25 Expensive Law School Graduation Gifts

Graduating from law school is not an easy task to accomplish. To achieve that, you need to deal with the daily stress and heavy workloads. But if your friend is really committed to graduating, then it’s not an impossible thing to do! That’s the reason why you should find expensive law school graduation gifts when your friend finally finishes their studies.

Finding law school graduation gifts is not that hard. But finding expensive law school graduation gifts is another matter to discuss! Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list containing some of the most unique and elegant expensive law school graduation gifts.

We bet that your friend will cry in tears after receiving these items. Let’s hope that these gifts can encourage them to work hard to become successful attorneys. 

Elegant and Expensive Law School Graduation Gifts

People say that you don’t have to find expensive law school graduation gifts to please the receivers. But sometimes, it’s wrong to think that way.

Finding expensive law school graduation gifts will definitely help, as it may give them courage in the years to come. Besides, these items will be awesome ones for those graduates who fancy luxurious stuff. Interested?

1. Mug Gift Set

Mug Gift Set

PhDs are one of the most common academic levels awarded to students who are graduating. But little do you know that it can also be an acronym for “Phinally Done”! That abbreviation alone is enough for you to consider buying this awesome gift set for your friend. 

The set comes with a classy mug with a black and golden handle to complete the luxurious design. In addition, you will also get a golden spoon wrapped in a box, leaving you with no hustle of packing the present. Your coffee-lover law school bestie will appreciate such a gift!

2. Modern Flask

Modern Flask

This particular item isn’t your common wine flask. It has a unique design that is inspired by contemporary art. It really is unique, and it suits your friend too. The flask is easy to carry, because it can fit right in the palm of your hand.

Besides, he can have it in his suit pocket too! Moreover, the shape is neat, clean, and bold, having dove black that highlights the modern minimalist design. Perhaps, this is what a future lawyer needs in order to look dope!

3. Vintage Coral Necklace for Graduates

Vintage Coral Necklace for Graduates

A coral necklace isn’t a decoration that is often found on the streets. Although it is expensive, coral necklaces are very beautiful. This particular necklace is a vintage item that was originally made by Native Americans.

Instead of a mainstream flower necklace, you can surprise her one with this necklace. We know that your friend will look awesome and become an instant head-turner when wearing it on their graduation day. 

4. Scales of Justice Pen

Scales of Justice Pen

Giving an elegant pen that can be customized with your friend’s name is nothing out of the ordinary. Instead, you can seriously consider buying this cool pen for them. It has a beautiful design that resembles the law.

Furthermore, the sleek and ergonomy design offers a comfortable writing experience. The size is perfect, thus your friend can easily carry it with him when he’s at work or need a pen while he’s on a business trip.

5. Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

This soothing perfume is one of the perfect expensive law school graduation gifts for both men and women. It has a sensual fragrance that captures the spirit of freedom, making it the perfect choice for a graduating law student. 

While it may not the best gift for those who don’t fancy scents, this gift is a blessing for your perfume-loving bestie. You can offer a lovely gesture by adding a dry dandelion or lavender then stick them on the front box.

6. Legal-themed Chess

Legal-themed Chess

This awesome chess game is dubbed “Approach the Bench”. It is the official chess set of the Supreme Court Historical Society that showcases iconic courtroom figures in the form of chess pieces.

You can also ask the seller to personalize the item with two engraved brass nameplates and have your best friend’s name on it. Besides having one to play the game, your bestie can showcase this gift in his office desk as decoration.

7. Gold & Diamond Bee Necklace

Gold & Diamond Bee Necklace

We dare you to say that this necklace is hideous and ugly! Huh, we don’t think so. The cool necklace was crafted using an ancient Greek relic, resulting in a beautiful and wonderful design she will love dearly.

This necklace will make every person wearing it look (at least) three times prettier! The golden color simply sparks elegance and luxury at the same time. And, of course, will effortlessly match any outfit she has. But we think it will be best to have it on while wearing a neck-revealing attire.

8. Vintage English Book of Law

Vintage English Book of Law

This book is the ultimate collectible for every future lawyer ever! This rare item can be traced as far back as 1627. Inside, they can learn more about the legendary Finch’s Law which was only superseded by William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England. 

Besides learning from the law ancestors, your young lawyer friend can have one to display in his bedroom or office. It somehow shows pride in studying law and encourages him to become an amazing lawyer.

