15 Cool Rolls Royce Facts You Don’t Know

When it comes to famous automobiles, some argue the Rolls Royce is unrivaled. The Hollywood elite and collectors alike are fans of these rare cars. Every Rolls Royce model has commanded immense respect from its owners, whether for its superb craftsmanship, amount of detailing, sheer performance, or price tag. Not to mention, the Rolls Royce is instantly identifiable because of its distinctive appearance, exceptional quality, and famous hood ornament. 

Because the manufacture of Rolls Royce cars is limited, each car has its unique tale and history. One car is said to take 60 experienced engineers and artists 400 days to produce. As a result, each Rolls Royce is more than just a vehicle. But what is it about these automobiles that makes them so recognizable? As it turns out, there’s a lot more to these vehicles than you might think.

1. The First Rolls Royce In The World

The First Rolls Royce In The World
The First Rolls Royce (Source: https://20-ghost.org/)

Behind the legendary car brand, there were always great founders. That was also the case with Rolls Royce, which was able to survive because of those two excellent founders, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls.

Henry Royce founded an electrical and mechanical enterprise in 1884, which expanded into Rolls Royce. In 1904, Royce created his first automobile, and in May of the same year, he met Charles Rolls, whose firm marketed high-quality automobiles in London. 

The first Rolls Royce, which debuted in 1904, had a 1.8-liter two-cylinder engine that produced 10 horsepower. The first Rolls Royce, which is called the Rolls Royce 10 HP, had a three-bearing crankshaft and dual camshafts to control the side exhaust and overhead valves. That mill was paired to a three-speed manual transmission to get things moving.

2. Spirit Of Ecstasy

Spirit Of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy is regarded as a symbol of riches, refinement, and class all across the world. Because it graces the bonnets of most Rolls Royce cars, a brand that prides itself on being the exclusive domain of the wealthy and cultured. However, the story of how the Spirit of Ecstasy came to be is far from sophisticated, despite the fact that it does involve some very wealthy people.

In 1911, The Spirit of Ecstasy was released. It was commissioned by Baron John Edward Scott-Montagu, a vehicle collector, who modeled the figure’s likeness on his secretary-turned-mistress, Eleanor Thornton. Earlier versions of the sculpture had her finger pushed between her lips, a wink at their decade-long relationship.

Unfortunately, Thornton died at sea four years later, while en route to India, when the ship she was on was sunk by a German U-boat. As a result, Charles Sykes, the statuette’s sculptor, adopted and improved the design for Rolls Royce, and it has been used ever since.

Another fun fact, people used to be able to break this ornament off of the hoods and keep them, which became such an issue for owners. To prevent the issue, Rolls Royce added the hood ornament fixed on a spring-loaded system that will immediately recede into the radiator shell if the Spirit of Ecstasy is struck from any direction. Because this technology is now standard on every Rolls-Royce, owners don’t have to worry about their unique hood ornaments being stolen.

3. BMW “Stole” The Rights to Rolls Royce From Volkswagen

BMW “Stole” The Rights to Rolls Royce From Volkswagen

Volkswagen A.G. was humiliated when it was forced to agree to surrender over the Rolls Royce name to BMW A.G. in 2003, the archrival it had battled to acquire Britain’s premium automaker.

Volkswagen paid $780 million for Rolls Royce Motor Cars. However, when the sale was announced, it turned out that Vickers did not hold the Rolls Royce trademark. Moreover, that license belonged to Rolls Royce P.L.C., an aerospace corporation with close relations to BMW and a strong preference for BMW to become the guardian of Britain’s most iconic automobile brand.

Instead, BMW purchased the Rolls Royce name, as well as the “Spirit of Ecstasy” logo that graces the hoods of Rolls Royce cars, from Rolls Royce P.L.C. for $65 million. Because the name is considered by many to be Rolls Royce’s most valuable asset, BMW is deemed the actual victor of the takeover war over Rolls Royce Motor Cars. 

4. Rolls Royce Breakthrough Framework For Ethical AI In Industry 4.0

Rolls Royce Breakthrough Framework For Ethical AI In Industry 4.0

For the past few years, the discussion about AI trust and ethics has raged on, and it is certain to continue for many more. In 2020, Rolls-Royce made new “breakthrough” research on how to build an ethical framework for ethical artificial intelligence (AI) to the public. The company has claimed two ethical industrial AI templates, which will help AI earn societal trust and drive not only the burgeoning Industry 4.0 industry, but also the future Industry 5.0 trend.

The first breakthrough is the AI ethics framework that businesses can use to ensure that AI is used in both essential and non-critical applications in an “ethical” manner. This is the first time that AI ethics in industrial settings has progressed from theory to practice. The second breakthrough, which builds on the first, is a five-step process for ensuring that AI outcomes are reliable. It prevents unnoticed biases from emerging in algorithms, and it assures that the findings are reliable by constantly monitoring them.

