25 Lovely Vintage Gifts for Him That Amazing

People’s taste in things always evolves through the years. In this modern era, the general taste in shirts and other items is completely different than the 90s. But lately, we have seen an emergence in interests for vintage items. Perhaps it goes down to the longing of nostalgia. Or it could be caused by people’s general boredom towards high-tech related styles in items. But either way, there’s no denying the fact that vintage items are on the rise. 

If your boyfriend has that old school spirit in him, you might want to consider buying vintage gifts for him. And when we say vintage items, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the item must be a thousand years old. There are a lot of newly released items that emanate retro vibes. Take a look at our list of cool vintage gifts for him. 

Vintage Shirt Gifts for Him

First of all, we’re going to be discussing some shirts with unique and vintage designs that you can buy for him. From classic bands to iconic movies, you are in for a treat here! Take a look at our list of vintage gifts for him. 

1. Metallica Shirt

Metallica Shirt

Metallica has been one of the biggest bands of the late 80s and early 90s. They spawned many hit songs such as Enter Sandman and Master of Puppets. So if your boyfriend loves classic rock and heavy metal, we highly recommend this shirt for him. Even if he doesn’t like that kind of music, people still like wearing shirts with the classic band’s logo on it!

2. Late Show with David Letterman Shirt

 Late Show with David Letterman

Before Stephen Colbert took on the mantle of the Late Show host, David Letterman was the man. Therefore, wearing this awesome shirt will certainly bring up some nostalgia of some memorable late nights, so be sure to buy one for your man. 

3. Rambo Shirt

 Rambo Shirt

Before the Punisher, John Rambo is the ultimate definition of a one-man army. You can relive the iconic movie with your boyfriend with this cool Rambo shirt. Without a doubt, he will definitely feel strong and powerful by wearing this shirt!

4. Made In The 80’s Shirt

Made in the 80s

The 80s era is truly one of a kind. Aside from its legendary action movies, you also got the Hair Metal bands and disco music. So if your boyfriend wants to relive all those glory days, you can help by handing out this awesome shirt as a gift to him. 

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Shirt

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Shirt

You might have seen the movie, or you might have not. Either way, you must have heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s one of the signature movies from the 90s, which is why we highly recommend this shirt as one of the vintage gifts for him. Consider it!

6. Prince: Purple Rain T-Shirt

 Prince Purple Rain

Prince is widely recognized as one of the best musicians of all time. The movie (and its accompanying soundtrack) Purple Rain is largely the reason why he became so popular. Perhaps, you might want to consider getting this cool Purple Rain shirt for your man! 

7. Queen Retro Shirt

Queen Retro Shirt

No one can deny the Queen’s greatness. Without a doubt, Freddie Mercury is literally a God among the music community. Their music transcends time, even kids these days know the lyrics to most of their songs. Therefore, if your boyfriend likes to listen to Queen, you can take advantage of the situation by buying this magnificent shirt for him. 

Vintage Item Gifts for Him

Shirts aren’t the only option you can get in finding vintage gifts for him. There are a lot of unique items with retro vibes that you can find on the market. Below, you will find decorations and accessories that might be useful for daily activities!

8. Vintage Soviet Watch

Vintage Soviet Watc

Despite the increasing popularity of smartwatches like Garmin and Fitbit, people still like to collect vintage watches. That’s why this beautiful soviet watch might just be the perfect fit for your partner. So go get one and see how it will look on your boyfriend’s arm. 

9. The Beatles Poster

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When The Beatles released their first album in the early 60s, they really shook the world. No one can match their musical abilities and their songs will always become hits. Now, After more than 50 years, their popularity still remains, which is why these Beatles posters might just be the perfect vintage decoration for him! 

10. Vintage Leather Journal

Vintage Leather Journal

This is a perfect memento gift for your man. having said that, hand him this handmade journal that consists of 240 pages with leather wraparound and key. This is a great travel companion for your boyfriend, and we’re sure that he will love this gift. 

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11. Floppy Disk Notebook

 3 Floppy Disk Notebook

With the emergence of cloud-based storage and USB, people don’t feel the need to use floppy disks anymore. However, you and your boyfriend might have missed that good old day of storing a limited amount of items to the floppy disk. Don’t worry, you can relive that with this cool floppy disk notebook. It won’t be able to store any data, but it will certainly satisfy your man. 

12. Vintage Postcard Puzzle

Vintage Postcard Puzzle

Postcard may have been an outdated mailing system, but there’s no one that will argue its beautiful designs. So why not hand over this beautiful puzzle to your boyfriend and assemble it together to make a beautiful retro postcard design. 

13. Praxinoscope Animation Spinner

 Praxinoscope Animation Spinner

Before the breakthrough in motion pictures, people used to watch movies with a simple device called a praxinoscope. Therefore, we recommend this item, because with this awesome replica, you could actually spin it and see the magic of retro-made movies!

