26 Most Unique Gifts for Law School Graduate

After a long journey, the student has finally become a graduate. It is definitely not an easy task to accomplish, but they really did it. What better way to do that other than finding unique gifts for law school graduates? Giving them unique gifts for law school graduates is an acknowledgement towards their achievement. It’ll cheer and help them to prepare for the next step of their journey: becoming a full-blown attorney.

There are a lot of unique gifts for law school graduates. Items ranging from awesome mugs to magnificent action figures are all in the books. However, each product has a unique selling point that is rarely seen on the market. If you’re getting excited already, let’s begin our list now!

Heart-warming and Unique Gifts for Law School Graduate

A graduating student must have been feeling mixed emotions. After all, the tears and efforts that they’ve put to reach the finish line is really amazing. Therefore, it is appropriate to give some heart-warming and unique gifts for law school graduates. You can take a look at those items below. 

1. “Tassel-Hassle” Mug

“Tassel-Hassle” Mug

We have just mentioned all the efforts and sacrifices made by a law school graduate for all these years. Due to that fact, we feel that it is fitting for them to receive this adorable mug. It has a good quote that will make them feel good about themselves. 

2. Lawyer in Progress Shirt

Lawyer in Progress Shirt

Graduating from a law school doesn’t necessarily mean that they will become a lawyer. However, they’re close to that goal. Therefore, it will be cool for them to wear this awesome shirt. With an amazing design and comfortable material, it is hard to pass up on one of the most unique gifts for law school graduate. 

3. Lucky Shirt

Lucky Shirt

Everybody has their own good luck charm. Perhaps, your friend’s charm came in the form of a cool shirt like this particular product. If that’s the case, then it would be criminal to skip out on buying this and hoping for good luck, right?

4. “Past, Present, and Future” Necklace

“Past, Present, and Future” Necklace

This beautiful necklace is really one of the best and most unique gifts for law school graduates. Aside from the magnificent design, it also symbolizes something meaningful: the past, present, and future of a person that will keep on intertwining. Let’s hope for the best of luck in your friend’s future endeavors with this necklace.  

5. Inspirational Keychain

Inspirational Keychain

Parents wouldn’t want to miss out on their son’s graduation day! After all, you must have been really proud of your child’s achievement, right? A motivational gift might be perfect for this occasion. Let them know (through this beautiful keychain) that they can achieve anything that they want with your support. 

6. Future Lawyer Shirt

Future Lawyer Shirt

Law school graduates already develop the knack to argue like a real attorney. It probably is the reason why they entered a law school in the first place. If you have a friend that is really chatty, then perhaps buying this hilarious shirt isn’t a bad idea! The funny quote and design make it one of the most unique gifts for law school graduates. 

7. Personalized Lawyer Graduation Gift Box

Personalized Lawyer Graduation Gift Box

Giving unique gifts for law school graduates can also come in the form of a gift box. The items inside are really thoughtful and heart-warming. Inside this adorable gift set, they will receive a beautiful mug with an inspirational quote, a personalized card, and a gift box top sticker. 

8. Lawyer Business Card Holder

Lawyer Business Card Holder

Making a business card is a lawyer’s business and privilege. However, we can help them in getting a personalized card holder. Just take a look at this beautiful model! It looks really elegant and it perfectly fits the style of an aspiring attorney. 

9. 50 States Traveled Journal

50 States Traveled Journal

When a law student has graduated, they’re gonna need some refreshments to do before working on their first job. Perhaps, traveling the country is a good idea, which is why you should get them this cool journal. They can track all of their discoveries and newly-found information inside this book.

Unique Display Collection for Law School Graduates

Some of the most unique gifts for law school graduates better serve as a display item in their house. Heck, even some of the items below are highly collectible and rare! Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

10. Gag Gift Puzzle

Gag Gift Puzzle

Giving one last prank to your friend before they start their career as an attorney is not a bad idea at all. If you’re on board with the idea, then this gag puzzle might help the cause. Beware, they’re not going to assemble the same picture that they see on the box.

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11. Engraved Scales of Justice Bookend

Engraved Scales of Justice Bookend

A lawyer is going to need a lot of books for their research. Bearing that thought in mind, you should really consider this unique bookend. It has a cool design, complemented by customizable engraved writings. Truly one of the most unique gifts for law school graduate.

