25 Cool Olive Oil Dispenser for Your Kitchen

Do not underestimate the role that olive oils take part in our lives. Indeed, this particular liquid fat is essential for many aspects of our lives. Besides being one of the most used ingredients in the culinary world, they can be very beneficial as a skin care and natural lubricant. Various religions also used olive oil as a part of their practice.

As any precious things in our lives, it is important that we store olive oils safely, considering their sensitive nature. But who’s to say that we can’t find any cool olive oil dispensers? As a matter of fact, that’s the reason why we’re here. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Which Material Is Best for Oil Dispensers?

Olive oils are famous for being sensitive. A little change in the environment will be enough to make them change rapidly. It’s the reason why you’ll need to find a material that is able to condense and lock the olive oil, both from incoming changes as well as leakage. With that knowledge in mind, ceramics and metals will certainly be the best material for it. 

BEST Olive Oil Dispensers – Our 3 Best Picks

Modern Olive Oil DispenserHandmade Olive Oil DispenserSpray Olive Oil Dispenser
Belwares Oil DispenserCeramic Oil Dispenser210 ML Oil Dispenser
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Cool Olive Oil Dispenser That Elegant

Let’s start with the conventional ones. These cool olive oil dispensers might not look as spectacular, but they are very elegant and cool to display.

1. Zeppoli Oil Dispenser Set

Zeppoli Oil Dispenser Set

This two-set cool olive oil dispenser will come in a stainless-steel rack accompanied by a removable fork. With its classic style, there’s no denying that this beauty has earned a spot on the list.

2. Bluelands Olive Oil Dispenser

Bluelans Kitchen Leakproof Olive Oil

To store olive oils, you need to make sure that your dispenser is completely leak-proof. That’s the reason why we’d recommend you to try out Bluelands Olive Oil Dispenser. It’s small stature also made it even cuter.

3. Belwares 2-pack Oil Dispenser

Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set - 2 Pack Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Looking for various sizes of cool olive oil dispensers? Worry not, because Belwares has got you covered. In this 2-pack dispenser, you’ll get a stylish take on a 500 ml and a 250 ml bottle.

4. Flyboo Olive Oil Dispenser

Flyboo Olive Oil Dispenser

Practical should be one of the criteria you’re looking for in finding a cool olive oil dispenser. If that’s the case already, you’ll find Flyboo Olive Oil Dispenser as one of the main targets for your cart! It’s so easy to use and clean.

5. Uxcell Automatic Olive Oil Dispenser

Uxcell Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Do not let this cute looking dispenser fool you! Beneath its petite appearance, this dispenser is so easy to clean. Its automatic flip lid also helps you from some troubles in the kitchen.

6. OXO Good Grips Dispenser

OXO Good Grips Dispenser

This dispenser looked more like a tumbler than an oil container, right? However, you cannot ask anything more from it. Besides having a large capacity, this dispenser also provides a two-way speed for pouring.

7. Wooden Tray Olive Oil Dispenser

Wooden Tray Olive Oil Dispenser

This elegant set is a match made in heaven. With a royal design that comes in a wooden tray, you cannot tell us that you won’t be satisfied after obtaining this item. Plus, you will get two dispensers!

8. 210 ML Olive Oil Dispenser

Olive Oil Sprayer Dispenser Cooking BBQ Vinegar Pump Kitchen Bottle Tools 210ML

To end our first category, we will be recommending yet another small-sized olive oil dispenser. With its premium and high-grade material, this particular container is suitable for different kinds of liquids, ranging from olive oil, vinegar to soy sauce.

9. Ceramic Oil Dispenser

Ceramic Oil Dispenser

First up, we got this carefully made oil dispenser. With its artistic design, you can’t help but gaze with awe! Plus, this dispenser is made up of ceramics, which gives out a very retro vibe for you.

10. Turkish Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser

Ceramic Oil Bottle,Turkish Olive Oil Bottle

Next up, we got an even cooler ceramic oil dispenser. This particular bottle is made up using Turkish ceramics. All of the designs that you see on the pic above are completely handmade. Pretty awesome, right?

