25 Memorable Veteran Father’s Day Gifts

We owe our freedom to the veterans and soldiers who have sacrificed their life. Without their courage and dedication, there’s a huge chance that we might not enjoy the peaceful era now. It’s precisely why we all should learn to respect veterans and help them adjust to life after war. It may not be easy, but they will surely cherish our help and patience. And so, we have compiled a list of veteran Father’s Day gifts that will help you appreciate our heroes.

Veterans left behind their families to serve the country. It’s definitely hard for them, and we’re sure they can’t wait to come home. If your father is also an ex-soldier, you may want to find something special for him. It’ll be a token of gratitude for all that he has done. What’s more? You can also give it to celebrate Father’s Day. This list of veteran Father’s Day gifts is created just for you!

How Do You Honor Someone on Veteran’s Day?

The best way to honor a veteran is to show how much you appreciate their heroic efforts. Yes, finding veteran Father’s Day gifts will be nice. But the most important thing is your heart and willingness to take care of the veterans.

Cool Apparel for Veteran Father’s Day Gifts

All dads in the world have one thing in common: they know how to rock in a cool shirt. That’s the reason why we made a whole list containing awesome shirts and body apparel to celebrate Father’s Day and veterans. Take a look at some of the options below!

1. USA Flag Hoodie

USA Flag Hoodie

There is no doubt that all veterans are the greatest patriots. You can give your veteran father this fantastic hoodie with the USA flag. It is thanks to his noble sacrifice that our flag can fly freely. Your father would look very cool in this hoodie, especially if he pairs it with his shorts.

Plus, it uses the best quality material, so it will be very comfortable to wear. Choose the green army color to suit his personality best as a veteran.

2. “Veteran Lives Matter” Shirt

Veteran Lives Matter

Unfortunately, violence toward army veterans still exists. It’s time to make a stand and raise your voice in a new campaign that will be heard just as loud as the “Black Lives Matter.”

Give this t-shirt to your precious dad to show how they really mattered in your life and others as well. The bold navy color will look awesome on your father, especially if he wears it with a denim vest.

3. Papa and Veteran

Papa and Veteran

A soldier who has a child has been through two hells: the war and the pain of being far from his kid. It goes to show that if they can get through it, nothing can defeat them. This cool t-shirt will fit perfectly for your father, as it speaks volumes about his dual roles.

He can wear it when gathering with other veterans with his favorite trousers. However, such a design will perfectly match casual outfits like jeans or shorts. Hurry and get one for him ASAP!

4. Veteran and Papa Hoodie

Veteran and Papa Hoodie

This awesome hoodie used the same concept as the shirt we had just discussed. Being a soldier is a worthy title on its own. But being a veteran and a dad? Wow, hats off to them! This hoodie has a cool design you can rely on to spice up your dad’s appeal.

It makes a perfect Christmas gift, so he can wear it right after unwrapping the present to warm his body in the cold weather. Grab it fast for your lovely dad before it is running out of stock!

5. Army Dad T-Shirt

Army Dad Shirt

All veterans should be proud of their achievements during their active duty. But your dad should be prouder, considering that he has successfully raised a wonderful kid like you! If you feel that way, you can give him this cool “Army Dad” shirt so that he may realize how much you appreciate his efforts. 

Besides, the green army color perfectly matches your dad’s role and personality, making it even more sentimental. Given the color, you better recommend your dad pair the tee with beige trousers to allow it to stand out.

6. Veteran Dad Shirt

Veteran Dad Shirt

 Here’s another superb alternative to a cool veteran dad shirt. It’s an excellent design and is made of premium and comfy material. The printed message truly defines your dad all at once! It is also printed in colorful shades, allowing him to mix and match it with his favorite trousers. Bearing these cool features, you surely don’t want to miss out on this awesome t-shirt!

7. Personalized Identity Army Tag Necklace

Personalized Identity Tag Necklace

Every soldier wears a dog tag as a way to identify themselves. As a token of gratitude, this personalized identity tag necklace will be a fantastic present for your veteran dad. It will also serve as a souvenir from their time on the battlefield.

You can also customize his initials or characters, for example, brave and loving, on the pendant to add a touching message. The tag will remind him even though his service is over; he is still one heck of a warrior!

8. Tactical Backpack

Shoulder Tactical Backpack 

As an ex-soldier, your father must have gotten used to using these kinds of cool backpacks. And so, you can give out this cool bag for him. Your father would definitely use this for their daily activities. It is a stylish tactical backpack that will also provide him with an efficient storage compartment!

