28 Cool Gifts for Army Soldiers and Military Men

Great gifts for army soldiers aren’t always simple and easy to find. Since army soldiers and military men have sacrificed a lot for the good of our the country and human kind, they deserve the best and most meaningful gifts from us. Therefore, you would want to give them something truly meaningful that celebrates their occupation. Plus, the gifts must also hold a personal meaning from you to them.

Since we know that it’s not easy for you to find the most perfect gifts for a special army in your life, we have come to the rescue.

We think that you’ll be happy to know that we’ve done the hard work for you in creating a list of 25 most ideal gifts for a special army soldier in your life, no matter the occasion. So, let’s start scrolling down to find the best gift.

BEST Gifts for Army Soldiers

1. Army Fleece Blanket

Army Fleece Blanket - Gifts For Army Soldiers

Available in three different sizes, these cozy American flag blankets make the perfect patriotic gift for any soldier. It’ll soon become their favorite blanket to snuggle up under whilst spending time at home with loved ones.

What’s more about this item is that you can even have this camouflaged gift personalized with their name to make it extra special.

2. Personalized Military Nametape Wristlet Keychain

Personalized Military Nametape Wristlet Keychain

What better way to carry their keys than using this personalized, wristlet keychain made of genuine military nametape rolls. We would say this one is not only comes in a convenient size, but it also functions as an item to simply transport and keep all of the keys they need.

Moreover, this wristlet keychain will also honor their military service, especially since it is also embroidered with their first or second name.

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3. Tac Force Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife

Tac Force Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife

Whether it’s for occasion like a birthday, father’s day, or simply any day to celebrate a special achievement or occasion, this personalized and engraved pocket knife is a great choice of a gift for a special military man in your life, which is your father.

This item is made of a high-quality stainless steel blade combined with a burl wood handle, In our opinion, this item comes as a complete package for your dad, simply attractive and handy!

4. US Army Personalized Enlisted Mug

US Army Personalized Enlisted Mug

This customizable mug is definitely one of our favorite gift ideas for someone who is about to enter the world of military. It might just be a mug, but there is something really special about this mug, because it can be personalized based on their rank at the military institution.

Therefore, we personally think that this item is an Ideal gift for your brother, boyfriend or best friend who just joined the military. It will be one of this favorite item that keeps them motivated to reach the top rank.

5. Personalized Socks – Set of 5 Pairs

Personalized Socks - Set of 5 Pairs

Are you currently searching for the best gifts for an army man? If you are, then we are happy to tell you that we have a simple yet perfect gift idea for you. These Personalized, Pima™ cotton socks will make the perfect gifts, because they will take personal comfort and style to a whole new level.

They will look great on these, and you can have them personally embroidered with the lucky recipient’s initials on the ankle or across the toes!

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6. Deployment Gift of Personalized US Army Engraved Compass

Deployment Gift Personalized US Army Engraved Compass

This has to be one of our all-time favorite gifts for deployed soldiers. It’s small enough that they can carry it with them always, meaning they will not only know where they are, but will also know the direction to take when they are about to go home.

Therefore, we highly suggest that you have this truly special present engraved on the top, side, or bottom, or even on the inside where it opens. Lastly, you can finish off with a leather case so they have something to keep it safe.

7. Custom Engraved Copper Military Bracelet

Custom Engraved Copper Military Bracelet - Gifts For Army Soldiers

If there are few meaningful gifts for army men, then we must say that this custom engraved copper military bracelet is definitely one of them. If you decide to to pick this as a gift for your special military man, the first thing you have to do is to choose their exact wrist measurement for the perfect fit. The, continue by selecting the type of leather and plate color that they’ll love most.

Lastly, have this stunning bracelet laser engraved with a special date and name of your choice based on his name or birth date. In our opinion, this is an amazingly special way to thank a special army man for their hard work and dedication for the country.

8. Custom Tag Military Necklace

Custom Dog Tag Military Necklace - Gifts For Army Soldiers

This handmade military tag will make a perfect gift for a special army boyfriend. If you are looking for a unique way of wishing your army boyfriend a happy Valentine’s Day or Anniversary, this one would be a very nice gift for him.

You can also pick this as a gift if you just want to show them how much you care for them before he starts his first deployment. You can choose a special coordinate, a date, or the combination of your names to make the engraving extra special.

9. Men’s American Flag Wallet

Men's American Flag Wallet - Gifts For Army Soldiers

Every man needs a good wallet, and if you ask us, a wallet is one of the most recommended for any man, including a special military man in your life. After all, you can never go wrong with an everyday gift like this wallet, which specifically made with meaningful personalization.

