41 Funky and Unique Drawer Pulls You Can Buy

It’s the simple things in life that make the biggest difference, even when decorating your room. Unique drawer pulls, and knobs are great examples of simple accessories that can completely transform your décor. You can choose them to match your plain drawers or cabinets, making them look more appealing.

Besides, such items allow you to easily pull to grab necessary things. Interested? Read on to discover some of the most exquisitely cool drawer knobs for the best transformative effect!

Unique Drawer Pulls & Knobs

Even though it looks trivial, drawer pulls and knobs are crucial to provide easy access for your stuff. Luckily, now you can find one with a variety of designs to match and decorate your furniture. If you wish you give an unusual touch, unique drawers and knobs may be your best bet to transform your room. Check out our curated list below!

#1 Blue Glass Knobs with Bubbles

Blue Glass Knobs with Bubbles

Looking for a way to add a dash of ethereal beauty to your indoor space? Why not try these out! They consist of light blue glass with bubbles and a silver base. How cool! The rounded shape of the handle also makes it easier to open your drawer. It will fit best for the wooden or glass drawers as the color seems flawless but fancy all in one package.

#2 Art Deco Brass Handles

Unique Drawer Pulls

For your art deco-themed bedroom or kitchen, how about trying out these pieces? They will not only complete your décor but also create visual interest. Its vintage, golden-tan color will easily blend in with your old wooden drawers. Copper-made cabinets are also great to match these pulls. Choose from four sizes that will fit your drawer best.

#3 Handcrafted Distressed Leather

Hiili & Kaala Leather Dresser Knobs

Unique drawer pulls don’t come any funkier than these! Made using distressed leather, they provide a complete sensory experience. Depending on your intended use, there are three different sizes you can choose from to match your drawer or cabinet. Nonetheless, such materials may be a bit fragile for those heavy drawers. Hence, we recommend pairing it with a stainless or metal one as they are lightweight compared to the wooden one.

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#4 Geometric Wood & Stone Fusion

Unique Drawer Pulls

Bring together the best of both worlds with this piece that combines wood and stone. It displays a luxurious and rustic impression in one unique item. You can install it on wooden drawers. Or, if you have a mini bar with a combination of granite and wooden cabinets, this pull will make an exquisite match. How much more unique can it get? What a way to introduce that wow factor you so need!

#5 Ceramic Melon

Ceramic Melon

For a fun touch that will never go out of style, this exquisite design is what you need. It is charming in every sense of the word and sure to command attention. Enchant your space with this simple yet unmistakable addition. Considering the vintage design, it would make an outstanding appeal for the metal-made cabinets, drawers, or even doors! Its white and black colors will undoubtedly blend in with the modern minimalist design of your furniture.

#6 Amber Glass Bubbles

Unique Drawer Pulls

Try these glass cabinet knobs that beg for a closer look. The coloring and bubbles on the inside create an air of mystery that is impossible to beat. Those combos also offer a luxurious look to your drawer. But to make a striking appeal, pair this knob with your white or black drawers to create a stunning contrast color.

#7 All Leather Thin Loop Drawer Pulls

Unique Drawer Pulls

Nothing could be cooler than a funky drawer pull in the shape of a loop made in leather. Not only does it look great, but it’s soft to the touch and pleasant on the eye. However, it may not be as versatile as those with stone or metal materials. For that reason, it will fit best for small drawers that don’t need a hard pull to access your stuff.

#8 Solid Brass Hexagon Knobs

Unique Drawer Pulls

Geometric shapes have a way of creating aesthetic interest in unique ways. With these pieces, your drawers would be fit for a castle. In addition to the geometrical shape, the golden color never ceases to give a chic impression. So, what are the best drawers that match this knob? Wooden ones! Moreover, it is available in four sizes so you can easily match your needs.

#9 Game of Thrones

Unique Drawer Pulls

For all the GoT enthusiasts in the house, nothing compares to these pieces. Featuring the House Stark sigil, it is a beauty to behold and a pleasure to touch. It gives a sense of the royal era, which was famous for its luxurious golden furniture, just like this unique pull. Not to mention the lion icon offers a dashing accent to your drawers.

With such a pull, whether you have a wooden or metal drawer, all will effortlessly blend in! But for the impressive appeal, the gray-colored drawer is a brilliant choice.

