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24 Coolest Gifts For Barbers You Can Buy

If you thought that finding perfect gifts for barbers would be a challenge, we understand. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and searched out all the best, most unique, and thoughtful barber gifts the internet has to offer so you don’t have to!

Get ready to put a smile on your hair stylist’s face, they’ll love any one of these amazing presents.

Cool Gift Ideas For Barbers

#1 Awesome Barber T-Shirt 

Awesome Barber T-Shirt - Gifts For Barbers
t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie for female Barbers here

We’re kicking things off with one of the best gifts for barbers who’ve just gotten their license. Though any barber who loves what they do would be proud to wear this t-shirt, those newly in the profession will certainly want to show off their new skills in style! Shopping for a female barber? They’ll love it too! Alternatively, they may want to slip into this awesome ‘Female Barbers Do It Better’ tee instead.

#2 Personalized Leather Barbers Tool Roll 

Personalized Leather Barbers Tool Roll
Personalized Leather Barbers Tool Roll - Gifts For Barbers

Every barber needs a sleek, organized way to store their cutting tools. Luckily, this chic brown leather toll roll exists, and you can even have it personalized with their name engraved on the strap holder. Not only is this a beautiful gift, but it’s also extremely practical with spaces for 4 scissors, 2 pockets for hair clips, a comb pocket, clipper attachment storage, and more.

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#3 Personalized Bobble Head Clay Figurine Barber, Chair & Barber Pole 

Personalized Bobble Head Clay Figurine Barber, Chair & Barber Pole

This undeniably cool gift for a barber is one of our favorites on the list. Send the artist a set of clear photographs as requested after your order is placed, and they will hand sculpt a detailed, bobblehead figurine of your loved one. Choose to receive the bobblehead on its own or add a barber chair and pole for a small extra cost. You can bet they’ll be blown away receiving this incredibly special gift.

#4 Barber Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character 

Barber Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character - Gifts For Barbers

Another of our top recommended gifts for barbers is this custom yellow cartoon character portrait. The artist will create a custom art piece based on the photo you send of your barber which you will then receive as a digital file. From there, you can print it onto whatever medium they’ll love most from canvases and t-shirts to socks and coffee mugs!

#5 Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie 

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie

For the eternally stylish barber you know, this Flint and Tinder hoodie is the perfect gift. Each hoodie, carefully designed and made by 20+ American workers, is expertly sewn and cut for the most beautiful, long-lasting construction. Their new favorite hoodie guarantees a flattering fit, will become softer with each wear and is guaranteed to last a decade. If it comes apart in any way during that time, the team at Flint And Tinder will happily repair it for them.

#6 Barber Shop Wall Art Clock

Barber Shop Wall Art Clock

They’ll be even prouder of their space after displaying this beautifully unique wall art clock in their shop. Opt for a stylish, backless wood clock, or, choose a red or black background if it fits better with their decor. What’s more, they’re certain to appreciate the silent quartz mechanism which allows the clock to tick away silently.

#7 Barbers Leather Tool Bag – Cool Gifts For Barbers

Barbers Leather Tool Bag - Gifts For Barbers

As we all know, barbers are rarely off their feet and need to keep their tools close at all times. That’s what makes these stylish leather tool bags such awesome gift ideas for barbers. They’re handmade and even designed together with barbers so you can be sure they’re as practical as they are beautiful.

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#8 Personalized Barber Sign – Cool Gifts For Barbers

Personalized Barber Sign - Gifts For Barbers

The barber you know will love updating their shop with this impressive wall sign. Have it personalized with their name, or the name of their shop to create an unforgettable focal point for customers inside! The sign is available in four different sizes and comes in black, silver, and red.

#9 Personalized We’re Open Barber Shop Sign 

Personalized We're Open Barber Shop Sign - Gifts For Barbers

Another cool gift idea to update a barbers’ space is this eye-catching metal barber’s sign. It’s the perfect statement-making piece to welcome customers into their shop, plus, the fact you can personalize it for them will make it all the more special.

#10 Flint and Tinder Waxed Tool Belt 

Flint and Tinder Waxed Tool Belt

Few belts for barbers are as stylish as this waxed tool belt by Flint and Tinder. And, since it’s built to hold up against even garden tools, you can feel safe in the knowledge it will hold your barber’s cutting instruments safely and securely for years to come. It comes in one size only but has a fully adjustable belt.

#11 Get Faded Barber Shirt 

Get Faded Barber Shirt - Gifts For Barbers

Whether they’re looking to update their work or weekend wardrobe, we’re certain they’ll be more than happy to receive this ‘Get Faded’ barber t-shirt. It comes in seven different colors and is made from comfortable 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. They’ll love how it looks smart enough to wear at work yet can also be styled with jeans for off-duty days.