Therefore, we think that this gorgeous, handcrafted, and customizable bifold leather wallet would be the perfect choice to pick.

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10. The Adventure Chef Folding Peeler/Parer

The Adventure Chef Folding Peeler/Parer

Shopping for unique military cooking tools’ gifts? We have just what you need right here. This Adventure Chef folding peeler and parer is definitely an essential tool for those prepping meals in unconventional, sometimes outdoor, settings.

It’s brilliantly durable, has a beautiful stonewash finish, and handles securely for both right-hand and left-hand grips. What’s more about this item is that this is a versatile gift that acts as a paring knife, peeler, and fish scaler all in one.

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11. Military Waterproof Duffel Bag

Military Waterproof Duffel Bag - Gifts For Army Soldiers

If you are curious to know about what is one of our favorite gifts for army soldiers? The answer is definitely this beautifully made and waterproof duffle bag.

Based on the design that was inspire by the original US Military duffel bags, this slightly modern design features a reinforced leather bottom, ensuring a structure that will last for many years to come. What a practical, yet truly special gift for him.

12. Tactical Apron

Tactical Apron - Gifts For Army Soldiers

For a special military man in your life who loves to spend time grilling tasty beef patty for everyone, there is nothing better that giving him this amazingly designed, tactical apron. It comes personalized with their name on the front side, and features plenty of pockets on its camouflaged construction.

Even better, it also includes spaces for condiments, their cell phone, grilling tools, and even a beverage! What more could they need for a long afternoon spent outdoors, cooking up a storm?

13. Army Dad Gift – Military Father T-Shirt

Army Dad Gift - Military Father T-Shirt

When it comes to choosing the best gifts for a special army who happens to be your dad, then we highly recommend you to pick this adorable ‘My Favorite Soldier Calls Me Dad’ t-shirt. No matter if your dad is an active or a retired soldier, he will definitely thrilled to receive this as a gift from you.

Moreover, this shirt will also make a special gift for a birthday or retirement day.

14. Urban Map Glass

Urban Map Glass

They’ll never forget where they come from with this stylish urban map glass, which make a perfect tool to enjoy their favorite beverage. This designer-looking receptacle is etched with the grid and coordinate for the city of your choice.

Choose the place where they grew up, where they’ve chosen to settle down or even a city that’s special to you both, such as where you met, and let him enjoy his beverage while reminiscing the good old days.

15. Personalized Tactical Flashlight Knife

Personalized Tactical Flashlight Knife

This multi-tool is not only has a great look, but also offers great functions, too. It comes as a knife, a bottle opener, a flashlight, a cord cutter, and also a fire starter. As it can be personalized, you can choose your type of personalization from a name, date, or initials to give it an extra special touch before gifting it to the military man you know on his big day.

16. USA Army Hoodie

USA Army Hoodie - Gifts For Army Soldiers

We all need a piece of hoodie that we can feel relax in during those well-earned off-duty days, none more so than those in the military. Fo if you are looking for a unique and comfy gift for your soldier boyfriend, then we highly recommend this item a gift for him. With that in mind, the next time you’re searching out great gifts for army soldiers, choose this US Army hoodie. 

17. Funny Army Coffee Mug

Funny Army Coffee Mug

Regardless of occupation, fun mugs are always a great way to go when you’re looking for a lighthearted gift. With that being said, it just so happens these particular coffee cups will make an amazing present for those who are still serving in the army as well as for those great men who are military retirements.

This mug will be something that reminds them about their amazing job while serving in the army. In our opinion, it will even become their new favorite mug to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning,

18. ROAM Adventure Co. Rugged Case 82L

ROAM Adventure Co. Rugged Case 82L

Does the military man or woman you know love to go on wild adventures in their free time? If so, we highly recommend this 82L rugged case by ROAM Adventure as a gift for them. Its heavy-duty structure will easily protect all of its dry goods and gear on the road, thanks to its military-grade dust and waterproof gasket seal.

In addition, it also features steel lockable latches for extra safety.

19. Army Wooden Flag

Army Wooden Flag

What better way to show their patriotism and love for their country than giving this distressed wood flag as a gift? This super adorable piece of art will make a nice additional piece of decoration to any living room.

What’s more special about this item is that you can even have their name and rank in the military added to this gift. However, do bear in mind that additional personalization will require additional cost.

