32 Cool Desk Lamps To Brighten Up Your Life

Cool desk lamps, although you may think they are not essential, are a perfect addition to your workspace. They will help you light up your desk to allow you to work better. Besides, such desk lamps also make amazing decorations that make your room look more attractive. Depending on the design, these cool desk lamps may also offer character to your room.

Whether you are trying to spruce up your home office or your desk at work, cool desk lamps can make a world of difference. They are not only a way to shed light on a dreary space, but they also provide an illuminating personal touch.

Here are 32 of the best desk lamps that offer the perfect blend of style and utility to brighten up your life!

Can A Desk Lamp Be Used for Decorative Purposes Only?

Yes, a desk lamp can be used for decorative purposes only. In this case, the lamp would not necessarily need to provide task lighting but can serve as an eye-catching statement piece in a room. Lamps with unique designs or colorful shades can add a pop of color to a space and complement other decor elements.

Can Desk Lamps Help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Yes, some desk lamps are made to look like natural sunlight and can help with SAD symptoms. These lamps, also known as “light therapy” or “sun lamps,” emit bright white light that can aid in mood and sleep regulation.

If you suffer from SAD, you should choose a lamp that emits at least 10,000 lux and use it for a set amount of time each day, usually 20-30 minutes.

Coolest Desk Lamps

Are you looking for cool desk lamps but don’t know what to buy? Sit back and relax. We have done the trickiest job for you by surfing on tons of websites to find the best ones you can ever bet on. They bear vintage, rustic, modern, and minimalist designs you can choose from based on your preference and interior.

Don’t worry! These amazing desk lamps not only feature high visual appeal but also focus on their function to brighten up your room.

Interested? Let’s find the perfect one for you!

1. Rustic Desk Organizer Docking Station Desk Lamp

Rustic Desk Organizer Docking Station Desk Lamp

When it comes to balancing work and play, no other piece does it better than this one. The rustic design gives it a timeless appeal and makes it a great focal point for your space.

The desk organizer bit adds a big dose of functionality. It comes with compartments to arrange some books, magazines, and stationery to make your desk look neat and clean, a perfect piece for someone who is well-organized. Find it Here

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2. HGomx Rocket Lamp 3D Print

HGomx Rocket Lamp 3D Print

If you thought you’d seen it all, wait until you meet one of these creative and unique desk lamps. Featuring a rocket shape and bright LED smoke, it’s an ideal piece for space lovers.

For everyone who harbors a soft spot for all things unusual, this is it! Though it looks simple, this exquisite lamp will stand out on your table. Make sure to put it on the edge of your nightstand to create a centerpiece. Find it Here

3. LCYFBE Steampunk Table Lamp

Goatherd Industrial Edison Table Lamp

You can never go wrong with a robot when trying to light up your space and your mood. A perfect blend of retro and futuristic, this piece seems ideal for a collector’s desk or those who fancy steampunk designs.

The industrial concept is captivating, and the piece is mesmerizing, to say the least. With this amazing visual, you better grab one and set it on the right side of your table with no stack of books. Thus, this lamp will stand out on your desk. Find it Here

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4. Retro Led Lantern Lamp

Retro Led Lantern Lamp

Take a trip way back in time and bring a memento with you to the present day. Everything about it screams historical, and it is a great way to recollect the good old times. The brown colors with warm light vividly depict the vintage feel.

Add some light and warmth to your space with this fun table lamp! We highly recommend one to feature on your desk. Alternatively, you can also put it on your end table as a night lamp that offers dim light. Find it Here

5. Great Smoky 24″ Desk Lamp

Great Smoky 24" Desk Lamp

Showcase your creative side with this piece that borrows the best of industrial and traditional elements. If you are into all things laid back, then this makes the perfect addition to your life.

Made of steel, it might, in fact, outlive you. Since it features a silver tone, this lamp will make an amazing pair for any interior design. You can put one on your desk and direct it to your working spot to ensure you work better. Find it Here

6. LONRISWAY Modern Desk Lamp LED

LONRISWAY Modern Desk Lamp LED

It’s not all about lighting with this one. Thanks to its artistic concept, it creates an air of mystery that begs for a closer look. The lighting aspect of it is subtle and understated, but it gets the job done in more ways than one.

