25 Unique Bonsai Pots To Scale Up Your Space Decor

Whether you are a newbie or an expert on bonsai, we are here to help you choose your uncommon or unique bonsai pot for the first time or for re-potting needs. The selection of unique bonsai pots will be based on the plant’s size. 

No worries about its quality, you can surely pick the perfect piece from our curated choices which mostly are made of long-lasting material and weatherproof. Even more remarkable, each bonsai pot has a distinct design and special style to add an aesthetic or artistic element to your decor. Additionally, some of these unique bonsai pots have a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent over-watering and a tray below to collect excess water.

What Pot Should You Put Your Bonsai In?

You should put your bonsai in a unique bonsai pot which depends on the plant’s size. You would better pick a pot that is made of long-lasting material and weatherproof. Consider choosing the pot which has a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent overwatering and a tray below to collect excess water.

Does Bonsai Need A Special Pot?

Even though bonsai has a smaller size compared to the real size of fruity trees and flowery plants, it needs a special pot, which size is not too tiny. Its pot had better feature a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent overwatering and a tray that can collect excess water to keep the table clean. 

Best Bonsai Pots for Your Plant

1. Camera Replica Planter by Rolleiflex

Camera Replica Planter by Rolleiflex

Create comfort to your decor or grant a memorable gift for your mates with this unique bonsai pot by Rolleiflex. Rolleiflex is the name of a long-running and diverse line of high-end cameras originally made by the German company Franke & Heidecke, and later Rollei-Werk. Thanks to its natural beeswax to process the whole black line, the planter has a noble black color and delicate aroma.

2. Takeout Box Planter

Takeout Box Planter

Use this unique bonsai pot to add an oriental ornament to your decor! This 3D printed takeout box planter has a large size, 3.5″ by 3.5″ top and 5″ tall. Not to mention that it has a distinct design with all-white color and pagoda printing on it, making the pot even more stunning!

3. Minimalist Modern Bonsai Pot

Minimalist Modern Bonsai Pot

Looking for a unique bonsai pot with a minimalist modern design? Here is our perfect pick for anyone who wants to show off their bonsai skill. A high-quality material gives a guarantee that this pot will not deteriorate or warp when exposed to the sun, rain, and cold. It features 2 large drainage holes with fitted mesh inserts that slot in place when adding soil. Moreover, smaller holes allow for anchor wire and aeration, and pre-assembled feet keep the container off the ground.

4. Dark Stoneware Bonsai Pot

Dark Stoneware Bonsai Pot

This traditionally shaped bonsai pot is handcrafted with a rich dark stoneware material and finished in a medley of glazes. Its beautiful body is dark and gritty stoneware. In addition, its glaze finish is interesting – it has depth, shine, and flashes of teal blue. You can also see the snowy white glaze melts over the rim. It is also a perfect pot for keshiki bonsai, small cacti, succulents, and seedlings.

5. Retro Round Bonsai Pot

Retro Round Bonsai Pot

The unique bonsai pot comes in a retro style with a round shape which is suitable for home gardening exhibitions. It has ideal moisture absorption, ventilation, and drainage performance. Because the sintering strength of this pot is tough, the texture is dense and the water absorption is relatively small, so it has slow drainage performance and maintains air permeability, which is very suitable for planting.

6. Levitating and Rotating Bonsai Pot

Levitating and Rotating Bonsai Pot

If you are looking for a really rare and uncommon or unique bonsai pot, this magical magnetic bonsai pot is the cool choice because it is able to float in the air. The patented silent magnetic levitation technology supports the pot to float without any noise during rotation. Additionally, the pot is made from natural and eco-friendly materials like resin. Besides, it is easy to install and maintain.

7. Little Princess Bonsai Pot

Little Princess Bonsai Pot

Pure, pretty, witty, and wonderful girl characters inspire the creation of this group of girls’ bonsai pots. Those qualities will surely brighten up any window seal or work desk. With a drainage hole, the water can flow through the soil and into the saucer below. It is a handmade product with resin material, adding another uniqueness to this product.

