27 Vintage Gifts for Her That Are Very Special

Looking for the best vintage gift for a special woman in your life can be a bit tricky. There are lots of vintage gifts that you can find out there, but probably you need to dig deeper to find the perfect one for a special woman in your life, whether it’s your mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, or a dear friend who has a heart for vintage designs, decorations, or accessories.

If you have been looking for that perfect vintage gift in many places but nothing catches your attention so far, you might want to check our list below to find inspirations. We have gathered a list of 27 vintage gift ideas that will give you better ideas in choosing the perfect gift for her, who is someone who has a special place in your heart. 

BEST Vintage Gifts for Your Special Woman

1. Twine Vintage Trunk Wine Bottle Gift Box

Twine Vintage Trunk Wine Bottle Gift Box

For a special woman in your life who finds wine as a pleasant way to enjoy a quality time with her loved ones, this Twine vintage trunk wine bottle Gift Box is certainly the gift that will warm her heart. This adorable vintage trunk comes with an aged wood finish, cloth details, brass accents, and luggage strap with buckle closure.  

2. Supars House Vintage Desk Lamp

Supars House Vintage Desk Lamp

Women who love all about vintage will definitely love to have a new adorable vintage item to her collection of unique home decorations. This vintage desk lamp features a true vintage look, making it a perfect piece for any art-deco style room. Without a doubt, this is one of the best vintage gifts for her. 

3. Space Invaders 3D Arcade Coffee Mug

Space Invaders 3D Arcade Coffee Mug

We all know that today, arcade games are totally vintage and for that reason we recommend this vintage mug as a gift for your girlfriend, sister, or best friend. This retro themed game mug features a molded arcade design with Space Invaders art as the cover. One thing that is super cute about this mug is the joystick design of the handle. 

4. Vintage Vanity Mirror Tray

Vintage Vanity Mirror Tray

A special mother deserves this precious vintage vanity mirror as a multi-purpose item for displaying and organizing her jewelries, make-ups, and also perfumes. This artistic vintage mirror tray is also perfect as a wall hanging mirror in your mother’s bedroom or bathroom, which will also be a nice decoration in her home.

5. MCM Johnson Brothers Salad Plate

 Vintage MCM Johnson Brothers HIS Majesty Salad Plate

Another vintage gift for a lovely mother is this salad plate decoration that features a mid-century modern design, making it one of the best vintage gifts for individuals who love vintage style and design. The combination of brown, Teal and Pink create a perfect look to this retro-style salad plate, which will be an adorable home decoration.

6. Park Hill Collection Tricycle Planter

Park Hill Collection Vintage-Style Tricycle Planter

Add more joy to your special woman’s gardening routines with this lovely vintage-style tricycle planter. This classic item is a perfect gift for your mother or wife who loves vintage design as much as gardening. Made of solid iron, this planter is definitely perfect for your outdoor decorations.

7. Le Vintage Denim Jacket

Le Vintage Denim Jacket

A special teenager who loves vintage style is basically someone who truly deserves this Le Vintage denim jacket. London leaning swagger combined with the quality of the LA denim industry creates this vintage-inspired denim jacket, making it a perfect gift for a teenager to look cool for any occasion.

8. Vintage Photo Frame

Vintage Photo Frame

Every home needs to have at least one piece of photo frame like this adorable vintage photo frame, inspired by Victorian design. So if you’re looking for the best vintage gift for a special woman in your life, this adorable photo frame is the best option, as it will be a nice addition to her home decoration.

9. Grayson Lane Vintage Jewelry Box

Grayson Lane Vintage Jewelry Box

Who can resist this super adorable vintage-style jewelry box? A special vintage-lover girl in your life would love to have this precious in her bedroom. Made of solid wood with a reflective mirror as a unique feature, this jewelry box has 7 pull out drawers with ethnic printed patterns, undoubtedly one of the best vintage gifts for her.