5. Rolls Royce Made Caliber Heavy Machine Gun

Rolls Royce Made Caliber Heavy Machine Gun
Rolls Royce made Caliber Machine Gun (Source: https://www.wired.com/)

During World War II, Dr. Spirito Mario Viale, the chief of the Rolls Royce technical team, aimed to improve the efficacy of the main machine gun, the Browning M2. The Rolls Royce made the 50 caliber, and had a locking breech instead of the conventional gas system, and it fired at twice the rate of the M2 while weighing less than half as much. 

However, it jammed frequently and produced excessive muzzle flash, therefore it was never a viable alternative to the Browning. One example, located in the Royal Armories Museum in Leeds, England, is still known to exist. It was also quite groundbreaking at the time. 

As a result of these efforts, many experienced large-caliber machine guns emerged, which are today known as the Rolls Royce Experimental Machine Gun. Rolls Royce proposed the construction of a new large-caliber machine gun suited for employment in a variety of domains at the start of 1940.

These weapons could be transformed into infantry, tanks, or airplanes by lowering their size and mass. Soon after, the company’s specialists, led by designer Spirito Mario Viale, proceeded to investigate the tasks and possibilities, resulting in a number of technical suggestions.

6. A Rolls Royce Engine The Pioneer Of The 300-mph Club

A Rolls Royce Engine The Pioneer Of The 300-mph Club
The Pioneer Of The 300-mph (Source: https://www.motor1.com/)

When Andy Wallace piloted the Bugatti Chiron hypercar to a speed of 304.77 mph, it sent the automotive industry into a frenzy. Rolls Royce, on the other hand, was the first to reach that enthralling speed. In the 1930s, its 2,300 horsepower, 36.7-liter supercharged Rolls Royce V-12 engines were recognized for their blistering performance and incredible speed. 

Sir Malcolm Campbell established the speed record in 1933, going 272.46 mph in the Campbell-Railton Blue Bird, which was powered by a Rolls Royce V-12. Campbell carried the crude land rocket to Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats in 1935, where he recorded a speed of 301.33 mph.

7. Rolls Royce’s Electric Airplane Breaks World Record

Rolls Royce’s Electric Airplane Breaks World Record
Rolls Royce’s Electric Airplane (Source: https://www.bbc.com/)

Despite its legendary cars, Rolls Royce also expanded the innovation into electric vehicles. The Spirit of Innovation, the electric airplane produced by Rolls Royce, averaged 354 mph over 15 km in November 2021. It was dubbed a “great achievement” by Rolls Royce.

The aircraft’s average speed over 3 km beat the previous record by 132 mph during tests at the UK Ministry of Defense’s Boscombe Down testing station in Wiltshire. Unfortunately, the official record entry did not include a top speed of 387.4 mph. However, still, the speed record makes it the fastest electric car ever.

8. The Rarests Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rarests Rolls Royce Phantom

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Rolls Royce earned a well-deserved reputation for elegance, and it became the only choice for the world’s elite. In the early 1950s, Rolls Royce replaced Daimler as the British monarchy’s favored automobile manufacturer. 

In fact, Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth received the first Phantom IV in 1950. With only 18 ever produced, make the Phantom IV among the rarest of the Rolls Royce’s ever. It was created specifically for nobility and heads of state. Later, the Rolls Royce Phantom V, which was powered by a V8 engine, arrived in the late 1950s and was a major success.

Rolls Royce began to appeal to a new class of owners in the 1960s. The Rolls Royce was chosen by actors, rock stars, and celebrities as a sign of their success and fortune. John Lennon famously purchased a Phantom V that had a basic white finish when it left the factory. However, before choosing for an outrageous, colorful design, Lennon had it repainted in matt black. Today, John Lennon’s Phantom V is one of the most precious pieces of pop history.

9. Only Male Bulls are Used for Rolls Royce’s Leather Interiors

Only Male Bulls are Used for Rolls Royce’s Leather Interiors

There are several ways in which a Rolls Royce outperforms all other automobiles. The same can be said for the leather, which is unquestionably the best on the planet. Because luscious leather abounds in any Rolls Royce, ensuring that every inch is free of blemishes is a must. Female cows might have unwanted stretch marks during pregnancy, therefore Rolls Royce only sources from males. 

The Rolls Royce standard requires only the finest leather. Furthermore, those bulls are imported exclusively from Europe, where higher elevations imply fewer mosquitos and other insects, resulting in less bite marks. Moreover, chrome tanned leather is used in the majority of automobile applications. This is a crucial component that aids in the stabilization of animal skins and the conversion of collagen into leather fibers, keeping the natural feel and suppleness.