#10 Carraway Square Knobs by Wisdom Stone

Unique Drawer Pulls

If the effect you are looking for is spectacular, then you just found your perfect match! This jaw-dropping design features grade-A crystals on a zinc alloy base. Amazing, right? For designs like this, black-painted drawers are the best ones to allow the knob to sparkle. It will also effortlessly fit in the home with a modern minimalist interior design.

#11 Anchor Decor

Unique Drawer Pulls

Complete your nautical-themed décor with these beautiful anchor pieces. They come in brass and bring to life an old world where sailors roamed the seven seas. It features a vintage design that gives a wow whenever your friends spot this pull. But we don’t recommend having this kind of drawer knob around your kid’s area as the anchor design has sharp edges that will probably be dangerous for them.

#12 Crystal Drawer Pulls

Unique Drawer Pulls

Ever fancied having crystals adorn your furniture for an elegant touch? Well, this is probably as close as you can come without breaking the bank. Priceless, aren’t they? Try to pair them with baltic birch plywood drawers, which have a predominance of light gray to gray colors. Such a combination will offer a fancy, modern appeal to your room.

#13 Elephant Cabinet Knobs

Unique Drawer Pulls

Is there an animal lover in your life? Look no further than thee if you are scratching your head over a practical gift choice. They are fun, delightful and unique! It will make a bold statement to your room, knowing the elephant represents strength. And if you want to have good fortune, grab this to match your drawer. But again, this drawer pull features a design with two sharp ivory, which are not recommended for your children’s rooms.

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#14 Antique Brass Cute Bee

Unique Drawer Pulls

Introduce a little outdoor beauty into your indoor space with these beauties. The ornate detailing and antique finish combine to make them matchless in allure. You can install it to fill the empty spot on your dull drawers as well as decorate them. Its golden shade offers an extravagant look but with a touch of vintage vibe.

#15 Imprint Distressed Look

Unique Drawer Pulls

A distressed finish is a great choice if you are looking to add character to your cabinet or chest of drawers. With this piece, you get that and an unmistakable Bohemian charm. To highlight the Bohemian theme, you can set a drawer next to the hanging macrame. And for the fantastic appeal, black drawers are the best choice to pair with those knobs.

#16 Small Ceramic Vintage Designs

Unique Drawer Pulls

If you are wondering how to create a timeless visual effect with a funky drawer pull, wonder no more. This antique turquoise and brass piece will be forever stylish. Since the center is golden, you can match this pull with particle board drawers that have a wood grain pattern. If you have light blue drawers, that would be better!

#17 Lucite Chrome Nickel Drawer Pulls

Unique Drawer Pulls

Complete your contemporary décor with this sleek design. Blending together high quality and visual allure, they are a flawless choice. The long handle allows easy grip to open your doors or drawers. Meanwhile, its transparent design gives a luxurious, sophisticated impression. You can install it on white or black wooden doors for extravagant appeal.

#18 Cleopatra Unique Decorative Pull Handles

Unique Drawer Pulls

You cannot go wrong with a Cleopatra-inspired choice when it comes to unique drawer pulls. These are minimalistic yet impossible to miss; the perfect statement pieces! Its whimsical design may not fit everyone’s taste, but for those who fancy vintage themes, it’s the best deal. Instead of having one for your MDO drawers, wooden or cooper ones are the ideal bet.

#19 Antique Dummy Door Knobs

Unique Drawer Pulls

With dummy doorknobs like these ones, you can turn any cabinet or drawer into a visual feast. They sport an antique design that will hold its own for years to come. Having these knobs will make the interior of the room like an ancient kingdom. To allow these pairs to shine, set them for your black drawers or cabinets.

#20 Birdcage – Multipack

Unique Drawer Pulls

We all have that dreary piece of furniture that we simply cannot let go of. How about giving it a makeover with the innovative birdcage? Thank us later. Given the dark-tone brown color, it would be better to pair it with the lighter colors of your drawers, despite the materials.

#21 Antique Animal Bird & Insect Knobs

Unique Drawer Pulls

Showcase your love for all manner of living creatures with these funky drawer knobs. Whether your furniture is shabby chic or contemporary, it is a sight for sore eyes. They are made of metal that ensures a strong and everlasting design. You can have it with your plywood drawers to decorate the black space.

And in case you have kids, these characters will broaden their insights about animals. But remember to keep your eyes on them as some pulls have sharp edges.