With this sophisticated design, this lamp will effortlessly stand out among the crowds in your minimalist home interior. Consider having one against the white walls so that the light can glow brighter and beautiful. Find it Here

7. Rustic Home Decor Edison

Rustic Home Decor Edison

Cheer up your industrial loft with one of these, and you may never want to venture out. The light emerges from the artistic construction like a giant drop of water, offering a dashing character to its appeal.

Having this one on your desk is a perfect idea to add the right amount of steampunk feel to your space and bathe in its glory. Especially if you have a wooden desk with dark brown tone; there’s nothing can beat this combo! Find it Here

8. Unique Glass Head Lamp

Unique Glass Head Lamp - cool desk lamps

The cool desk lamps are the ones that look nothing like the name, but they get the job done. Who would have thought a glass head could look so charming? The effect is nothing short of intriguing and perfect for creative types.

Well, we should admit that it somehow looks a bit creepy. But when the light glows, it will become an instant head-turner. You can feature one on your display table or desk. Make sure to not putting on the very end of your table to prevent it from falling. Find it Here

9. Twin Bulb Industrial Lamp

Twin Bulb Industral Lamp - cool desk lamps

With this twin piece, it’s double the fun! And this is especially true when they come in such an elegant antique package. The handle looks like antique pipes that bring the industrial vibes around.

In addition to your desk, this one of the cool desk lamps will make an amazing decor to feature on your end table. Set up a potted plant or cactus next to it to offer a bit of greenery. What a way to capture the old-world charm and brighten up your dark days! Find it Here

10. Micomlan Led Desk Lamp with Clamp

Micomlan Led Desk Lamp with Clamp

Looking for an intriguing way to add some charm to a dull space? How about this cool desk lamp with a curved neck and clear base? Not only is it great looking, but its unique design makes it perfect for task lighting.

The bending design allows you to set it up on top of your computer set, ensuring you have a better work and screen experience. It also features a minimalist modern style you can rely on to complete your working desk. Find it Here

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11. Jupiter Planet Night Lamp

Jupiter Planet Night Lamp

For every astrology lover out there, here is the perfect choice to shed light on your dreams. Aptly named, Jupiter is gigantic and bears significant semblance to the real thing. And best of all, you can get it in any color you fancy. Cool, right?

If you want to make it look real as it is, you better choose one with warm light. Then, you can feature it on your end table to accompany you while sleeping or on your working desk to elevate the space. Find it Here

12. Industrial Edison Table Lamp

Industrial Edison Table Lamp - cool desk lamps

Everything about this vintage design spells creativity. From the iron pipe and Edison bulb to the cloth cord and copper shade, it is a beauty to behold. Despite looking so old, the appeal is eye-catching.

With that being said, you better use it to add contrast to a contemporary space or create harmony in your old-world décor. Match it with your wooden desk against the greyish wall to highlight its presence. Find it Here

13. BIFULDYO Desk Lamp


Accent lighting is a great way to highlight specific elements of your interior. And this funky desk lamp is the one for the job. Its minimalist design makes it ideal for showcasing your artistic side.

Furthermore, the shiny gold and rose gold cylinders make these two look elegant. You can consider buying one to feature on your working desk and pair it with a potted succulent or cactus around to spice up this spot. Find it Here

14. Double Industrial Edison Table Lamp

Double Industrial Edison Table Lamp - cool desk lamps

For double the fun, how about a twin industrial piece that looks like it fell off a historical wagon? The contrast between the iron piping and the copper shades is particularly outstanding.

Since it bears a unique design, it will be unfortunate not to display one in your office. You better grab one and put it on your office desk. If you want to have one in your home, you can put this amazing lamp on your nightstand. What a great choice for a warm, ambient glow! Find it Here

15. Anglepoise Exclusive – Type 1228 Desk Lamp

Anglepoise Exclusive - Type 1228 Desk Lamp

Get the best of both worlds with the Anglepoise funky desk lamp. Designed to weave together a vintage and contemporary appeal, it is indeed a melting pot of two worlds for your room.

Don’t let the minimalist design fool you! It packs up a world of functionality. We think that it will be best to feature it on your desk as it can be adjusted to follow where your working spot is. Find it Here

16. Industrial Steampunk Style Table Lamp

Industrial Steampunk Style Table Lamp - cool desk lamps

There is no end to the unique steampunk designs that can grace your table or that of a cherished friend. If you are wondering what to get someone for a housewarming, this is a perfect gift. And one you can be sure they do not have.