8. Humanoid Bonsai Pot

Humanoid Bonsai Pot

Looking for a pair of unique bonsai pots with durable and not easily deformed material? Then you just found it! We have pots from ceramic material which is corrosion-resistant. Additionally, the distinct humanoid design makes the planter full of artistry as a delightful decoration to your home or office.

9. Multipurpose Bonsai Pot

Multipurpose Bonsai Pot

We believe this multipurpose bonsai pot will become a peaceful presence in your park because of its natural touch and unique design. If you use it indoors or outdoors on a table, you can put a saucer under the pot to receive the excess water. Furthermore, this planter is made of ceramic material, uses high-quality clay, and is baked at high temperatures, so these pots are heat and cold-resistant.

10. Vintage Style Ceramic Bonsai Pot

 Vintage Style Ceramic Bonsai Pot

This unique bonsai pot is beautifully made from premium, high-end and durable ceramic baked at high temperature, resulting in colors that will not fade with time. Moreover, the delicate detailing and shiny coating add a magnificent look to this pot. From outdoor options for your patio and garden to indoor for your windowsill and tabletop, this bonsai pot will certainly bring a good vibe to any space. And so, you won’t have to worry about cracks or breaking your pots that easily.

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11. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

Unique Bonsai Pots

Bring the essence of nature and meditative relaxation to your life with this bonsai kit. It contains everything you need to cultivate a grove of miniature trees that you foster along, from seedling to bonsai forest. Moreover, the pot features redwood and moss seeds, a growing medium, seedling training pots, bonsai shears, river stones, detailed directions, and a steel grow box.

12. Desert Rose Bonsai

Unique Bonsai Pots

Good news for humans who live or work alone and need a peaceful conversational partner! Some research studies show that plants do listen. They respond well to classical music. This bonsai kit is clean, compact, and self-watering, just right for a sunny desk or windowsill. Furthermore, the clever terracotta pot sends moisture and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots, leaving you to twiddle your thumbs. The plants root in coco pith so there is no messy dirt.

13. Stone Like Concrete Bonsai Pot

Stone Like Concrete Bonsai Pot

Bring a little bit of nature into your home with this unique bonsai pot. It is made of durable concrete for indoor use. The planter pot is suitable as a display as well as functional. It can be used as an excellent display for small live plants on your home, office or windowsill but can also be used to hold and organize a variety of other miscellaneous items, such as candles, pens and office supplies. Besides, each pot has a hole on the bottom to allow water to drain through the soil so your plant stays healthy.

14. Big Terracotta Bonsai Pot

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Experience the pleasure of planting with this unique bonsai pot. This terracotta pot features a drain hole at the bottom and comes with a bamboo saucer, which is an ideal pot for your plants. Moreover, your balcony will come to life, brighter, and full of artistic sense, thanks to this beautiful bonsai. Therefore, this pot will undoubtedly be perfect for decorating your garden, patio, or home office.

15. Round Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Round Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Add an aesthetic element to your home by keeping clean with the unique bonsai pot which is made from ceramic material. It features a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent overwatering and a bamboo tray can collect excess water to keep the table clean. Furthermore, you can decorate outdoor areas such as patio and garden, and indoor areas such as desks, windowsills, kitchens, and counters.

16. Unique Unglazed Bonsai Pot

Unique Unglazed planter

Looking for a unique bonsai pot with a simply stunning design style? Then this unique unglazed pot is a perfect piece to collect. This pot is made by Koyo, a long-time Tokoname based potter. Tokoname has been associated with ceramics production since Japan’s golden period in 794 AD. He is well-known for great glazes. And for that reason, this unglazed one will be great for a Bunjin style tree.

17. Unique Bonsai Pot by Kutani

Unique Bonsai Pots

The unique bonsai pot was traditionally made by the Kutani guild in Japan. Kutani is a collective potter that generally focuses on painted pots. Therefore, each of the painted pots they produce is one of a kind. It will surely add an artistic element to your home with the ancient touch.  