#22 Polymer Clay Knobs

Polymer Clay Knobs

How about a splash of color to breathe life into dull furniture? These come in sets of four brilliantly hued artworks to add a personal touch to your space. Given the cheerful tones, these pulls will effortlessly match any drawers, be they dark or light shades. You can also set it on your kid’s cabinets to introduce them to colors.

#23 One Hole Square Black

One Hole Square Black

Laidback can be awesome, too, as you can tell from this stylish drawer pull design. Perfect for all the minimalists in the house, it is simple yet elegant! Its black color makes it easy to match any drawer materials. In addition, the pull comes in two different shapes that can suit your drawer design. We recommend following the shape of your drawer, for example, the square pull is for drawers with a similar shape, and so on.

#24 Copper, Bronze & Brass Vintage Dresser Pulls

Copper, Bronze & Brass Vintage Dresser Pulls

Dresser pulls come in all shapes and sizes, but this set beats them all in its own vintage way. Choose from antique brass, bronze, copper, and gold to find the perfect match for your space. If you want pulls that can blend in with all drawers’ designs and colors, the bronze one is your ideal pick. You can also go for a gold one for the luxurious appeal, while rose gold or copper is the best bet for unusual drawer decor.

#25 Hammered Rectangle Knob Multipack by Gliderite Hardware

A hammered look is a great choice if what you are after is a refined look. It is a touch of old-world charm that could fit any interior. And it would be particularly hard to miss. Thanks to its bold pattern, pairing the pull with black color won’t make the drawer look plain. You can also have it for your white cabinets for an even more striking decor.

#26 Antique Bronze Back Plate Drop Ring Pulls

Antique Bronze Back Plate Drop Ring Pulls

A floral design can give a whole new lease of life to a seemingly beat-down piece of furniture. These drop ring pieces in copper are all it takes to transform your space, one pull at a time. It also seems safer for your child’s drawers in their bedrooms, knowing no sharp edges popping up that may pose a threat. With such pulls, you will feel the vibes of ancient times, thanks to its timeless, vintage designs.

#27 Classic Gasoline and Automobile

Classic Gasoline and Automobile

You can use funky cabinet pulls and handles to tell your own little story. With this fun and unique collection, there is no end to the number of stories you can tell. What a way to keep things vibrant! To get along with the vibes, these knobs are perfect to match the drawers in your garage or basement. But if you are someone interested in automotive, this item is yours truly to have in your drawer’s bedroom.

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#28 Fox Woodland Decor

Fox Woodland Decor

Cannot have enough of the wild outdoors? Then how about bringing just a little bit of it indoors with these Unique Drawer Pulls? The adorable sleeping fox will knock your socks off in more ways than one. Match it with your antique drawers for the best pair. But if you have none, those with wooden patterns will make an awesome alternative.

#29 Modern T bar Cabinet Handles

In case your taste is more on the contemporary side, here is a set that will blow you away. Its simple shape and silver color make it the best choice since it can easily blend with any drawer design. In addition, its long handle also allows a comfortable grip. These minimalistic pieces come in varying sizes to suit your precise needs.

#30 Soft Modern Squares – Multipack

Soft Modern Square Knob Multipack

The rich matte on this set provides a perfect contrast against a wooden background. And the bold geometric shapes add to the allure and the timeless appeal. Not to mention the black color will make your old, dull drawer comes back attractive. You can pair these knobs with drawers of the same color for a dashing, neat, and modern look.

#31 Round Geometric Fusion

Round Geometric Fusion knobs

Why stop blending two worlds together when you can blend three? With these pieces, you get an elegant fusion of wood, mother of pearl, and resin. And the effect is simply flawless. It would make a stunning appeal with drawers made of a combination of granite and wood. If you have someone in your life with a passion in arts, this item will make one of the best gifts.

#32 Modern Brushed Nickel Steel

Modern Brushed Nickel Steel

Looking for something with a sleek and stylish edge, something unlike anything else you have seen? Well then, feast your eyes on these beauties! No matter what room you have in mind, they have what it takes to wow you and everyone else. Nonetheless, we recommend having it on your front doors or cabinets in your living room to vividly spark a sophisticated feel around the spot.

#33 Industrial Steampunk

Industrial Steampunk

It does not get any more unique than this, does it? Embrace your steampunk side with a dash of industrial style. Made using pipes in a matte lacquer finish, they are matchless. If your house has a modern, industrial interior design, try to match this pull with your furniture. You can start with drawers and cabinets that have a wooden pattern. We also recommend those with gray colors to fit the handle best.

