47 Classy & Professional Gifts for Lawyers That Are Unique

Classy gifts for lawyers are a sure way to score a winning verdict from the attorney or legal professional in your life. Whether this happens to be a lawyer, paralegal, law student, jurist, legal assistant, or judge, you can find a way to put a permanent smile on their face. These lawyers have a reputation for being hard to please. To this end, we have created an intriguing list of lawyer gifts.

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These unique items include humorous collectibles, fascinating antiques, and sentimental choices that will tug at their heartstrings. Some include legal symbols such as the scales of justice or lady justice, while others feature inspirational quotes or a custom touch that will feel more personal to them. Curious? Let’s dive in!

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Cool Gift Ideas For Lawyers

Given their jobs, lawyers aren’t easy to please. Hence, finding one that matches their tastes and personalities can be tricky. But here, we’ve compiled our curated list of gifts for lawyers you shouldn’t miss! Take a look and discover a wide variety of decorative, practical, sentimental, and thoughtful gift ideas for the lawyer in your life.

Guilty / Not Guilty Cufflinks Judge Lawyer Baliff Paralegal Jury Duty Cuff Links

Take both his sense of humor and fashion up a few notches with this creative pair of cufflinks. Nothing captures the essence of a lawyer’s or judge’s profession quite as well as this! These funny gifts for lawyers will add a light touch to their otherwise serious profession and spread good cheer to those around them.

They can wear these cool cufflinks with a complete suit outfit when attending court to have an intimidating, dashing look to defend their clients.

#2 Lawyer Print-Watercolor Lady Justice

Gifts for Lawyers

Decorative gifts for lawyers, such as this artsy piece, will add instant pizzazz to a dull legal office. For an art-loving attorney, a watercolor depiction of Lady Justice is as close as you can get to their hearts. It will offer an instant facelift to their space, becoming an ideal focal point. Given the bright color combination, suggest your attorney to hang it against a white background in their modern office interior.

#3 World’s Okayest Lawyer Gift Mug

Gifts for Lawyers

Get a laugh out of your lawyer friend with one of these funny mugs. Hey, not everyone can be the best lawyer in the world. It is okay that they do an okay job, and for that, they deserve recognition, don’t they? This is a memorable gag gift for a lawyer that every legal professional would appreciate.

They can display this mug on their desk office to showcase their funny sides or simply have a cup of coffee while checking on the pile of files they have to work on.

#4 Leather Lawyer Briefcase

Gifts for Lawyers

What’s a lawyer without his briefcase? Give your lawyer boyfriend an opportunity to look the part with one of these professional gifts for lawyers. This executive leather bag will never go out of style. With enough room to hold all of its essentials and high-quality construction, it is the perfect blend of function and quality.

Moreover, the brown leather material ensures excellent durability. Thus, your lawyers don’t need to buy another one for years. Its color also effortlessly matches their duty outfits, so they won’t be out of fashion holding this one to work.

#5 Decision Paperweight – Office Gifts for Lawyers

Legal Lawyer Gift Decision Maker Law Office Desk Spinner Paperweight

Ease your lawyer friend’s burden of making so many decisions with one of these ingenious decision wheels. Life will never be the same again, as all they have to do is spin the wheel anytime they cannot make up their mind. With eight solutions for every possible situation, this humorous wheel will answer every question with ease!

Even if they don’t like to make predictions, such a gift can be a unique display on their desks that speaks volumes about how tricky his job is.

#6 Law Canvas Print – Gift for Lawyers Office

Gifts for Lawyers

Brighten up her office space with this inspired wall art piece for lawyers. In its simplicity, it captures all the crucial aspects of the legal profession. And anyone stepping into their space will have no doubt that justice is right around the corner. This would make a truly thoughtful graduation gift for a lawyer. Having such a bold design with a warm tone, this wall decor will make the best display on a beige or dark tone wall, like grey.

#7 Funny Lawyer Tee

Gifts for Lawyers

For the few times when the lawyer in your life is not in a business suit, this humorous tee will do perfectly! Just like Hollywood’s Samuel Goldwyn, he might not always be right, but he is never wrong. Wearing this, you can be sure he will cheer everyone up everywhere he goes. 