The bulb has a low position, so it provides you with the light you need to work on your papers. You can set it up next to your working spot. But in case you wish to have one for your night lamp, there’s no better spot than a nightstand to display it. Find it Here

17. Memory Lantern

Memory Lantern

If you are trying to pick a gift for someone particularly hard to shop for, you just found it! What makes this one of the coolest desk lamps yet, is its potential for personalization.

Pick out their favorite moments in photos and turn them into an illuminated gift they will never forget. Besides, this item also makes a heart-warming gift for those pet parents who just lost their lovely furry friends. Find it Here

18. Depuley Modern Table lamp

Depuley Modern Table lamp

When it comes to elegance in simplicity, few pieces can match up to this one. Sporting a laidback design with a minimalist appeal, it still manages to stand out and command attention.

And its warm light holds the promise of calm, relaxing evenings in the delicate glow. We highly recommend displaying one in your office room to offer an elegant touch and help you work better at night. Find it Here

19. LBSWYH Handmade Veneer Desk Lamp

LBSWYH Handmade Veneer Desk Lamp

A stylish desk lamp like this one is the ideal piece to add visual interest to your contemporary piece. Whether it is on or off, it holds the potential to draw attention, thanks to the geometric shapes that look like dancing.

But it’s when the light bulb comes alive that its glory really shines through! Given the appeal, it may not be helpful for your working desk. Hence, we recommend having one on your nightstand instead. Find it Here

20. Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

Who said a cool desk lamp is all about lighting up your space? It could also be an enchanting focal point that makes a statement and draws attention. Both the night owl and the glass dome concept make this an intriguing addition to any space.

If you want to fill up the dull space in your desk, you better grab this one and arrange it with a potted plant around. You can also try one to feature on your display table to decorate the room. Find it Here

21. Triple Bulb Industrial Edison Table Lamp

Triple Bulb Industrial Edison Table Lamp - cool desk lamps

If you thought twin bulbs were cool, wait until you meet the triplets. They look more like the branches of a cactus than a functional lighting contraption. Transform your rustic space with one of these cool desk lamps.

As it bears three bulbs in one stand, it may be too much if you have a small desk. In this case, displaying this lamp on your nightstand may be a better idea. But if you have a large table, you can feature it on with stacks of books and a potted succulent. Find it Here

22. Industrial Bookends Lamp

Industrial Bookends Lamp

Combine your love for books and your creativity with this bookend piece that plays a double function. One side of it is an ordinary bookend. But on the second one, everything comes to life with a steampunk concept from start to finish.

Featuring a multi-functional design, you can have this one of the cool desk lamps on your table. Make sure to have the lamp part of lighting up your working spot while the other one to arrange your books. Find it Here

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23. LBSWYH Round Bending Wood Leather Desk Lamp

No products found.

Cheer up your desk with this leather table lamp that borrows elements of a living, breathing creature. The design holds lots of visual interest but also plays a functional role.

In case you want to grab one to feature on your nightstand, make sure to have the bulb on the bed. Thus, it can spark light when you sleep. Or, perhaps, arrange one for your end table in your living room as decor. That will be a great idea too! Find it Here

24. Magnetic Balance Lamp

Magnetic Balance Lamp

Is there a science lover in your life? Well, this modern desk lamp has what it takes to drive them wild with excitement. The tiny spheres stay suspended in midair while lighting up your life.

Drag the lower sphere up or down to switch it on or off. Amazing! Considering the height, it perhaps seems too much to display on your working desk. That’s why, we would love to suggest having one on your end table or display table. Find it Here

25. Unique Industrial Adjustable Desk Lamp

Unique Industrial Adjustable Desk Lamp

Add some manly charm to his space with the Mashina. The manly, industrial design commands lots of attention during the day. And when night falls, it provides lots of practical value in lighting up his life.

As it allows you to adjust the direction, this lamp will be perfect for arranging on your working desk. That way, you can easily work at night with no worry about hurting your eyes because of the dim light. Find it Here

26. Spider Decor Adjustable Desk Lamp

Spider Decor Adjustable Desk Lamp

For all the nature lovers in the house, the spider-inspired piece is simply a must-have. Its tripod design sports two spider legs which play both a functional and aesthetic role.