12. Leather Journal Notebook

Leather Journal Notebook

Our next item seems like it’s coming straight from the Doctor Strange movie. Aside from the magnificent cover design, the leather journal is also huge! If they don’t want to carry this item around for work, they can display it in their home.  

13. Funko Pop! Lady Justice from Metallica

Funko Pop! Lady Justice from Metallica

In 1988, Metallica released the legendary record titled “…And Justice For All”. The cover features the iconic Lady Justice. Recently, Funko released a tribute to that album by releasing a figure of Lady Justice. Even if your friend doesn’t enjoy Metallica, they still can make use of this item as a decoration.

14. Personalized “The Simpson” Lawyer Portrait

Personalized “The Simpson” Lawyer Portrait

We might not know what the future has in store, but we can definitely try to imagine it. For a recent law school graduate, this gift seems to be perfect. Just get a picture of your friend and let the artist or seller do the magic. Then, you can hand over one of the most unique gifts for law school graduates over to your friend. 

15. 4 Wine Bottle Sticker

4 Wine Bottle Sticker

Before you’re getting excited, we should remind you that you won’t get any real wine on this product. Instead, you’ll get the unique sticker design for a graduation party! If your friend loves it, they can keep it and stick it on their favorite wine bottle. 

16. Anubis with Scale Figure

Anubis with Scale Figure

In the Egyptian lore, Anubis is considered as the god of the dead. They believed that Anubis judged all dead people and determined their worthiness to enter the realm of the dead. Although different from Lady Justice, this figure can still be considered as one of the most unique gifts for law school graduates. 

17. Pen Mug for Graduation

Pen Mug for Graduation

This is a fun item for a recent law school graduate. If you’re looking for unique gifts for law school graduates with a low fee, then this pen mug is the perfect product! It can hold a lot of stationery needed for their future career. Plus, it has an awesome design that fits the occasion. 

Cute Items for Law School Graduates

Looking for cute items that are also unique at the same time? Don’t worry, because as hard as it can be, we still managed to find a lot of cute and unique gifts for law school graduates. Let’s hope that there’s an item that resonates with your friend!

18. Funny Graduation Cap for Party

Funny Graduation Cap for Party

When your friend is finally graduating from law school, an afterparty is never going to be skipped! Therefore, you should dress them appropriately for the event. We thought that this wonderful and hilarious hat would be one of the most unique gifts for law school graduate! 

19. Travel Cord Roll

Travel Cord Roll

We don’t know how much cable your friend needs for their gadgets. But if they really have a lot of gadgets, you can help them get organized with this travel cord roll. It can help to preserve the cables too! Inside this stylish organizer, your friend can fit eight cords and two plugs. 

20. Law School Graduate Keyring

Law School Graduate Keyring

This personalized keyring represents the spirit and hope of a future attorney. The scale and hammer symbolize the judicial system that they love. Plus, you can add their initials to this adorable keyring. They can hang this around on a briefcase, bag, pouch, and many more. 

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21. Cool Pen with Awesome Symbol

Cool Pen with Awesome Symbol

We can’t argue with the title of this product. It is really elegant, and it features four iconic logos from the law system. This pen also has other functions! It can act as a flashlight, and it also has a stylus cap for operating touch screen devices. 

22. Collapsible Popcorn Popper

Collapsible Popcorn Popper

Forget about becoming a lawyer for a minute. Just take a step back and watch some movies with loved ones. To accompany that, your friend is going to need this awesome popcorn popper. It is different from your common microwave, because it can make a new and healthy popcorn to enjoy!

23. Football Homesick Candle

Football Homesick Candle

All those years focusing on graduating from law school must have been tiring. When it is time to graduate, they can take a break and enjoy Friday Night Football again. Make sure to give them this awesome candle too. Light them up and feel the soothing scent of a football field.  

24. Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

As good as a law school can be, they still miss some valid points that a person needs to know when working in a law firm. With this trivia game, your friend can broaden their knowledge with world trivia and fun facts. This is a really fun game to be played at a game night. 

25. Graduation Hat Frame

Graduation Hat Frame

Immortalize a graduation photo with a unique frame. Bearing that thought in mind, this particular graduation hat frame comes to mind! With this adorable frame, they can display their iconic photo on their office desk or in their home. 

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