Since it comes in a variety of colors, you better pick the one they love. But if you don’t know their tastes, it would be best to choose neutral tones, like black and gray so they can easily mix and match the tees with their trousers.

#8 Friends TV Sitcom – I’ll Be There For You Women’s Lawyer Shirt

Gifts for Lawyers

Is there a female lawyer in your life who just cannot have enough Friends? Why not get them one of these t-shirts inspired by the sitcom? After all, friends are very much like lawyers. They are always there for us to clean up after us when we make a mess. This stylish tee carries sentiment and style in equal measure.

Thanks to its gray color with a touch of colorful dots, your female friend lawyer will look amazing pairing this t-shirt with their shorts or jeans and sneakers. For the semi-formal appeal, she can match it with a blazer.

#9 Lawyer Section Mark Belt Buckle

Gifts for Lawyers

Keep it simple yet captivating with this inspired belt buckle for lawyers. In spite of not saying a single word, it captures the legal profession perfectly! Plus, the legal paragraph sign is a unique choice that offers the opportunity to stand out. Add to this its functional value, and we have a winner!

Whether they wear a casual suit with a flannel shirt, t-shirt, and relaxed-fit trousers or a semi-formal one with a blazer, this belt will make their look even more eye-catching.

#10 Nailed It Desk Organizer

Gifts for Lawyers

Add a touch of fun and a pun to your favorite lawyer’s office table with this creative gift choice. With one of these, they can start every conversation with a bang and hit it off with friends old and new. And every time they nail it, they can celebrate in style with this quirky accessory!

Besides, your lawyer can arrange their ballpoint or pencils to the organizer and even display their business cards. For that reason, placing it on the desk facing the front door is a brilliant idea to make it stands out.

#11 Personalized Leather Attorney Wallet

Gifts for Lawyers

Personalized gifts for lawyers passing the bar are a great way to congratulate them for all their hard work. The practical value of this particular piece means that it will stir up pleasant memories for a while. Featuring the scales of justice on the front and a personalized nickname, it will certainly impress him. Such a design also offers sentimental value and makes this wallet easy to identify if it drops somewhere.

Furthermore, it is available in four different colors you can choose to suit the lawyer’s preference. If he has a bold personality, black may be the best fit.

#12 Personalized Engraved Leather Journal Gift Pack

Gifts for Lawyers

If the lawyer in your life is always on the move, nothing could match this travel gift set. It features a personalized leather journal, a luggage tag, a pen, and a passport holder. Apart from traveling, this set is also perfect for carrying on different cases in case they need to take some notes during the trial.

Everything comes in a personalized gift box. So, you don’t need to wrap it in wrapping paper anymore. What a thoughtful and practical gift for a lawyer boyfriend!

#13 Engraved Metal & Gold Parker Fountain Pen Set

Gifts for Lawyers

Law professionals spend a lot of time writing, and a pen is a valuable gift choice. But not just any pen would do if you wish to have your gift remembered. It’s perfect for a law school graduation gift idea! This fountain pen and ballpoint set blends brushed metal and chrome for a luxurious feel.

They can use it when there are formal occasions, for example, meetings with clients, to make them look more professional. Add a personalized touch to turn them into instant favorites.

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#14 Best Lawyer Ever Hand-Stamped Coffee Spoon

Gifts for Lawyers

Make your favorite lawyer’s coffee time a delight with this high-quality vintage spoon. In simple yet powerful words, it sums up your appreciation for them. Anytime they feel down, the message and a dose of coffee will do wonders to cheer them up. The hand-stamped design looks great and will never fade.

Besides using it as cutlery, this unusual spoon also makes a great home display in the glass cabinet. Thus, it will be a perfect gift for lawyers who love to collect unique decorations.

#15 Devil’s Dictionary Law Glasses

Gifts for Lawyers

Prescription and diagnosis are fundamental aspects of the legal profession. But with the satirical definitions of these funny glasses, your lawyer friend might pass a different kind of bar. These hilarious glasses make ideal gifts for lawyers with a crooked sense of humor. Anyone who shares their drink using these glasses will be sure to crack up.