If you are looking to add some character to your space, this spider has you covered. However, due to its size, it will take up too much space on your working desk. Therefore, it will be better to arrange one on your nightstand as a night lamp. Find it Here

27. Candlestick Edison Desk Lamps

Candlestick Edison Lamp

Our list would be far from complete without a candlestick-inspired piece in a timeless industrial design. A wooden base holds up five metallic arms for the ultimate charm.

Everyone who loves ambient lighting would love to have one of these cool desk lamps. But, we should acknowledge that it is too big to feature on the office desk. Instead, you can set this lamp on your table display. Find it Here

28. Minimalist Oak Table Lamp

Minimalist Oak Table Lamp

Prepare yourself to meet this next desk lamp on the list! This cool minimalist oak table lamp features a cool design with a stable base that will fit inside any room at home.

Made of high-quality oak wood, this table lamp is perfect for reading, writing, or typing, especially because it is compatible with the E27 bulb. Moreover, this minimalist-styled lamp will also make a perfect pick for those of you who love industrial design. 

29. Cool Wooden Mushroom Lamp

Cool Wooden Mushroom Lamp

This unique desk lamp comes with a modern look thanks to its unique mushroom shape. This cool wooden mushroom lamp will make a great decoration, plus a nice bedside lamp, too.

Having this lamp inside your bedroom will help to create a nice ambiance and build up a positive vibe while you’re resting in bed. Moreover, this lamp will also make a good home decor item, too. Placing it on your living room table will create a different ambiance and make a nice focal point in the room. 

30. Concrete Table Lamp

Concrete Table Lamp

Another choice of a cool modern industrial desk lamp that features a sleek and smooth design made of concrete materials. Have this desk lamp as a new addition to your study room.

And see how you can have an enjoyable time reading your favorite book with it. Carefully made of ceramic and stone, this lamp also includes LED lights that make a great decor item, too. 

31. Modern Desk Lamp

Modern Desk Lamp

In our opinion, anyone will immediately fall in love with this minimalist desk lamp, mainly because it will make a great addition to any minimalist-themed room. Comes with a unique design, and it comes in an adorable wooden color, too.

The unique shape of the lamp creates a look as if the light is hanging on a sturdy wooden base. This lamp would be a nice item to place inside of your bedroom or study room. 

32. Malsimpla Handmade Wooden Desk Lamp

Malsimpla Handmade Wooden Desk Lamp

Get the maximum function of a wooden desk lamp that has a unique shape plus a hidden touch switch. This desk lamp is made of high-quality natural wood that includes walnut, white ebony, oak, and also ash.

Looking at the unique shape of this lamp, we would say that this lamp will make a perfect gift for special occasions that include birthdays, weddings, or housewarmings. 

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by now, there is so much more to a cool desk lamp than lighting up a dark space. Optimize on their potential for aesthetic appeal by choosing one that resonates with your character and décor concept.

If you wish to make it a desk lamp, you better grab one with a small or medium size to match your table. A big one will take up too much space that should be used to arrange your documents. But for other purposes other than the desk lamp, any size won’t matter as long as you consider the furniture where you want to display one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can desk lamps help with eye strain and headaches?

Yes, choosing the right desk lamp can make a big difference when it comes to eye strain and headaches. Look for lamps with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, as well as glare-reducing features like diffusers or frosted shades. Position your lamp so that it’s not shining directly into your eyes, and take regular breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your neck and shoulders.

What are some tips for maintaining a desk lamp?

Regularly dust the lamp and wipe down the shade with a damp cloth to remove any smudges or dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives on the lamp or shade, as this can damage the finish or material. Additionally, replace any burned-out bulbs with new ones of the same wattage and style to maintain the lamp’s intended function and design.

How can I choose a desk lamp that complements my decor?

When choosing a desk lamp, it’s important to consider both form and function. Look for a lamp that is the right size and style for your desk and room, and that complements the other elements in your decor. Popular styles include modern, minimalist designs, vintage-inspired lamps with brass or bronze finishes, and industrial-style lamps with exposed bulbs and metal shades. Whatever your style, there’s a desk lamp out there to suit your needs and taste.

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