9. Detachable Laptop Briefcase

Detachable Laptop Briefcase

Not every law school graduate will work as an attorney. But in every profession that they’re going to dwell on, they still need to use a laptop and carry other documents. Therefore, we thought that this amazing briefcase might help them!

It has a sleek design with a pretty big size to accommodate all their necessities while having a business trip. If they feel that carrying this briefcase is heavy, attach the wheels below and transform it into a normal suitcase.

10. Brown Leather Desk Set

Brown Leather Desk Set

Here’s a tip that you can share with a fellow graduate: make sure to make your office desk comfy! To help them in organizing their future workspace, you can buy them this brown leather desk set as a graduation gift.

Furthermore, it has a 34×20 side-rail desk pad, a pencil cup, and a front-load letter-size tray that allows them comfortably work on their desks with no worries about messy stationery. Besides, the design is top-notch, highlighting brown leather tone that looks expensive.

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Expensive Law School Graduation Gifts for Display at Home

There are a lot of expensive law school graduation gifts that come in the form of display items and art. This stuff will surely pamper your friends who love to collect artsy items. But if you have trouble in finding the best one, we’ve got your back!

Most of the items on our list are rare collectibles, so make sure to buy them for your friend before the stock runs out. 

11. Print Art Graduation

Print Art Graduation

Successful attorneys who won various cases will most likely appear in different newspapers. But before your friend gets to that point, they need to get used to being exposed to the media first with this funny print art.

Make sure to add the best picture of your friend before handing it to them. We also recommend framing the newspaper, so your friend can easily hang or display it on her nightstand or office desk to show how proud she is to be a law school graduate!

12. Agate Tree Decoration

Agate Tree Decoration

It is said that an agate tree can help inspire an optimistic mindset, which is beneficial for a law school graduate. It helps them to have a positive energy in dealing with the harsh world they will face after graduating.

Besides, we also guarantee that this decoration looks pretty cool in their house. They can display one on the round table residing in their living room or have one on the bedroom’s nightstand to invite luck to come around.

13. 1980s Court Art Sketch

1980s Court Art Sketch

Aspiring lawyers must have at least one art print that closely relates to the law. If your friend doesn’t have any, you can help them by buying this awesome sketch. It was made in the 1980s, and it is so rare!

If you really want to buy expensive law school graduation gifts for your friend, then don’t wait any longer. Your artsy-loving friend will be more than thrilled to have this. They can hang it on the living room wall to decorate the dull space.

14. Goddess of Justice Wall Décor

Goddess of Justice Wall Décor

When you stumble across wall art that is elegant and beautiful, you’re pretty sure that it’s going to be pricey. That’s the reason why we’re adding this beautiful goddess of justice wall art to our list of expensive law school graduation gifts.

It has a unique design, depicting a goddess holding a scale that represents the law. Having amazing features, your friend can hang this piece on his future office wall or perhaps in the living room if he wants to show off his passion.

15. Personalized Lawyer Prayer

Personalized Lawyer Prayer

Our next item is the infamous “lawyer’s prayer” that comes in the form of a framed art decoration. It is a perfect wall art décor for an attorney, as it has touching words of prayer that can be spoken at any time.

You can also choose to personalize the item with your friend’s name to add a sentimental touch. Besides having one to chant the prayer before going to the court room, this piece will be an amazing wall art in her office.

16. Smart Planter with Grow Light

Smart Planter with Grow Light

Before your friend gets a job, make sure that you hand them this awesome item. While your friend is applying for jobs, they can grow some light plants with this smart planter, especially if they are into gardening.

Looking at plants can help people to relax and freshen up their minds during a long and hard day at work. By the time they get a job, they can bring it as decoration in their workspace and add some greeneries around.

17. Barbox Mixology Kit

Barbox Mixology Kit

Lawyers generally love to consume wine with their clients. In order to help your friend settle in with that behavior and strategy to get closer to their potential clients, you probably should purchase this cool kit for them.

Inside, they will find 17 bartending kits that will make them like a professional bartender. They can hang this set on their mini bar wall as decoration and enjoy their favorite beverage to unwind after a long, busy day at work.

Awesome and Luxurious Law School Graduation Gifts

Sometimes, awesome items can be a little bit pricey. But that’s the reason why you’re reading this very article, right?

Down below, you’ll find a lot more awesome and expensive law school graduation gifts that can be useful for their future endeavors. Let’s check it out!

18. LED Light Keepsake Ornament

LED Light Keepsake Ornament

A keepsake box is really useful, as it can store a lot of memorable things. For a recent graduate, no keepsake box will be more fitting than this particular item. It has a beautiful quote full of your wishes for your bestie.