10. One Man Paints All of Rolls Royce’s Pinstripes by Hand

One Man Paints All of Rolls Royce’s Pinstripes by Hand
Mark Court (Source: https://autojosh.com/)

Did you know that the Rolls Royce’s pinstripes were hand painted by only one man? Mark Court owns the hands that have been painting the pinstripes on all Rolls Royce cars for the past 19 years. Since the company’s Goodwood plant debuted in 2003, Court has been performing this delicate job.

In fact, it’s his only job, and it pays him a six-figure salary. Since pinstripe paint is a one-of-a-kind variety that adheres to the car’s paint quickly, any faults require the entire car to be repainted. Given the small margin for error, he got well-deserved pay.

11. Its Bovet Dashboard Clocks Can Be Worn As Wristwatches

Its Bovet Dashboard Clocks Can Be Worn As Wristwatches
Bovet Dashboard Clocks (Source: http://idexonline.com/)

Time and the automobile have been closely intertwined since the invention of motorized vehicles. As the advancement of technology, Rolls Royce partnered with luxury watchmaker Bovet 1822, since timepieces play a big role to monitor speed over distance in the car or to ensure that the owner was always on time. Therefore, they made a breakthrough innovation by converting a wristwatch to a dashboard clock using the unique and proprietary Amadeo technology in the Boat Tail. 

Basically, every new owner of a Boat Tail will receive his and her wrist watches that detach from their straps and snap into the dashboard to create a dash clock. They are reversible and come in both lady’s and gentleman’s variants. They’re housed in Bovet 1822’s proprietary Amadeo case, which can be worn on the wrist, used as a table clock, pendant, or pocket watch, as well as being shown front and center in Boat Tail’s fascia as the car’s own timepiece. Hence, the owner and his wife will never have to worry about matching their attire to their one-of-a-kind car thanks to the unique function.

12. Rolls Royce Redesign The Air Flying Lady

Rolls Royce Redesign The Air Flying Lady

Even to those who don’t know a Rolls-Royce from a Ssangyong, the “flying lady” emblem is instantly recognizable, and it’s easy to see it as a timeless image that has existed in its Platonic ideal form since the birth of motoring. But this isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, there have been many versions of the Spirit of Ecstasy, and in 2022, Rolls Royce redesigned the statue to be more aerodynamic.

Rolls-Royce intended to improve the aerodynamics of the small human figure on the front of their automobiles, especially for future Rolls-Royce electric vehicles. The new figurine has a gleaming polish and a solid forward attitude. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Spirit Of Ecstasy isn’t standing straight-legged like before. The statue has one leg slightly in front of the other. The body is now leaning forcefully forward, creating a ‘real goddess of speed,’..

13. The Quietest Cars on The Globe

The Quietest Cars on The Globe
The Quietest Cars on The Globe (Source: https://auto.hindustantimes.com/)

Rolls Royce has gone to great efforts to make “The Ghost” 2021 one of the quietest cars on the globe. The cabin of the Ghost has long been praised for its near-silence. With the second generation of its beautiful saloon, Rolls Royce intended to go even further and quieter.

Engineers devised a new “Formula of Serenity” to do this, which included fitting the automobile with a strong aluminum space frame that conducts less noise. Then they stuffed 220 pounds of sound-absorbing materials into the car’s top, trunk, and floor. As a result, you might forget you’re in the back seat of a car thanks to the quiet and comfortable ride. 

14.Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah The World’s Largest Rolls Royce Collection

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah The World’s Largest Rolls Royce Collection

Brunei’s Sultan amassed the world’s largest collection of rare automobiles, which included a gold-plated Rolls Royce. The Sultan of Brunei has roughly 7,000 cars with a combined value of more than $5 billion. Hassanal Bolkiah’s automobile collection includes 500 Rolls Royces. He put his name on the Guiness World Record as the largest private Rolls Royce fleet.

Brunei’s Sultan also owns multiple private jets equipped with premium amenities. He has a Boeing 747-400, a Boeing 767-200, and an Airbus A340-200 in his fleet. The Boeing 747-400 Jet, is gold-plated and boasts numerous amenities, including a living area and a bedroom.

15. The Future Of Rolls Royce Electric Cars

The Future Of Rolls Royce Electric Cars

For a long time, Rolls Royce appeared to be a brand waiting to be electrified. The business has now revealed more information regarding the first totally electric Rolls Royce production automobile. Rolls Royce will launch The Spectre on sale in 2023. Moreover, the prototype models which are a coupe with rear-hinged doors are about to undergo road testing for 1.5 million miles around the world before the debut.

The electric Rolls Royce would have to have at least the same degree of performance as the company’s current V-12–powered cars. These are known for their elegance and wafty demeanors, but they are incredibly powerful when unleashed.

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