Light Bulb Changing Pole

Light Bulb Changing Pole

Quickly and safely change light bulbs in high ceilings with this Light Bulb Changing Pole.

If you have high ceilings, changing a dead light bulb is at very least an annoying process. Nobody wants to drag out a tall ladder or balance on it like a terrified circus performer.

What you need to do is combine a Mr. Long-Arm telescoping pole with one of their light-bulb-changing attachments. Using a 12 or 14 ft long pole you’ll be able to easily twist out the light bulb outside.

The attachments vary depending on the size of a light bulb. They can hold a light bulb thanks to a suction cup on top. When you lower the pole, you can release the suction on the bulb with one button. Other attachments use sliding fingers to grab onto the bulb. So choose the one that will suit the shape of the light bulbs you use.

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