26 Hilarious and Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Lawyers are typically seen as serious and no-nonsense people. It actually makes perfect sense, because their job demands them to be that kind of person. However, you probably won’t realize that they can be fun when attending parties and events with their friends. Even if they’re not, it’s still cool to think about some cool and funny gifts for lawyers! It will definitely increase their morale and help encourage them to work harder. It can even serve as a way to make the two of you feel closer. 

Funny gifts for lawyers come in a lot of different ways. There are some funny gifts for lawyers that have an adorable and unique design that is cool for decorations. Other funny gifts for lawyers can also be used as gag items to mess with them. Either way, you can find some of the most amazing and funny gifts for lawyers on our list below. 

Funny Decorations Gifts for Lawyers 

There are a lot of funny gifts for lawyers that can be used as decorations, both at home or in the office. These decorations include cool items like figures and customized prints. We’re sure that all of these items will cheer up your lawyer, so please consider buying them!

1. “Come Back with a Warrant” Doormat

“Come Back with a Warrant” Doormat

We all know for a fact that there is no messing with a lawyer when it comes to the justice regulation. Perhaps you might even heard the catchphrase printed on this doormat spoken from your lawyer, which is why you should buy this hilarious item. It’s truly one of the most unique and funny gifts for lawyers!

2. Miniature Shopping Cart Caddy

Miniature Shopping Cart Caddy

Organize your lawyer’s desk and help them be a little bit tidier with the funny and awesome miniature shopping cart caddy. Although it looks a little bit small, you can rest assured that it is able to store lots of stationeries. If you’re looking for funny gifts for lawyers, it’s hard to pass up on this item!

3. Ashes of Problem Clients Jar

Ashes of Problem Clients Jar

Every single employee (not exclusive to lawyers) must have a run-in with a problem client at some point in their career. By the time you’re done with them, then buying this funny jar might seem appropriate! Your friend can put a lot of things like coins and candies inside. 

4. Sloping Ski Glasses

Sloping Ski Glasses

This is one of the weird-yet-funny gifts for lawyers. Even if they don’t like skiing, it still looks cool and hilarious as a decoration. You know what? Your friend can even use this glass to drink too. Everytime they take a sip, they will relish the rush of wind. 

5. Lawyer Periodic Table Print

Lawyer Periodic Table Print

Looking for funny gifts for lawyers? Perhaps this might suffice! Lawyers and chemists came from two entirely different subjects. But if you ever wonder how they both blended in an art print, just take a look at this awesome decoration. Make sure to pay attention to their reaction when they try to figure out the elements printed on the item. 

6. Funny Lawyer Figurine

Funny Lawyer Figurine

We know that your friend might not be an old grouch who likes to scold people in the court. However, it is still funny to hand them this figurine as a gag! It will definitely light up their desk with a whole new mood too.

7. “Lawyers Have Feelings Too” Car Sticker

“Lawyers Have Feelings Too” Car Sticker

We are often guilty of stereotyping a certain profession as being merciless and robot-like. One of those professions is lawyer. To show sympathy (and of course by being a little bit funny), you can give them this cool sticker for their car as part of your funny gifts for lawyers. 

8. “You’re a Lawyer” Scented Candle

“You’re a Lawyer” Scented Candle

If you’re looking for funny gifts for lawyers, you can’t pass on the chance to obtain this item. It has various scents that you can choose from. However, we can’t tell if your friend can relax from the soothing aroma of the candle or because of laughing their ass off from the quote!

9. Saul Goodman Calling Card

Saul Goodman Calling Card

The conman who turned into an honest lawyer, then turned again into a crook himself: Jimmy McGill, or better known as Saul Goodman. If you have watched the amazing show “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”, you’ll know that he’s the real deal. Perhaps giving this cool calling card as a decoration gift for your lawyer’s desk might be funny, given their mutual love for law. 

10. Saul Goodman Vinyl Figure

Saul Goodman Vinyl Figure

If a calling card doesn’t suit your friend’s style, perhaps an action figure will. We’re still discussing the iconic character of Saul Goodman here! This figure looks realistic and cute, we thought that you really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity of buying him. 

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Funny Gifts for Law Students

Learning about the justice system might not be easy for everybody. In fact, a law student might even think about giving up their dreams. You should help encourage and cheer them up by giving some of the best funny gifts for lawyers. 

