25 Best Gifts for Army Boyfriends 

Is your boyfriend in the army? We’d like to thank him for his service! As a fantastic girlfriend, you need to consider getting some unique gift for him. It is the least you can do after all the sacrifices he’s made. And so, we will help you choose the best gift ideas for your boyfriend, who is in the army.

We believe that personalized items will be perfect for him. Moreso, if he is going to be deployed abroad, you may not be able to see him often. Your gifts will become something personal that can connect you two no matter where your other half is.

1. Personalized Swiss Army Knife

Personalized Swiss Army Knife

First, we recommend the original Victorinox Swiss Army knife with a customized casing. Your army boyfriend will appreciate the multi-purpose knife. It also includes essential tools such as a bottle opener and small scissors. Engrave your boyfriend on the frame for a personalized gift!

2. Military Dog Tag Display

All Branches Military Dog Tag Display

Every soldier will have their own military dog tag for ease of identification. So, we recommend this dog tag display as a gift for your boyfriend! Once he finishes his deployment, he can put his old dog tag inside the beautifully crafted frame. The display includes a carving of the army logo from all branches like the Navy, Marine, Army, and even Coast Guard.

3. Long Distance Relationship Ornament

Long Distance Relationship Ornament

Having an army boyfriend means that you have to be ready for a long-distance relationship. After all, some soldiers may get deployed abroad to strengthen the US foreign allies.

So, you can get this cute little keychain with a long-distance relationship ornament as a sweet gift for your army boyfriend. The keychain features the US map, and you can choose to engrave it with a personal quote. This item will remind him of you, who are waiting for his safe return.

4. Army Couple Digital Artwork

Army Couple Digital Display

You can commission a digital artwork to commemorate your relationship with your army boyfriend. The designer will provide you with total freedom of customization. For example, you can add a personalized quote, illustration design, sizes, and more! 

The finished work will be in digital form, and it is up to you whether you want to print it or use it for your social media. You can also put it into a frame and give it to your boyfriend as a lovely bedside decoration.

5. Personalized Army Blanket

Personalized Army Blanket

Waiting for a soldier to come home is always hard. Knowing that your other half is going away to a dangerous place does make you a bit anxious. So, you should get this personalized army blanket to wish your boyfriend good luck. 

You may ask the seller to print a short personalized message on the blanket. Let it hold your boyfriend as he sleeps until you two can meet again. The blanket is available in various colors and is machine washable. The material is cozy and warm, a perfect companion when he sleeps in the cold barrack.

6. Unique Army Pop-up Gift Card

Unique Army Pop-up Gift Card

If you would like to give a little surprise to your soldier boyfriend, then we present this unique army pop-up gift card! You can personalize this gift card by adding information such as the birth date and the receiver’s name.

The pop-up card also features a blank space for you to write your personal message to your army boyfriend. Just as typical of the military, it features pictures of grenades, dog tags, bullets, and camo patterns.

7. Personalized Keepsake Box

Personalized Keepsake Box

This custom wooden keepsake box is ideal for storing your boyfriend’s medals. The box is not that deep but spacious enough. It comes with a black inner lining and an elegant golden latch. 

If he is a distinguished soldier, he may get various awards that he wants to treasure. He can also use the box to store various valuable trinkets that remind him of you. In addition, you may engrave his military rank and the army logo on the lid.

8. Deployment Journal

Deployment Journal

Finding a gift suitable for an army boyfriend can be really hard. So, how about you try this deployment journal where he can write his military story? There are 5 colors you can choose from, and you can also personalize the name on the journal cover. The cover is made of faux leather to make it look elegant. 

9. Personalized US Army Charm Necklace

gifts for army boyfrineds

This personalized US Army charm necklace is an excellent gift for your boyfriend. Going to war is not a picnic, so he needs all the luck from you. The charms feature 3 attachments: an antique silver American flag, army logo, and initial letters. 

It uses a stainless steel chain with a lobster clasp and non-tarnishing material, making it durable. Your boyfriend can attach it to his bag back as he goes to the frontline.

10. Personalized Military-themed Organizer Stand

Personalized Army Military Organizer Stand

Being in the army requires discipline. So, your boyfriend is most likely a neat person. In that case, you can give him this organizer stand where he can neatly arrange his phone charger, sunglasses, wallet, AirPods, and other stuff. 

The stand is made of high-quality wood and painted manually. There are two colors available. You can also personalize it with an engraving logo and 3D letters. It is always nice to help our boyfriend to have an organized room and desk.

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11. Lucky Coin 

gifts for army boyfrineds

This lucky coin is a beautiful way to wish good luck to your army boyfriend, especially when he is going to a distant place. He can carry it in his pocket all the time to remind him that you are always with him.

The original sixpence coins circulated around the 1950s and 1960s. You will receive a random year. In addition, the item will also come with a cute gift card with a greeting message.

12. Personalized US Army Metal Name Sign 

gifts for army boyfrineds

This pretty metal name sign with the army accent will provide a lovely decoration to your boyfriend’s house! The name sign is made from 18 Gauge Steel metal, and each sign is powder-coated to give long-lasting durability and a smooth finish.

Furthermore, the metal name sign is cut using a laser for precise finished products. You can personalize the name sign with the name of your army boyfriend and the length of the name sign to make it more memorable.

13. Yoga Joe Warrior II Pose Bookend

gifts for army boyfrineds

Looking for a cute and funny gift for your army boyfriend? We strongly recommend this soldier figurine bookend to complete the look of your army boyfriend’s library. The figurine is posing in a yoga position, so it looks hilarious. 

The bookend uses steel and ABC plastic combination, making it strong while holding heavy books. It is such a small yet lovely gift, perfect for cheering your army boyfriend up!

