge Souvenir Statue

Golden Gate Bridge Souvenir Statue

Made of zinc alloy, this statue of the historical Golden Gate Bridge is clearly one of the best gifts from San Francisco. Because it is the replica of the most famous landmarks in the city. This status can certainly be a beautiful home decoration or a sweet souvenir for children.

12. Golden Gate Skyline T-shirt

San Francisco Skyline Golden Gate T-Shirt

The beautiful San Francisco skyline is beautifully printed on this Golden Gate skyline t-shirt, making it a super adorable gift for our loved ones back home. Any California lover would indeed be thrilled to have this lightweight, classic fit, and double-needle sleeve t-shirt as a gift from San Francisco.

13. Themed Hoodie

San Francisco Hoodie

Everyone needs a hoodie in their life to keep them ready for any unfriendly weather, or simply just to look cool. This San Francisco-themed hoodie is one of the perfect gifts from San Francisco for a dear friend, so your friend can stay warm during cold weather or look cool, and that’s totally his choice. 

14. The Sports Vault NFL Wine Opener

The Sports Vault NFL Wine Opener

A superfan of the 49ers will surely be excited to have this unique NFL Wine Opener as a thoughtful gift from San Francisco. This little device includes a wine opener, beer opener, and foil cutter. Moreover, it is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is rust, stain, and fingerprint-proof.

15. Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salami

Molinari & Sons San Francisco Italian Dry Salami

Looking for an original San Francisco gift? Then this Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salami is the best choice. As a genuine product of San Francisco, people in California have been enjoying this Salami for over 100 years. Moreover, this food product is Gluten-free and has no MSG, making it a perfect dish for those who have allergies to gluten. In addition, this Salami will add a flavor to any meal, appetizers, or snack. 

16. Lolita Tiny Martini Glass

Lolita San Francisco Tiny Martini Glass

Enjoying a martini is now a much better thing to do since now you can enjoy your favorite martini with this adorable San Francisco tiny Martini Glass. This originally licensed Lolita Martini Glass has a drink recipe hand-painted on the bottom of the stem. It also comes with a unique signature gift bow, making it a perfect and exclusive gift from San Francisco.

17. San Francisco Sourdough Style

San Francisco Sourdough Style Starter Culture

Sourdough is one of the most famous San Francisco foods. And so, no wonder you can find many bakers who bake delicious and appetizing sourdough every day. Give your loved ones a touch of San Francisco cuisine by having this Sourdough Style Starter Culture. It features a blend of bacteria and yeast that boosts nutritional content, thus resulting in incredible flavors. Moreover, this healthy package also works for pasta, pancakes, even pizza.

18. Starbucks Cold Cup Tumbler

Starbucks San Francisco Cold Cup Tumbler

Starbucks Tumblers have become one of the most favorite collectible items from around the globe. Hence, it makes one of the best gifts from any city in the world, including San Francisco. Now, rather than having the usual tumbler, you can pick this one instead. It has a nice color and sweet image of San Francisco. Thus, it is a perfect item to add to the collection.

19. Golden Gate Wood Box

gifts from san francisco

If you are looking for an uncommon gift from San Francisco, then this Golden Gate Bridge wood box is the absolute present you need. The vintage finish and beautiful image of the historical Golden Gate Bridge in the wooden cover of this box make this piece a perfect decoration or a stowaway for memorabilia.

20. California Coffee Mug

gifts from san francisco

Having a cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening, is enjoyable and helps us to have a relaxing short break before we finish the day at work. That coffee break session will be more enjoyable with this San Francisco coffee mug. It features a simple design of the San Francisco skyline. Surely one of the best gifts you can buy from San Fransisco.

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21. Vintage San Francisco Souvenir Plate

gifts from san francisco

San Francisco has lots of landmarks and this plate that keeps them memorized nicely. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Car, Cliff House, and Chinatown. Therefore, we think this vintage San Francisco souvenir plate is one of the best gifts from San Francisco for your friends and family. Place this on a special shelf for souvenirs at home. Don’t be surprised that it will surely become an eye-catching item to adore.

22. Vintage Spoon Collectible Shovel

Vintage Spoon Collectible Shovel

Picking the best gift for a collector of vintage items is challenging sometimes. But, don’t worry! We have the solution for you. This unique vintage souvenir spoon with “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” engraving on the handle can surely become a perfect gift for them.

23. Golden Gate Bridge Dad Hat

Golden Gate Bridge Dad Hat

Dad deserves a gift from San Francisco that he can use every day no matter what. And for that reason, this hat is the ultimate answer! It has a simple Golden Gate image on the front side that looks simple yet fascinating. Additionally, you can choose the best colors that match perfectly your Dad’s fashion style and favorite color. 

24. Pure Olive Oil Vintage Sign

Pure Olive Oil Vintage Sign

This vintage San Francisco sign will indeed add a classic and vintage touch to any home decoration. It comes in the form of a pharmacy sign that can bring us to the old times and a feeling of nostalgia. Moreover, this sign is made of metal with protective UV inks to give you durability.

25. San Francisco Collectible Truck

San Francisco 49ers Collectible Truck

Fans of 49ers must have this vintage collectible truck San Francisco 49ers Delivery Truck collectible 1:64 scale diecast car. This is an awesome gift from San Francisco, not only for fans but also for collectors. 

Final Thoughts

San Francisco has a special charm that makes us wanting to keep coming back for more. The city has many things and places to explore, and also countless of merchandises and items that make great gifts for our loved ones. The best way to find the best and most recommended gifts from San Francisco is by searching for items that you can never find anywhere else but in San Francisco.

A bottle of San Francisco wine or a pack of San Francisco coffee are some of the best options. For more recommendations, we have it all in our list above, so make sure you check them out one by one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best local gifts from San Francisco?

San Francisco is famous for its delicacies like its original Local Olive Oil, Chocolate, Wine and Coffee. Hats and Cable Car Replica are also some of the most popular local gifts fromSan Francisco.

What products is San Francisco known for?

San Francisco is famous for its restaurants and food trends as it is for its Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars. Among the unique or regionally typical foods to be sampled in San Francisco are abalone, Dungeness crab, san dabs, bay shrimp and crusty sourdough French bread.

What is the most famous food in San Francisco?

The most famous and most iconic San Francisco foods (and also drinks) include Anchor Steam Beer, Irish Coffee from Buena Vista Cafe, Sourdough Bread from Boudin Sourdough, and Mission Burrito in the Mission District.

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