#34 Boho Rattan Drawer Knob

Bohoify 6pc Boho Rattan Knobs for Dresser

Transform your drawer into a rustic style with this bohemian rattan pull. It is made of 100% natural rattan that will add such alluring appeal to your cabinet. Its lightweight can ease you to open and close your drawer. Try to combine it with black or brown plywood drawers for a more striking bohemian accent. Interested?

#35 Crystal T-Bar Style Handle

JORCC Crystal T bar Knobs

Any crystal lover here? Well, you may be captivated by this unique drawer pull! It is a crystal T-bar style to turn your old-fashioned drawer into a modern one. The T-shaped handle has an ergonomic design that makes pulling out the drawer easier. They are also available in several attractive colors for you to choose from following your taste.

#36 Blue Agate Drawer Pull

Set of 6 Blue Agate Knobs for Dresser Drawers Gold Kitchen Bathroom

Finding a perfect drawer pull for your aesthetic cabinet may be tricky. But look at this mesmerizing pair of knobs! The blue color from the agate stone looks so stunning, making your dull drawers look more captivating. Gemstone lovers definitely can’t resist such charming touch to their drawers. For a chic appeal, you can pair it with your ply wood drawers with a wooden pattern or simply plain black ones.

#37 Sunflower Drawer Knob

Sunflower Drawer Knob

Add some sunshine to your cabinet by putting these beautiful sunflower drawer pulls! The knobs come in a pack of 6, and each of them is very well designed. You can see the details on the flower petals, and the iconic yellow color looks stand out and is lively. Considering its bright tone, it would shine on dark tones of drawers or cabinets.

#38 Antique Brass Ring-shaped Drawer Pulls

Antique Brass Ring-shaped Drawer Pulls

For an old-school wardrobe, you should get a matching antique handle for the drawers or doors. So, we recommend this elegant brass ring-shaped drawer pull because of its antique design. The thick copper rings look a bit weathered, adding a solid retro and rustic vibe to your furniture.

Besides, such a design will bring back the ancient vibes around your room. Meanwhile, the gold and a touch of copper color add a luxurious touch that doesn’t overwhelm the antique handle.

#39 Old-school French-style Drawer Pulls

Old-school French-style Drawer Pulls

Here is more antique drawer pulls to complement your cabinets! This one features an old-school french style that looks classy. You get to see the beautiful curves and their little details, classing up your wardrobe. The weathered old metal color really does remind you of the rustic provincial french design. Pair this pull with your grey plywood drawers or cabinets to mimic the ancient French-era furniture.

#40 Bohemian Drawer Knob

Bohemian Drawer Knob

If you have a boho room decor, your cabinet will need bohemian drawer knobs to match the vibe. This particular know features an intricate golden moon and mandala sun design over the black base. And for that reason, having this round-shaped knob will polish your boring drawer or cabinet into a fancy, modern one. Also, it will add lovely little details to your room and an interesting gypsy vibe. Pair it with your white or black furniture to create a stunning appeal.

#41 Brass and Wood Drawer Pulls

Brass and Wood Drawer Pulls

The unique combination between the golden brass and the brown wood creates an elegant handle for your drawer. The wooden stick uses walnut and is unpainted to showcase the beautiful woodgrains. Meanwhile, the brass that holds the wood looks shiny and won’t rust easily. Truly the perfect combo to make your cabinet looks more classy. In addition, the combination of gold and wooden handle makes this item suitable to match any drawer design.

Final Thoughts

Drawer pulls, or knobs may seem trivial, but they can make it easier for you to reach and store things in your drawers. The various designs also allow you to match your furniture. However, make sure you choose one that is the right size for your drawer, as too big or too little will mess up their appeal. Also, adjust to your needs. For example, if you have kids and your drawers are low, choose the ones without sharp edges for safety reasons. Unique drawer pulls, and knobs are attractive, but what’s that for if they can harm them? So, choose wisely!

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First, you must pay attention to the size of your drawer, whether it is a big one or a small one. Second, the drawer pull should have an ergonomic design to ease pulling out your drawer, like the crystal T-bar style handle. Whether they are funky or unique drawer pulls, it is better to consider the design first before buying one. Third, choose a color that matches your drawer best.

Whether your interior décor is vintage, steampunk, contemporary, or everything in between, we have you covered. With unique drawer pulls, knobs, and handles, the only limit is your imagination.

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