14. Adjustable Bag

gifts for army boyfrineds

to carry his precious belongings. So, an adjustable bag like this one will be a lovely gift for him. It features a versatile shape-shifting ability! Your boyfriend can adjust the size of the bag to suit his needs. It makes traveling more efficient. No need to carry oversized bags! Furthermore, it uses a lightweight and sturdy material with multiple pockets on the sides.

15. Personalized Identity Tag

gifts for army boyfrineds

The army usually issues its own official dog tag. However, that should not stop you from giving a custom tag to your boyfriend! Made of sterling silver, it will create a stunning look on your army boyfriend

You can put customized words inside the identity tag. Be it wishes or a lovely message. This item is also compatible with the previously mentioned dog tag frame display. Check out both items for a combined look!

16. Engraved Compass

Engraved Compass

A compass is an essential item for soldiers. It allows them to navigate during their missions. You can help your boyfriend fulfill his duty by giving him this engraved compass! It features a portable design and is convenient to carry, also with an antique finish. Not only that, you can choose a personalized message on the compass to make it more memorable.

17. Bullet-shaped Whiskey Stone

Whiskey Bullet Stone (Ice Cube) Set

Genuine army personnel always drink whiskey! If your boyfriend is a hardcore soldier, he will appreciate this set of bullet-shaped whiskey stones! He can chill his favorite drink in style.

The set comes in an ammo crate that contains 6 stainless steel bullets replicas. Just put them in the fridge and use them to chill the whiskey or scotch anytime. Your boyfriend can enjoy a strong beverage since, unlike ice cubes, the bullets won’t melt and dilute the drink.

18. US Army Playing Cards

US Army Playing Cards

Playing card games is one of the best ways for soldiers to spend their free time in the barrack. Some harmless card games will improve morale when they are not patrolling or training. So, you should get these US Army cards set for your boyfriend. It features military symbols and ranks design. Instead of a king, queen, and joker, you get the picture of soldiers and high-ranking insignia.

19. Tactical Pen with LED

LED Tactical Pen

Here is a practical gift for your army boyfriend that he can use out in the field. It is a tactical pen with an LED flashlight! He can carry it during his night patrols. 

It is made of CNC-machined and aircraft-grade aluminum to make it ultra-light and sturdy. The pen will be helpful to jot down some intel. Just tell him to carry it around in his pocket. Who knows that it might get its use unexpectedly.

20. Army Man Bottle Opener

Army Man Bottle Opener

Here is another cute item you can gift to your boyfriend! It is a bottle opener that is shaped like a green army figurine. It is made of metal, so it is strong enough to open a bottle. Furthermore, this item has a glossy smooth finish and gives a solid feel in your hand. It is also small enough to carry around if he needs a tactical beer-break outdoor.

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21. Casio Men’s G-Shock Watch 

Casio Men’s G-Shock Watch

Who doesn’t know this popular G-shock watch? It is perfectly designed for men, especially those who have demanding jobs like soldiers. Hence, you should get one for your army boyfriend!

It features a 200 meters water resistance and electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow to ensure easy reading during day or night. This watch has a black matte finish, so there won’t be any conspicuous glare or reflection. Very tactical!

22. US Army Wall Clock

US Army Wall Clock

Looking for practical decorations for your beloved ones? This US Army wall clock is specifically designed for soldiers, so your army boyfriend will love it. The frame is made using a 12-inch vinyl record. Simple yet elegant, this wall clock will give a gentleman’s impression.

23. Army Keychain 

Army Keychain

This Army Military Keychain is crafted with high polish stainless steel, giving an elegant and exclusive look. It is hypoallergenic and very suitable for treasure. The keychain also has engraved messages to show love and care for your army boyfriend. There are two colors: black and silver, representing different kinds of impressions. Which one would you take?

24. Long Distance Necklace for Army Boyfriend 

gifts for army boyfrineds

Being a soldier’s girlfriend requires a solid mental fortitude. We understand your hardship of waiting for your loved one to come home safely. Before he goes away to the front, you can get one of these long-distance necklaces

It is very sturdy, yet it won’t get in the way. Hence, this necklace is excellent for soldiers who always do extraneous activities. Packaged in a box with a special greeting message full of love, get one now to express your feeling.

25. US Army Soldier Nutcracker

gifts for army boyfrineds

Last but not least, we also recommend this army nutcracker to decorate your army boyfriend’s desk or bookshelf. It just represents an army so much in a cute look that makes it a perfect decor item for any U.S.Army member. It comes in a military uniform and is saluting. Ideal to be chosen as a cute and unique gift for army boyfriends. 

Latest Post:

What is best gift for Army boyfriend?

We believe that the tactical watch, pen, and compass are the best practical gifts for your army boyfriends. He can bring those items while being deployed on the frontline. Those items might even be helpful for his missions.

If your boyfriend loves to drink, the bullet-shaped whiskey stones are the next best item. It looks very stylish and genuinely manly. Imagine looking at him sipping strong whiskey with a bullet in it. Furthermore, custom army-themed accessories are perfect for reminding him of you even when he is away.

How can I surprise my army boyfriend?

You should secretly plan something to surprise your army boyfriend. He is coming home! After being away fighting bad guys, he will appreciate relaxing stuff. Celebrate his safe return with various unique gifts. Check out the list above to see what might be suitable for your lovely partner.

What’s it like to date a military man?

Dating a military man is not always easy. They are often assigned to remote places all over the world. Not just that, if he is being sent to fight, it can be especially heartbreaking for the girlfriend to wait for his safe return. Nevertheless, some girls also feel proud that their boyfriend serves the country and fights for freedom. Dating such heroes is an honor.

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