They can break the tension and silence with first-ever clients by serving beer with these amusing glasses. Their clients will definitely giggle and feel at home chatting with the lawyers to consult on their legal problems.

#16 Personalized Scales of Justice Double Pen Stand

Gifts for Lawyers

Looking for classy gifts for lawyers? Personalized Law School Graduation gift? Well, look no further than the scales of justice pen stand. Featuring a black marble base with gold veins, it sports polished brass dual pen stands. The scales of justice are depicted in brass, and a laser-engraved brass plate adds a personal touch.

This dashing item will make the most out of it when displayed on the office desk. Besides, it speaks the profession loudly without your lawyer having to show off his work.

#17 Sterling Silver Scales of Justice Ring

Gifts for Lawyers
Gifts for Lawyers

With one of these rings, your favorite legal professional can now wear their passion everywhere they go. This sterling silver ring makes a great addition to their jewelry collection. Its oval centerpiece has the scales of justice as its focus. A hammered finish gives the piece timeless appeal, making it forever trendy. In addition, its fancy design allows your lawyer to wear it in formal events, even when they are defending their clients in court.

#18 Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized Pocket Watch

No man, not even an attorney or judge, could say no to this striking pocket watch! It comes in matte black with a gold and black face. A skeleton design gives it matchless appeal, adding a vintage quality to the concept. Personalize the cover to make it a special gift for a lawyer boyfriend, or husband. With such a striking design, this pocket watch will be perfect for bringing when attending a ball, formal wedding, or prom with you!

Personalized Gentleman's Gift Set

Even if the lawyer in your life is no gentleman, a touch of elegance is all he needs to transform. In this set, you have everything you need to execute the transformation. A tie clip, money clip, and pair of cufflinks, all personalized to your requirements! Instead of engraving the nickname, having the initials are better to save space on the cufflinks.

Moreover, they all come in a personalized wooden box. So, you don’t have to bother anymore to wrap it up, thanks to the box.

#20 Constitution Tie

Constitution Tie

What better way to honor the founding fathers of American democracy than with one of these creative ties? Featuring a facsimile of the constitution, the tie places special emphasis on the opening phrase, “We the people.” Add a touch of genius to his wardrobe with this ingenious gift choice. We recommend matching this striking red tie with a white, long shirt or black one to make your lawyer look outstanding in court.

Legal Scales of Justice Pocket Watch and Chain

All lawyers really care about is balancing the scales of justice. Offer him a timely way to celebrate this in the form of an elegant pocket watch. It sports an engraving of lady Justice holding up the scales on the front case. This set is one of the best gifts to portray the very essence of sophistication, combining gold, luxury wood, and leather.

Ask your lawyer to bring this to the ball, lawyer meeting association, or when present at court to give the impression of a bold but elegant appearance.

#22 Lawyer / Attorney Periodic Table of Elements Tee

Lawyer (La-W-Y-Er) Periodic Table Elements Shirt

Crack up your nerdy lawyer boyfriend with this hilarious t-shirt. What makes it one of the best gifts for lawyers is that it combines a love for science and the legal profession. Depicting parts of the word ‘lawyer’ as elements on the periodic table, it’s a work of pure genius!

You can include DIY instructions on how to style this t-shirt with trousers, vests, blazers, or jeans on different occasions. So, it will help your lawyers who are not good at mixing and matching their clothes. Moreover, this t-shirt comes in various colors. Make sure you pick one that’s their favorite.

#23 Hudson Luxury Minimalist Wood Watch

Gifts for Lawyers

Keeping time means the world to everyone in the legal profession. That is why a luxury watch makes a truly thoughtful and practical gift. But this watch goes above and beyond the functional aspects. Its design makes it a statement piece that captures attention from a mile away.

Besides, the wooden design with a brown strap gives a luxurious impression that matches the personality of lawyers known to be firm and cool. Considering its appeal, it will effortlessly blend in with any suit they wear everyday.