Not only it bears touching words, but the lamp also features a cool LED light. They can use one to replace their dull night lamp or simply decorate their personal space with colorful tones that will brightly at night.

19. Amazon Graduation Edition

Amazon Graduation Edition

An Amazon gift card can be used to redeem different kinds of things, like Prime Sport and Video. They even make a special edition for fresh graduates in the form of a graduation cap; how awesome!

If you want to buy expensive law school graduation gifts, make sure to get the $500 amount for the gift card. Thus, your friends can use it to buy whatever they want. Then, wrap it in the Amazon box to make this gift even more memorable and presentable.

20. Mixologist Bar Tool Set

Mixologist Bar Tool Set

The comprehensive knowledge of cocktails, let alone to make one, is a good tool that a lawyer can use when making a conversation with a high-end client. If your friend doesn’t have that expertise yet, you can help by giving them this awesome bar tool set.

It comes with four commercial-grade barware to complete the beverage-making. Your friends can use the set to welcome their clients or simply enjoy their favorite beverages and liquor after having a tiring day.

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21. Muscle Massage Gun

Muscle Massage Gun

You won’t know how demanding a job can be until you work as one. Before your friend gets a job at a law firm, it’s good to buy them this amazing massage gun. Whenever they’re feeling tired, they can turn this bad boy on.

The portable massage gun can help your friend in personal fitness, relaxation, and physical therapy. It features an easy grip, allowing your friends to access the body part that aches and get the most pleasant massage.

22. Wishing Ball

Wishing Ball

A fresh graduate has a lot of wishes that they hope can come true. A steady job and a good working environment are just two examples of it. With this unique wishing ball, they can store all their wishes and gratitude on paper!

Besides, such an item also encourages them to never stop trying to become the best lawyer they always want to be. You know, sometimes, we get tired. And hence, this wishing ball may keep them thriving. Here’s to hoping that all their wishes will come true!

23. Custom Home Bar Tap

Custom Home Bar Tap

Pouring drinks will have a whole new meaning with this awesome bar tap. You can put various liquids, from mineral water to alcohol, there. This handy dispenser is also leakproof, making it the perfect choice for a fresh graduate that is looking for durable items. 

While a glass bar set is tempting, this item will help your friend better to prepare drinks for their clients. No more hassle in the kitchen, just pour the beverages and let the clients take each they love.

24. “Attempt” Paperweight

“Attempt” Paperweight

What do law students and lawyers have in common? They both need to deal with a lot of paper and documents that sometimes scatter around. To help hold them down, you’ll need a good paperweight.

Perhaps this particular item might be the perfect fit for the purpose, as it also highlights an inspirational quote for every law school graduate. It may remind them about their purposes and to hang on when their day seems rough.

25. Class of 2022 Necklace

Class of 2022 Necklace

Our final item for our list of expensive law school graduation gifts came in the form of a beautiful necklace. Aside from its wonderful design, the necklace itself can be stored in a box with a touching wish.

Your girl bestie can wear this stunning jewel on any formal occasion, like weddings, parties, and even meeting with their future clients. With this item, you let them know that you’re always there for them, both in good and bad times. 

Final Thoughts

We understand that expensive gifts may rip you out of pocket. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving a meaningful present for graduation, knowing this moment won’t last forever, huh?

Considering you will pay for more, you better find the one that matches your friend’s taste and personality. So, you won’t waste your money for nothing. If they love arts, then paintings and sculptures are the best picks. On the other hand, those who love collecting accessories will appreciate things like necklaces.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Best and Expensive Law School Graduation Gifts?

Expensive law school graduation gifts always have a premium quality. Just take a look at this cool “scales of justice” pen as an example. We’re sure that your friend will never write better in any other pen! Some other expensive law school graduation gifts are also rare and collectible, just like the 1980s Court Sketch Art.

How Much Money is Normal for a Graduation Gift?

On average, people spend from $20-75 for a friend. A parent can even find something that is worth up to $150. But if you have someone special who is graduating, don’t hesitate to buy them expensive gifts. After all, it’s only once in a lifetime!

What Do You Get a Girl Graduating from Law School?

Girls have different tastes than boys. As an example, boys won’t use this beautiful necklace, whilst girls would love it in a heartbeat. Another great gift idea is this elegant perfume set. It has a soothing fragrance that fits your friend perfectly. 

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