20. Personalized Military Docking Station

Personalized Military Docking Station

Whether it’s their office, bedroom, living room, or even on a nightstand, this military-style docking station is the perfect gift for them as it will instantly organize their space. It has spaces for their phone, watch, wallet, keys, and many more.

Additionally, you can also choose to include the US Army logo on this item or add their name to give it a more personal touch.

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21. Original Commando Olive Green British Army Pullover

Original Commando Olive Green British Army pullover - Gifts For Army Soldiers

Just in case you are looking for something a little different as a gift for a special army in your life’s birthday, this original commando pullover will be the perfect choice. based on the design and color, this pullover will make for very special and unique military gift for him. Each piece of this item is super vintage with olive green as the color, and has reinforced elbows and shoulders with epaulettes. Perfect for an army boyfriend!

22. MASH 4077th Classic American TV Series T-Shirt

MASH 4077th Classic American TV Series T-Shirt - Gifts For Army Soldiers

Does the military man in your life loves the classic TV series, M*A*S*H? If he does, then this is the ultimate gift for him. This shirt is not only decorated with the name of the show, it also comes in a true army color, which is the main theme of his occupation, thanks to its defining shade of army green.

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23. Apache AH-64 Attack Helicopter T-Shirt

Apache AH-64 attack helicopter T-Shirt

If a special army in your life is more of a movie buff than a fan of television series’, then you can definitely opt for this Apache t-shirt instead. After all, a t-shirt will always be one of the most preferable choices of gifts for a man. Since this item comes in several choice of colors, you can simply choose his preferred colors, wither it’s army green or black.

24. Original Swiss Army Pullover

Original Swiss army pullover

When they need thicker layers to keep them warm during the windy and cold weather, we would recommend you to choose this original Swiss army pullover as a special gift for them. It’ll slot seamlessly into their closet with its classic design.

Not to mention that this item is extra special and will make one of their favorite piece of clothes, as it comes as a genuine vintage sweaters from the 70s.

25. Army Gift – Men’s Leather Wallet

Army Gift - Men's Leather Wallet - Gifts For Army guys

Keep things simple and classic with this sleek leather wallet. This leather wallet is available in several colors including black, brown, tan, and also natural leather color. Handcrafted in the US, this stylish bi-fold wallet is more than just an item to keep their money and cards safe, this wallet also comes in a super cool design, too. It will make him look great and last a lifetime.

26. Military US Army Custom Watch

Special Design Military US Army Veteran and American Flag Custom Men's Stainless Steel Analog Watch Sliver Metal Case

A man without a watch is like a bird without its wings. So, why not try to brighten up your military man’s style with this trendy watch? With a sophisticated design, the watch looks so flashy.

Moreover, it features the US flag and the army symbol that strongly emphasize their proud of the job as a US army. Its cool metal band is timeless, perfect for any occasion, even if they wear it on duty. 

27 Green Army Man Bottle Opener

Green Army Man Bottle Opener - Unique Funny Bottle Opener Bartender Compatible As Coke Bottle Opener

There’s nothing wrong with being a military man and a party person. Sometimes, they need to take a break from the hustle of their job, don’t they? And for that reason, a funny bottle opener may be an ideal gift for your army soldiers’ friend.

Furthermore, it highlights a lie-down army that makes an attractive image to the design. This cool gift will remind them of their challenging job in a hilarious way.

28. Army Decorative Dimensional Wooden Art

Christmas Holiday Armed Forces Army Decorative Laser Three Dimensional Wooden Wall Plaque

Decorative wooden art will capture everyone’s heart regarding home décor. Add this incredible plaque to your basketball, and let’s wrap it up as a gift for your army’s friend. It features a symbol of the US army with an eagle in the middle that will stand out as a center point in their living room. Apart from being a decoration, this artwork will give them pride in their work. 

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Final Thoughts

Being in the military is the dream of many Americans who want to prove their love for the country as well as to protect the country by making necessary sacrifices.

If you are thinking of giving a special army in your life a special gift, then it would be a wonderful gesture, as it will let them now how much you love them and how much you appreciate what they have done for the country. So, make sure you check out our list because we have plenty choices of meaningful gifts that will put a smile on his face.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to get a soldier before he deploys?

You can buy your soldier man memorable gifts that will always remind him about home. It could be a blanket, watch, mug, jewelry, and many more. If he loves to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, then a customized mug with his name on the cup is a great idea.

Moreover, if you want something more special, a warm blanket and personalized jewelry are the best ones as a gift for your army man. 

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