11. Funny Lawyer Motivation Card

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Motivational cards can also come in the form of funny gifts for lawyers. Just take a look at this funny card! It has a really motivational quote, but it actually is ambiguous too. Plus, it’s printed using vibrant eco-friendly soy inks. 

12. School Years Frame

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

When your friend is having a rough time, it is a good idea to ask them to reminisce about the good old times. One way of achieving that is by giving him this awesome frame. After taking a journey back in time, they’ll probably be reminded of how far they’ve gone just to be a law student. Hopefully, they’ll come back stronger! 

13. World’s Okayest Law Student Decoration

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Nobody in this world is perfect. But amidst all of the standard and common law students, your friend still comes out on top as the “okayest” student. Give this awesome wall decoration so that they can hang it in their room. 

14. “Trust Me” Pillow

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

We humans are often guilty of judging a book by its cover. Sometimes, a smart person doesn’t look like it! If your friend is often misjudged as a dropout, you should just give them this hilarious pillow as part of your banter for them!

15. Law School In a Box

Law School In a Box

Who would have thought that a law education can fit into a medium-sized box? If you don’t believe it, then here you go! Inside this cool item, you’ll find complete legal education to help your friend’s path into becoming a lawyer. We assure you that this is one essential item that every law student needs!

16. Future Lawyer Shirt

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

If your friend can really argue in a debate like a lawyer, you probably should wait no longer and hand them this funny shirt as a gift. Plus, they will also feel comfortable while wearing this cool shirt due to the high-quality material it uses. If you’re looking for funny gifts for lawyers, then this is one of the best items available!

17. Charty Party Game

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Students also need to have some fun games to keep them off the burden and stress of school. Perhaps this Charty Party game is the perfect one for a law student. When you play this game, you’ll choose a judge who picks out the topic. Others will try to find a card that matches the topic in the funniest way possible. 

Useful and Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Funny gifts for lawyers can turn out to be useful for them too. All you need is finding the daily items that are mixed up with a little bit of fun inside them. Let’s take a look at some of the best items that can be classified as funny gifts for lawyers. 

18. Constitution Tie

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Ties make lawyers look more presentable in the court. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find one that looks unique. In fact, this tie is the perfect answer for that. It’s got the full text of the Constitution for all people to see. 

19. Otter Tape Dispenser

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Lawyers do use tapes for compiling all the documents needed in a case. But you can help them take it to a whole new level with this awesome tape dispenser. The otter design is really cute and it will make their desk more lovely!

20. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Every person who goes into a law school will definitely love to solve a mystery. But this time, there’s a twist! Your friend must be able to assemble the puzzle first in order to reveal the clues needed to solve the mystery. 

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21. “Makeup, then Justice” Pouch

“Makeup, then Justice” Pouch

Forget the fact that this pouch was made using high-quality material. Instead, you should focus on the hilarious design of this item. The cool pouch will be one of the perfect funny gifts for lawyers, especially for a woman who enjoys their makeup time before going into action in the court. 

22. Funny Lawyers Coloring Book for Adults

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

People often associate coloring books with children. However, you shouldn’t even think for a second to give this hilarious and vulgar book to one. Instead, just give it to your lawyer and make sure to record his reaction. Inside, they will find original designs filled with lawyer jokes. 

23. ‘Opposing Counsel’s Tear” Mug

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

If you’re looking for funny gifts for lawyers or law students, then this cool mug probably fits the criteria. It was made using high-gloss ceramic for outstanding durability, and it’s got a funny quote printed on the mug that fits perfectly for a lawyer. 

24. My Life Story – So Far

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

When you have a successful lawyer, it is important to encourage them in looking back at their past and the beautiful stories behind every milestone. With this fun book, they can look at inspiring prompts to spark various (hopefully beautiful) memories. 

25. Funny Lawyer Socks

Funny Lawyer Socks

These funny socks are the opposite of formal clothing. However, it is really funny if your lawyer chooses to use it to work. If they’re shy to use it in the office, just make sure that they use it at home before going to bed! Either way, it’s so funny to imagine them using these funny gifts for lawyers. 

26. Unicorn Coffee Mug

Unicorn Coffee Mug

Some lawyers might be more cheerful and “colorful” than others. If your lawyer fits that criteria, you should reward them with this awesome mug. They can use it for their personal or professional lives, or just as a mere decoration!

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