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11. Pottery Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser

Pottery Ceramic Oil

Let’s keep the ceramic oil dispenser hype going on! Here is another handmade ceramic oil bottle, complete with classic paintings that will fit perfectly into your kitchen. All of those drawings are made with hand embossed paint.

12. Recycled Olive Oil Dispenser

16.1 oz. Olive Branch Recycled Glass Cruet

A versatile kitchen apparel is always welcomed in a stylish house. This cool olive oil dispenser seemed to fit the criteria. However, the best part of this dispenser is the fact that it is crafted from recycled materials.

13. Vintage Olive Oil Dispenser

olive oil dispenser, Silver Maple/Fern

If we’re going to pick the best olive oil dispenser purely on how vintage it looks, this particular bottle might be the winner. Just take a look at the shape and drawings. Such a beauty, and you’ll be very fortunate to own one.

14. Handblown Olive Oil Dispenser

Handblown Glass Olive Oil Pourer

Looking to fill up empty spaces in your kitchen with big items? This might quite help! Although they have a unique design in size, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. The Greece-inspired design also helps in getting more points.

15. Cool Ceramic Oil Dispenser

Olive oil bottle, ceramic oil dispenser, olive oil cruet

Still looking for more ceramic olive oil dispenser? Then you’re in a luck. This unique and cool olive oil dispenser will fit perfectly with a rusty-themed kitchen. Besides, they are able to contain a large amount of oil. No harm in considering right?

16. Typhoon Olive Oil Dispenser


Rub this cool olive oil dispenser and state three of your wishes. Nope, of course we’re just messing around. However, there’s no denying that it’s really similar to a genie lamp. Plus, it will suit right into your kitchen.

17. Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser

Stainless Steel Oil

This vintage-looking olive oil dispenser looks more like a Thai Tea container, eh? But mind the shape, this particular bottle will be the perfect bottle to store your olive oil.

18. Olive Oil Sprayer

LNGOOR Olive Oil Sprayer Mister,Food-grade Glass Bottle Oil and Vinegar Dispenser for BBQ

Wait, what are you doing spraying sanitizers on food? Well, take a look again. It’s just a creative take on a cool olive oil dispenser. Spray those oils while cooking with this beauty.

19. Olive Oil Dispenser with Lid

Oil & Vinegar Dispenser Set. Glass Bottle with Handle & Lid

Can we all agree that this particular dispenser kicks ass? Besides, it really works well for different kinds of cooking oil. To top that off, a lid that makes it look more like a wine bottle.

20. Vietri Olive Oil Container

24 oz. Lastra Olive Oil Cruet

This list just keeps getting better and better. This cool olive oil container will serve its purpose well while making your kitchen better. The shape, which resembles a liquor bottle, makes it all the more unique too.

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21. Cascade Olive Oil Dispenser

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Glass Bottle 350 ML

In any way you want to try to look at it, this dispenser is a little weird. Well, weird in a good way, though. A unique shape such as this is always on the list for collectors. On the bright side, the sprout on this dispenser makes it easier for the olive oil to fall.

22. Hand Painted Olive Oil Dispenser

Hand Painted

There’s something simple and elegant from this ceramic olive oil dispenser. With a hand painted drawing on the bottom part, this cool olive oil dispenser also falls under the exotic category. This bad boy is also leakproof!

23. “Pisa Tower” Ceramic Oil Dispenser

“Pisa Tower” Ceramic

If you are looking to find a conventional oil dispenser to fit into your kitchen, then this beauty won’t suit you. But if you’re into something exotic, then you are in the right place. The reason why we name it the “Pisa Tower” oil dispenser is based on its sloping stature. But don’t worry, this handmade ceramic dispenser is still easy to clean.

24. EVOO Stoneware Oil Dispenser

EVOO Stoneware Dispenser

Looking for an olive oil dispenser with an easier handle to avoid a slip up? This cool olive oil dispenser is the perfect suit for the job. The handle is also directly integrated to the dispenser, which makes it way cooler.

25. Olive Oil Sprayer

Oil Sprayer

To end our list of cool olive oil dispensers, we will be recommending this beauty. An olive oil dispenser painted with a gold top seemed to be a good match. With its transparent bottle, you won’t need to worry about mixing it up with other oils.

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