28 Greatest Gifts For Judges You Can Buy

From highly professional to seriously hilarious, this is the definitive list of gifts for judges you’ve been looking for!

Perhaps you’re searching out the perfect retirement gift, maybe you’re in need of a first day on the job present. Whatever the occasion, we guarantee you’ll find the ideal treat for the judge you know right here. 

The Best Gift Ideas For Judges:

#1 Personalized Wood Gavel With Engraved Gold Band 

Personalized Wood Gavel With Engraved Gold Band - Gifts For Judges

From celebrating passing the bar to becoming a certified, officially elected judge, this gift is guaranteed to draw a smile. Not only that, it’s made from solid walnut and can be engraved with up to three lines of personalized text so you know it will be displayed in pride of place.

#2 Custom Judge Bobblehead 

Custom Judge Bobblehead - Gifts For Judges

This has to be one of the most innovative and fun gifts for judges we’ve ever seen! We can pretty much guarantee the judge you know will adore this unique, personalized gift of a bobblehead figure specially sculpted to look just like them. Choose the basic figure you’d like then send the seller a picture of the judge you’re celebrating so they can get the likeness just right! It’s the ideal gift to celebrate the start or end of their career as a judge or to mark a milestone anniversary.

#3 Judge Shirt 

Judge Shirt - Gifts For Judges

Sometimes the simplest gifts for judges turn out to be the best ones! With that in mind, we highly recommend gifting the judge you know this fun slogan t-shirt for rare days off. Choose whichever color option they’d prefer best from black, white, grey, or dark grey, and let the brightly colored, printed text do all the talking!

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#4 Personalized Hanger for Judge

Personalized Hanger for Judge - Gifts For Judges

Keeping their robe freshly pressed and looking as neat and professional as possible is incredibly important for a judge. That’s why this personalized hanger makes such a great, genuinely useful gift. You can even choose the color of the hanger and wire to make it even more special and in keeping with their office decor. What’s more, it’ll be perfect for hanging their robe on before court, or will make a beautiful display piece for a retirement gift.

#5 On The Rocks Set 

Sea Stones On The Rocks Granite

For the judge that just loves to unwind with their favorite spirit over ice, gift them this unique set of rocks designed to chill their drink of choice to the perfect temperature. These stunning granite disks are handcrafted from New England beach stones and are as practical as they are beautiful when displayed on their bar cart.

#6 Judges Brit Cit Badge 

Judges Brit Cit Badge - Gifts For Judges

Looking for funny gift ideas for judges? We have one right here! Judge Dredd fans will love this badge, not only for its accuracy but also for how incredibly well made it is. It can even be crafted with a custom resin nameplate that makes it all the more unique to them.

#7 Office decor Jury 67″ courtroom oil painting 

Office decor Jury 67" courtroom oil painting

These custom courtroom oil paintings make truly memorable presents for judges to proudly display in their office. It also makes quite the statement measuring an impressive 67″ 34″ (170 X 85 cm). What’s more, it will arrive carefully packaged with a certificate of authenticity from the artist, Koby Feldmos.

#8 Judge Definition Mug 

Judge Definition Mug - Gifts For Judges

If there’s any profession out there that requires a strong morning coffee, it’s judging! Thanks to you, the judge you’re celebrating can enjoy theirs in style with this funny definition mug. It’ll also make great office decor even if they’re not into hot drinks.

#9 Judge Gift – Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo 

Judge Gift - Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo - Gifts For Judges

There’s nothing like gifting someone a truly unique and well-thought-out, personalized gift. Luckily, these custom caricature portraits tick every box! Simply send the artist a photo of the lucky recipient, and you’ll receive a digital portrait in return. This can then be printed onto any medium you wish from canvases to socks, to t-shirts, and more.

#10 The Shinola Runwell Automatic Watch 

The Shinola Runwell Automatic Watch

When it comes to finding truly special, thoughtful gifts for judges, few are as perfect as this stunning Shinola Runwell Automatic watch. With a scratch and shatter-resistant sapphire glass crystal face, a polished stainless steel case, and a premium leather strap, this watch is an ansolute stand-out.

#11 Custom Street Sign 

Custom Street Sign - Gifts For Judges

If you’re searching out gifts for judges that’ll look, not only right at home but downright impressive in their office, look no further than this custom street sign. Have it personalized with a street name of your choice and be sure to make it judge-themed for an extra special touch!

#12 Judge Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character 

Judge Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character - Gifts For Judges

Fans of a certain cartoon family will be over the moon with this unique, custom gift. Simply send the artist a few clear photographs of the judge you’re gifting it to. In return, you’ll receive a custom portrait of them in a digital format which you can print onto anything you’d like.

#13 Funny Judge Coffee Mug 

Funny Judge Coffee Mug

Whether they can’t live without their morning coffee or love to relax after a long day with a hot cup of tea, this funny quote mug is sure to make them laugh as they sip away. 

