25 Extravagant Gifts for Taco Lovers

Who can resist the beautiful mix of vegetables, meat, salsa, and crunchy tortilla that is combined into a taco? No one! Being a taco lover is a pride nowadays, and basically, everyone (including yourself) can claim themselves as a taco lover. This Mexican dish is now becoming famous worldwide, from the youngest to the eldest. Today you can find various gift for taco lovers easily, and a special taco lover in your life deserves the best gift from you.

As the taco itself won’t be enough, here are 25 extravagant gifts for you or your loved ones who have an undefined love for a taco! Get some stuff to enhance your experience of enjoying tacos, or funny things to show the world your identity as a taco lover!

Taco Gifts for Him

Man and taco are best friends! They might not want to show it, but deep down you know they are the real taco lovers. Now make it more transparent by giving them these gifts for male taco lovers, made for a tough guy with a soft heart and a love for tacos. 

1. Personalized Taco Tray

Personalized Taco Tray

Eating tacos can be a big challenge. But worry less! Get this personalized taco tray that can be written with anything you want! 3 space for tacos and two salsa bowls. It’s perfect for your appetite anytime. In addition, the taco serving tray is made of walnut wood or cherry wood, making it look classy and manly!

2. Men’s Taco Socks

Men’s Taco Socks

Freezing because of the cold weather is the last thing people want to feel this season! Get these men’s taco socks that will look great on him because of the pattern! Using this taco sock means showing your love for tacos or a vital code for people around you to get you a taco now!

3. Taco Theme Bowl Holder

Taco Theme Bowl Holder

Men tend to be impatient. The match has already started, and they just heat the snacks in the microwave. They simply won’t have any time to wait for the bowl to cool down. That’s why this taco theme bowl holder comes to the rescue! Being one of the best gifts for taco lovers, this bowl features a beautiful pattern of the taco that will simply make his craving for taco even more.

Taco Gifts for Her

Women tend to show their love more than men. So make them love tacos even more! Get something that she can show to the world happily and proudly! Take a look at this list of the best gifts for female taco lovers!

4. Taco Earrings

Taco Earrings

Who doesn’t like to decorate their ears, especially with these stunning taco earrings? Not only to show the beauty of tacos, this polymer clay jewelry is also handmade, making it even more unique because one taco will never look the same!

5. Molcajete Set

Molcajete Set

Making guacamole, the primary taste of the taco, will be more fun with this new molcajete set! Molcajete is a crushing tool made from volcanic rocks usually used to make salsa for tacos. This set also comes with tortillero, a hand-woven straw basket used to keep the tortilla warm before it’s ready to serve. Perfect for those taco lovers who also love to explore new experiences from all around the world!

6. Taco Tuesday Relaxation Candle

Taco Tuesday Relaxation Candle

Are you wishing for a break from a tiring routine and thinking of tacos simultaneously? Then this taco-themed candle is the perfect gift for any taco lover, including you! Bringing up the taco Tuesday vibe, the candle with rosemary and mint scent is coming in a pink and green color, equipped with the bright yellow tag that will remind you of the vibe of taco all the time!

7. Taco Beanie

Taco Beanie

Start your day with this cute and comfortable taco beanie! The beanie comes in various colors, which you can choose based on your mood. The warm and cozy feeling from the taco beanie with the touch of the cute figure of a taco will definitely be your fabulous outfit!

8. Taco Enamel Pin

Taco Enamel Pin

Have you ever felt that you miss something in your perfect outfit, but you don’t know what it is? Then try to add this tiny taco enamel pin to your daily style and realize that what less from your look is the taco vibe to cheer up the rest of your day!

9. Taco Pendant Necklace

Taco Pendant Necklace

Look fabulous and fancy at the same time with this taco pendant necklace! With the silver plating, the shiny pendant will dazzle every eye who stares! Thanks to the general silver color, this pendant will fit any wardrobe you try to put on your style every day. Declaring that you love tacos could be so fun and gorgeous!

Funny Gifts for Taco Lovers

Loving tacos could be so much fun! These funny taco gifts will show you how and why. Cute and funny things are necessary to remind you of the burst taste of the taco itself. Funny things are important to show the world that you are the real taco lovers. Now focus on this list and be prepared!

10. Taco Baby Booties

Taco Baby Booties

Don’t miss the opportunities to embed the soul of a taco lover on your little one! Get these taco-shaped baby booties that will look super cute and funny on their feet. Let them celebrate the fuzzy warm feeling on both of their feet before they know how to get those feelings from warm tacos and tasty guacamole!

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11. Dinosaur Taco Holder

gifts for taco lovers

You are not the first person to mention how messy it is to put a taco on a standard plate. That is why this dinosaur taco holder came to life! Not only holding your taco, but this funny dinosaur is also called a toy while your children, or even you, eating the tacos. Pick which one is more suitable; the roaring t-rex or the shy triceratops?