14. Vintage Posters

Vintage Posters

If your boyfriend is looking to decorate his home with a retro-themed house, you can help him by finding some vintage posters. That’s why we thought that this poster set was the right choice. It contains a collage of various retro posters that will fit perfectly for a retro-themed house. 

15. Vintage Typewriter Pencil Holder

Vintage Typewriter Pencil Holder

Typewriters have lost their use since the discovery of computers and laptops. But you can adore its design when it is used for other purposes. A typewriter-shaped pencil holder is certainly cool enough! You can get one as a gift for your boyfriend. 

16. Personalized Retro “Make A Mixtape”

Make A Mixtape

This item is the perfect combination of analog and digital technology. With its retro design, you can compile a digital playlist of your combined favorite song and put it on this awesome mixtape. Enjoy your favorite music together by scanning a QR code printed on this awesome item. 

17. Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s turn back the clock with this retro Bluetooth speaker. Do not let appearance deceive you! This speaker may look old and rusty, but it is capable of producing high quality sound of your favorite songs. So, go buy one and try it out for yourself. 

18. Vintage Persian Woven Rug

Vintage Persian Woven Rug

A vintage rug will certainly be a huge help if you want to redecorate your house. It’ll not only give you a retro and comfortable aura for your upgraded house., because if your boyfriend really likes vintage stuff, you might not want to think twice about buying this cool rug for him. 

19. Personalized Retro Birthday Diary

 Authentic and Personalized Birthday Diar

Ever wonder what kind of news is in the newspaper for your boyfriend’s birthday? Wonder not, you can see it for yourself by ordering this personalized birthday diary. Relive events on the day your boyfriend was born with this cool gift. Plus, each newspaper will come with a certificate of authenticity wrapped inside a cardboard gift pouch. 

20. Turntable Cheese Board

Turntable Cheese Board

Vinyl records sales have seen a significant resurgence these days. But if your boyfriend doesn’t entertain the idea of collecting expensive records and buying classic turntables, you can at least give him this cool cheese board. With a turntable concept, your boyfriend can enjoy their brunch in a fun way

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21. Vintage Wine Glass

Vintage Wine Glass

Take a break and ask your boyfriend to enjoy some wine for dinner. To spice things up, you can get these cool vintage wine glasses. This wine glass is nothing like your average glass. Its timeless design will make you use it for a very long time. This awesome wine glass is also printed using durable ink. Your boyfriend would certainly appreciate it!

Vintage Toy Gifts for Him

Toys aren’t made exclusively for children. In fact, there’s a huge chance that your boyfriend also loves to collect these bad boys. Don’t worry, we’ve got some cool action figures that you can get as vintage gifts for him. 

22. 1995 Vintage Toybiz Venom

1995 Vintage Toybiz Venom

Venom started out as Spider-Man’s nemesis. Along the years, he has developed into some kind of lethal protector and antihero. If your boyfriend is a Spider-Man fan, you might want to buy this vintage Venom action figure for him. 

23. Vintage G1 Soundwave

Vintage G1 Soundwave

The Transformers robot design has evolved so much since its first release. Still, nothing can beat that G1 robot design. Soundwave is one of the primary examples of it. Get this cool collectible now for your loved one!

24. Retro Masters of The Universe: He-Man

 Masters of the Universe He-Man

Masters of the Universe dominated the 80s era with their cool toys and iconic TV show. You can see how that’s evident on this awesome He-Man figure. If your boyfriend loved the series, you wouldn’t dare miss out on this action figure

25. G.I. Joe Ammo Dump Unit Plastirama

G.I. Joe Ammo Dump Unit Plastirama

In the G.I. Joe lore, Baroness is one of Cobra Commander’s trusted lieutenants. She is a true badass, and it is perfectly portrayed in this cool action figure. Get one now for your boyfriend’s collection!

Final Thoughts

Hunting gifts for our loved ones is a super exciting thing to do! The perfect gifts will always make people happy, and there’s nothing more valuable than seeing our loved ones happy after receiving our gifts. If you’re currently hunting for the perfect gift for a boyfriend who has a love for vintage stuff, then we’re glad that we bumped in to you in this article.

We have collected a list of the most recommended vintage gifts for a vintage boyfriend including several adorable t-shirts with vintage design, vintage toys for him to reminisce the good old days, and some vintage posters to add touch of vintage to his favorite room at home. Happy hunting!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get a man who likes vintage items?

The answer to this is simple: buy vintage presents that they like! If they love vintage shirts, you can find some cool ones that match their style. If your friend likes to collect action figures, then you might want to find dope retro action figures as vintage gifts for him. 

What are the best vintage gifts for mim?

There’s no definitive answer to this question. It all depends upon his needs and taste. For example, some will appreciate vintage wine glasses, but others will prefer floppy disk notebook instead. You know your man more than we do, so follow your heart and find the best vintage gifts for him!

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