#24 Personalized Decanter Set

 Personalized Decanter Set

When your favorite legal professional needs to unwind, nothing can beat this personalized decanter set. The elegance in its distinct pieces will be sure to enhance the pleasure derived from every sip. They can also invite friends to join the talk, serving whiskey with this dazzling decanter set.

And, of course, the notable engraved names on the glasses touch their sentimental sides. At the same time, thanks to their great looks, they will be the perfect gift and a great addition to their home bar.

#25 Personalized Monogrammed Shaving Kit Groomsmen Gift Box

Personalized Monogrammed Shaving Kit Groomsmen Gift Box

He needs to look his best at all times, and this shaving kit will make sure of that. If his legal career involves lots of travel, this handy kit will come in handy. Not only does it has everything he needs to look sharp every morning. But it will also carry pleasant memories of the giver thanks to the personal touch. When they don’t use the set, they can put it on the glass cabinet as the design looks amazing to display.

#26 Scales of Justice Lawyer Necklace

Scales of Justice Necklace

Nothing could beat this necklace as far as creating visual interest is concerned. Comprising a gavel and miniature scales of justice charms, it sums up the legal profession pretty well. Yet another great lawyer gift idea for those fancy jewelry.

Add a hand-stamped initial charm to the mix, and the results will be impressive. You can be sure she will always wear it close to her heart. To make a stand-out appeal, she better wear it when defending their clients in court to give a bold statement about her profession.

#27 Funny Lawyer Pencil Set

Funny Lawyer Pencil Set

Grant them an opportunity to smile even as they prepare for the next legal battle with this set of quirky pencils. Matte black gives the pieces a sense of sophistication, with funny messages depicted in silver for the ultimate contrast. This might be all they need to light up their days when the going gets tough.

Suggest to your lawyer to set them sequentially on the desk organizer. Then, display it on the table facing the front door. So, whenever their clients come, the arrangement will burst their laughter.

#28 Personalized Hour Glass Lawyer Office Decor

SuLiao Brass Hourglass 30 Minute Sand Clock Timer

An hourglass is a timeless gift choice for persons in every profession, including lawyers. This two-minute hourglass goes a step further by offering a personalization option. With a well-chosen message, this could make the ultimate addition to their office space. Its elegant design and personal touch will go a long way in making it memorable.

In addition to table decor, they can use this unique, ancient clock to track the duration of meetings with clients or whenever they need to make a quick decision.

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#29 Personalized Lawyer Pillows

Personalize Attorney Pillow and Pillow Case - 2 Sided - Attorney Gift, Lawyer Gift Law Office Pillow Law Firm Gift Gift for Lawyer Attorney

At the end of every day, all a lawyer needs is an opportunity to unwind and let go of the day’s objections. Speed up the process with one of these innovative pillowcases that will grant them legal victories in their dreams. Featuring a word every lawyer wants to hear during a trial, this pillowcase will turn into a favorite.

You can also add a personal touch by printing their names on the pillows. In addition to the pillows in their rooms, they can bring this pillow everywhere in their cars, thanks to its handy size.

#30 Attorney Folded Book Art

Judge Folded book art, Judge Gift, Judicial Gift, Judge Office Decor, Office Decor, Attorney Gift, Attorney Office Decor, Bar Exam Gift

A little art can go a long way to touch the heart of the solicitor or attorney in your life. Give their office an instant facelift with one of these innovative lawyer gifts. Book art is as creative as it gets, and this piece will give your recipient a reason to smile always. To make the dazzling display, the desk office is the best choice of place. However, if it is too full of trial files, a transparent cabinet is an ideal alternative.

#31 Scales of Justice Personalized Lawyer/Attorney Nameplates

Desk Name Plate Rustic, Custom Office Name Sign, Personalized with your name and title 2.5 x 10 inches

Executive nameplates such as this one contribute significantly to the décor of a lawyer’s office. A walnut hardwood base and high-grade white pine lettering offer the perfect contrast level to make it a classy statement piece. They set the tone for guests and clients and show that lawyers take their profession seriously.

Besides, the name display also makes it easy for the clients to immediately know how to call the lawyer’s name. So, it would be better to only engrave the full nickname and abbreviate the others.