10. Make-a-Mixtape


Bring the feeling of nostalgia to your wife‘s special day by giving her this wooden cassette, which links to the modern mix-tape in the form of a digital playlist. Create a personalized playlist on any digital music platform, and then add a personalized link (QR Code) to the backside of this wooden cassette, and your wife can scan the code using her phone, and start enjoying the playlist. To make it more special for your wife, add a special engraving on the front side and it will definitely become one of the most vintage gifts for her.

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11. Vintage Record Bottle Opener

Vintage Record Bottle Opener

Everytime we see a vinyl record, all we can think of is probably vintage, vintage, and vintage! Because, a vinyl record is all about vintage, and with this item, it’s also about a functional vintage item as it comes in the form of a bottle opener. So, what can be the best vintage gift for a special lady with a vintage soul better than this vintage record bottle opener

12. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

These so-called gadgets are probably one of the most nostalgic toys for those who spent their childhood in the 1980s or 1990s. If you plan on giving your mom a vintage gift for her special day this year, why not give her a personalized reel viewer? This cool vintage item can include snapshots of your favorite memories in a reel. Once all photos are set, you can then hand it to your mom to let her enjoy the feeling of nostalgia.

13. Vintage Succulents Puzzle

Vintage Succulents Puzzle

Have fun with this set of vintage succulent puzzles that comes as a 1,000-piece puzzle to ensemble, and discover the amazing retro-styled, botanical art piece once you’ve finished your work. Share the fun with a special girl in your life by having this vintage puzzle as a gift for her. Without a doubt, this puzzle is clearly one of the best vintage gifts for her. 

14. Personalized Vintage Amp Clock

Personalized Vintage Amp Clock

Any vintage-styled room must have this personalized vintage Amp clock, which is a timekeeping tribute to electric guitar amplifiers of the 1950s. Add this vintage item to any vintage-themed room in your special woman’s house now. In addition, make sure you don’t forget to make it more personal by adding her name in the nameplate on top.

15. Kate Aspen Blue Glass Tealight Holder

Kate Aspen Vintage Blue Glass Tealight Holder

Your mom or grandma would love to have this super vintage glass as part of their dining room decoration. As a product of Kate Aspen, this glass is not only perfect to create a shabby chic look, but also to build a vintage and retro ambience on to the room. Comes as a set of 4, this is clearly one of the sweetest vintage gifts for the sweetest mothers or grandmothers in your life.

16. Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

Please tell us that you fall in love with this vintage record player as much as we do! This adorable piece of record player is the perfect vintage gift for young girls and teenagers who love vintage style. Not to mention those who love old and classic songs, too. This turntable is undoubtedly classic and full of features, including built-in Bluetooth technology, built-in speakers, aux-in jack, RCA jack and headphone jack. 

17. Vintage Radio Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Vintage Radio Retro Bluetooth Speaker

This beautiful piece of vintage radio will take you back to the 50’s with its retro classic and aesthetic look. This vintage item was combined with the latest digital technology, including Bluetooth 4.2. So, pick this as a vintage gift for your girlfriend or sister, and let her enjoy this unique digital audio device with a 1950’s retro vibe. 

18. Kennedy Embossed Leather Travel Journals 

Vintage Kennedy Embossed Leather Travel Journals 

The best vintage gift for a woman with a love for vintage style is probably something to use and own for many years to come. It also needs to have that unique vintage design of course. Therefore, we recommend this Kennedy embossed leather journal as a gift for your special woman who love to write her stories in this 200-pages journal. Made of PU leather with an embossed owl on the cover, this is one of the best vintage gifts for her.

19. 1970’s Vintage Style Oversize Sunglasses

1970s Vintage Style Oversized Square Sunglasses

Sunglasses are basically one of women’s mandatory fashion items and it remains that way from time to time. Back in the old days, retro oversize sunglasses were in style. Today, it has become a vintage fashion item that most women are still using. For a woman who loves vintage style, this sunglasses features not only vintage look, but also UV protection that comes in three colors. 