12. Crochet Tacos

gifts for taco lovers

Pamper your tired palm with these funny and cushioned crochet tacos! Wonder how it could look like a cartoon character comes to life. Feel the delicate surface and plushy inside, because it would be the best stress reliever for taco lovers!

13. Funny Taco-Shaped Candle

gifts for taco lovers

Is the regular candle with a taco theme not enough for you? Then try this funny taco-shaped candle that looks exactly like a taco! Be careful to distinguish it from the real one, as you might mistakenly eat this one. With the scent of cilantro and lime, this handmade candle will definitely spoil your taco lovers’ spirit.

14. Burrito Taco Throw Game

Burrito Taco Throw Game

All activities connected to the love of taco are fun and definitely meant for all age groups! So, why don’t you try this taco burrito throw game? Having this game will allow you experience more exciting moments with all the family members or your close circle of friends anytime, anywhere!

15. Taco Tuesday Magnetic Poet

Taco Tuesday Magnetic Poet

Your refrigerator might look a little bit boring these days, and that might be the main reason for you to grab this taco Tuesday magnetic poet! Add the taco vibe that will remind you of the love and taste of tacos every day, every time you pass your chiller. Moreover, beat the eagerness to be poetic as you must be thinking about new poets every day.

16. Taco Bandages

Taco Bandages

On unexpected days, you might hurt yourself with some scratches. Worry less; heal and still look fabulous with these taco bandages by BioSwiss! As the soft, square cotton on the inside heals your wound, the breathable taco-shaped bandaid will stay and make your whole look of the day on point!

17. Dog’s Taco Squeaky Toy

Dog’s Taco Squeaky Toy

Your dog might be unable to eat your favorite tacos, but that doesn’t mean they can miss the fun vibe of the taco! Get them this taco squeaky toy as it will be a perfect fit for your next walk with them. Made out of soft cotton, this toy is highly durable and designed for their sensitive gums and teeth. 

18. Funny Taco Socks

Funny Taco Socks

Is lying on your bed or couch your favorite thing? And have you ever felt too lazy to take your favorite tacos while you already rest your body? Then this tacky bright-looking sock is made for you and suits your personality! Use this as a clear code to your partner that you need them to bring you your favorite tacos right away!

19. Taco Adventure Notebook

gifts for taco lovers

As a taco lover, you cannot miss every new taco place that is added to your list every day! Now with this taco adventure notebook, you will be able to write down the new place you just discovered. Not only writing the location but you will also be allowed to rate the tacos and all the condiments. A great thing to help you pick which taco place is the best!

Taco Gifts Basket

Worry that one gift won’t be enough to feed those hungry taco lovers’ spirits? Then don’t hesitate to get them these taco gift baskets and gift sets, as it will satisfy them even more!

20. Taco Night Gift Basket

gifts for taco lovers

What could be better than sitting together with your family and trying to make the best taco you ever made? Then this taco night gift basket will be perfect for that occasion! Equipped with various starters you need; the sauce, seasonings, salsa, and some hot taste to add!

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21. Taco Serving Set

gifts for taco lovers

Look how great this colorful taco serving set will be on your dining table! The set comes with a really elegant wood box, which consists of wooden taco holders and 6 ceramic bowls; 3 big bowls for the protein you love and the other smaller 3 is for your favorite condiments.

22. Taco Seasoning Set

gifts for taco lovers

Perfect spices will form perfect tacos! So, get this taco seasoning set with 15 tins containing all the spices, herbs, and blends you might need to make the best taco. You can make 5, and maybe more, different types of tacos from around the world. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to experiment and find the most suitable taco for you.

23. Taco Night Spice Blend Set

gifts for taco lovers

Take a look at these aesthetic taco night spice blend jars set in a unique yet straightforward box. The four jars consist of the four famous taco spices; chipotle honey, Mexican adobo, southwest taco, and cocoa ancho. We can guarantee you that any taco lover would be thrilled to have this adorable set as a gift.

24. Taco Themed Starbucks Gift Set

gifts for taco lovers

Feel the ambiance of fiesta with this taco-themed Starbucks gift set! Starbucks’ awesome tumbler is decorated with all tacos and a clear statement that ‘tacos are my love language’! If that’s not enough for you, what is the best part of the tumbler? You can also add your name to it! The Starbucks gift card and tacos hair ties also add to the festivities of the gift.

25. Taco Party Box

Taco Party Box

Let’s party like there is no tomorrow! This taco party box is perfect for that intention. What could be better than a taco-themed party with all the essentials? The box consists of colorful mini pinata–that you can crush after you stuff it with some candies–with the sombrero hat, potholder, and silicone utensils.

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What are the best taco gifts for him?

The best taco gift for him is the men’s taco socks! The pattern of the socks is not over and tacky, but still enough to remind him of the warm and fuzzy feeling of having a taco when his stomach is empty!

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