Also, this will surely accommodate all his belongings, ensuring nothing is left behind. Moreover, it comes in ten colors, of which five bear army markings. Choose one of the five for your dad that highlights his past job as a veteran or soldier.

9. Vintage Army Cap

Vintage Veteran Army Cap

Dads love caps. They always wear it on any occasion. So, why not give one to celebrate Father’s Day? This unique army cap will be a sweet present for your veteran dad! You can help your father dress up in style with this mighty army cap. 

Besides, this gift also helps dads who are not confident about their balding hair. So, they don’t have to worry about being outdated by wearing this cool hat in style.

10. Custom Military Watch

Custom Military Watch

This magnificent watch is specially designed for all veterans out there. It’s got some vintage vibes on it too. However, the combination of the band’s colors and the watch blends in smoothly. Thus, he can effortlessly match it with his daily outfits.

This watch is definitely a must-have for your veteran father to keep track of the schedule. We’d bet that your father will put this on everywhere they go. 

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11. Top Dad Socks

Top Dad Socks

This cool sock is inspired by the Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise. The comfy dad socks are made from elastic and premium material. As a result, it will provide the ultimate comfort and suit different kinds of occasions.

If your ex-soldier dad loves the 80s movies, don’t miss out on these cool socks. He can wear the pair with his running shoes or even leather ones if they wish to.

12. Hero Necklace

Hero Necklace

Superheroes like Iron Man and Batman may not exist in real life, but their sense of heroism lives inside the army’s heart. And so, we should never forget the efforts put in by real heroes like soldiers. If you love your veteran dad so much, you could give him this adorable necklace!

It also features beautiful quotes that will definitely make him tear up. Though it may not suit all dads, this appreciation necklace will be a gem for those who fancy jewelry,

Home Decor for Veteran Father’s Day Gifts

After being away for too long, your father needs to settle into your house again. To help him feel comfortable, you can find some items and decorations as a present. You can give it to celebrate the veteran Father’s Day. Here are some fantastic accessories and knick-knacks that will definitely help them settle in.

13. Personalized Desk Name Plate

Personalized Desk Name Plate

Office employees shouldn’t be the only ones with cool desk nameplates. Your dad is definitely entitled to one as well! With this personalized nameplate, you can create a home office kind of vibe.

Furthermore, you can ask the seller to engrave the plate with your dad’s name along with his rank and experience. This nameplate would definitely look fabulous on your dad’s desk. 

14. Iwo Jima Frame Art

Iwo Jima Frame Art

The portrait of soldiers trying to raise the USA flag in Iwo Jima is iconic and memorable. Your father may not be old enough to join the second world war. Nevertheless, you can’t deny that this artwork is stunning and will fit perfectly into your father’s room. 

He can mount it on the wall or change the frame to set it on his office desk. And if your dad loves vintage items, purchase one with a brown frame instead of the black one.

15. Customized US Wall Art

Customized US wall art

This is the ultimate veteran Father’s Day gift that you can get for your dad. It’s a beautiful art with an awesome design that pays tribute to your father’s time serving the country. Plus, you can further add your father’s name to the wall art to make it more sentimental. Considering the black color, white walls or any other light-colored ones are the best options to hang the decor.

16. Praying Soldier Art Car Sticker

Praying Soldier Art

If you’re looking for a cool car window sticker for your dad, you might consider this beautiful decal. It depicts a praying soldier in black and white. Having this particular design, it will fit right into a car window as well as your dad’s home wall.  

Suppose your dad prefers to display them. In that case, buy frames that are the right size. Then, add white paper as the background. Next, put the sticker inside the frame and hang it on the wall.

17. Military Large Wall Clock

Military Large Wall Clock

A true patriot needs to have a cool wall clock to show his love for his beloved country. It’s the reason why we’d like to recommend this cool military wall clock! Inside the frame, you can see an American flag with a dog tag. In any case, your father, who was in the military, will treasure this item for life.

Instead of mounting it on the bedroom wall, showing this precious clock on the living room wall is better to give a bold accent of a soldier in your home.

18. Yoga Joes Statue

Yoga Joes Statue

Soldiers need to prepare themselves before going to war. However, you can’t help but laugh at these funny soldier poses. It will be a funny gift for your dad, as he can display it on his desk or cabinet. Heck, it might’ve even reminded him of some funny memories back in the army day. 