20. Amaste Retro Style Coffee Maker

Amaste Retro Style Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee in the morning is going to be a pleasant experience with this retro-style coffee maker. Being a perfect vintage gift for any vintage-lover ladies out there, this coffee machine will give the option of adjusting the strength to anyone’s taste, including  mild, medium, and strong taste. 

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21. Ipekel Vintage Green and Gold Scarf

Vintage Green and Gold Scarf by Ipekel

Add a touch of vintage look to your mother’s appearance by having this smooth-looking scarf by Ipekel. This beautiful vintage scarf would be the perfect addition to any of your mom’s outfits. So add this nice vintage scarf to your mom’s collection now!

22. Vintage Ladies Watch

Vintage Ladies Watch

If you choose this vintage ladies watch as a special gift for your dear mother on her special day, you will take her to the good old days when small watches are still in fashion. Without a doubt, this adorable watch will give her a special feeling of nostalgia whenever she wears it on her wrist.

23. Feyarl Two Layers Rectangle Trinket Jewelry Box

Feyarl Vintage Two Layers Rectangle Trinket Jewelry Box

Any girl would be excited to have this unique vintage jewelry box to keep their jewelry, timepiece, or make up safe and secure. Made of high-quality metal, this box features a blue velvet inside to protect jewelry from dust or scratches. 

24. Yspace Lucky Clover Cameo Necklace

Yspace Lucky Clover Cameo Necklace

Jewelry will always be the perfect gift for all women out there. For a woman who’s into vintage style and design, a vintage jewelry will be the perfect gift for her to love and wear forever, just like this Lucky Clover Cameo Necklace. Featuring antique brass color, she doesn’t have to worry about metal tannish no more.

25. HAITRAL Vintage Edison Bulb Lamp

HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp Set of 2 - Vintage Edison Bulb Lamp

If you’re searching for a unique vintage gift for your teenage daughter, you might want to consider picking these vintage desk lamps that come in a set of two. This is a small rustic Edison desk lamp that punches a lot of light, and is able to brighten up your daughter’s room by itself. 

26. 1980’s Plastic Clip-on Charms for Chain 

 1980s Plastic Clip-on Charms for Chain

These tiny vintage clip-on charms will be a super cute addition to young girls’ style, whether to tagging it on their backpacks or as a pendant. The colorful vintage shape will bring out the vintage look in unique yet cute ways, and all teenage girls who love vintage design will be super excited to have this charm as a gift. 

27. 1970’s/1980’s Edwardian Themed Charmed Bracelet

1970s 1980s Edwardian Themed Charmed Bracelet

What can we say about this charm retro themed bracelet, as this lovely bracelet totally represents a vintage look with its 10 charms that include Large Heart, Hamsa Hand with Turquoise Color Bead, High-Top Lady Boots and more. If you’re looking for a vintage gift for your loved one, then this charm bracelet is the answer. 

Final Thoughts

For a special woman with an old soul and love all about Vintage stuff, you need to give a special vintage gifts that will put a smile on her face. The best way to do when it comes to choosing the perfect vintage gifts for her is by knowing exactly what she loves.

For instance, if she loves vintage jewelries, you can give her a classic and vintage watch or charm bracelet. You will be surprised to see that she will wear your gift everyday, since the item will be her new favorite item.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to get people who like vintage?

People who love vintage stuff would appreciate retro gifts. For instance, psychedelic hobbyist accessories, chrome coffee collections, gamified arcade cups, vintage-style decorations, or other similar gifts that will surely get the feeling of nostalgia flowing.

What are the best vintage gifts for a teenage girl?

Teenage girls with sweet characteristics who love old-fashioned things would be thrilled to have vintage stuff as gifts. Accessories like simple earrings, bracelets or necklaces are some of the nicest vintage gifts. Moreover, vintage clip-on charms is also good to add a vintage look to their bags or backpacks. 

What are the best vintage gifts for mom?

Picking the best gifts for mothers can be tough. But if your mom loves vintage stuff, some of the best gifts include vintage jewelry, a vintage women’s watch, a sweet vintage decorative plate, or a nice vintage-style scarf. 

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