#14 Engraved Judge Mallet with Sound Block and Gift Case 

Engraved Judge Mallet with Sound Block and Gift Case - Gifts For Judges

Every judge needs a mallet, and luckily, this one happens to come in the most luxurious wooden gift box for the quintessential, token of appreciation for judges. In addition to how beautifully made this gift is, it comes with two options for personal engravings. One around the gavel itself, and one inside the gift box. If you’d rather forgo the gift box, you can choose the mallet and sound block option instead.

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#15 Allegedly Sweater 

Allegedly Sweater

Fun clothing gifts for judges don’t get more perfect than this hilarious, yet undeniably stylish ‘Allegedly’ sweater. It comes in seven different colors from bright red to simple black to suit every style.

#16 F-Bomb Paperweight 

F-Bomb Paperweight

Since they can’t go dropping F-bomb’s in the courtroom, allow them to do so in their office with this super funny paperweight! It’s made from recycled steel and makes for an excellent conversation piece.

#17 Scales Of Justice Canvas Wall Art 

Scales Of Justice Canvas Wall Art

This stylish, three canvas art piece makes an instant impression and will be the crowning jewel of any judge’s office. It also comes in 18 different sizes to perfectly fit the space it’ll be hanging in.

#18 Scales of Justice Book Art 

Scales of Justice Book Art

When it comes to truly unique gifts for judges, we can think of few better than this meticulously crafted, Scales of Justice art piece. Every page is folded by hand to make this impressive-looking gift which will look incredible displayed around the home, or in their work space.

#19 judge impartially….. antique wax seal sterling silver necklace 

judge impartially..... antique wax seal sterling silver necklace

This amazing piece of sterling silver jewelry is cast from an antique correspondence sealing stamp dating all the way back to the 1800s. If this isn’t the ideal gift for judges who are also great lovers of history, we don’t know what is!

#20 Custom Name Lapel Pins 

Custom Name Lapel Pins

These super chic, personalized lapel pins make an excellent birthday, anniversary, or even Christmas gifts for judges. They’re also a great idea for first days or last days on the job to serve as a lasting memento of the career they’ve worked so hard for.

#21 Personalized Star of Fame

Personalized Star of Fame

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box judge gifts, this personalized star of fame should do the trick! Let them know what a star they are by having their very own one customized, and framed for display. What’s more, their name will be immortalized forever as it gets added to the ‘Star of Fame’ database!

#22 Personalized Laser Engraved Clock 

Personalized Laser Engraved Clock

If anyone needs consistently excellent time-keeping skills, it’s a judge! Help them stay on top of their day with this stunning, personalized solid oak clock, laser engraved with their name and the wording of your choice.

#23 personalized olive wood cutting board 

personalized olive wood cutting board

Does the judge you know love to unwind by cooking up a storm in their kitchen? Then gift them this beautiful olive wood cutting board, personalized with their name or initials.

#24 Yoda Best Judge Mug 

Yoda Best Judge Mug

Not all judge gifts need to be serious, as evidenced by this hilarious ‘Yoda best judge’ coffee mug! Ideal for housing their morning java and for putting a big smile on their face too.

Judge Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set

Nothing says ‘judge gift’ more than this engraved cuff links and tie clip set! This one will get plenty of use and is sure to make them feel instantly chicer every time they put them on.

 #26 Judge Chaos Coordinator To Do List Notebook

Judge Chaos Cordinator To Do List Notebook: Judge Gifts

Write a plan or a to-do-list are a must for the judges. As they have many activities and schedules, carrying the notebook is a common one. Then, giving a notebook planner will always be a great idea. An eye-catching copy-writing of the cover will make the judges give the best smile for you. The size fits to be put inside the small bag, shoulder bag or backpack.

#27 Themis Blind Lady of Justice Statue

Design Toscano Themis Blind Lady of Justice Statue Lawyer Gift

No one can resist this beautiful statue of Themis as a special gift for the judges. Just look at the color combination. Those are white and gold. The desk of the judges will be beautiful, elegant, but not too much. This statue is a hand-cast using real crushed white marble bonded with durable designer resin. The details are undeniable, with beautiful details on it.

#28 Gavel Cufflinks

MRCUFF Law Gavel Mallet Judge Lawyer Mason Pair Cufflinks in a Presentation Gift Box & Polishing Cloth

A small but adorable gift for your favorite judges. A pair of gavel cufflinks that come in a box and a polish cloth is included inside. If your father, uncle, or husband is a judge, then this is a practical gift for him. It fits perfectly for formal occasions such as wedding receptions, gala dinners or anniversaries.

Those are the greatest gift ideas for judges you know very well. All of them are worth buying and have different values, according to what the judges need. All is incredible, practical, and one of a kind. 

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