25 Vintage Watches To Show Charisma

Watches are considered vintage if they are more than 20 years old. So, to be precise, anything that came from 1992 and older belongs to this category. Collectors buy the vintage for many reasons. It is more than just a hobby. Some model holds a value that evokes specific memory and feelings. So, they are worth collecting.

You can collect the vintage watches as an investment because their value may increase in the future. You can also buy it as a gift for your significant others. It will be especially fitting if the receiver is forgetful and does not pay attention to being on time. The old-school timepiece shall remind them of you and their schedule.

Are Vintage Watches Worth It?

It is worth collecting antique watches, especially if you like the old Soviet Russian models. The value will go up! It is also worth it if you prefer vintage to an advanced timepiece. The old-school analog model that uses intricate gears provides more elegant vibes.

What Makes A Vintage Watch Valuable?

What makes a vintage watch valuable is the rarity, the supply and demand, the historical value, and the brand. If the watch comes from a well-known brand such as Pobeda in Russia, it sure has a higher value than an ordinary model.

Vintage Watches for Men

Many watches are specifically designed for men because they show masculinity. The accessories will also improve men’s charisma!

1. Vintage Oris Date Pointer Watch

Vintage Oris Date Pointer Watch Mens

This retro-looking timepiece has a unique feature that not many watches have. It includes a date indicator, so the user can tell the time and the day. The person who wears it will never forget their schedule ever again!

2. Disney Goofy Men’s Gold Vintage Alloy Watch

Disney Goofy Men's Gold Vintage Alloy Watch

Mickey mouse is not the only famous Disney character. You should not forget about the hilarious Goofy! After all, the old clumsy dog has entertained children worldwide for decades. This vintage watch takes inspiration from Goofy, making it a suitable item to buy as a gift for Disney fans and collectors.

3. Invicta Men’s Vintage Stainless Steel Timepiece

Invicta Men's Vintage Stainless Steel Watch

This skeletonized watch features stainless steel strap with a golden accent, adding vintage vibes to the design. It looks incredibly complex, a perfect accessory for people who love precision. This item is also waterproof and can be submerged in shallow depths. Although, if you put it too deeply, it may crack under pressure. 

4. SEWOR Men’s Mechanical Skeleton Transparent Watch

SEWOR Men's Mechanical Skeleton Transparent Watch

Unlike the rest of the watches, this model uses the roman numerals system to show what time it is. The range of numbers is from one to twelve, like a standard watch. Furthermore, the leather straps add extra old-school vibes to this item. The gentlemen’s timepiece is perfect as a gift for various special occasions.

5. HMT Pilot Refurbished Mechanical Men’s Watch

HMT Pilot Refurbished Mechanical Men’s Watch

This classic watch is designed specifically for a pilot. Instead of showing numbers, they have been replaced by one triangle and multiple squares. The triangle indicates the 12 clock position. It does come with numbers that show the minutes. Vintage timepiece collectors will appreciate this item as a gift!

6. Pobeda Men Watches

Pobeda Men Watches

This Russian watch has a USSR symbol at 12 O’clock. Like many Pobeda watches, the timepiece has taken part in the history of Soviet Russia. This item will be excellent for USSR history lovers. This model came out in the 1980s, an authentic historical item.

7. Comics Men’s’ Gold Alloy Vintage Watch

Comics Men's' Gold Alloy Vintage Watch

This watch uses the Marvel Cinematic Universe as its inspiration. The design incorporates many superheroes like Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, and many more. In addition, this vintage watch is 100 % water-resistant and utilizes Quartz movement for accurate timing.

8. Venom MenSilver Alloy Vintage Watch

Venom MenSilver Alloy Vintage Watch

The vintage watches are perfect and ideal for a Marvel fan. The unique timepiece will make the wearer feel more confident because they can accurately tell the time. The subtle venom logo adds a nice extra touch to the watch. 

9. Black Strap Mickey Mouse Watch

Black Strap Mickey Mouse Watch

This wristwatch with the Mickey Mouse design is a genuine vintage. You should get this old-school accessory to complete your collection. The black strap will look elegant on your wrist. Additionally, it has an alloy case, stainless steel back, and mineral glass crystal. 

10. RAKETA Mens 24 Hour Timepiece

RAKETA Mens 24 Hour Watch

The numbers on the Raketa go up to 24 hours instead of the regular 12. It will help you determine the time more precisely, especially if you happen to live in a country where the night is longer than the day or vice versa. This unique vintage watch came out in 1957 in the USSR. Raketa, the brand, is one of the brightest symbols of USSR industrial greatness.

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11. 1953 Rolex Oyster Royal 6282 Men Watch

vintage watches

The 1953 Rolex oyster royal model is one of the rarest vintage watches in the world. It features a stainless steel tonneau case, a round metallic gold dial, gold and white Mercedes hands, and a slate grey seconds. The watch was made in the 1950s, so it is a genuine old-school item!

Women Vintage Watches

Unlike men’s vintage watches, the women’s versions usually have a jewelry side or design on it. The following old-school timepieces will really suit the women’s preference.

