25 Best Weird Gifts for Special People

Being weird doesn’t always have a bad connotation. If we look at it from another perspective, weird people are creative people with a different way of thinking from the average person. And of course, they can make an unforgettable impression. Therefore, if you want to give a gift to them, the gift must also be different from the usual. So a weird gift will also stand out among other items.

If you want to give your friend a weird gift, check out the list of items below. We’ve compiled a wide range of brilliant ideas for choosing the best weird gifts for your relatives. Get the item right away and prepare yourself to get an unusual reaction from the gift recipient!

BEST Weird Gifts – Our 3 Best Picks

Unique Weird GiftUseful Weird GiftExtreme Weird Gift
Skull Head with Claw CupTool BraceletLick’em Tongue Cat Brush
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Ornamental Weird Gifts

Ornaments give something different to a gift. You will be able to appreciate the value of a gift if you understand the style and design. Here are weird gifts that have unique and antique ornaments.

1. Kaleidoscope Eye

weird gifts

Turn pictures of outdoor environments into stunning fractal art! This kaleidoscope is very light and easy to carry everywhere. Don’t forget to take this whimsical gift with you when you go on an adventure and see another perspective of an object. This item features an unbreakable acrylic mirror system for clearer and more beautiful images.

2. Peruvian Ceramic Smoking Pipe

weird gifts

Designed to resemble a Peruvian ceremonial Tumi knife, this Ceramic Smoking Pipe features antique carvings. You can give this weird gift to your male friend who smokes. Feel the unusual sensation when you put down the cigarette butt and smoke it using this extraordinary item.

3. Reusable Windproof Trench Cigarette Lighter

Reusable Windproof Trench Cigarette Lighter

To complement the previous item, you can also order these vintage lighters. These vintage lighters can light a fire for days without being refilled. The decorative shape and design equipped with a rotating ejection ignition system make this weird gift a perfect choice for your father or boyfriend.

4. Skull Head with Claw Goblet Drinking Cup

weird gifts

Are you looking for an unusual gift for a Halloween or Gothic dinner party? This weird gift can be used to hold 200 ml of coffee, tea, and beer. Apart from its whimsical design, this item is also made of high-quality stainless steel which can keep your drink hot or cold.

5. Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Etched Globe Glasses

Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Etched Globe Glasses

Great vintage-shaped gift! This unusual gift is sure to be the coolest gift for a man. The sensation of enjoying Whiskey will increase significantly when you pour it using this Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Etched Globe Glasses. This globe-shaped crystal bottle made of premium lead-free glass is complemented by an antique ship ornament that adds light to the room.

Must-Have Weird Gifts

Sometimes things that are out of the ordinary make our lives more colorful and interesting. Here is a collection of weird gifts that will make your life more varied.

6. ASFC Magnetic Magic Building Pen Toy

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Are you tired of writing or drawing using a conventional pen? Experience a new and unforgettable writing experience with this multi-functional creative magnetic pen. Great flexibility is the main feature of this whimsical gift. You can shape it to stand like a human or squat like your beloved dog. This item can be used as a touch screen stylus for your smartphone or tablet. What an amazing item!

7. Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

Make food wars fun using these Light Sword Chopsticks. This weird gift is perfect for Star Wars lovers. This item uses an LR41 camera battery which can produce an amazing blue or red light!

8. Tool Bracelet Gift for Men

weird gifts

Is your boyfriend a technician or an engineer? This Tool Bracelet Gift for Men is the most perfect weird gift for him. Equipped with many compartments, you can store many tools that are often used in repair or maintenance activities. This item is not only used as a storage tool but also can protect the wrist from work accidents that may occur.

9. Alcohol Shot Gun

Alcohol Shot Gun

Take the best shot with this Alcohol Shot Gun! This weird gift is made of odorless and durable plastic. Liven up your party with your friends by popping your favorite alcoholic drink in your mouth with this cool item.

10. Lick’em Tongue Cat Brush

Lick'em Tongue Cat Brush

Do you have a cat at home? Show your love for your pet’s ponytail with the Lick’em Tongue Cat Brush. You can pet and scratch your cat’s fur while cuddling it. Make your cat comfortable in your arms by purchasing this weird gift!

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11. Toilet Bowl Light with Motion Sensor

Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED by RainBowl

Are you always afraid and worried about going to the toilet at night? Now RainBowl offers the best solution for your problem. Having a motion sensor, this weird gift will stay on for 2 minutes after the last motion was detected. This item is not only attractive but also very functional!

12. Foot Pot Planter

weird gifts

Give a unique touch to the interior design of your room. This human-foot-shaped flower pot is best suited for storing small succulent plants. The brown color that resembles the color of real leather makes this weird gift look so real.