18. Unique Sculpture Bonsai Pot

Unique Bonsai Pots

The unique bonsai pot comes with a contemporary-styled humanoid sculpture. It is made of premium resin material so it is safe and non-toxic. The pot features a black and white pot which can be a desktop decoration for the office or home.

19. Green Moss Bonsai Pot

Unique Bonsai Pots

Nourish nature by planting in this unique bonsai pot! These green moss pots are absorbent, breathable, corrosion-resistant, and not easy to deform. With a strong woven design, it will last for years. Moreover, it is easy to clean and easy to transport your plants with these pots.

20. Marble Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Marble Ceramic planter

Made of high-quality marble ceramic material, this unique bonsai pot is perfectly carved with fine stripes to add a sense of contemporary art. It has drainage holes for watering, thus it can be used to decor outdoors like patio and garden, and indoors like a windowsill, desktop, kitchen, and living room. 

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21. Mini Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Mini Glazed Ceramic planter

Welcome contemporary style into your home with this set of 4 unique bonsai pots. They are composed of high-quality ceramic material with a smooth finish for long-lasting durability. Those pots are perfect for table ornament, windowsill decoration, or bookshelf. Hence, you will want them in your home as they will invite fresh vibes into any room they reside in.

22. Green Glaze Bonsai Pot

Green Glaze planter

Fill your home with a brand new refreshing vibe with this unique bonsai pot! Bring freshness and greenery in the most elegant way with this green glazed bonsai pot! It will indeed be great decorative items to display as ornaments or centerpieces on your windows or tables, thanks to its vibrant color. Moreover, each one is carefully molded and baked in high temperature from top-quality clay, creating a compact design that you will absolutely love!

23. Blue Glaze Bonsai Pot

Blue Glaze planter

Get a good and fresh vibe with this unique bonsai pot! This blue glazed bonsai pot is definitely an attractive and aesthetic decor for your home. It is made of durable rich glazed ceramic with smooth finishing which is weatherproof. In addition, it features wire and drainage holes on its feet that allow water to flow throug easily.

24. Hawaiian Bonsai Pot

Hawaiian planter

Transform your home into a thriving tropical paradise with this unique bonsai pot! Potted in a beautifully carved rock, this Hawaiian bonsai can grow in dim-lit conditions and low humidity, making them great for beginners and the indoors, while the radially arranged leaves fill your home with tropical charm. In addition, this evergreen indoor bonsai features thin trunks with an abundance of small leaves shaped like tiny umbrellas, while upright blooms with tiny black and orange-red berries.

25. Very Big Bonsai Pot with Gardenia

Unique Bonsai Pots

Soothe your senses and add a timeless piece of decor to your environment with this unique bonsai pot! A jewel among flowering plants, this gardenia bonsai comes with an evergreen shrub and white or cream-colored flowers that bloom from May through July, offering you a sweet-scented fragrance for a refreshing and uplifting effect. So, there is no doubt that the blooming flowers can amaze any bonsai lover who takes a glance at them.

Final Thought

A bit of advice for you who are looking for the best pots for your bonsai, make sure you pick the right size of the pot. If your space is not too big, then go for small to medium size pot. But if you have a large space for your bonsai collection, picking a nice large pot is a great idea. It can be a great center point of your bonsai garden. In short, it’s better to do some measurement, both on the available space and bonsai size, before you go for pot shopping.

Latest Posts :

When should you repot your bonsai?

Repot your bonsai when the roots circle around the root system. The best time to repot your bonsai is in the early spring while trees are still dormant and the buds begin to swell. Trees are not sustaining full-grown foliage so the damaging effect of repotting is minimized. Repotting in early spring ensures damage done to the root system will be quickly repaired as soon as the tree starts growing.

Can you use regular potting soil for bonsai?

Yes you can certainly use regular potting soil when planting bonsai trees. Bonsai trees do not need any special soil except for the ingredients such as akadama, pumice, lava rock, organic potting compost, and fine gravel that is normally found in potting soil. You need a substrate that drains well and does not stay wet too long as well as allows a lot of gas exchange.

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