25 Cool Shift Knobs As Companions In Your Long Trip

Cool shift knobs are better than a plain one, don’t you agree? Cool shift knobs not only for an artistic purpose but also to prevent the driver from doing a micro-sleep because the looks of the shift knob are not boring at all.

There are many cool shift knobs that are ready to be your companion on your long trip. The artistic and funny design will help you enjoy your trip more, it is more helpful than it looks.

Cool Shift Knobs – Our 3 Best Picks

Shift Knob for Anime LoversShift Knob for Funny PeopleShift Knob for Star Wars Fans
Universal Dragon Ball ZBargains Naughty Skull HeadDarth Vader Head
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Best Shift Knobs That Companion Your Long Trip

1. Lego Skull Head Gear Knob

cool septum rings

Spooky cool shift knobs are not bad at all. The skull head will add a thrilling sensation to your trip with a car. The material that is used to make these skull shift knobs are solid polyurethane resin that protects the gear. If you have friends that like horror films, you should give this to them as a gift.

2. Billiard Pool Ball

cool septum rings

A billiard ball theme as your shift knobs will make your car more stylish than ever. The cool shift knobs are suitable for manual and automatic shifters. A billiard player should have these shift knobs.

3. Grenade Gear Knob

cool shift knobs

Cool shift knobs with a war theme surely will make your long trip more enjoyable. The grenade shift knob is suitable for a jeep. Therefore, this is a perfect gift for a Jeep owner who is a fan of the world war era or story.

4. Universal Dragon Ball Z

cool shift knobs

Dragonball is one of the famous manga and a pioneer of this era’s manga such as one piece, Naruto, and bleach. A dragon ball that can grant wishes as your cool shift knobs sound brilliant doesn’t it? Your otaku friend would be happy if you give them this dragon ball for their car.

5. Lego Head Gear Knob

cool septum rings

Just look at the shift knob, it looks tough and brave. If your trip is disturbed or there is a change of plan that ruins your mood, this lego shift knob might release your stress. Since kids play lego, you should give this to your friend who has a kid.

6. Dumbbell Shift Knob

cool septum rings

A long trip will make you miss your gym session. If you feel like missing it, you should consider this dumbbell shift knob for your car. This lightweight shift knob will make you more eager to train and reduce the sad feeling of missing a gym session. A person who goes to the gym often should have this shift knob.

7. 3D Printed Knob

cool septum rings

The 3D shift knob is customizable as you please. The shift knob will make your inside’s car more artistic. You can order this as a gift to your friend who likes many shapes or has flexible taste.

8. Holographic Black

cool septum rings

An outer space and full of stars theme will make you feel like an astronaut that drive a car with these cool shift knobs. The shift knob is suitable for any car, in other words, universal fit. You can also order other colors that you see fit, but a black color has a unique space theme. 

9. Orange with Black Metal Flake

cool septum rings

An orange nuance with a metal flake will make your car look more stylish and it is hard to resist not touching it. The universal fit makes it suitable for any car, but it is suitable for a person who has a kid due to its cute color and shape.

10. Diamond Shift Knob

cool shift knobs

Fond of jewelry? This diamond shift knob may suit you. The beautiful design will make your trip not boring at all. Cool shift knobs like these are a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife if they like jewelry so much.

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11. Rose Gear Shift Knob

cool shift knobs

Rose is beautiful, isn’t it? Cool shift knobs like these will make your car feel like in the park with a beautiful rose without a thorn in it. Not only to make your car beautiful but also a perfect gift for your spouse on valentine’s day or wedding anniversary. Especially if she likes flowers.

12. Gold Truck Katana Samurai Sword

cool shift knobs

Do you have a dream to go to Japan or are you a big fan of samurai? This gold truck katana samurai is suitable if you want to make a Japanese nuance in your car. When you shift your gear, it will feel like you unsheath a sword instead of shifting your gear. A big fan of samurai will surely be happy to receive this as a gift.

13. Car Gear Shift Knob Cover Pillow

cool shift knobs

Cool shift knobs can be categorized as cute shift knobs too. This shift knob is inspired by the Garfield series with an additional boxing glove shape making it a must-have for your car. The troll expression will make you stay awake on your long trip.

14. Universal Blue LED Skull Eyes

cool shift knobs

A long trip is not only at noon but also at night. The universal blue LED skull eyes are not just for show only. The blue LED will help you see your shift knob at night which is helpful for your safety on your trip. A short-sighted person should have this shift knob.

15. Universal Blue Dragon Ball Z

cool shift knobs

Original Dragonball series has an orange color for its dragon ball. How about a blue one if you like blue better like super Saiyan blue in the Dragonball Super series? If you have a friend who is a Dragonball fan and his/her favorite color is blue, you should send this to them as a gift.

16. Car Snake Head ABS Gear


A snake in your car is ready to make your trip more thrilling than ever. The black snake is suitable for a manual and an automatic car. The blue LED is good if you are going for a long trip at night. A reptilian geek will love this snake in his/her car.

17. Marvel Spiderman Shift Knob

cool shift knobs

Spiderman no way home movie is one of the best movies that has been aired and this spiderman shift knob will help you remember the famous hero in that series. If you know a marvel fan, consider this as a gift if you want to give them a surprise.

18. Bargains Naughty Skull Head Knob

cool shift knobs

The surprised expression of the skull makes it one of the cool shift knobs to must-have at your car. This skull will make you shift faster than the original shift knob. If your friend has a habit of driving a car fast, this skull will help them do the job.

19. Marble Ball Shift Knob

cool shift knobs

Have you ever been to one of the gaming stations? There are cool shift knobs for racing simulation gaming. If you miss that simulation, you can buy this and put it in your shift knob. If your friend likes a racing simulation, you should give this shift knob to them.

20. Darth Vader Head Shift Knob

Darth Vader Head Shift Knob

The famous quote “Luke, I am your father” comes from this character, Darth Vader of the star wars. Darth Vader will offer his service to you as a shift knob to make your long trip feel more lively than any other trip you have been so far. A star wars fan without a doubt should have this shift knob in their car.

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21. Shift Knob with Fist Design

Shift Knob With Fist Design

Prior to this shift knob, we saw a boxing glove with Garfield motif in it. There are also cool shift knobs that use bare fist as their design too. The bare fist points to the top which means this shift knob symbolizes uppercut. If you have a friend who usually fights with his own bare hands, this shift knob will suit him/her.

22. Pokeball Pikachu Poke Ball Knob

Pokeball Pikachu Poke Ball Manual Gear Shift

Pokemon fans would be excited if they know that there are cool shift knobs like this in the online store. The poke-ball-shaped shift knob is suitable for Japanese cars such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Nissan, etc. This cute shift knob will make you think if the poke-ball will transform into Pikachu one day.

23. Japanese Manual Knob

Japanese Manual Shift Knob

The Japanese letter sure is difficult to read for someone who doesn’t understand the Japanese language. But, Otaku and Japanese people surely will interpret this shift knob easily without a problem. A surprise gift like this to an otaku or a Japanese driver if you have one will make them happy.

24. Frankenstein Monster Knob

Frankenstein Monster Shift Knob

Frankenstein monster will make a spooky sensation in the car which is perfect for a horror film enthusiast. Because it is made of rubbers, the shift knob is durable just like the real Frankenstein.

25. Crystal Transparent Bubble Knob

Crystal Transparent Bubble Shift Knob

Cool shift knobs like these look-alikes with an orb that is usually used by a seer to see what the future behold. The transparent shift knob and bubble inside it make your car’s nuance feel fresh and make you ready to go for a long trip.

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