#12 Barber Mug 

Barber Mug

If they loved the t-shirt, you can bet they’ll love the mug too! Get it to match their top, or as a gift on its own. Either way, it’ll be perfect for their early morning coffee and still looks on-theme when set down on the side in their shop.

#13 I Will Cut You Barber Hoodie 

Looking for truly funny gifts for barbers? Look no further than this ‘I Will Cut You’ hoodie. The perfect weekend sweater that’s also guaranteed to make them smile. What’s more, you can have the slogan printed on a t-shirt or vest if that’s more their style!

#14 Ktaxon Portable Deluxe Barber Chair 

Ktaxon Portable Deluxe Barber Chair

Are you really looking to splash out on impressive gifts for barbers? If so, this Ktaxon deluxe barber chair is just what you’re searching for. It has a 360-degree swivel rotation, adjustable height, a reclinable back seat, and a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. Choose the all-black PVD leather finish for a chic aesthetic, or opt for the striking red shade if you know they really want to make an impression with the design inside their shop.

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#15 Barber Keyring 

Barber Keyring

This adorable keyring is proof that good barber gift ideas needn’t be huge to be impressive and truly thoughtful. The barber you’re buying for will thoroughly enjoy personalizing their keys with this charming gift which you can make even more special by including their initial.

#16 Cut and Fade Barbers Backpack 

Cut and Fade Barbers Backpack

Every great barber needs a great bag to transport both their tools and personal belongings to work with them. And, it just so happens, we’ve found such an item. This backpack is a good size and offers the classic barber’s stripe design at the bottom as well as an image of a barber’s pole and cutting tools at the top.

#17 Custom Street Sign 

Custom Street Sign

Whether they choose to display this Barber street sign in their shop or at home, it’s sure to become an instant talking point! Choose the wording they’d prefer such as their shop name, or maybe their last name, and pick from 9 different colors so it’s super personal to them.

#18 Deep Sea Sand Art 

Deep Sea Sand Art

Perhaps they’re looking to add some stylish decor pieces to their studio, or, maybe they want something beautiful and seriously relaxing to look at in their office. Either way, this incredibly beautiful deep sea sand art piece will be a welcome addition to their space.

#19 Funny Barber Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug 

Funny Barber Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

We’re sure you’re looking for unique gift ideas for barbers, that’s why we just had to include this brilliant ‘Barber Nutrition Facts’ mug. From 1000% hard work and 500% unrivalled skill to 110% caffeine and 0% regret. Now they can let everyone know just how much work goes into being a barber simply by enjoying a cup of coffee!

#20 Fadeologist Shirt, Sweater, Or Hoodie 

Fadeologist Shirt, Sweater, Or Hoodie

The best way to let everyone they meet know what their top skill as a barber is? Put it on a t-shirt! Also, this ‘The Fadeologist’ top (also available as a sweatshirt, hoodie, or vest) is one of the coolest gifts for barbers and it’s also extremely wearable for both work and weekend days

#21 Personalized Full Denim Apron 

Canvas apron for men,Custom men's apron,Personalized apron for men,Barber apron,Work apron,Craftsman apron,Gardening apron for men

No barber uniform is complete without a practical yet stylish apron. That’s why we know they’ll be over the moon after receiving this personalized denim creation available in blue or black with removable leather straps.

#22 Wooden Hair Salon Decor

Wooden Hair Salon Decor

A little wooden decoration at the barber shop will make the barber smile wider. This wooden decoration can be put at the table or hung on the wall. The quotes are meaningful and relate to the barber field. The material is sturdy enough, so it will not fall from the wall easily.

#23 Professional Hair Cutting Cape

Professional Hair Cutting Cape

Surprise your favorite barber with the new hair cutting cape. The design is modern and up to date. Also, the neck of the cape is an adjustable clasp to prevent the hurt or ensure it fits for the customer. The set comes with a neck duster brush as well. The bristle is soft, and safe for sensitive skin. Guess it is a perfect combo as a gift for barbers.

#24 LED Barber Shop Sign

LED Barber Shop Sign

If your uncle, brother, father, or even your husband is a barber and wants to open a new barbershop, this gift is the best one for them. Every barbershop should have a sign, and the LED sign is even better. Because it will attract the customers more. It fits perfectly for the big or small one.

Giving a gift to the barber is not as difficult as you think. You can see our recommendation above, whether something fun, the thing that the barber needs the most, or a personalized gift for your favorite barber. Surprise them and let them feel happier by receiving the gift above.   

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