#32 Scale of Justice Law Tie Clips

Scale of Justice Law Tie Clips

Tip the scales of justice in your favor with this thoughtful lawyer gift choice. A tie clip could make the perfect graduation gift for a lawyer or law lover. Combining black and gold, the piece is elegant and classy. It features an image of the scales of justice as its focal point.

With this particular design, the clip is ideal to wear when attending events related to their profession, such as meetings of lawyers’ associations and when representing clients in court.

#33 Personalized Genuine Leather Business Card Holder

Personalized Genuine Leather Business Card Holder

Every legal professional needs an executive business cardholder. What makes this piece a great choice is its combination of quality and aesthetics. Blending together stainless steel and high-quality leather, it is as professional as they get. A personal touch completes the effect, introducing a sentimental aspect to it.

Apart from experienced lawyers, such a gift is also attractive to those who are just starting their careers as legal professionals. Coming in a handy size, your lawyer can bring it everywhere and whenever they need it.

34 Family Law Board Game

Family Law Board Game

The lawsuit is an award-winning legal-themed board game for the whole family, the perfect gift idea for a lawyer! Especially if your favorite lawyer’s family works in a similar field, such as a lawyer, prosecutor, or even a judge. Having this game board, they can spend time together playing and throwing jokes about their profession. And for beginners, it can be a fun way to learn more about the legal system.

#35 Men’s SILK Scales of Justice Bow Tie

Men's SILK Scales of Justice Bow Tie

Bow ties are back in vogue and seem set to stay this time around! So why not add a trendy touch to your lawyer boyfriend’s looks with one of these themed pieces? This silk burgundy piece is as good as they get, featuring a self-tie design and scales of justice pattern. It would make a great appeal matching with a suit and white shirt to attend a formal event, for example, a wedding or ball.

#36 Lapis Superb Intaglio Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver 925 Lawyers Ring

Lapis Superb Intaglio Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver 925 Lawyers Ring - Gifts for Lawyers

Complete his sophisticated look with one of these classy gifts for lawyers. Scales of justice define the centerpiece of this lawyers’ ring. The band is gold-plated sterling silver, while the focal point features lapis lazuli gemstone, making your lawyer look classy when attending various formal events.

It is the very picture of elegance and comes in a good size for both ladies and gents. To support the best appearance, this ring will look sparkling if they pair it with a suit for men or a blazer for women.

#37 Lawyer Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Lawyer Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character - Gifts for Lawyers

This funny gift choice will make them smile no matter how taxing the day. The yellow cartoon character concept is a great way to brighten up every day. It is also one of the unique gift ideas for anyone in the legal profession. They can frame the picture first, then hang it on the wall to make a hilarious focal point that cracks up everyone who notices this piece.

#38 Office Decor 50″ Original Painting for Lawyer Firm

Office Decor 50" Original Painting for Lawyer Firm - Gifts for Lawyers

You can never go wrong with art when it comes to choosing a gift for a lawyer. Everyone would appreciate the potential this piece holds to transform any space. Its combination of visual and tactile appeal will give any décor an instant facelift. Given the colorful tones, this wall decor will look striking on white walls. Be it in the office or living room to steal the spot. It is the kind of gift that will keep on giving.

#39 Funny Lawyer Cushion

Lawyers Don't Complain But We Do Wine Funny Lawyer T-Shirt

Funny gifts for lawyers do not come any better than this. Besides its high functional value, its witty play on words makes it irresistible. It will reveal the silly side of your lawyer in a fun way. Knowing it comes in divers colors, you better pick one that suits their tastes to boost their confidence.

And who would not wish to kick back with a glass of wine after a long day of lawyering? Make their relaxation sessions count with this practical choice.

#40 Lavender Scented Candle with Hilarious Attorney Quotes

Funny Lavender Candle Gifts for Women

Being a lawyer does not mean they always have to show a firm and severe attitude. There’s nothing wrong with being humorous now and then. Instead of giving them the usual things, it’s better to give your attorney a chance to express their jokes through this funny scented candle.