12. 1980’s Amitron Ladies Watch

vintage watches

We have shown many vintage timepieces that are specifically designed for men. Now, it is time for a specifically designed watch for ladies. This particular item is from the 1980s era. Consider this watch if you are looking for an excellent gift for your girlfriend or wife.

13. Marc Jacobs Women’s Old-school Timepiece

vintage watches

The vintage watch features a flashy golden-colored frame, perfect as a gift for your girlfriend and wife. The ideal time to give this watch is at their birthday party or anniversary.

14. Vintage Era Pearl and Crystal Elastic Watch 

vintage watches

The watch is very comfortable to wear at any time. You will not want to take it off. This vintage watch will be a worthy collection, as it features classic ivory pearls beads. It is a perfect accessory for many glamorous clothes at exotic parties.

15. Guess 21mm Petite Vintage-Inspired Watch

Guess 21mm Petite Vintage-Inspired Watch

The Guess model is an imported watch that will satiate your craving for vintage items. It utilizes durable mineral crystal gold that makes the frame scratchproof. In any case, the golden crystal color will enhance your charisma when you wear it!

Unisex Vintage Watches

The following list features watches suitable for both men and women. They will look excellent on feminine or masculine wrists. The unisex watch usually doesn’t have many shiny things.

16. Vintage TISSOT Watch

vintage watches

The watch utilizes wonderful Platina for the dials and markers. It creates a strong retro vibe. If you are looking for a rare and durable vintage item, this timepiece is the one. The stunning Platina watch is an excellent addition to your collection. Also, the unisex design means that it is suitable for all genders.

17. Soviet Watch POBEDA Buran

vintage watches

This classic watch from the USSR era features a silhouette of a polar bear and penguins. The quality of this vintage item is still top-notch. Initially, the historical timepiece was launched in 1946 to celebrate the victory of the Great Patriotic War, World War 2. Stalin himself approved the name of the watch and its characteristics!

18. Radiation Troops, Pobeda ZIM Timepiece

vintage watches

This classic Soviet watch has a radiation symbol inside it! It is one of the most pristine vintage timepieces from the golden age of the USSR. The item came out around the 1980s era. The brand is translated to “Victory!”, a famous Soviet brand. Despite the radiation symbol, it won’t emit radiation, so don’t worry! It is not from Chernobyl!

19. Ultra Rare Sturmanskie Gagarin Watch

vintage watches

This super rare watch is from the 1960s era. The design of the vintage watch uses Yuri Gagarin as its inspiration. He is the first person, a cosmonaut, to get to outer space. The old timepiece is still in excellent condition. The owner treated the item with a lot of care. So you better grab it fast since the stock is limited.

20. Pobeda Albatross Model

vintage watches

This old-school watch has many colors inside it! You can see a pink, red, black, and yellow band. It is made of stainless steel from the 1980s, just like the radiation watch. A person who likes colorful items will love to receive this vintage watch!

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21. Wine Barrel Watch

vintage watches

Have you ever found a watch that is made of a wine barrel? Age like a fine wine may be the best way to describe this watch. Vintage watches like these are works of art created from retired French and Austrian barrels. 

22. Casio Vintage Silver & Blue Digital Watch

vintage watches

Despite it not being an analog model like the rest, this digital watch is considered vintage. It is one of the early digital timepieces available. The Casio watch is water-resistant, which helps in the rainy season. The digital display also offers more accurate time measurement than the analog watch.

23. Vintage Quartz Timepiece

Fashion Wrist Watch 38 mm Vintage Quartz

While there are many vintage watches specifically designed for a specific gender, there are also unisex watches (suitable for both men and women). The round dial with Japanese quartz movement makes the timepiece an excellent time-teller.

24. Peugeot Vintage Timepiece

Peugeot Vintage Contoured Doctors Style Watch

The Peugeot vintage watch’s second and hour needles are separated to make the reader easily read what time it is. This model is supported by the Peugeot, so you can have a limited lifetime warranty and free battery replacement.

25. Vintage Sicura Breitling Jump Hour 1970’s Swiss Made

vintage watches

This is not an ordinary watch. The model is like a hybrid between analog and digital! Furthermore, the high-quality materials have allowed this watch to survive after all these years. The unique timepiece is always sought after due to its unusual shape and display.

Final Thoughts

What makes a watch becomes a valuable vintage item is not only the fact that it was made more than 20 years ago, although it is the most important reason for it. The design and material can also be considered as important because most of the times, Watch companies are no longer making watches with the same designs and materials as they were 20 years ago.

If you are vintage watch collector or lover, make sure you check out our list above as it includes some of the rarest and coolest vintage watches for you to own, such as the 1953 Rolex Oyster Royal 6282 Men Watch or the Vintage Sicura Breitling Jump Hour 1970’s Swiss Made.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What qualifies as a vintage watch?

The synonym of vintage is antique. A watch is qualified as a vintage if the age is more than 20 years old, inspired by the 20th-century era. The older the watch, the better.

How do you find out how much your watch is worth?

You can do some research like browsing and comparing the price in many online stores. Check the reference number of the dial is also an excellent way to find out the actual worth of the watch. You can also determine the watch’s value is from its age, material, manufacturer, grade, quality, and brand.

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