13. Pineapple Grenade with Habanero Hot Sauce

weird gifts

Instantly explore the spiciness of your food by adding Habanero Hot Sauce! This level of suppressive fire is only suitable for fanatical spice-loving warriors. Pull pins and blast your bland food with this weird gift!

14. 3D LED Lamp Shrek Illusion Light

3D LED Visual Lamp Weird Monster Shrek Illusion Light

Surprise your friends by giving this 3D LED Visual Light as a gift! These perfect 3D visuals are created using colorful lighting effects. This amazing whimsical gift features a high-quality LED light that is low in power consumption and has a long lifetime (approximately 10,000 hours of use). Shrek movie lovers will love this item without question!

15. Instant Photo Printer for Your Smartphone

weird gifts

Taking and sharing photos with friends has never been easier! KiiPix can print photos directly from your phone without plugging in any cables. This item uses Fuji Instax film to produce clear and sharp photo prints.

16. Game of Phones

weird gifts

Are you bored with mobile games from the Play Store or Appstore? Gather your friends and play this amazing mobile game together. You and your friends have to create emoji masterpieces and find the weirdest pictures. The player who makes the fastest and funniest drawing is the winner.

17. Claw Telescoping Back Scratcher

weird gifts

Are you having trouble scratching the back of your back? Do not panic! Now you can do this activity using this weird gift. Measuring 22.6 inches in length, this item is perfect as a gift for your parents with limited hand movement.

18. Magnetic Spheres That Behave In Weird

weird gifts

Explore the amazing world of magnetic spinners just by playing with this cool object. The sphere on this item is designed like a transparent shell that can respond to magnetic properties on an atomic scale. Prepare yourself to see the magical and whimsical moves of this weird gift!

19. Storm Glass Bottle Stylish Weather Station

Storm Glass Bottle Drop Creative Stylish Weather Station

Stunning decorative and scientific design for your desk interior! This transparent triangular glass holds a transparent solution consisting of some chemicals. This whimsical gift will create different patterns with temperature changes. Get this item right away and feel the different weather conditions in your room.

20. Rocket-Shaped Lamp Filled with Magnetic Fluid

weird gifts

Optimize the decor on your desk with this incredible Ferrofluid Rocket Lava Lamp. This lamp filled with black ferrofluid has unusual magnetic particles. You will be amazed at the fluid motion that dances, jumps, and spins when a bar of a magnet is brought near to this object!

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Weird Gifts for Her

Women are a special segment that must be considered when giving gifts. Choose a gift that will amaze them. Here is a selection of items that are perfect for women.

21. Love Feather Hairpins

weird gifts

Have you ever played the Harvest Moon game? The main character in this game must give love feathers to his lover to marry him. You can now do the same. Give this Love Feather Hairpin to your loved one to show lots of love!

22. Green Neon UFO Weird Witchy Unicorn Nails

weird gifts

The perfect item for a girl with an unusual personality! The combination of a girly and unique design makes this item able to make your appearance stand out even more. The alien green color with a unique image also adds to the uniqueness of this weird gift.

23. Silver Expanding Magnetic Bracelet

weird gifts

Many women feel insecure about their weight and body shape. Give this non-invasive magnetic bracelet to help increase the body’s metabolism. When the body’s metabolism is smooth, the weight will gradually decrease.

24. Heart Cut Gem Necklace

weird gifts

Do you have 3 female friends who are very meaningful in your life? Give this Heart Cut Gem Necklace to unite your friendship! Each piece of this necklace has a different colored gem. Each color reflects a different personality. What an astonishing vintage item!

25. Red Quartz Necklace Chunky

weird gifts

Quartz necklace designs like never before. Enhance your look by wearing this 17-inch quartz necklace. The combination of maroon and luminous blue that is very whimsical and stunning makes this item very collectible.

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What should you get your weird friends?

If you have a girlfriend who has a quirky personality, then opt for the Heart Cut Gem Necklace. Break the necklace and give each piece according to your friend’s personality. You can also buy Storm Glass Bottle Drop Creative Stylish Weather Station to beautify your friend’s table decorations who have strange personalities.

What weird gifts are suitable for him?

This is effortless! Just pick Tool Bracelet Gift for Man or Peruvian Ceramic Smoking Pipe. Your male friends will love weird gifts that have an essential functional value for their daily activities. Make their day fun by giving them these weird gifts!

What weird gifts are suitable for her?

You have to be very careful if you want to give a strange gift to a woman. You can order Green Neon Alien UFO Weird Witchy Unicorn Nails or Silver Expanding High Power Magnetic Bracelet for your girlfriend. The weird yet elegant designs of these items are perfect for enhancing a woman’s appearance.

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