The funny words of this candle will put a smile on their faces. This candle is also handy to add a new touch to their home décor. Moreover, the lavender scent emitted by this candle can soothe and refresh the mind after a long day of working and helping their clients.

#41 LED Light Inkstone Lawyer Pen 

Inkstone Symbols of Law and Justice Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

Get your lawyer this luxurious inkstone pen to complete their work equipment. This pen has a specific law and justice symbol that perfectly describes the owner’s professional work.

Designed with hand grips that use a rubber stylus tip, this body pen will not have fingerprint marks when used. Apart from being a pen, it also has an LED light which is helpful as a mini flashlight when lawyers read their documents. If you’re looking for a two-in-one gift, you’ve found it!

#42 Padfolio Professional Organizer

Mastery Prestige Zippered Portfolio/Padfolio Organizer

Any professional job, including an attorney, will obviously appreciate this kind of gift. It is a padfolio organizer that features pockets for all necessary items. 

From cards to tablets, everything will fit in this prestigious portfolio. Black vegan leather is used as the material for making this item to add a classy and bold impression. The organizer has a genderless design, so it’s okay to give it to your attorney regardless of gender.

#43 Coaster for Lawyers

Coaster for Lawyers

This novelty coaster that features an adorable illustration of a cat posing as a lawyer would make a playful yet tasteful gift. Professionals will appreciate the subtle humor as they raise their glasses and see the picture of the cat lawyer.

The coaster is manufactured from ceramic, ensuring a classy look and long-lasting design. It’ll keep the lawyer’s table clean from condensation or being damaged by a hot mug.

#44 “The Tools of Arguments” Book

The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue, and Win

Professional lawyers would always want to up their game, improving their skills constantly. You can help them upgrade their mindset by giving them this best-seller book titled “The Tools of Arguments“.

The book will teach lawyers how to think, make an argument, and win a case. The content is not that heavy, so that lawyers can read the book in their spare time. Though it may not suit those who don’t like reading, it is an ultimate choice for nerdy lawyers.

#45 Frame for Lawyer’s Diploma Certificate

Frame for Lawyer's Diploma Certificate

To practice law, people will need a diploma certificate. So, you can consider giving your lawyer friend a frame to display their certificates. The well-designed frame offers a suitable dimension for displaying any certificate and a compartment for holding a tassel. The frame will look classy on their office wall to guarantee their credibility and legality as lawyers. Thus, ensuring their clients use their services.

#46 Blind Lady of Justice Figurine

Blind Lady of Justice Figurine

A lawyer’s desk would look more professional and classy when they put this Blind Lady of Justice figurine on it. As we have learned, Lady Justice symbolizes law and order, making her figurine a fitting gift for a lawyer. The white polyresin statue is very well crafted, as you can see the little details clearly, such as the blindfold, the scale, the sword, and her clothes. Recommend your lawyer to place it on their desk to give a bold lawyer statement to the office.

#47 Adult Coloring Book for Lawyers

Adult Coloring Book for Lawyer

Being a lawyer is not easy. Sometimes, they will have to deal with tricky cases that require much talking and researching. To cheer them up, you can get them this lovely Lawyer-themed adult coloring book!

Did you know that a coloring book is an excellent tool to relieve a lot of stress? Your lawyer friends can free up a lot of pent-up stress by coloring the book with lovely illustrations.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of lawyer gifts you can choose from. It can be something related to their hobbies, like books, or items that support their work (e.g., pens, desk organizers, or briefcases). However, if you prefer something more sentimental, nothing can beat personalized gifts. It will be the best gift for customized watches, decanter sets, or even wallets they will surely appreciate for life. Others, like belts and cufflinks, are also great alternatives to enhance their look as professional lawyers.

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The most unique and best gifts for lawyers are those with sentimental and functional values. It could be items like professional organizers, pens, business card holders, or briefcases that help them with their jobs. But if you prefer something more personal, ties, cufflinks, and even t-shirts with lawyer-related printings are the best ones!

Whether you are looking to poke fun at their profession or keep them smiling through tough times, these timely gifts for lawyers have got you covered. Add some value to their lives and make the thought count with the most suitable one of these unique gift ideas.

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