You can help arrange these hilarious pieces by setting those with a mat as the right and left borders. Then, the rest will follow inside the frame.

19. Veteran Nutrition Facts Poster

Veteran Nutrition Facts Poster

Just like athletes, soldiers need to maintain their fitness level. They have to follow strict nutrition intake to stay healthy. Therefore, this superb “nutrition” poster might be an excellent item to decorate your father’s wall.

However, it actually highlights hilarious facts about soldiers instead of nutrition. It’s designed beautifully and can be easily placed anywhere in your dad’s room. But we recommend sticking it on the wall behind the chair at his desk as a decoration for the dull space.

20. Navy Veteran Mailbox Cover

Navy Veteran Mailbox Cover

Navy veterans should always be proud of their past experiences. They were onboard some ships that tour the world. For them, this cool mailbox cover will be an excellent present.

The Navy motifs will notify passersby and mailmen that your father is a veteran. Besides, this cover is also useful for covering parts that have rusted or have peeled off paint. This mailbox cover is water and weather-resistant, so it will last long!

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Cool Accessories for Veteran Father’s Day Gifts

Still unimpressed with shirts and home decorations? Don’t worry! We still have some cool accessories that you can get as veteran Father’s Day gifts. Check it out!

21. US Army Personalized Mug

US Army Personalized Mug

A cool army veteran must have a cool mug to accompany him. You can get this personalized mug as one of the best veteran father’s day gifts! Add your father’s name to get a more sentimental feeling on the mug.

You can also edit the badge of the mug depending on your dad’s rank. Now, his coffee or tea time is a time that brings his memories back to the bittersweet times of struggle during the war

22. Military Keepsake Box

Military Keepsake Box

 As a decorated soldier, your dad may have brought memorable souvenirs from the battlefield. And so, you can get this cool keepsake box as good storage for your father’s items. It will be adequate to accommodate small items like medals, badges, or bullet casings.

It also has an old-school army design that emanates a vintage theme.  Given the wooden material, your father can keep it as an additional decoration in the room to offer a fresh touch.

23. Family Charades Game

Family Charades Game

If your dad was deployed overseas, he surely missed a lot of time with you. It will be nice if you can spend more time with him now that your father is home. It’s the reason why we’d like to recommend this extra-fun charades game. Spend more time with your lovely father by playing this old-school game together!

You can play it while spending time on the weekend. Besides, it makes a good laugh with his friends who are invited to visit.

24. Whiskey Glass Set

On the Rocks Set

This is a pretty cool gift that you can get for a veteran’s Father’s Day. The unique set will allow you to serve your father a relaxing drink with an actual rock, offering a unique experience. You just need to chill the granite cube and put it in a glass of whiskey or scotch.

The stone, unlike ice cubes, will not melt. And so your dad can have an undiluted cold drink! You can also include a bottle of his favorite drink so he can immediately try drinking it with this glass.

25. Wilderness Navigation Flask

Wilderness Navigation Flask

Suppose your father, who is an ex-soldier, enjoys an outdoor vacation. In that case, this wilderness navigation flask might prove to be handy. It uses military-grade aluminum to create a durable product.

The tube also conceals five camping accessories, such as a compass and flashlight. For veteran dads who love to travel around, this mug is the best bet! Truly a great gift for your veteran dad!

Final Thoughts

Having a veteran father is truly a blessing. It means that your father is not only a hero for you and your family but also a hero for the country. And for that, you should be proud of him. The best way to choose the perfect gift for a veteran father is definitely by choosing a gift that represents how much you love him, proud of him, and how much you appreciate everything he has done for you and also the country.

You can choose wearable items like a vest, t-shirt, hoodie, or necklace with graphics or images that show his identity as a veteran. Besides, you can also choose decor items that show his identity as a veteran, which can be adored and placed at home as a valuable item.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a good present for a Veteran?

Veterans always love to talk about their memories during their deployment. That’s why decorations that might remind them of the good old days, like this cool Iwo Jima wall art, are excellent presents. Practical items are also ideal for celebrating veteran Father’s Day.

What do you give veterans on Veterans Day?

There are a lot of veteran Father’s Day gifts to choose from. You can get cool shirts for them to wear on their daily activities. On the other hand, buying some decorations to help them get settled is also a good idea!

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